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It was to be a beautiful long weekend George had booked the tickets, the train and the bridal suite at a top Paris hotel. Meeting him under the big clock at Victoria seemed the perfect place, a place where lovers meet, usually first timers, so no one knows how many romances have blossomed from this point.

I hope ours might, time talking on the phone and the Internet were all behind me now. My weekend case full to the brim with clothing and lingerie sets that were all bought to impress rather than for my comfort. My hair, my nails and even my face had been pampered into some sort of shape so that I looked my best for him.

My train arrived on time and my stomach had that twisted feeling as I saw the big clock, walking up to it I hear George’s deep tones, “Pat, Pat,” and a newspaper above the crowd waving to draw my attention. “What would he look like in real life,” I was wondering… “should I be here?” Things like that were flashing through my mind as our eyes met for the first time, and I caught my breath in excitement as George held out his arms to welcome me. As if we were old lovers, and the world around us didn’t exist he took my heavy case from me and wrapped his arms around me. Onlookers must have gasped as for fully sixty seconds George kissed and hugged all of my air from my body leaving me gasping for breath. Almost wobbling he let go of me, holding my hands as his eyes traced every inch of me as if I were being eyed up for something more than a weekend in Paris.

“Your wonderful Pat,” George said, in such a high voice that it left me slightly embarrassed knowing we must surely have had a large audience by now.

Sure we did as well as eyes from all around stared at us, and not rejecting his advances, but somehow trying to pour cold water on him I butted in to tell him my throat was dry as the buffet car was out on the train. “I can soon remedy that Pat.” George whispered now in a cheeky way, pushing him half away at this point I thought it time I took control of this situation. Holding his arm I pulled him over to the bistro to get my dry mouth lubricated the proper way.

Was time we boarded our train, we were to be in Paris in under two hours. A champagne lunch on there and a lot of talking between us soon had us the closest of friends as we were pulling into the centre of Paris. With our baggage collected by a very handsome hunk of a porter, his voice was barely legible under his strong Parisian accent. Something that always melted my insides, even though he was only talking about how busy he was, he could easily have been offering to take me to bed with him. Although I could understand him quite well, I was saying “Oui” to every question he was asking….

Sitting in the cab and squeezing George’s muscular arms tightly, still thinking of my baggage handler, George wasn’t at all amused as, with a sigh I whispered to him…”MMmmm George, what a sexy hunk of a man he was .” He knew I wasn’t talking about him neither.

Paris, a city for love, everywhere looked so fresh and clean. Everyone I looked at out of the cab’s window seemed to stare at us and love was on his or her minds. Even a friendly gendarme in the middle of the road gave me a smile that almost said he wanted to take me into custody.

The taxi pulled up at our hotel, I think George was relieved to get me to the hotel and away from the prying eyes and pushing an unknown quantity of euros into the drivers hand our luggage was quickly taken into the hotel by the doorman. This time he was a weed of a boy and I remember George looking relieved at such an ugly specimen of a man. The hotel was all that it said it was, spacious and with lots of little dining nooks and crannies especially made for intimate occasions and … Lovers. I knew I was going to enjoy this weekend, my date was lovely, the atmosphere also, and Paris… what more can I say. Walking over to the old fashioned wooden lift a beautiful woman, not often I say that, but she breezed past us. Looking very business like in her dress, but although in her forties with her long dark hair and her perfume flaunted past us, slowing to gaze. George thought it was for his benefit, but her grey eyes pierced mine and a shiver ran down my spine as I caught my breath knowing that look was aimed directly at me.

Asking whether we wanted a drink at the bar was a nice thought, but George had different ideas though and wanted to try the bed out or something, so we followed the porter to our room and more euros for him, at last…. We were alone. “Shower” I screamed and a little embarrassed went into the shower to nose around. MMMmm, I thought, we can have some fun in here, looking at the Jacuzzi and elaborate shower with all it’s gold fitting’s and a maze of greenery and flowers that made my perfume all of a sudden smell cheap.

Being careful to keep my hair from getting wet I stood under the pulsing jets and washed myself down, knowing that my ‘private’ parts were going to be well cared for that night by George. I felt for a disposable razor on the side and gave my already shaved groin area that extra special trim for my lover.

Finished and drying off, I gave George a call, and another, in came a sleepy eyed George, “You been asleep adıyaman escort bayan George” I ask? “Well I was still at work…” looking at his watch,” twelve hours ago Pat and it has been a long day.” Come and have a shower honey, will see whether I can wake you up.”

Still sluggishly, George undresses, and with the shower still running he gets into it, that seems to make some difference, at least it wakes him up somewhat. Although dried off, I am feeling decidedly horny and having seen photos and talked to that hunk in the shower a lot I thought… I need to see than thing hanging between his legs the way he showed me it over the net. So feeling very forward I decided to ‘go for it’, and asked George whether I could help him out.. “Please do Pat,” came George’s reply. His placid manhood, covered in soap suds looked so inviting as I entered the shower and with my black glossed nails running over his foaming body I feel his manhood expand almost instantly into a thing of beauty as our lips embrace intimately for the first time. In a frenzy almost, the hot water pulsing on our bodies and already breathless I tell George how I have yearned for this moment in my fantasies and was pleased when he echoed those words back to me.

We seemed to be fighting each other; the newness of the situation for both of us was taking over as we both tried to please each other. With my arms around George and his were exploring every inch of me. Our lips still locked together in a breathless embrace, George was trying to push me off. I was having none of it however and was suddenly pinning George’s arms to the shower wall. Although nearly 12 inches shorter he never resisted and I was soon kissing and licking at his masculine and hairy chest. Still no words are exchanged as, holding his arms still I am now bending and my lips are kissing at his white stomach below his tanned chest, with his erection pointing outwards and only inches away from my lips. In a teasing manner and with my hands still holding onto his arms, I slowly place the whole of my mouth around the hard tip and suck it deeply into me. I feel it twitch and shake as his hands jerk forward to stop me and he pushes my face from his soapy tasting manhood.

Almost in a sulk, I straighten myself up, and once again I am snuggled into his warm nape, kissing, as provocatively as I can at his lips and neck. Biting and kissing at his tanned and strong neck and ear. I exit my tongue from around and in his ear and whisper. ” I so want to suck you George, I have fantasised doing it to you since we started writing and talking to each other, please George.” I begged. “But Pat, it’s the same here love, I have wanted you all along, and now you are naked in front of me…. ” Kissing you gently on the lips to silence you, again as horny a voice as I can muster I whisper. “We have all day tomorrow and all night also, I will be all yours then, but tonight George…….” You try to butt in, but again I kiss you, and explain that you have been to work all day and this long journey… “Tomorrow.” I whisper, “tomorrow”.

Almost resigned to the fact now that Pat is going to get her way, and after a few quiet muttering’s come from him as I reach over and turn the shower off. Taking you by the hand we leave the shower cubicle and reach for two large warm fluffy towels as we begin to dry each other off, both of us making sure each others ‘important’ bits are thoroughly dry.

Deliberately placing the towels down on the marble floor in front of him we proceed to cuddle. George has lost none of his hardness as we kiss, I keep one hand firmly around his thick and hard erection massaging it’s loveliness and honestly, thinking to myself how contented I am going to be feeling in a short while.

Almost complaining, just a few words are released from his mouth as again I push him back towards the cold tiled wall and our lips part for the last time. Looking into his eyes I slowly again work downwards, each kiss on his body produces a sigh from his lips, I am suddenly on my knees, my eyes, messed up by the shower, my hair matted also, I look up to him, he is staring down at me. The hand that was holding his erection is now resting on his thigh, my other hand joins it and I am now looking up at him, his erection is quivering inches from my eager mouth, all the time our eyes are locked together as I slowly search for his tip. A quick kiss on the end and although just out of the shower I can sense the saltiness from it…. “I love you George” I say as my mouth takes all of him into my mouth I opened my mouth and take him as deeply into my mouth as I could. George really filled my mouth up! Being by no means an expert on this art, I suck him in deeply a couple of times and let my muscles relax as I let him come out of me. Already he is glistening in my saliva, as still, our eyes haven’t left each other’s. Forgetting to breath, I breathlessly, and in a worried giggle ask whether I am doing alright. A big “oohhhh” comes out of his mouth as he says I am doing just fine.

Carrying on as before, I engulf the most of his hardness I can comfortably take, holding it deep inside now I suck at it producing lots of my saliva and withdrawing akkent escort bayan again, breathless now, my saliva leaking from my mouth and his erection is now dripping in it. Excited now at this thought and hoping for a positive answer I ask him again as still my hands lie firmly planted on his thigh’s. “Was that nice lover?” “Oh Pat, you are more than I ever imagined” you say. Pleased by his remarks and although untouched, exciting him is exciting me as well, not in the same way of course, but feeling’s deep within my loins were beginning to stir. This time I try another way, always trying to please, I kiss at the tip of him and run my now soaking wet mouth down the length of him, holding it deeply there, I see by his eyes that he was enjoying the pleasure I was giving him. Wanting to know I slowly withdraw, and again, my mouth now soaking wet, I smile up at him. Breathless now, “You liked that George, didn’t you.” “You’re an expert Pat.” He answers, “No George, it is only because it is you, and want to please only you my darling.” I answer. Taking him as before, and feeling his body respond so nicely to me.

Increasing this, I am beginning to like it, still haven’t learnt the art of breathing while he is filling my mouth and every stoppage for air seems to bring a sigh of relief from him. “I want to fuck you Pat.” He mumbles. “Please no George,” I beg, “you have no idea how good I feel George! I say. Resigned at last to it, he mumbles something under his breath and watches as I continue. “Is that nice,” I say again breathlessly? “MMmmm Pat, I wish…..” I fill my mouth again to shut him up and although I wanted this to last for ever I realised I over stepped the mark and did one long suck to many as George started to tighten his body, and although we were looking at each other all the while, suddenly George turned his face skywards and moments later, I was given the choice and I closed my lips deep around him and felt a first almighty explosion within him and his come filled my mouth so quickly, that although a lovely feeling I was at a lost as to how to swallow his love juice so readily. Had to do it and I know he watched in utter delight as he saw my throat muscles swallowing his lovely semen.

” Oh love you will never know how good that felt,” an out of breath George said. I tried to clean him with my mouth, but hopelessly let him down and with his come seeping from him and covering his now semi hard useless thing I looked up to him and with a grin probably filling my face told him that it was so good for me too.

I took hold of a handful of tissue paper to clean him off, think I had taken all I could manage. My mouth and throat was filled with his taste. Being the first guy I had ever done such a thing to, I felt so good in myself knowing it was George that was my first.

I knelt between his open legs for what seemed ages, his once mighty erection, now something that had lost its size and hardness. “Did I please you love?” I ask. “MMmmm Pat that was so lovely, but I so much wanted to please you tonight, now it seems you have sapped the little energy I had left and am feeling very tired now.” Sleepishly you answer. “That’s OK love, me too, and I have had what my doctor ordered, so lets have an early night and lets see what tomorrow brings..”

Wanting to taste George all night in my mouth, we are both relatively clean, so we both fall onto the bed and within minutes George is breathing heavily with my arms and legs wrapped around him as we drift into a deep sleep…..

Looking up at the bedside clock it is only 9.30, and maybe George was tired, but I was suddenly wide awake and caressing his genitals were proving fruitless, only making me feel horny in expectations… This is no good, I think to myself, and slowly release my grip on him and quietly crawl out of bed.

Bored now, looking around the room in the semi dark, I had brought my silk multi coloured Caftan with me that I often wore as an evening gown when entertaining at home. So slipped that over my shoulders, had a shake of my still wet hair and together with my purse, quietly took the lift down to the ground floor and headed for the bar.

It was a shame that George’s taste had to go from my mouth, but an expensive bottle of Champagne to wash the flavour down…. Well what can be more satisfying?

The bartender for one, apart from a couple sitting in the corner of the dimly lit bar, I think I was alone and this man’s badly broken English was really something to droll over. Thinking this evening wasn’t going to be a complete waste for my oversexed imagination to ponder on after all. We were already on first names, and he bought the second bottle and we were getting on famously. Then his mood changed dramatically and he hid his full glass under the counter and proceeded to mop up the immaculately clean bar counter. At the same time I smelt ‘that’ perfume again, this time though a different person was wearing it. No, it was that same beautiful face and figure, this time showing it off in its full glory with an expensive designer dress clinging to her. A glass was poured for her at the bar as she talked quietly to the bartender. Looking over to me gaziantep anal yapan escort bayan and giving me a piercing smile she slowly walked over to me and in her best English said. ” Hello Madam, hope you have settled in all right.” Looking around she asked, “Where is Mister Smith?” I told her in my worst French that he was tired and I had left him in bed.

“May I join you Mrs.??” “Pat, Patricia” I answered, so she came over to me and holding my hands planted her greeting’s on both of my cheeks, “I’m Vivian, Vi though please, I am the proprietor of this establishment.” She told me in a firm but polite way. “MMMmm Champagne Patricia, I see you are here for a romantic time, are you going to take it up to your room, or drink it alone?. Champagne is for lover’s Patricia and should never be drunk alone.” She added. Looking over towards the barman she simply says “More,” and another bottle and glass is brought over to us.

We talked for hours, or so it seemed, the Champagne, occasion and the long day had taken its toll on me. Although prompted by a very intelligent person the conversation had started reasonably enough but somewhere along the line I had leant her life story and I was just finishing mine and telling Vi why George was to tired to have joined me.

About this time Vi begged to be excused and was gone a few minutes, in the mean time a group of loud tourist’s had entered the tranquil bar, breaking all the intimacy that Vi and I had developed. Coming back and looking down at this group Vi held out her hand to me, taking it she pulled me from the stall and led me through this maize of alleyways until it opened up to a very intimate dining room. The tables had been dressed with small tit bits and a fridge, once opened had a half a dozen bottles of Champagne in it.

“We can talk here Patricia, without any fear of being disturbed.” I looked around at the seating and picked a deep and comfortable settee to sit in, and doing so almost sunk into it as Vi, opening a new bottle and handing me a glass sat down by the side of me. “So, where were we Patricia?” Vi asked, sipping on her Champagne. “Pat, call me Pat, only mother calls me Patricia.” I said while trying to think of where we had got up to in my life story. “You were just about to tell me why George wasn’t with you tonight.” Vi said with a worried look on her face. Another sip of our Champagne, I started to giggle, it was probably the Champagne beginning to talk, but I looked into Vi’s inquisitive eyes and said, “truth?”. “Truth.” Vi quipped back. Well my ‘husband’, only met him earlier today at Victoria Station in England, and I have left him in bed asleep because I gave him some oral sex earlier and it has tired him out.” Expecting roars of laughter, I think it took time for Vi to translate my sentence, but although delayed her face soon lit up and laughing out loud suddenly stopped and placing her hand on my knee suddenly went serious. Squeezing now, and thinking she suddenly asked, “so George has got off and fell asleep on you, leaving you frustrated and hot.” “Well not at all Vi, it was my idea, something I had never done before and being in this sexy city, well… I just got the urge.” I said, almost apologetic, trying to stick up for my lover.

Aware now of Vi’s hand, not complaining mind you, but knowing now it wasn’t put there innocently and trying to adjust my seating proved futile as Vi’s hand suddenly went to my matted hair and taking some in her hands leaned over towards me.

“You say Paris is a city for love Patricia, let me show you what real love is.” Coming closer now, her perfume suddenly over powering me as our lips meet. Gently and I feel my face over heat, but surprised by her actions I turn my face away from her advances. Almost shocked, Vi, knowing she has hurt me is full of remorse for me and holding my hands is tongue tied as to how to say sorry.

“Not to worry Vi, it was just a bit sudden that’s all, was a lovely compliment from you and I am flattered. I quickly butt in to ease the situation. “I am so sorry Patricia,” ” Pat!” Sorry Pat,” she says, “but I must have got the wrong signals from you and thought… Here have something to eat.” Quickly changing the subject.

Lying in this deep settee, one hand around my Champagne glass, I was suddenly being fed by Vivian. This felt more intimate, more personal than the kiss she had delivered moment’s earlier and suddenly I had her finger in my mouth and her face only inches from mine.

“OH Pat” Vivian whispered, “let me try again.” This time I closed my eyes and lifting my head, pouted my lips in submission to her and my mouth opened to welcome her exploring tongue into me. This feeling was something else, something I hadn’t experienced before. My already over heated face was suddenly at boiling point as Viviane slowly kissed me and with the taste of her lipstick and perfume wasn’t being allowed to take her lips from me. But somehow managed to take the glass from my hand and put it on the table as her hands then caressed every inch of my body over my Silky Caftan. The only time our lips parted was when she had my boobs clinging at the material and my protruding nipples were easy prey for her as she sucked them through the material. “Oh god Vi.” Was all I could murmur. Stopping to answer me Vi asked if that was nice, “Oh yes, oh yes,” I answered. Moving to my lips again she was now whispering in her strong French accent that she would please me better than any man ever could. I know I felt my insides were on fire and wanting so much to experience her I uncrossed my legs as a sign that I was all hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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