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My first story. Please be gentle!


As a kid I always loved camping, to the point I would spend a week hiking in the wilderness of Scotland with nothing more than my rucksack, tent, sleeping bag and a few basic provisions to keep me going. The wilds of the glens, the views from a munro, the iciness of the streams were all intoxicating to me. That wanderlust and sense of being alone never left me.

I’d moved to Ibiza in my late 20’s, not for the partying and clubs but for the beauty of the north of the island and the chance to work on a number of high end yachts serving the rich and famous who came to the island in the summer to party. The death of my last remaining relative left me with a reasonable chunk of money but no ties to keep me in the UK, so I found the job and left. It meant 12 weeks of hard work, living in a tiny cabin with 5 other people but the money was good and it left 40 weeks a year to do what I liked. Walking through pine forests in the north, swimming in the coves and a diet of seafood and salad had been good to me. Approaching 40, I was lean and tanned and I had a great life.

My favourite time of year was October as the summer heat had subsided but the weather was still good. The tourists had long since gone and the population of the island shrank. This left the beaches deserted, the roads quiet and only the local cafes and restaurants still in service.

I’d left my finca near the sleepy village of San Juan and headed into the pine forests. My plan for the day was to hike a route towards the coast and then drop down to a magical cove called Cala d’en Serra to spend the day lazing on the beach, swimming and just generally being idle. I’d packed a small bag with a small amount of food, fresh water and a small amount of wine to go with my lunch. Aside from the clothes I was stood up in, I was travelling light and didn’t expect to see anyone during the day, complete isolation and peace!

Under the canopy of the pines the air was cool and I made light work of the steep rocky pathways that led through the forest. Every once in a while I would come to a section of barren hillside, marked only with burnt stumps of trees. A few years back, fires had raged across this part of the island destroying this old forest and creating the scars that would take 50 years or more to heal. The smell of smoke had lingered for weeks and seeing the stumps brought back the acrid stench of smoke to mind.

Eventually I found my way onto the track that leads down to the beach at Cala d’en Serra. This is one of the secret coves on the island that most tourists don’t know about. In the summer, there is a crowd on the beach but it is by no means oppressive. The little chiringuito would be selling snacks and cold drinks, while an old guy with skin like leather would be renting sun beds and loungers to the tourists.

The track down is passable by 4×4 but most people walk. It winds down from the top of the cliffs passing the half built shell of someone’s house. I guess they started it but the planning permission was never granted, leaving the shell as some ghoulish monument to a failed dream. Kids had explored it over the years adding graffiti to the concrete to make it even more decrepit. Most of it is now hidden by undergrowth and the trees, so the view at the bottom of the cove isn’t spoilt.

I made it to the beach and delighted in the fact it was deserted. The narrow cover flanked by high cliffs and pine forest wouldn’t look out of place in a James Bond film, with some evil villain using it as his base. The water was azure but a patchwork of darker spots dotted across the view where the seagrass beds grew. I skirted across the beach and over a rocky outcrop to a more secluded small beach. Sitting there, you could be the only person in the world. I loved it. I dropped my bag, kicked off my boots, stripped down and ran into the sea. One thing I had developed a penchant for was swimming nude. Complete freedom and at this time of year the slight chill to the water made your body tingle.

I swam out along the cover enjoying the cool water and the freedom of my nudity. Occasionally I’d dive down to the seabed 10m anime porno below and see the bream shoals swimming around me. Some days I would bring a banana with me and you would be sat in the middle of a feeding frenzy as these fish fought to get a bite. After half an hour I turned back and started to swim for shore but I noticed something different from when I’d left. Someone was on the beach.

As I got closer I watched as the figure moved across the main beach and start to scramble to the smaller beach. I started to panic but realised I had nothing more in my bag than some food and water, no valuables in there. The figure stopped by my clothes and then looked out to sea and must have seen me swimming in. They moved further over the beach, unrolled a towel and sat down. My relief was palpable but then I remembered my nudity. I’m no prude but this would be interesting, more so as I realised the person was in fact a woman.

As I got to shore, she had stripped down to a bikini and she was lying on a towel reading a book. Nothing for it but to stride out of the water and get to my things, only hoping that she didn’t look up. I made my way out of the water, the white sand crunching under my feet and water running down my body. I was almost to my things when she looked up and straight at me, he eyes widened slightly, a small smile spread across her lips, but then the face returned to neutral.

“Hola” I managed before sitting down and trying to get back some modesty. No response, just a brief smile and return to the book. I settled back and let the warm early autumn sun dry my body. The woman shifted on her towel and faced away from me which allowed me to look at her in a bit more detail. Long shapely legs, swelling to a beautifully round bottom before fading in to her waist. I couldn’t see the front but I only hoped the top half matched the bottom. I’d already seen her face which was comely but the main feature were brown eyes that dragged you in. I could look into them forever. In my moment of interest I’d not noticed that I’d become aroused, and I quickly shifted to avoid any embarrassment.

I gradually settled into a fugue like state, just dozing and letting the sun keep me warm. I was dragged from my slumber by movement as the woman rose and walked to the water’s edge. I watched happily as her buttocks moved under her bikini bottoms and she walked with some grace. She dipped a toe in the water and winced.

“El agua esta fria al principio pero es agradable.” I said The water is cold at first but it is nice.

She glanced round at me “Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish” came the reply.

“You are English? Surprising to meet another Brit here, on this beach, at this time of year.”

She glanced back while still toying with the water lapping at her feet. “Yes, I’m staying with a friend and she mentioned this beach so I thought I’d check it out. You are English as well?”

“Yes, but lived her for over 10 years. I said the water is cold but nice.” Then I tried my luck, “Even better when nude.”

She laughed, a lovely tinkling sound that seemed to echo round the cove. “So I saw, but…”


“I was going to say, but from what I saw it wasn’t that cold.” And she cast a glance down at my groin. I blushed and didn’t know what to say.

She turned back to face the sea and seemed to be trying to decide whether to go for a swim or not. At last she made up her mind, but what surprised me more was that she stripped off first before running into the water. I was left with the fading memory of her fabulous rear, a full as a new moon, just a beautiful and a growing tumescence in my loins.

She swam about for 10 minutes or so and I casually watched from my spot on the beach. The sunlight glistened on the sea casting dazzling sparks across the cove. The splashing from her sent water droplets cascading over the surface like brilliant diamonds. She turned to come back to shore but then stayed in the shallows and I could see a look of hesitancy in her eyes. She had been bold enough to expose her rear but was she toying with exposing her front? I could make out some internal turmoil going on. To make asyalı porno the decision easier for her, I turned to make busy with my bag. Delving inside I started to pull out the bread and cured meats I had packed, as well as the wine. With my back turned, she must have decided to take her chance as I heard splashing then the crunch of sand. As I turned back, she had her back to me and was wrapping the towel round her waist.

“Are you hungry? I have some food and a little wine that I am happy to share.” I offered.

She turned and I was stunned. I first caught those brown eyes that were trying to swallow me whole, before my gaze was drawn slowly down to her bosom. The two orbs looked swollen and vey firm, completing the hourglass figure to perfection. Despite the warm air, the recent dip in the cool sea had left her nipples puckered and proud. I was smitten.

I was vaguely aware of a reply and shaking from my reverie I said “Sorry? Say again.”

“Yes, I’d love to eat. Were you distracted?”

“Ha, busted. I was just thinking the water must still be cold.”

Her arms flinched nervously as if she wanted to hide herself from view, but some inner will stopped her from doing that.

“It was chilly. And you are right, nude swimming is amazing.”

“Glad you liked. I’m Lee by the way.”


I offered the bread and meats, and Laura sat down next to me taking some for herself.

“Such a beautiful place, so quiet and secluded. If my friend had never suggested it I’d never know it was here.”

“Yes, this is one of my favourite places at this time of year. Sitting here with the sound of the sea, a bit of tapas and some rioja…nowhere I’d rather be.”

“You live here?” I nodded as I took a bite from the bread. “You lucky sod.”

The wine was making me feel more relaxed and the conversation was reducing my inhibitions. I lounged back, fully revealing myself and not bothering to hide anymore.

“I moved here over 10 years ago. I work in the summer and chill in the winter. A perfect life. What about you? From the accent, I’d say northern, possibly north of Manchester. Right?”

Her eyes flicked down my body, lingering a while on my loins, before she snapped back to my face. The feeling of being ogled was pleasant and stirred my emotions.

“Good guess. Work in the city, but just recently been through a bad time and decided to come out here for two weeks to see my friend.” She shifted her position leaning more towards me using her left arm as support, tucking her legs back under herself. I couldn’t help but look as her breasts moved, swinging heavily to one side as she leaned. She caught my gaze, a soft smile appearing as I watched. More stirrings, my manhood starting to engorge, moved slightly on my thigh.

“How’s the food?” I asked.

“Lovely. I love Serrano ham and bread. Something so rustic about it but the flavour is so intense.” Her shifting had caused the towel to come loose. From just under her navel, it had slid down the smooth curve of her tummy and sat piled in her lap. I wanted to see more, to find out what was hidden. “Have you got anything else I can eat?” Was that a quick glance at my cock? Surely not.

“I normally bring fruit, but today I forgot.”

“Peaches or melons?” Was that an innuendo? Her eyes sparkled as she asked, and I felt my soul being sucked towards her.

“I’m fond of melons…” My eyes flitted to her chest, “… especially so ripe.” A smile and a flash of her teeth acknowledged my glance. “But I prefer a nectarine to a peach.”


“Peaches are furry, I prefer smooth skin.” Our eyes were locked, searching deep inside each other. Her mouth was gently parted, showing white teeth. As time slowed I could sense her chest heaving, my own excitement coming to a peak in my loins. Ever so slowly, without breaking eye contact, she shifted her legs. I sensed the towel had moved.

Huskily she whispered “Like this?”

My eyes broke the stare and moved own across her body. Her breasts heaving, nipples puckered. The smooth line of her stomach blended seamlessly into her pelvis and down to the smooth folds babes porno of her womanhood. That secret crease between her legs that a man desperately craves, closed to view but so smooth.

“Yes” is all I could say. My heart was pounding making me almost deaf such was the noise in my ears. A women I barely knew was showing herself to me.

“It’s juicy. Ripe. Ready to be eaten.” I stared, not knowing what to say or do. My excitement throbbed and my world had shrunk down to this very spot, this very woman. Nothing else mattered, I was lost in her.

Gently she pushed me onto my back. Leaning over me, her nipples brushed my chest sending shivers through me. Her lips met mine, a short simple kiss, but then she was gone. Before I could react her face was replaced by a flash of leg and my vision was filled by her most intimate place. She had straddled me. The smooth lips parted, the pink interior contrasting against her skin. Her little bud sitting atop. The full moon of her rear cleaved and the small pucker on show. All just for me, shrinking my world again to just her secrets. Slowly she lowered herself to my face. Her scent headily mixed with that of the sea, her musk mixed with the salt. My mouth connected with her, the heat taking me by surprise. She gasped and moaned before pressing down further covering my lower face. I was in heaven.

My tongue explored her intimacy, tasting her, teasing her, enjoying her. The nub of her pleasure becoming firm and is gently played with it between my teeth. A further moaned sufficient information for me to know she liked this. I pulled her down harder, the sweet nectar filling my mouth as I busied my tongue inside her. I gasped as a hot sensation enveloped my shaft, the delicious thrill as her tongue worked round the bulbous head sending ripples of pleasure through me.

Her hips started to move in waves, pushing herself harder to my mouth, her pleasure beginning to crescendo. I sucked her nub into my mouth, sending her over the edge, her hips forcing themselves down on me as wave after wave of intense pleasure ripped through her body. My mouth and my nose were buried under her making it hard to breathe. Her pleasure forced her upright and a sudden coolness hit my rod, saddening a perverse chill through me. Her desperation subsided and I was once more able to breathe. My view of the world was full of her pinkness, glistening from her own pleasure and my teasing. Twitches and pulse occasionally running through her and I couldn’t resist another lick forcing her to spasm in delight.

The world changed, gone was the pinkness replaced with those deep brown eyes. I could do nothing but allow my soul to be examined. Her lips met mine, gently at first but the kisses became quicker and harder. Our mouths mashed together as if in some primeval rage. The tang of blood in my mouth was strangely erotic not knowing if it was my lips or hers that had ruptured. My desire ran through me but she was in control, pinning me down, I was hers to be abused.

My focus moved in a flash as the inferno of her sex encased my member. So quickly had it happened, so expertly had she taken me into her. My world was now this conjoining of bodies, the heat of her, the pleasure as she moved on me. Nothing around me mattered, only this woman, the person who this morning had been nothing but a stranger, who know was driving me to the edge of sexual oblivion. The sensation taking me beyond the real world, building from my loins, spreading and rushing through my body, taking me higher and higher until that exquisite moment when we both became one. Our climax. Two bodies but one soul, spirits taken away into another world, a world of sheer ecstasy. Two people clinging to each other as our world spun. Then down. Down I floated from this high, floating back to earth with this incredible woman in my arms. Spent, exhausted but happy. We lay still, panting from the exertion, a sheen of sweat on our bodies and a gentle breeze cooling our passion. Down I came into utter contentment. Down into sleep.

I awoke. The sun was low on the horizon and a chill was starting to descend. The sea turning to burnished copper as the setting sun reflected off the surface. Then I remembered what had happened but I couldn’t see her. Confused, looked for her but she had gone. Just me, my bag, the beach and…nothing save a few footprints in the sand leading away and a memory of what had happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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