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Her skin broke the surface of the pool effortlessly and she silently glided beneath the crystal blue water, from one side of the pool to the next without taking a breath. Her arms and legs fanned out beneath her, propelling her forward. I felt a tightening in my gut as I watched her and small goose bumps erupted across my skin, but I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t particularly cold in my room. I stood motionless in the window, watching her swim back and forth through the cool, refreshing waters. She didn’t know I was watching. She didn’t know that I watched her every afternoon as she took her customary swim, and I wasn’t sure why I watched, but I felt compelled to it.

After swimming for about twenty minutes or so, she walked up the steps of the pool toward her lounge chair to dry off. The water beaded across her body. I could see the droplets tracing pathways across her flawless skin. I was barely aware that I was licking my lips as I watched her. I felt like a perverted old man, watching a sexy young coed from the privacy of my room, but I couldn’t seem to stop.

A rivulet of water leapt from its perch upon her right nipple and trickled down the side her ample bosom. My hand lurched forward impulsively, as if to catch the droplet before it disappeared.

The feelings I had while watching her were foreign to me. I had never been attracted to women before, but I felt a strange longing as I watched her, an almost hungry feeling in the pit of my stomach. It felt like a sexual impulse, but that was hard to fully admit, because it was so unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

I closed my eyes for a moment and felt my fingers running up the inside of my thighs toward my pulsating sex. It felt engorged and wet. As I ran my trembling fingertips over the hood of my swollen clit, I stared at her nearly naked body. Her belly quivered under the intense heat of the sun. A pool of water clung to the inside of her navel, as if it were begging me to suck it up between my eager lips and then let my tongue run from her empty belly button down to her pubic bone and eventually come to rest between her magnificent thighs.

My fingers stroked my own anxious pussy, working up a thick creamy treat between my thighs. A soft moan escaped my lips as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. My fingers worked a bit harder and faster as images of my beautiful neighbour flashed within my subconscious. I slid my hips toward the edge of my seat, arching upward toward my wiggling fingers.

I opened my eyes to get a fresh view of my neighbour. The visual image of her was stimulating. She was turning herself over on her chaise. Her round bottom was perfectly tanned and taut. It was almost as bursa escort bayan if it were smiling up at the brilliant sun. Her wet blonde tresses hung between her shoulders and sent tiny rivers of chlorinated water into the small of her back. I watched in rapt amazement as she wriggled about upon her chaise, trying to get comfortable. Her movements were almost like simulated sex as her hips seemed to grind against the lounge chair.

Her breasts flattened out against the cushioned chair and I could see their outline peeking from beneath her chest. My mouth and hands felt compelled to linger upon them before turning her over so I could more fully enjoy them. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was teasing me. Did she know I was watching her? Her movements were almost deliberate. This was too sexy to be accidental. She had to be baiting me. Was she hoping that I’d come over? Maybe start a conversation, maybe touch her – cautiously at first, and then more urgently, until at last I was fingering her, stroking her, going down on her? Was that her plan? Or was it just wishful thinking?

My fingers slid more deeply inside myself. My swollen lips were parted and I could feel my strong kegel muscles squeezing against my two fingers. My walls were soft yet strong, warm and slippery. I could just imagine being a man, having my cock shoved deep inside this amazing cavern, revelling in the magnificence that only a woman can possess. Suddenly I realised why I must have wanted my neighbour. There could be no other feeling as desirable as being inside of a woman, whether it was a finger or a tongue. At that moment I was also desperately jealous of men, because I wished I had a rock hard cock that I could stroke against her moist slit before penetrating it and fucking all the fiery passion out of me.

I gasped as my fingers pushed against my clit and wiggled there, stealing my breath and making me pant and moan. I could feel the orgasm building inside of me as my nipples went completely hard and my muscles began to seize up. But it wasn’t me that was forcing the orgasm to well up, it was my neighbour. I felt her fingers there, her lips as they lingered upon my mouth, and her tits as they dragged across my chest. I felt her tight tummy as it pressed against mine, and her round ass beneath my desperate palms. This fantasy was heavenly.

“Kaycee,” I gasped her name as my climax bore down on me. “Kaycee, I want to fuck you,” I panted.

My fingers pressed harder until the point that it caused me actual physical pain. My relief would only come as I did and I was ready to give in to the intense pleasure.

I opened my legs wider and envisioned Kaycee diving görükle escort back into the pool, swimming toward me, and emerging between my parted thighs, running her hands up the inside of my legs, toward my aching, throbbing pussy, slowly, achingly, but deliberately. I could almost feel the droplets of water falling upon my shivering skin as she spread herself across me to keep me warm. I could feel her nipples, as hard as tiny pebbles, pressing against my own. Her lips traced along the nape of my neck and toward my ears. I could feel her teeth sink into my earlobe and her warm breath as she exhaled an impossibly sexy whisper into my ear, “Claire, I’m going to make you cum.”

“Oh please,” I whispered back to my imaginary lover. “Please make me cum.”

My hand was slapping against my open crotch, as my fingers penetrated the delicious wetness again and again. I let my fingers slip from my pussy, rose to my knees and ground my hips against my balled fist, rubbing my clit against it. I could feel the juices running onto the curled fingers, which now poked out and rubbed across my ass as I rocked back and forth. The rate of my breathing instantly escalated as I entered into a state of uncontrolled euphoria. My ass twitched as it imagined being finger fucked by Kaycee.

I wanted her to do wicked things to me. I wanted her to make me feel the way no man ever could. I wanted to feel the softness of her skin against my nakedness. I wanted to feel the electric kiss of her full lips and I wanted to smell her wetness and know that it was pooling between her legs because she was hot for me.

My finger traced its way around my tight ass before slipping inside. I had thought my pussy was tight, but it was nothing compared to my ass, which gripped my finger securely and massaged it. I briefly imagined being penetrated by a luscious cock as I milked the cum from it, but that thought quickly passed, because in this fantasy, it was Kaycee that I wanted.

I peered from my window again to see her sitting on the edge of her seat. She was smearing coconut oil all over herself. To my great amazement and pleasure, she dropped the straps of her bikini bra and applied the oil evenly across her breasts. I cupped my own breasts, pretending that they were hers. I wanted as much to give her pleasure as I wanted to be pleasured by her. I wanted her to experience the tricks that I was capable of playing on her receptive body. I instinctively felt that if she could allow herself to give in to such pleasure, she’d never need a man again.

Her hands forged a path from her gorgeous tits along her stomach and between her thighs. It was official. I knew now that she bursa escort bayan was doing this for my benefit. What other explanation could there be for such overt sexuality?

I closed my eyes again. This time my tongue was parting the swelled lips of her exquisite labia, and lapping up her tangy juices as my hands held her smooth thighs apart. I could hear her squealing and calling my name.


I imagined my lips and tongue playing the same tricks on her quivering pussy that would have appealed to me if the tables had been turned. My tongue flickering lightly across the swelling hood of her clitoris until her breathing became so erratic that she might have passed out. I would allow it to trace the smooth lining between her labia and gently separate her, circling my tongue between them until I could feel her juices pooling there, inviting me to penetrate her, which I would do slowly, wiggling my tongue from side to side before sliding inside of her. My saliva would combine with her wetness to create a sweet, appealing cocktail. I love a good cocktail, and I lap at her so as not to waste a single drop.

There are moments in life that are so decadent that you can’t tear yourself away, no matter how illicit or dangerous those moments might be. A moment in which you find yourself entangled with your sexy neighbor, sharing vigorous, lesbian orgasms despite being married to someone else might be one of those moments. As such, I didn’t try to tear myself away. This was just fantasy after all, and as such I wanted to get lost in it, revel in it and cum over and over until I felt completely satisfied in every way.

I found myself licking my lips as if sucking her nectar from them. In my mind, she tasted exquisite, but I now wanted her to feast upon me. My fingers worked harder at their masturbatory task as I imagined her with her head pressed between my thighs now. I lost any sense of awareness of the noises I was making as I pleasured myself to thoughts of her, but they must have been enormous because afterward I found myself hoarse and dry, my throaty moans having emanated across my room and reverberated off the walls. This was the level of orgasm that could only be achieved by one woman playing all her familiar tricks on another. She was a goddess of cunnilingus. I would drop to my knees in worship of her, but then I’d be compelled to suck on her pussy again, and right now, I wanted to continue fantasising about her eating me out. I was so close to cumming that it wouldn’t be possible to stop until the waves had passed.

When I peered out the window several minutes later, Kaycee was gone. I’m not sure if she heard me masturbating and decided to slip inside of her home, drop to the kitchen floor and follow suit, or if she was merely uncomfortable with the sounds of my ecstasy. I chose to believe it was the former. I knew that no matter how unseemly it might be, this was a moment I would love to relive on the next steamy day in which I found Kaycee poolside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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