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She directed us well. Working in the yard seemed to defuse all the uncomfortable tension I’d felt in the bedroom. Mr. D and I were able to talk as if nothing had happened. Without the shadow of what we’d just finished hanging over us.

He worked without a shirt, so I stripped mine off to match him. I liked to watch the pull of muscles across his back as he moved. He was beautiful, poetry in motion. Arms strong, shoulders broad and glistening with sweat. I’d never really looked at a man before, and I’d sure as hell never thought of one as beautiful.

What was it about him? I wondered.

The admiration was mutual. I knew because I’d caught his eye on me more than once—on my ass. I played it up, bending over in his line of sight. I wanted him to look at me. I craved his attention—his desire. I grew bolder in my attention grabbing. I went from bending over to deliberately drawing his gaze to my crotch. Stretched before him I rubbed a hand down my stomach intentionally directing his gaze to the bulge at my crotch. His eyes ate it up, every provocative pose.

After about an hour of watching me he called it quits. He told me to pack away the gear and meet him out back at the pool. He was waiting by the edge for me. Unsure of what would happen next I took my cues from Mr. D. He stripped off bare and I followed suit. Naked, I watched him dive in the pool. With quick even strokes he swam a few laps of free style. Standing on the edge, yet to get in myself I watched him. When he finished his laps he slicked a hand through his hair and turned to face me. I wanted his eyes on me so I decided not to dive in, but instead to make him watch me enter by the steps.

I liked the way the water slowly lapped at my body. Up my legs to my stiffening cock, my stomach and then finally over my shoulders as I walked the length of the pool to him.

By the time I reached him my cock had risen up, butting hard against my stomach. His eyes stayed on me the whole time I walked to him. Normally dark blue, now they seemed almost black. He licked his lips and suddenly I wanted to kiss him. Him to kiss me. He didn’t, but when I stood in front of him he moved close enough for me to feel his warm breath on my wet mouth.

“You’ve never done that before have you?” he asked.

I didn’t have to ask what he was talking about, “No.” I answered softly.

“Have you ever wanted to do it?”

“Not with anyone but you.”

He smiled at that. I was glad that it pleased him.

Glad that I had pleased him.

He stroked long fingers across my cheek and then cupped my chin with his hand. He held me firmly and I found that I liked it, the strength of his fingers controlling me. His thumb stroked across my lip and I shuddered at the memory of the last time he’d done it—just before I’d sucked his cock.

He must have known what I was thinking because he said, “Did you like it Jacob? Did you like my cock in your mouth?”

“Yes. Yes I did.”

“Will you let me do it to you?”

I’d never imagined—never hoped—never thought that he would. The flash of need I had at the thought of him sucking me made my knees buckle. He caught me when I swayed and held me up against his chest. Our cocks bumped, one slight touch together and I moaned.

“Shhh,” he soothed and stroked a gentle hand down my back to cup my ass. “Hop up on the side of the pool.”

Moving as if in a trance I pulled myself out of the pool to sit on the side, my legs spread, feet dangling in the water. He moved between my legs, his hands on my thighs, his eyes looking up at me, locked on mine.

I watched him. He didn’t fumble as he took me between his lips. His mouth was hot after the cool water of the pool. I couldn’t casino şirketleri help the thrust of my hips. I shoved into him, feeling my cock hit the back of his throat. He didn’t push me away. Instead he changed the angle of his mouth, came up higher out of the water to take me deeper.

I watched as his nose hit my pubic hair and I gasped. It wouldn’t take long. I was close from the moment he’d asked me if he could do it. His mouth was so hot, sucking hard, I couldn’t hold back against the onslaught. His hands had moved from my hips, one to grasp my butt the other to cup my balls.

While his hand cupped my balls his fingers burrowed back, stroking between the cheeks of my ass. I arched, lifting up on my thighs. The finger slipped deeper, teasing right where I wanted him. Pushing against the tight puckered ring of muscle while his mouth sucked hard at my cock.

As the finger breached me—pushing inside—I closed my eyes. I wanted more. I pushed down on that finger, pushing him deeper. And then it hit me. A need I’d never before known. Waves of pleasure, almost too much to stand. I felt like I was coming endlessly and I’d yet to orgasm.

He matched the thrusting fingers with his sucking mouth. Up as he came down. The sensation was too much, “Please. Please,” I heard myself begging for release. Overwhelmed by the need to complete, to fulfill the building pleasure.

“Yes. Yeeees.”

I looked down to see his throat swallow, his lips still around my cock. It finished me. I came harder than I had ever done before. My hips thrust up with each pulse of cum from my cock. My balls contracted hard up against my body. The searing pleasure ran up my thighs, through my ass and out my cock. I felt my ass pulse around the finger still inside me and I was done. I collapsed back onto the edge of the pool and lay gasping. I doubted my ability to ever move again when the towel hit me in my face.

Shifting the towel from my eyes I looked up at him. He stood above me laughing, white towel wrapped snug around his hips. When he offered his hand I took it, not ready yet to stand I brought myself up to sit, my feet still in the pool.

Crouching down beside me he kissed the top of my head, with an affection that made my heart trip. With loose hipped ease I watched him walk over to the pool lounges. He sat and tapped the lounge beside him.

“Come on. Come sit with me.”

On legs that felt like jelly I followed him over to collapse beside him. He laughed long and loud, a lovely sound as I sprawled out flat with my arm across my eyes. “I don’t think I can ever come again,” I said.

He laughed again and I wanted to see his smile so I turned on my side, my head propped up by my arm to look at him. Laugh lines surrounded his eyes when he smiled. He was a man who laughed often. A happy man.

Curious, I asked him the same question he’d asked me—only phrased slightly different, “You’ve done that before haven’t you?”

He looked bashful, not meeting my eyes as he replied, “Yes, in college. A little experimentation with my roommate. Before Alissa. I never told her.”

“But somehow she knew.”

He laughed again and ran his fingers through his long hair. “Yeah, somehow she knew. She always does.”

“No one since?”

He met my eyes, “Not till you.”

“Mrs. D. She’s…” I couldn’t find the words, so I was grateful when he finished my sentence for me by saying, “Amazing.”

“Yeah, amazing.”

“I hit the jack pot with her. Have you got a girlfriend?”

I thought of Mary-Jane and of what I’d told Mrs. D and I replied, “Sort of. Not really. We’re….experimenting—not serious.”

“So, you’re not cheating with us.”

“No—not cheating.”

Nodding casino firmaları he said, “Good.”

He looked at me and then his eyes flicked over to the house. He stared over my shoulder for a while, looking intent. The silence seemed somehow important—serious—I felt a tingle of anticipation.

I waited, watching his serious face. Finally he spoke, his voice low, matching the intensity of his eyes. He said, “There was something I never did with my roommate. Something I want to do to you.”

I nodded and nervously licked my lips.

“Can I fuck you Jacob?”

My heart pounded. I was scared and excited all at once. Knowing once this happened everything would change. That I would be forever imprinted by this event.

Again I nodded, my throat was clenched tight and I squeezed out the words, “Here? Right here.”

He smiled and some of the tension lessened. His eyes on me, he stood. I could see the head of his cock jutting out of the top of where he’d tied his towel. I thought about it breaching me and I shuddered.

I lay back flat on the pool lounge and looked up at him. In his hand he carried a tube of lube. He saw me looking at it and gave a wry smile. “Lissy,” he said and shook his head, “She left it with the towels.”

“She knew,” I said, and he nodded, still smiling.

He dropped down to sit beside me. I tried to sit up but he laid a hand on my shoulder. Pin pricks of heat shot down my body as his fingers trailed across my chest. “I love your body Jacob. I’ve watched you work. Waiting for the moment that you’d strip off your shirt so I could see this chest.”

His fingers circled my nipple. Around and around. Not touching it.

“I’d see the sweat run down your stomach and I wanted my tongue to travel the same path.”

I was hypnotized by his words—looking at his mouth—so the pinching of my nipple came as a shock. Clenching need hit me, each tug of my nipple made my cock jump. I cried out. He smiled.

“I’m going to make you feel so good. So good,” he murmured.

His mouth dropped down to take the place of his pinching fingertips. He sucked hard on my nipple, to the point of sweet pain. I bent my knees and arched up my hips. Licking, sucking and biting his mouth moved across my chest from nipple to nipple.

The noises I made. Moaning. Gasping. Crying out—begging. I couldn’t believe they came from me, but I couldn’t stop them.

His hand went down between my legs. His fingers slippery and thick with lube, he pulled on my shaft. Grasping, strong wet tugs that made my eyes roll back in pleasure. He rolled a slippery palm across the head of my cock. Across the sensitive slit, pulling it open. Then he cupped my balls. Stroking, wet fingers moved across the sensitive skin, his thumb underneath, massaging between my balls and my anus.

His hand moved away. I moaned at the loss. I heard the sound of crinkling foil, the click of plastic and then I felt a dribble of warm liquid between my butt cheeks. I arched up again, wanting his fingers. Needing it. Needing him. I knew what to expect this time. The pleasure that could come from his probing touch. I pushed back when his fingers pressed against my asshole.

“Easy,” he said, “We’re going to take this slow.”

“Please. Please. I want it.”

“No Jacob.” His tone cut through the fog of wanting. I stopped moaning and listened. “We’ll do it my way or not at all.”

Looking at me I knew he waited for me to voice my answer so I said, “Yes sir.” He seemed to like that; he smiled a little and nodded.

His way was excruciating. Fingers slow, deep and probing. Opening me. Spreading me wider and wider. All the time speaking to me. Words that made me güvenilir casino want him more. Low. Deep. Mesmerizing.

“I’m going to fuck you slow. Slow first and deep. Deep and hard. You want it. Don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer him. I couldn’t do anything other than lay back and take it. Take what he gave me. He was pressing up against that spot. Deep in my ass, I could feel it. Waves of pleasure undulated the walls of my ass; my stomach was wet from the pre-cum leaking from my cock.

Spread wide, my legs opened so far that my feet came off the pool lounge and hit the tiles. I was ready and he knew it. I met his gaze and he nodded. He dropped the towel from around his waist and went down on his knees between my legs. I felt the head of his cock at the rim of my asshole.

I sucked in a breath and felt myself tense. He must have too because he came over me, his face above mine and he kissed me. Finally. Lips softer than I thought a man’s could be, an edge of stubble rasped against my face. Heat filled me, all worries melted with the entry of his tongue into my mouth. Licking wet heat. My head fell back and my mouth opened to let him plunder. Lost in his kiss I forgot my fears and pushed against his cock.

He entered me.

Fullness. Burning pain as my sphincter spread to accept him. I gasped and he kissed me gently, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth. He ran warm wet sucking kisses down my throat. I concentrated on breathing slowly, trying to breathe through the burning stretch of my ass.

I felt the head of his cock push past the rim of muscle and then the burn wasn’t so bad. It started to feel good.

“Shhh,” he crooned at me from above. Seeing his arms shake as they held him up I realized how hard this was for him too.

“It’s good.” I reassured him. “I’m OK.”

He smiled down at me and leaned in for another gentle kiss, pushing further into me as he did. His cock hit that spot. The same place as his finger. I couldn’t hold back the moan that came deep from within me. Again and again he hit it. Short thrusts. Never hard enough. Never deep enough. I slid further down the lounge, trying to get closer. I hooked my legs around him and cried out, “Fuck me!”

He did. Long hard thrusts. Over and over. Deep. I felt his hips hit mine. The hair of his stomach rub against my cock.

It was building again. Harder. Higher. Better than I’d ever felt. I lost control. Trying to meet each thrust. Wanting deeper contact. Wanting him closer. He fought me, holding me down, keeping his own rhythm despite my pleas for more.

My head thrashed from side to side. That’s when I saw a glimpse of red satin. I stilled my head and looked. She was at the open door, robe open. One hand pinching a nipple the other moving fast between her legs.

She was watching.

A voyeur.

Watching like I had. The thought sent me over the edge. My balls clenched tight and my hot cum spurt across my skin. Covering us both as his stomach met mine. My third orgasm of the day, this one so intense it bordered on the edge of pain.

My orgasm sent him over. I could feel the walls of my ass contract around his cock. He arched, thrust deep and cried out. His head shook and cool water sprayed from his hair across my chest. Then his weight hit me, he collapsed against my chest and I could feel the rapid beat of his heart against mine.

The beat matched mine. His lips pressed against my shoulder and he murmured words against my skin that I couldn’t understand. I turned my head to try and hear him better and his lips met mine. I succumbed to the kiss, arching back to let him take my mouth. When he finished I was panting, incredibly growing hard once again.

“Thank you,” he spoke against my lips.

Overcome with feeling I couldn’t form the words to tell him. To let him know what it had meant to me, so I arched up and met his mouth, putting it all into a kiss. When I heard his groan I knew he understood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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