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Recap from last time-me and my girlfriend like to spice things up sometimes. Well this time is a hell of a lot different, this time SHE’S in control. I have to do what she says when she says it how she says it. I’m her bitch…

She took her clothes off revealing her D-cup breasts and her shaved dripping wet pussy. “As you can see mistress’s pussy is wet and sticky, I want you to clean it” she said as she sat on my face, I hesitated at first but one lick and I was hooked and couldn’t help myself it tastes so good. I was vacuuming her entire pussy with my mouth, if any juices dripped they were dripping into my mouth. I heard her moan in pleasure as I ate her out the best I could. “Enough” she said as she got up off my face. “Now it’s time for me to ride this hard cock” she said as she licked it. Due to all the pressure it was purple, but all I felt through my dick was pleasure. She slowly went and sat on my dick every inch going inside of her felt amazing. She went so slow that I felt like a caged animal fucking her. She fucked slow enough that it caused little to no pleasure, all this did was anger me but there was nothing I could do about it. I begged once again for her tits, which I got just not the way I wanted them. As she rode my cock (as slow as she possibly Sex hikayeleri could) she wiggled her tits in front of my face, “you can see but not lick nor suck” she said laughing while doing it.

Then things started getting somewhere, I could tell she was getting turned on because she started riding faster and faster and faster. every time she slammed her ass down, a sensation of pleasure went through my body. “I’m gonna cum!!!!!!” I yelped, “no your not” she said as she quickly got off my dick. I was RIGHT THERE, and the feeling went away she stopped just in time…

“We’re just getting started” she said, what could she possibly mean what else is there to do. She un cuffed my ankles from the corners of the bed to the sides. So my legs now were wide open, “what are you doing…..mistress?” I asked very confused. She was fondling through her bag some more “Remember that time where you fucked me up the ass on ‘accident’?” she asked. My eyes widen as she turned around, she was wearing a big black strap-on. “wowowo now that’s drawling the…..” She gagged me with the ball gag “shut up bitch I can do what I want”, “the way I see it you got one of two options you suck it to get it wet or it’s going in dry” this point down the line I was fucked either way. I knew Sikiş hikayeleri damn well I was sucking no cock period, I turned my head away “alright then” she said as crawled down to my ass. I tried begging for her to stop pleading through the gag. “Baby please don’t do it, I am sorry I don’t want to do this anymore” but I was no use she couldn’t here me I was fucked.

She first stuck her middle finger up my ass and went back and forth then she took the strap-on and started pushing in. It didn’t want to go but she forced it, every push I could feel my ass widening THIS I didn’t like at all. It was all the way in as she started fucking me, “this is payback” she said laughing as she fucked my ass. She then grabbed my cock and started jerking it, “you will cum as I fuck you in the ass” she commanded I shook my head but it was no use it was going to happen.

The faster she was jerking me off the faster she was fucking me. This sucked I wanted it to stop, but I knew it would when I came and I was close least that what I thought. I came in explosions all over the place. “Good boy” she said as she pulled the strap-on out of my ass, she removed the ball gag “now suck it clean” she said. I refused right off the bat, but she plugged my nose so I had to open my Erotik hikaye mouth for air and that’s when it went in. Right down my throat, it tasted disgusting but AGAIN nothing I can do about it. she fucked my face while rubbing her pussy, she un did the strap-on and grabbed my head “make me cum bitch” she commanded. I stuck my tongue as far as it could go into her pussy, she loved every bit of it. She pulled my hair and rode my face yelling “I’M GUNNA CUM!!!” Sure enough she did juices flowed every where she got off me and started kissing my body. “How was that?” She asked I looked at her with a smile on my face “it was great” I said, which made her smile. She was right about one thing payback is a bitch…..and the day is only half way over. We cuddled for a little and I knew we were gonna go at it again, only this time I was going to be in control, I was no longer hers she was mine. I’m gunna put her in her place and show her who is the master here…she fell asleep and she looked like a beautiful angel. She had fallen asleep naked, so now it’s time to see who gets fucked. I put a collar around her neck and placed her in a chair. Chained her wrists to the arms, chained her ankles to the legs, blindfolded her and gagged her with HER ball gag. Lucky for she is a deep sleeper, minutes went by and then she had woken up, her lip was quivering as drool went down her chin. I can tell she was scared, I whispered in her ear “it’s my turn”

to be continued………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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