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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.


I was in my third year of trying to make a living at running my uncle’s ranch — my dead uncle. I had been his sole heir and found myself in the less-than-enviable position of owning a ranch in south Texas.

My folks owned and operated a farm on the high plains up north and I was well-versed in the skills it took to run such a place. But the south plains of Texas were a far cry from the farm I knew and loved. Instead of fertile sandy soil like the farm, the ranch was parched and dry. It grew cactus and mesquite and sage brush, all inhospitable to humans. There was little water to be found and what there was had to be nourished and treated like gold.

When I was going to A&M, I had learned about ranches that supported several head of cattle for every acre of land, how they grew their own hay for winter feeding so that they never ran out of their own product.

But that is not the kind of land I inherited from my uncle. I was the owner of 5,763 acres of land, and on average it took three acres per cow to keep them going. That’s how sparse the vegetation was. I had two hands — also inherited from my late uncle — both of Mexican descent who lived in line houses around the ranch and whose primary function was to tend to the few water holes and to burn the spines off of cactus so the cattle could eat the meat of the plant. Actually they got more water from the plants than they did from the water holes.

Still it was a living. My uncle had cleared and planted a sizeable garden plot near the main house, keeping it irrigated against the hot Texas summer, and managed to raise enough vegetables to keep himself reasonably well-fed throughout the year, along with the occasional beef that he butchered and put up in the freezer. I kept the garden tradition going and had no complaints about my own sustenance.

It was a lonely life. The ranch was forty miles due west of San Antonio, through the town of Hondo, and then another thirteen miles along a winding dirt road (which was graded once every decade whether it needed it or not) to the southwest. The neighbors were pretty scattered, although they were always friendly when you met them. I made trips to San Antone any time I needed major purchases but it was not like being able to run down to the corner store. So most of my time was spent on the ranch.

Even so, it was not as remote as one might think. Illegals were often desperate to escape the miserable lives they were forced to lead in Mexico. Although they were not generally punished in their home land as in some middle eastern countries, they had atrocious living conditions, little food, and precious few prospects of things getting better. Unless you’ve been in the place and seen the conditions, it is hard to imagine what many Mexican people had to live with.

Thus they were willing to undergo extreme hardships to try to better themselves. Getting into the U.S. is not a problem. Along the Texas border, the Rio Grande River is more often a trickle than anything resembling the Mississippi. Often it can be waded without getting wet higher than the knees and then only if you kick it up on yourself. There is the possibility of being caught but the penalty is being deported back to Mexico, where they just try again. And getting caught doesn’t happen often. There are just too many miles of border for the few officers to effectively patrol it constantly.

Once across the border, you would think it would get much easier but not so. The south Texas terrain is not very hospitable for man nor beast and the closer to the border that the illegals expose themselves, the more likely they are to be turned in and deported. Thus they will often set out on long treks by foot through the barren land to find a place further from the border to try to find work, food, and lodging.

My uncle used to tell tales of illegals who would walk up to his ranch house looking for work. Being a man of compassion, he usually offered them food and water but he could not hire them. Even if it had not been illegal to hire one of them, there just was not that much work that the ranch would support. I know that, from time to time, he did take on an illegal by not asking too many questions about their right to be in the country. It was hard to see how gaunt those people were and not offer some help.

In my time on the ranch, I had been approached by any number of people, sometimes in ones or twos, sometimes in groups and families that I suspected were illegal. Following my uncle’s tradition, I fed them but did not hire any.

Until one day when everything changed. I had come in from a day of working on the range cleaning out another of the watering holes and was in the process of fixing my dinner when I heard a czech amateurs porno timid knock on the side door. When I went to the door, I found three women of obvious Mexican descent standing on the patio, all three looking up at me like little lost puppies. They all started clamoring at once in rapid-fire Spanish, something my high school classes had never prepared me for. I held up my hands and asked if they spoke English. They all did but the tallest one seemed to know it best so she took a step forward.

“Sir, my mother and my sister and I are hungry and thirsty. Can we get water from your tank?” She pointed to the big galvanized tub beneath the slow-turning windmill, used to supply cattle when they were in the area.

I pushed the screen open and shook my head no, then beckoned them into the house. Without waiting to see if they would follow, I headed back to the kitchen. I knew from the soft footfalls that they were behind me.

I pointed to the long wooden dining table. I had set a single place for myself. Now I reached for three big glasses and began to fill them from the refrigerated water outlet, setting each one in turn on the table to be grabbed by one of the women. I noticed that the two younger ones deferred to the older one first.

When the water glasses were done, I pulled out three more place settings and put on the table near my own. I would have had leftovers from the food I was fixing so there was enough to go around, although I did supplement it with some recent leftovers from the fridge, microwaved to like-new freshness — that’s a joke! I brought a pitcher of sweet tea over and poured my glass full, offering to fill their now-empty water glasses. Three glasses were thrust at me.

“Please help yourselves,” I said, and the women hungrily dug into the food.

Nothing else was said until everyone was full and pushed away from the table. I had been studying the women while I ate and made the assumption that they were related. One woman appeared to be about forty but might be more or less. The younger ones appeared to be perhaps 25 and 20 so I wondered if they were daughters of the older woman.

Again the tall one addressed me. “Senor, we are interested in finding work. We are strong and healthy and are willing to do any kind of work that you have. We will work for food and a place to stay and whatever you feel you could afford to pay. If you can use us, you will not be sorry, senor.”

“Por favor,” the older woman said, “we will do anything. Anything!”

“Si, senor,” the younger one chimed in. “We will do anything. Any kind of work or … anything else …” The thought was left hanging.

“Anything?” I asked.

“Si, anything,” they all said in unison.

“What do you mean by anything?” I asked. “I don’t want to … take advantage of anyone.”

“We cook, we clean, we do laundry,” the younger one said.

The tall one stood and slid over beside me. Bending so that I could see down her blouse to her very shapely and unfettered tits, she put a hand on my thigh and began to run it up my leg. Her dark brown eyes bored into mine.

“Anything, senor,” she said, sensuously. There could be no doubt about her meaning when the palm of her hand stopped over my growing erection. “If you can help us, senor, the three of us will make sure that you have no needs unsatisfied.”

The older woman materialized by my other side. As I turned to look at her, the top of her dress was falling to her waist, leaving her big heavy breasts uncovered just inches from my face.

“Do you like my mother’s titties, senior?” the tall one asked.

I could only nod and open my mouth as her mother pressed one of her big globes into my mouth. Her dark brown nipple was already erect and I began to suck. The hand on my crotch worked up and down, fondling my cock through my jeans. I felt another pair of hands behind my head, massaging my temples and my shoulders as the younger woman got into the action. How could a guy not love such attention.

I put an arm around each of the women to my sides, letting my hands roam downward until I had a handful of shapely bottom in each. I knew then that someway I would make a place for these three on my ranch.

In the next few minutes, I found out that they were indeed a mother-daughters combination. Mom was 38 year old Lupe, the tall one was 23 year old Nita, and the younger one was 21 year old Galena. It took me a few more hours to find out that they really meant what they said — that they would do anything for me if I would let them stay.

I had never had the pleasure of having more than one woman at a time but that night all three of them took me to bed and made a believer out of me. Their hands went everywhere on my body. Their tongues licked me up one side and down the other, missing not one square inch of my body. I sucked on titties, I ate pussies and I fondled asses. They sucked my cock, then sucked my balls and then czech bitch porno rode my pole. Sometime well into the morning hours, I pulled the three of them around me and went to sleep.

The next day, they settled right into working around the ranch, even without being told what to do. I had to show them how to use the washer and dryer but they caught on quickly. They had the housework done early and trouped out to the garden en masse and set about weeding, a job that would take the three of them a week to finish but one which I probably would never have completed.

That night I found that all three of them spoke better English than I did Spanish so we fell into using English fairly easily, although it was liberally sprinkled with Spanish words. Nita was in the process of teaching her mom and younger sister since Nita had spent three years working for a small Texas firm before her visa expired.

After a wonderful meal cooked mostly by Lupe, I took a shower and prepared for bed. As I climbed in, a naked Nita joined me. After fondling me to a quick erection, she began to leisurely lick and suck on my cock and balls. After a few minutes, I insisted that she turn around so that I could reciprocate, which seemed to surprise her. However I have to admit that I loved the taste of her pussy and making her cum almost as much as I liked my own orgasm and having her suck down my entire load of hot cum.

Even then, Nita kept licking and sucking until I was hard again. Then she spun herself around and guided my prong into her hot pussy, pushing back onto it and then rubbing her tits against my face. Again she seemed surprised when I pulled her to me for a kiss, tasting bits my own cum in her mouth. However she got into it, sending her tongue darting into my mouth over and over.

I grasped a handful of her pretty round bottom in each hand and helped her slide up and down my body, pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her hot cunt. She tried to hide her orgasm, since I had a long way to go before I’d be ready again, but I encouraged her to come and let me enjoy it with her. At first, I believe she thought I was crazy but when she realized that I loved watching her cum, she let herself go and came three times before I finally shot another load into her depths. We went to sleep with her lying on top of me wrapped in my arms.

In the middle of the night, I awoke needing to relieve the pressure on my bladder. Nita was curled up at my side so I eased my way out of bed, trying not to wake her, and went to the bathroom. However when I got back, she was laying face down with her knees drawn up and spread, leaving her ass high in the air. She didn’t say a word but the invitation was explicit. I climbed in behind her and guided my newest erection into her pussy, finding it warm and wet. It only took a few minutes of pumping for my balls to start shooting a new load into her. I didn’t know if she came or not but when I collapsed beside her, she spooned into my form and pulled my arms around her so that my hands were each filled with a soft, full tit. I was asleep in moments.

The following day was similar to the first. The women fixed breakfast and I explained that I was taking a backhoe out to one of my waterholes to do some more cleaning out; they decided that Nita would go with me while Lupe and Galena went back to the weeding task. I was surprised that Nita picked up so quickly on various ways of helping, since she had never been around equipment like I was using. However she watched me and when she saw a similar job, she jumped right into it. When I loaded the backhoe on a trailer behind my pickup, she grabbed the right side tie-downs as I worked the left side, and we were on the trail quickly.

One of the nice things about having Nita is that, every time we came to a gate, she jumped out and opened it, then closed it when I pulled through rather than me having to do it all. Things like that made it go much quicker, to say nothing of being more pleasant to have her to talk with.

When we arrived at the tank that my uncle had dug into the ground, it was very muddy and one wall had caved in when a minor flash flood undercut the bank. We untied the tractor and I drove it off the trailer around to the break, setting up the outrigger pads and got right to work digging out the pond. The sludge I pulled out went into building a dike to hold back the usually-dry creek that had washed it away. It was a slow, hot process.

Several times Nita brought me cool water from the big cooler I carried on the pickup and about noon, she brought over sandwiches that the women had packed for us. With us sitting in the shade of the covered cab, we ate and talked, drinking ice water from the big thermos jug I kept in the back of the pickup.

When she was finished, Nita said she needed to pee. She surprised me by pulling her jeans and panties off over her boots and squatting just a few feet in front of me, grinning at czech casting porno me as she ‘made water.’ That wasn’t as surprising as when she finished. She walked over to the backhoe, bent over to grab the lowest toe hold, and looked over her shoulder to see if I was interested. Some things I am slow and methodical about; screwing a pretty woman is not one of them. I had it out and buried inside her in three seconds!

When I had emptied my balls in her pussy, I quickly went back to operating the backhoe. By two o’clock I was finished with the break and moved around to the flat side where the cows walked into the shallow water to drink. I spent the next three hours pulling out the muck and making it a little easier for them to get to — it wouldn’t last long but it helped for a while.

We loaded up and started back, with Nita again getting out every so often to handle a gate while I drove through. When we got back to the ranch house, we were both tired from the long day and hot sun. A quick shower made me feel human again.

Lupe and Galena had another wonderful meal prepared when Nita and I went into the kitchen. Enchiladas, tacos, beans and rice were garnished with fresh tomatoes and onions from the garden. It was my kind of Tex-Mex food and I devoured it. While I went to get a shower before bedtime, the ladies all went upstairs, where I had given them their choices of the unused bedrooms. I heard giggling and stamping of feet several times and wondered what was going on.

When I turned off the water and dried off, the upstairs quickly became silent once more. I slid between the cool sheets and relaxed. Seconds later Galena tiptoed into my room and slid into the bed beside me. She was as naked as I was.

After a few moments of passionate kissing, Galena twisted around and began to lick on my already erect cock. Anticipating the taste of this sweet young woman, I pulled her over me and began to lick her thighs. When I got to her pussy, I got a pleasant surprise — her cunt had been shaved completely bare. I settled in to make a pig of myself at her trough — there would be no annoying pubic hairs in my teeth that night! She tasted good right from the start, and even better after she came and covered us both with fresh pussy juices. That, and her voracious tongue, triggered my own climax, which she scarfed up like hot fudge.

When she had me hard again, I picked her up and deposited her on her back, driving my cock balls deep into her pussy while sucking on her softball-sized tits. The old bed got a creaking workout that night, banging the wall over and over as I thrust into her. I’m sure her mother and sister knew what the sound meant but I didn’t care if the world heard us. Galena reverted to Spanish but, although I didn’t recognize the words, I knew she was urging me onward. Four times she screamed out her pleasure, the last just seconds before my balls began spewing out their treasure into her hot, frothy box. We curled up into a single fetal ball and went to sleep.

As was my custom, I roused in the night to go take a pee. When I came back, Galena was laying on her stomach. There was a tube of lubricant in the small of her back and she was holding her buttocks apart, highlighting in the soft nightlight the puckered opening to her back door. I slathered my cock with the lube and pierced her greased chute. She had obviously done this before since she neither groaned nor made a face, simply smiling over her shoulder as my cock slithered into her ass.

I had never fucked a woman in quite that position before — laying prone on her face. It was a bit of a unique feeling, one that I immediately loved. I loved the feeling of her little round ass crushed into my crotch. I loved the feeling of her tits mashed into my hands under her. I loved the taste of her neck and the side of her face as I kissed her repeatedly. Most of all, I loved the tightness of her anal sphincter around the shaft of my plunging cock. All too soon, I shot another load of cum, this time into her bowels. I faded off to sleep with the feeling of Galena lovingly cleaning my tool with a warm washcloth.

At the crack of dawn, I awoke to feel Galena’s long wet tongue running circles around the mushroom head of my dong. What a way to wake up! I scrambled into a sitting position but she dropped face down with her knees drawn up, offering me entry from behind. I took it, plowing her hot, wet pussy once more.

When we got to the breakfast table, Lupe and Nita were about to put food on the table but they were laughing and joking with each other. I didn’t catch any of the conversation but was sure it was about Galena and me. Curious, I caught each of the women in my arms, pulled their skirts up and checked. Sure enough they had all shaved their pussies. Lupe and Nita laughed at me — or with me.

That day I was planning to drive out to check on several different herds of cattle — I had divided the responsibilities among me and my two hands so that we each had roughly the same territory and number of cows to keep watch on. Most of the ones I was checking on were just to make sure they were getting enough to eat and drink and to burn off some of the cactus spines if necessary. I carried a propane-fueled torch for that job in the back of the pick-up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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