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My name is George and I live in Chicago. My favorite niece’s name is Kimberly and she resides in Atlanta. She is the daughter of one of my two sisters and had been married for almost four years when I called to let her and her husband know that I would be in their town for about a week on business and hoped that they would join me as my guests one evening for dinner. They insisted that I stay with them as they had a guest room that they rarely used and would love to have me use it and as a result would be able to spend some added quality time with me.

It was two weeks later just before six in the evening when I arrived at their home and was surprised to find that Kimberly’s husband had been called away on business and would be gone while I was in town. Kimmie as everyone in the family called her gave me a big hug and giggled as said that she guessed I would be the man of the house while he was gone before she showed me to the guest bedroom.

I insisted that we go out to dinner and the two of us went to a small quiet local Italian restaurant. I am 56 (though many tell me I look ten years younger) and Kimmie is twenty-seven so we made for an unusual couple. Over plates of spicy spaghetti and meatballs along with a couple of bottles of Chianti we got caught up on the gossip of our widely spread out largely dysfunctional family. I told her about everything going on in my life. I am a management consultant who is married and my three children have left the nest for their careers and family. I am very proud of their accomplishments. My wife has a great position with an international company and we remain very much in love with the one problem that being that we had not had a physical intimacy for many years due to a number of her medical factors. I of course did not share that last very personal fact with my niece.

We returned to Kimmie’s small house and I excused myself to take a shower as I felt grimy after my trip. I put on a pair of casual lounging pajamas and went back out into the living room to say goodnight. I found that the television was on but Kimmie was not there. I heard the shower running and sat down on the couch to watch the inane sitcom that was on and wait for her to return so that I could thank her again and wish her pleasant dreams before retiring for the night.

A few moments later she came out barefooted and wearing terrycloth pink bathrobe. Her long dishwater blonde hair hung down her back and was still a bit wet and she had shed all her make up. She was a very lovely young woman. The bathrobe did little to hide her delightfully wide hips and full bosom. In spite of the fact that she was my niece I felt that wonderful ache begin in the small of my back and the corresponding thickening of my cock in my pajamas.

“Not that I need it but I was going to have another glass of wine Uncle George,” she said as she moved into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. “I hope you’ll join me for a nightcap.”

She came back into the living room with an unopened bottle of white wine, two glasses and a corkscrew.

“Would you mind opening this, I always seem to split the cork and make a mess of things?” she asked as she bent over to put the glasses on the coffee table that sat in front of the couch and then handed me the wine bottle and corkscrew. Her robe gapped a bit and I had an enticing glance at her substantial deep soft cleavage.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said with a smile knowing that there was no way that I was going to be standing up for a bit without displaying my rapidly swelling erection to her view.

Kimmie sat down on the couch next to me and watched as I removed the cork and poured each of us a half of glass of the cold Chardonnay. She had curled her legs up under herself in the marvelous manner that women can and I couldn’t help but notice that her robe had parted a bit and a revealing a slice of her soft white thigh. Nothing smells better than a woman after she had bathed or showered and I found myself inhaling deeply to savor the scents of the beautiful young wife that was so innocently sitting just inches away from me.

“You have Escort bayan surprised me a bit young lady,” I said maneuvering the conversation in a direction that by all rights I never should have done.

“How so?” she asked after she took a deep drink from her wine glass and then extended it towards me for a refill. She was looking right into my eyes and I felt my heart skip a beat.

“I thought by this time the two of you would have had a rug rat or two running around this place,” I said as I filled the glass.

With no word of warning she began to cry. For what seemed like forever she sat there next to me, head downcast and crying. I didn’t know what else to do so I put my arm around her and she came naturally to me. She laid her head on my chest and cried in an almost inconsolable manner. I let her cry and sat quietly figuring that I had already said enough and didn’t want to cause any further pain in an emotional minefield that I was completely unaware of.

Her head was right below my chin and the sweet scent of her freshly shampooed hair was intoxicating and to add to the encounter was the knowledge and feel of her soft young body pressed up tightly against me. The bottom line was that I had developed a powerful erection and I was fearful of her noticing it as my pajama bottoms did little to hide or restrain it.

“We have been trying unsuccessfully since our wedding day,” Kimmie said as she shifted a bit and took another deep drink from her wine. The feeling of her body moving against mine was exquisite.

She pulled away from me and sat back up next to me but now her firm supple thigh was flush up against mine. As inappropriate as it was I left my arm around her shoulder.

“We have had tests run and it seems like the problem is that John has a very, very low sperm count making getting me pregnant naturally very difficult.” She finished off the last of her wine and leaned over and put the empty glass on the coffee table. “We are saving up to have a specialist do a test tube impregnation and then artificially inseminate me. But that is still not a sure thing and it is so expensive. It is going to take us more than a year to just get the down payment for the procedure. For some reason insurance doesn’t cover this.” She sniffled again and wiped a tear away.

“It is also not as much fun,” I said and immediately regretted the flirty off color remark.

I was not sure of what her response to my flippant inappropriate remark was going to be. She had every right to be very angry. She looked at me as though she was tossing ideas around in her mind that was a bit fuzzy from the three bottles of wine that we had shared during the evening. For my part I too was feeling relaxed inhibitions and was in a zone that perfectly sober I would have never entered.

Kimmie looked down and I saw her eyes widen as she realized what the rod rising out of my pajamas was. I sat absolutely still not even daring to breathe. After a few short seconds that seemed like minutes she raised her face to look at me while her left hand reached out and tentatively took my cock in her hand and began to gently massage the rock hard shaft through my pajamas.

I moaned as I leaned forward and kissed her full lips for the first time. She responded hungrily and opened her lips to my tongue and sucked on it as our kisses increased in intensity. I don’t know if my cock had a mind of its own or if she was able to unbutton the two buttons on my pajama fronts but I felt her cool hand pull me free and began to stroke my erection. As she was doing that I let my right hand find it’s away into the fold of her robe and took her warm pliable tit into my hand and began to massage her large breast and gently pinch her hard eraser sized nipple.

“You’re so much bigger than John,” she said breathlessly as our kisses took on a desperate passion.

I knew I needed to immediately stop what was happening or at least take a few minutes to cool off and calmly discuss with her what we were doing before things went any further. But my engorged purple little head was now thinking for my big head and Bayan escort that was never a fair debate. I did neither of the things an honorable man and loving uncle should have done but instead hooked my right arm under her legs and stood up and carried her into her bedroom and laid her down on her king sized marriage bed.

As I pulled my pajama tops off I watched as Kimmie quickly shed her robe and sheer nightgown. She literally twisted and squirmed on the bed with sexual anticipation as I pushed my bottoms off my hips and stepped out of them. She seductively writhed on the bed with anticipation as her feet and toes curled. I couldn’t help myself but stood there with my erection sticking proudly out its full eight inches and throbbing with eagerness. I watched the young wife take her breasts in her hands and squeeze them as she looked at me with unrestrained need and lust.

“I want you to give me a baby,” she said with a husky sexy voice as she spread her thighs apart and rubbed her inner thighs with her hands as an invitation for me to join her. She then reached her arms up towards me.

God help me but I wanted to impregnate her beautiful body more than I had ever wanted to fuck a woman in my life. I lay down on the bed next to her and kissed her lips passionately as her hands again found my cock and her fingers did magical things to the rock-solid twitching shaft and my swollen balls.

“Please fuck me,” she begged and tried to pull me on top of her.

“I want to make love to you Kimmie,” I said as I let my lips travel down her smooth neck to her supple tender breast. “Our child should be a result of love and not a desperate passionate less fuck,” my words were somewhat muffled as I was talking and kissing and sucking on her wondrous very full tits. I let my left hand travel over her stomach to find the warm wet crevice between her legs. My fingers easily found her hard clit and tenderly rubbed it until she moaned.

“Oh yes you’re so right,” she whimpered.

“Tonight I am your woman. Please make love to me and leave me with your baby.”

I kissed my way further down her luscious body until I lay between her soft lithe thighs and began to lick her very wet pussy. She was trimmed but not shaved which I preferred. She smelled of the soap and shampoo of her shower mixed with the pheromones of her sex that were leaking out with the lubricating fluids that she was secreting to signify to me her desire and make her breeding comfortable.

I have always considered myself a master at cunnilingus and I used every trick that I had ever learned on my niece who responded by rotating her hips and begging me not to stop. When I penetrated her with two of my fingers I felt her cunt immediately convulse in orgasm. When I curled them back and found her G spot and began to internally massage it she screamed with pleasure as she came. Kimmie reached her hands down and grabbed me by my hair and pressed my face into her pussy while she wrapped her tapered legs around my shoulders. As she came I did not let up but continued to lick her slick juice covered pussy while I started a fucking motion with my fingers that I twisted and moved around inside her making certain to frequently stoke and teased her G spot.

“I have never every felt anything like this,” she panted and then emitted a long loud piercing cry as her fifth or sixth or perhaps twelfth orgasm shook her body.

Her pussy was swollen and engorged, her cunt lips were full of blood and blossomed out in invitation and her cunt continued to throb in an ongoing orgasm. I pulled myself onto her and allowed my cock to nuzzle into her cleft and then slide easily deep into her.

“You’re so big,” she whimpered. “So very, very big,” she said like a mantra and wrapped her long shapely legs around my butt and pulled me even deeper into her belly. I began an easy rhythm thrusting vigorously and then pulling slowly back before thrusting again. Each time I felt myself sink in deeper.

I knew I had a huge load stored up over many weeks and wanted to make the best use of the sperm that was built up on this very Escort first mating so I pulled out of her.

“Oh God no, please I need this so very badly, don’t stop now don’t pull out I want to have your baby,” she pleaded while trying to draw me back into her body with her soft arms and legs.

I rolled her over and placed a pillow under her tummy leaving her beautiful soft round hips thrusting up into the air. I was dying to kiss and lick that ass and spread pussy but that is not what she was then yearning for, crying for and in need of.

When I mounted her my shaft slid deeper than into her belly than before and roughly up against her tender cervix causing her to scream in pain and absolute pleasure.

“Oh my God you’re so deep,” she cried while she wiggled her rear end and clenched her muscular buttocks trying to grasp and milk my cock of its seed.

“You’re tearing me apart, oh God, oh God, don’t stop, don’t stop, it feels so very, very good. Fuck me Uncle George and make me a Mommy. .”

At that point there was nothing that was going to stop me as the burning began to spread through my lower back and then quickly across my entire body. Seconds later it culminated in my hot sperm beginning to spray deep into my young niece’s fertile womb. Sex is an exhilarating experience but many times better when you know that you are impregnating a woman. There was an added intensity that we both felt knowing that with our lovemaking we were creating a life. We grunted and screamed together with unreserved joy, pleasure and passion as the most massive orgasm of her life made her inner muscles tightly grab my cock and milk every last single drop of seed from my spurting shaft. Her orgasm did not subside as her body instinctively drew the hot sticky male liquid deep into her womb to bathe her fertile egg.

The feelings that we were feeling were entirely too intense and the need driving us was too compelling for us to stop. There was no way I could stop thrusting into her lovely soft rear end well after I knew that every last dribble had been drawn from me by her strong inner cunt’s musculature. She cried out in passion and desire and I grunted and moaned as I fucked her until I was totally drained and exhausted and had to at last rest.

I slid down next to her, pushed the pillow out from under her belly, took her into my arms and kissed her tenderly. I kissed her sweat covered forehead, her eyelids, the side of her neck and then returned to her sweet lips.

“I love you,” I said at last as I took one of her nipples back into my mouth.

“I love you too Uncle George,” she said, her voice breaking with passion. “I think that we just made a beautiful baby.”

I looked up at her and tears of happiness were streaming from the corners of her eyes.

“Yes sweetheart I believe that we most likely did.”

It was an amazing moment for me and a once in a lifetime experience. Incredibly I found that I was hard again and I rolled over onto her as she quickly spread her thighs to welcome me. I slid deep back into her and as we kissed and fondled one another I began a leisurely natural fucking of her body.

“I think we might want to make sure don’t you?” I said picking up the pace of my thrusting into her a bit.

Her response was to again lock her legs tightly around me and pull me taut into her body.

For the rest of my week in town we made love at every opportunity that we had. I made certain that that was very often by cutting my work time short and Kimmie actually took a couple of days off of her work so that we could spend the days together in bed making love.

I left for home worn out and sore in a most wonderful way. Over the next weeks Kimmie was constantly on my mind. I had not ever had a week of sex like that which we shared or ever expected to again. Three months after I returned home I received the note below from my niece:

Dear Uncle George:

We are so happy to tell you that we are expecting our first child in six months. It was great getting to see you during your business trip to our town. I hope that your schedule gets you down this way again in the future. We hope to have a big family someday. You are always welcome to stay with us.

Love- Kimmie

I could read between the lines and looked forward to when she was ready to add to her little family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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