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It was a rainy day out side, on that warm, Texas day afternoon. I watched the drops hit my window from the skies above. My saddened expression was never noticed by my mom, who was at the time, driving the car. We had lived in the in Boston all of our lives. We had wanted to move to a more warmer place for a while now and finally came up with a plan, to move to Austin Texas. We were now following my aunt who has lived in Austin now, for 15 years. She was married to this hick and had two sons of her own. She was nice, and supplied us with a family surrounding we had never had before in Mass. I sighed and fell asleep, from the boredom, of watching the splashes upon my window.
I awoke, hours later, to see that we had now arrived at my aunts house. We were going to stay at there house, until our house was finished being built. I opened my door and walked out to stretch and look at the unfamiliar surroundings. I reached my hands into the air and stretched my arms out, as I looked at a pool, that was configured on an adjacent block to the block we were on. I sighed and stop stretching before turning around and walking to the front door. Upon entering, I had then seen one of the most beautiful sites in my whole life.
I had met her when I was around the age of 6, she was 8 at the time. I had come to visit my aunt, and she was there visiting my aunts husband. She was his daughter from his first marriage. She was around 5’6 and had fire Red hair. Her green hues, sparkled in the light, and made her look angelic in a way. She had a fairly large chest and a slim waist. She had thick legs that looked like they would be nice to be in between. Her face was cute, all covered in freckles, that made her eyes look more beautiful. She wore tight little blue bloomers that gave her a little camel toe. My dick was definitely at attention once my eyes caught on to this. I quickly looked up to see her yellow top, that exposed her shoulders and tops of her breasts. I caught my self from drooling and looked back up, to let my blue eyes meet hers.

“Um, Hey!!. I haven’t seen you for a while” I said trying not to laugh
She walked up to me and hugged me, much to my surprise. Her boobs mashed against my chest and my knee went in between her legs, feeling her warmness. When this happened, I felt my dick, would jump out of my jeans. I let my hand slide down to her lower back and squeeze a little bit before letting her go, so she could step back again.

“Hey, I missed you so much Jeremy. I cant believe its been this long since we last talked.” She said in her girl pitched voice.

“I know, I missed you too Holly” I responded in my Bostonian accent

We then walked off into the living room and sat down to chat some more in attempts on catching up with each others pasts.

Later on, the whole family decided to go for a swim down the street. Upon arriving, escort kahramanmaraş bayan I like the pool they were gonna go to, so I decided to tag along as well. It was around 9 at night and the warm road felt so good against the bottom of my feet. I looked down to see Holly, who was now walking 5 feet ahead of me. She was talking with one of her college friends that came back with her for the summer. I watched in amazement and admired her natural beauty. I pictured me and her fucking on my aunts bed and her screaming my name while I pumped my rod in and out of her. I was awoken from my daze once I realized she was looking right at me. Feeling foolish, I looked down to the pavement. I looked back up to see her once again talking to her friend, totally oblivious to me looking at her again.
We arrived at the pool and walked into the area. I took my shirt off and stretched a little before walking to the edge of the pool. Before I could jump in, I heard my name called from the other end of the pool. It was holly who was now boarding the Jacuzzi with her college friend.

“ Hey, Jeremy, Come sit in the Jacuzzi with us!!!” Holly said while lowering her being into the
small body of water.

“Ok..” I responded

I walked my way down the side of the pool and arrived at the Jacuzzi. I saw Holly looking at my body. Many girls looked at me when my shirt came off, due to the fact that I worked out like 3 hours every day. My shag like brown hair and shady blue hues, drove girls crazy, based on what I heard at least. Seeing her look back down to the water, I also lowered my self into the tub and sat down, letting the hot water rise to my neck. I sat there for a moment just looking at Holly. She was talking to her friend and didn’t notice me watching her. She then turned her gaze to me and smiled.

“Hey, me and Jen here, were wondering. Do you wanna play truth or dare?” She asked with an evil grin slashed upon her youthful face.

“Sure” I responded with a smile

She looked to her friend and smiled before looking back at me and making a pondering look.

“Ok since you just arrived, I get to ask you first. Truth Or dare” She asked

“Dare” I responded, trying to look cool

“I dare you to kiss Jen.”She said while looking over to jen

Jen was blushing and had her glance turned to the surface of the water. I nodded my head and slid over to Jen. I didn’t worry about the parents seeing, knowing that the wall of the Jacuzzi was hiding us. I used my hand to raise Jens chin and let her face meet mine. I then leaned my head in and pressed my lips against hers. My tongue slipped between her red luscious lips and massaged her tongue. Our spit swapped between mouths as we connected at the mouth. I leaned back and opened my eyes to see her eyes were still closed. escort kapalı gaziantep bayan She was obviously savoring the moment.

“Ok I did it. Now its my turn.” I said with a large smile and looking to Holly

“Ok..” She responded with an evil grin.

I slid back over into my seat I had before and looked back over to Holly. I knew this was my chance to get some from her. I knew it would also be my only chance as well. So I made my gutsy call right there and then.

“I dare you to kiss me..” I said with wide eyes

“Hmmm, Ok” She said, looking to Jen and giggling

I was expecting her to just slide over and make out with me for like 20 seconds but what I got was a whole lot more. She moved across the middle part of the Jacuzzi and slid her self right on top of me!! She straddled my hips and darted her head towards mine. Our lips connected and we made out rough and fast. She sucked my tongue and my lips moved around on hers. We kissed for like 5 minutes and she then moved back to take her seat across from me. From that action alone I knew she had something for me. I also realized that making a move would be nearly impossible. I knew that finding the right time would be so hard and that if I was wrong about this, that I would be in deep shit!!.So I simply brushed it off and thought about calming things to get my hard on down and my blood pressure back to normal. We sat there for like another hour talking and laughing, having a good time, before it was time to go.

We made our way back to the house, and I went to go take a shower. Upon walking out, I saw that every body had gone to there bedrooms and all the lights were out in the living room. I was to sleep out there for the whole time we were to stay at there house. I turned the tv on and took my seat upon the couch. There was some dumb movie on about cops and stuff that I really didn’t care about. I kept thinking about how good it would be to fuck Holly. After a while into the night I decided to go to sleep. It was around 1:00 in the morning and I wanted to wake up and go to the pool early.

About 15 minutes later, after shutting my eyes, I heard a door from down the hall open. I looked into the darkness to see a silhouette moving about the couch and closer to me. I wondered if it was My cousin wanting me to check under his bed for monsters or something. I sighed and pulled my body up.

“What is it?” I said with a sigh

I didn’t hear a thing. All of a sudden, the being jumped on me and started kissing me. The feeling of the persons tongue decided who the culprit was. It was Holly!! My shocked expression soon turned to a relaxed one she we made out aggressively. After a while of confusion on my part, I leaned back and looked at her hidden face.

“Hey, What’s this about?” I asked sheepishly
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“I want you in the worst way pal” she said in a whispered tone of voice

“That’s good to hear” I said while laughing slightly

I then rubbed my hands up and down the side of her hips as she pulled her shirt up over her head and released it in the air. I let my hands, which were on her hips, slide up and feel her tits. She had no braw on and her apple sized breasts felt god withing the palms of my hands. I let my index finger and thumb pinch her little nipples from time to time causing her to moan a little.
She then turned her body totally around and pulled the blanket down exposing my boxer covered torso. Her pussy was hovering right above my face and I could smell the sweet scent of her wetness coming from within her panties. I reached my hands up and moved her panties to the side. I then pulled down on her back, letting her pussy come closer to my mouth. I moved my head in and my mouth collided with her clit. My tongue snaked out and started burying deep into her little rose bud and flicked from side to side. While I was doing this, she had already pulled my boxers down to my ankles and off. She then stuck my whole dick in her mouth and started sucking on it hard. The feeling of her spit swishing around on my shaft, made me want to cum right there in her mouth but I had a lot of self control from over the years pf sexual experience. She on the other hand, was cumming like every other second. Out of every girl I have every gotten lucky with, she had got the most wet out of them all. I loved licking the juices her pussy leaked out and it made me want to cum even more. She felt my dick tense up and she then turned around with haste. I got up and positioned my self to were I was sitting straight up on the couch. She stood up and took a step over my leg. I pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. She then lowered her self onto me, and my dick eased up into her tight wet pussy. As soon as all of my 7 inches was berried deep inside of her. I placed my hands on her hips and helped her bounce up and down on my dick. We started out slow and then sped up to a fast pace. You could hear splashing noises coming out from how wet she was getting. It seemed like every time her pussy consumed my cock, she would cum. Her pussy wrapped really tight around my cock but it wasn’t hard pumping it in and out of her due to her sloppiness. After a while, I wouldn’t be able to take it any more. I pulled her down and pushed her up violently while I shot two streams of Jizz deep into her whom. I pump in and out a couple more times and shot two more streams inside of her. I then leaned her over to the side and she slid off of me. She then picked her panties up off of the couch and turned around to face me.

“Oh thank you Jeremy, I really needed that. Thanks” She said while yawning and standing up

“No problem” I said with a wink”

She then leaned over me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking back down the dark hall and re entering her room. Through out the rest of the time I stayed there, we fucked non stop. We don’t see each other much now, but when ever we do, we always have a good time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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