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It was dark when I finally emerged from my room, the sun had set well over an hour ago, though it was early yet. Coming into the main family room I wasn’t at all surprised to find no one was there. No doubt, they were all sitting up on the deck outside my parent’s room if anything, enjoying the fresh evening air. I climbed the steps soon after stepping outside. The only one who was there, was Kris. She was sitting in one of the lounge chairs, I noticed immediately she still had her bikini on, the same one she’d been wearing earlier, only now…she’d pulled down the top, which rested, beneath her bare breasts. There was no doubt in my mind she had heard me coming up, and had purposely revealed them. I stared at her gorgeous tits only briefly, stubbornly refraining from continuing to do so, though it was obvious to Kris that I had when I’d first noticed them.

“So where’s mom and dad?” I asked trying to be nonchalant, no longer looking at Kris’s naked tits.

“They went out for a moon-light row in the boat,” she informed me. “Left about twenty minutes ago, so they’ll no doubt be gone for a while. They were both acting pretty frisky earlier, so I’m willing to bet they’re doing the nasty out on the lake,” she said grinning at me.

It was hard not gazing at Kris’s bare breasts as she lay there, though I tried very hard not to.

“She left you some dinner…if you’re hungry,” Kris said as she then purposely cupped her breasts and began fingering her nipples. “Though I guess that depends on what you’re hungry for,” she added saucily.

“I’m not,” I said simply, letting her decide as to which one I was referring to. I noticed then she’d been sipping on a glass of wine. “Any of that left?” I asked.

“Yeah, downstairs,” she responded, though she let go of her breasts, answering with an all too familiar tone of voice, though she soon sweetened it again when she asked me, “Mind bringing me another one too?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said taking her glass. I had felt my prick begin to stiffen almost immediately the moment I saw her sitting there like that. The fact I hadn’t shot my wad earlier a sudden reminder that I hadn’t, and that if anything, it would be an even bigger load now when I did. By the time I had reached the kitchen area, poured the wines…I was rock fucking hard again.

As I stood there looking down at myself, a sudden idea came to mind. Unzipping my jeans, I pulled my stiff hard cock out, setting it free, and then once again climbed back up to the deck carrying our wines. I leaned over handing Kris her glass, her eyes immediately spotting my hard stiff prick, which was now only inches away from her face as I did that.

“Would you care for anything else?” I asked smiling at her. I saw her hand actually lift from the arm of the chair as though she were about to reach out for my dick, but she immediately regained control, switching her glass from one hand to the other instead, and then taking a sip from it as she glanced up towards me as I turned heading over to stand by the railing. I did so, purposely standing off to one side so that she could get an even better view of my prick there beneath the lantern light hanging above me.

Looking over, I now discovered she had pulled the crotch of her bikini bottoms off to one side, her juicy bare split winking at me as she dipped a finger into it, taunting me as she did so.

“Sure you’re not hungry?” she asked. “More than happy to fix something succulently delicious for you if you are.”

“Only if you’re willing to sauté’ a particular sausage for me first,” I responded. “And then share it with me, there’s a particular way I like having it flavored first, before eating,” I then said.

I could see the frustration in her face, making me smile, and making her own determination even more evident.

“No, thank you. Too much work and effort,” she told me. “I was thinking more along the lines of a simple snack.”

“Never mind then, I’m growing a bit bored with fast food,” I said reaching down grasping my prick, just as she sat fingering her cunt even more obviously than she had been.

I finished my wine, looking over towards her. “Another?”

“Yes…please,” she grinned though her smile looked anything but friendly as she said it. And this time, she removed her hand from her crotch, smearing the rim of the glass with her pussy juice as though salting it for a Margarita. “Would you care for some on yours?”

“Ah…no thanks, I have my own,” I stated, and then ran the head of my dick around the edge of my glass. “Though you’re welcome to try some of mine if you’d like.”

Kris merely glared at me.

“Suit yourself,” I said taking her glass, and then once again headed downstairs again.

As I stood opening yet another bottle of wine, I could hear the sound of mom and dad’s voices as they slowly began nearing the shore. And though I couldn’t as yet hear what they were saying, it was evident they were on their way back. I grinned evilly, a whole ağrı escort new idea coming to mind. I left the glasses on the counter, quietly and slowly climbing the steps back up to the deck, stroking my cock as I did so. I made it where I was just standing behind the entryway, Kris still sitting in her deck chair oblivious to my presence. I eased over behind her, still sitting there unaware, felt the first surge of my spunk as it traveled up the length of my cock, and then spurted as I stood there aiming it into the air behind her.

She actually looked up, her hands coming out as though to test for rain as I spat another, and then another white sticky rope of cumrain down upon her. Finally realizing what it was, she turned, screamed, yelling at me.

“You mother fucker!” she cursed at me furiously. I laughed, ducking back inside, zipping myself up, just in time as I reached the bottom of the stairs just as the door to the cabin opened, mom and dad coming back in. Kris had reached them right behind me, her tits still bare, though upon hearing the door as it began to open, covering herself and then making a beeline for the bathroom. All mom saw was the blur of Kris’s backside as she safely reached it, slamming the door behind her. I looked back, pretending surprise as she did that, then facing mom’s curious expression.

“What’s up with your sister?” she asked.

“I don’t know, must have been something she ate perhaps…or didn’t, I don’t honestly know. Maybe…she had a bit too much liquid refreshment this evening,” I then pointed out as I poured myself a fresh glass of wine, leaving hers empty.

Mom nodded her head disapprovingly. “She never could handle too much liquor,” she stated.

Having stepped in behind her, I saw dad’s hand give mom’s right breast a quick fleeting squeeze. “That’s one thing your mom’s always been good at,” dad chuckled. “Controlling her licker…”

Mom gasped, turned dislodging dad’s hand from her tit and took a swing at him, though playfully so. “You’re incorrigible, you know that?”

“Must be the fresh mountain air,” he told her. “Which reminds me…you indicated we had some unfinished business to attend to,” he said grinning wickedly as he headed upstairs to their bedroom. “And sorry Rob, but the deck’s now out of bounds,” he added. “If you want to sit outside for a while, you and your sister will have to used the back porch, unless of course you don’t mind having your parents embarrass you with their lustiness!”

“Have fun,” I told them both, seeing my mother blush, though she soon ran up the stairs right behind my father, giggling like a school girl as she did. “See you in the morning,” she called out without looking back towards me. “And don’t stay up too long!”

I looked down at my crotch, my dick now finally somewhat flaccid again. “Don’t worry…I won’t,” I assured her. Then took my glass and headed back outside to sit on the porch.


A short while later I came back in. The door to the bathroom was now open, though Kris’s bedroom door was now closed. I stepped inside, took a pee, and then retired to my own room, undressing and slipping into bed. It was still a bit too warm for me to comfortably sleep, the coolness of the night air not yet having taken over, though I knew by morning, it would. As was always the case, I slept nude, starting out on top of the covers though I had pulled them back for later on when I would no doubt eventually need them. I smiled inwardly, remembering the surprised look on Kris’s face as I liberally sprayed her with my cum as she sat there wondering for a moment what on earth that it was. With that image in my mind, I promptly fell asleep with a smile on my face.

It was sometime after midnight when I felt the first chill. But then oddly enough, I didn’t feel it all over me as I’d expected, just in one particular place. I opened my eyes, and though it was still dark, there was just enough moonlight to see by as it filtered in through the window of my bedroom. Still groggy with sleep, it looked for a moment that there was an apparition hovering over my bed, but as my mind quickly cleared, and the sensation of coolness truly registered, I looked down. Kris stood at the side of my bed, a can of whipping cream in her hand. She had liberally doused my surprisingly stiff cock, a fresh dollop of the substance just having been sprayed, and planted decoratively atop the very tip of my prick. Seeing I was now awake, Kris laughed stepping back, but I was too quick for her, reaching up, just managing to grab her arm and yanking her towards me. Losing her balance, she fell into bed on top of me, screaming briefly until I shushed her with a worried look, one hand coming up to cover her mouth.

“Quiet, unless you want mom and dad coming in here to see what you’ve done,” I told her. Especially as she was also naked. She continued to fight me of course, but now quietly, very much the same way we had done as kids, arguing, wrestling, aksaray escort enjoying it, all the while pretending not to, and thus silencing our wrath rather than expressing it.

Kris sat up, trying to pin my arms above my head, her free swinging breasts mere inches away from my face. As though bobbing for apples, I managed to snare one of her tits, capturing it between my lips, not quite biting it, but certainly nipping at her exposed nipple. She barked, literally, trying to escape letting go of my arms but I easily seized her waist throwing her back down onto the bed and then climbing on top of her where I now easily pinned her in place instead.

My cock, sticky and covered in whipping cream now rested firmly against her mound. The cream itself now everywhere, though I just managed to grab the can she’d been holding before she realized it. Pinning both of her arms now with just one of mine, I aimed the can at her breasts and gave her a large dosing, listening to her squeal in delight as she again struggled in vain, trying to slip out from beneath me.

“Oh no you don’t!” I said tossing the can away, once again pinning her arms. “You’re not going anywhere!” I moved against her, watching as her eyes widened even in the darkness of my room. There was no mistaking it, my hard stiff prick had grazed the nubbin of her clit as I moved up against her, now releasing her arms, my hands coming down to capture her cream covered tits as I sat astride her. I played with her nipples, they were soft, smooth and decadently delightful to massage, using the over abundance of whipping cream in doing so. I slid up her form once again, and then down. Each time my hard prick sliding against her, the groove of her pussy kissing my prick like a pair of lips as I did so. I heard her moan, and almost immediately afterwards say “No…No! No!”

“No?” I asked sliding against her again, slowly this time, even more forcefully against her slit. I felt her nails dig into my back as I did that, knowing full well she had left marks when she did. But I simply didn’t care. I did it again, repeating the word. “No? No? No?” each time I said it, sliding against her, feeling her wet slick pussy now grinding against me.

“We…I….we ah…oh fuck Robbie, we can’t….No!”

I slid against her again, “No?”

She didn’t answer. I slid against her again. “No? Yes? No?”

“You…ah, you have to be…”

“I have to be what?” I asked still sliding back and forth against her now, my hands free to roam caressing her tender hard tipped breasts.

“You have to be the one…to do it.”

“To do what?” I asked still teasing her. “To do what?”

“To…to…to put it in,” she almost begged me.

“No!” I told her. “You have to. If you want this, if you really want me, then you have to be the one, reach down…”

I put her hand around my dick, she held it as I again slid up against her. But then she let go, once again crying out, “No…I can’t, I just can’t,” she said sounding as though she were actually about to cry.

“I can’t either,” I told her. “I don’t want to be ever accused of raping you, forcing you into doing something you really don’t want to do. If you don’t want me to…say it now, right now…and I’ll get off you. And that WILL be it!” I said seriously, emphasizing the word.

“I can’t…but I don’t…want you to stop,” she breathed hotly, almost whispering the words as she spoke them. “But I can’t…I just can’t.”

We had obviously reached an impasse, I was frustrated, and clearly she was as well. Her legs having even wrapped around my waist, locking me in place as though afraid to release me, knowing if she did, I would no doubt back away and climb off her. Which I would have.

Once again I reached down taking her hand, placing it around my prick. “Then just hold it, the moment you let go…I stop, understood?”

She merely nodded her head, but even in the darkness I saw her do it, her hand remaining securely wrapped around my dick near the base, leaving more than enough room to place it against her wet slick opening. We both felt the hard spongy head of my prick now slice through the first barrier between her lips, not quite entering, but definitely knocking at the door. I gave her a moment more, but her hand stayed. I pushed an inch, felt the first slip of my prick actually enter, her hand loosened, but she didn’t let go. I pushed a bit more, and then felt the mouth of her cunt surround the full head of my prick, I was technically in her, and we both knew it, but even then I waited before sliding any more of it inside her.

“Yes? No?” I asked one last time looking down at my sister, then before hearing her answer, I leaned forward, my lips seeking hers as we kissed. Kissing unlike anytime we ever had before. Our tongues danced, fenced, our embrace suddenly wild, passionate and abandoned. Then she breathed against my neck, her hand coming up to my head pressing me even closer amasya escort as she arched her body against mine.

“Yes! Yes! Oh fuck Robbie…yes!”

I slid…slowly, ever so slowly, letting Kris feel me, feel the length of my prick as it slowly enveloped her, driving deeply inside her until I felt the base of my balls comfortably resting against the cheeks of her ass.

“I’m in you,” I moaned. “I am so fucking in you!”

“Yes!” she cried out again, sobbing this time, though her nails again raked my back, the lines of her pleasure I knew would be telling, and I would need to be careful in keeping them concealed come morning. But at the moment, I could have cared less. The warmth, softness, and convulsing, contracting heartbeat of my sister’s cunt caressed my prick with a newfound want, need and love that neither one of us could have ever realized. “Make love to me,” she again whispered. “Don’t just fuck me,” she asked again. “Make love to me.”

I slid in and out of her several times more, then rolling, taking her with me as I did. Kris found herself now sitting on top, my prick buried to the hilt inside her as I once again reached up capturing her breasts. I then felt her lift, her sweet sex mouthing my prick as though she were using her other mouth. With more urgency than I realized, she crashed down against me, and then back up, and then down again, until our coupling became a blur. I found delight in the erotic sensual slap of our flesh, the seepage of our fluids, mixed with the still sticky sweet cream we were both covered in, only adding to the sounds of the night that expressed the joy and the love we now shared. She leaned over, kissing me again, our coupling slowing, though continuing. Neither one of us wanting the rapturous release to come for either one of us too quickly. We rolled again, taking her to the side were we lay facing one another, lifting one leg over hers, our bodies meshed together closer than they had ever been before. I suckled her breast as she held my head against her with her hand, the length of my cock still slowly working in and out of her cunt as she moved back meeting me forcefully every time. Once again, the rapidity of the tempo increased, the decadent sounds of our lovemaking filling the night.

“Oh God Robbie! Robbie!” she cried out, her pussy suddenly heated even more than it had been, and suddenly slicker, wetter if that was even physically possible.

“Kris! Kris! Kris!” I moaned out, biting her shoulder, driving my shaft even deeper inside her, feeling the intensity as it began to balloon, already the first hard felt spurt of ecstasy making its precious way up my shaft.

She must have sensed it, felt it, as she began to shudder, her pussy suddenly liquefying just as the first spray of my cream began filling the recess of her sweet feeling cunt. She groaned, the sound coming from deep inside, slowly rolling outwards until it spilled in a rush of agonizing pleasure. Forced to silence her own desires and needs, she fisted her own mouth trying to block the scream that emerged from her as my prick continued to spill its seed deep inside her, now mingling with her own as it backwashed against me in an almost fine misty spray that somehow managed to work its way out and around my prick, coating us both as she slammed herself against me, now humping me, grinding, even harder than I’d been doing to her.

It took forever for either one of us to catch our collective breaths.

I had just spent myself inside her, perhaps shooting more cum than I ever had before in my entire life, or so it felt like. And yet…somehow, almost magically I remained hard inside her as we lay there. I could feel the pulsating beat of her still quivering pleasure as she surrounded me, kissing me with her cunt.

“There’s no going back now…not for me anyway,” I told her.

“There’s no place to go back to,” she added. “Only ahead…only forward. I love you Robbie, I always have loved you, even though I maybe never knew just how much I really did. But now I know. I know now…I can’t ever go back to the way that it was, not ever again…not now, not ever!”

“I love you too Kris,” I said kissing her, tasting her lips, sucking her tongue and then breathing the words into her mouth as we kissed. “I…so…love…you!”

We made love again, even longer, slower and more beautifully this time. And again towards morning as the sun finally began to peek its head over the horizon, peering in through the window like a peeping Tom as this time we fucked frantically, wickedly, decadently, even crazily. Standing up, pounding deep into my sister’s cunt as I held her against the door, walking with her about the room, Kris impaling herself upon my cock until we crashed together upon the bed, and emptied ourselves into one another one last time.

“It’s not going to be easy,” she said still milking the seed that continued to drip from my prick inside her.

“I know,” I told her, holding her in my arms.

“We may be ostracized,” she added, “scorned, ridiculed, even abandoned.”

“I know…but I don’t care Kris, the only thing I care about, the only thing I’ve ever cared about…is you. So no matter what happens, from here on out, all I want, all I will ever want…is to be with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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