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“I really don’t like Parties, Crystal!” I exclaimed. How could I have let her talk me into this?

She just giggled, “I know, silly!” Giving me that pretty smile full of gleaming white teeth, it was simply impossible to say no. “But you promised, Sidney. You know I love these things, come on” she gave me a mock pout, which I knew was a fake; I could see it in her eyes. “You’re not going to go back on your word are you?”

“I think you know me better than that.” For one reason or another I just felt that I had to defend myself. I really did HATE parties, but she liked them and I’d do almost anything for her, even attend a stupid party.

“Yeah, a lot better” she giggled and gave me a wink as she hopped over the back of the couch and straddled me, laying down onto of me so her face was right in mine. “So, get up Sidney. You can’t go dressed like this.” Kissing me she climbed off and pulled me to my feet.

“I think I look fine!” I protested.

“Yeah, honey, I know you do…” she shook her head and laughed. “Come on” she said as she pulled me down the hall and into her bedroom. Looking at the bed I wondered if she would just forget about going to this party and hop into the bed with me. I could think of a lot of things I would rather be doing than going to some stupid party. I think she caught me looking at the bed because she tossed a white tank top at me and said, “Don’t even think it, Sid. You’re not getting off that easily.”

I smiled and she rolled her eyes as if she had caught what she’d said. “Not what I meant” she said. Her voice sounded muffled and far away, which made me look toward the closet. She was bent down going through the thousands of skirts she owned trying to find one she thought I should wear; the bottom of her round little ass showing just below the bottom of her short shorts. Tempting, it was very tempting.

Meanwhile, I looked at the shirt she’d given me. “I am not wearing this” I shook my head and tossed it back to her, it hit her just as she was coming out of the wide open closet with a small black leather skirt.

“Yes you are, and you’re wearing it with this skirt.” She handed me both articles of clothing and pushed me out the door. “Go get dressed. I’ll meet you in the living room in 15 minutes” when I just stood looking at her she raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips, “hurry, we’re gonna be late!”

“Can’t I just change here?” I asked, giving her a wink.

“No way,” she said, shaking her head. “If I let you get naked in here we may never leave for the party.”

“That’s the point,” I explained. She just stuck her tongue out at me and shut the door. Turning for my bedroom I looked over the clothing she had given me. It wasn’t something I’d usually wear but we were going to a party, which was not somewhere I’d usually go, so I guess the clothes matched the mood. Retreating into my room I dressed in the little bit of clothes she gave me and looked myself over in the mirror. The skirt barely covered me to my upper thighs. The tank top I was wearing was nearly sheer, you could see my nipples through the cloth, and it wasn’t the sort of top you wore a bra with. My tummy showed between where the skirt rode low on my hips and the edge of the shirt stopped about an inch above my belly button. The shiny gold ring in my naval shone in the light and I had a good idea that was the point.

Reluctantly I went to meet Crystal in the living room after putting on some make up and pulling my hair up into a messy ponytail. “You look good enough to eat,” she teased.

“So why don’t you just eat me and we can forget the party?” I suggested in my best sultry, yet teasing, voice.

“Who say’s we can’t do both?” She smiled at me as she looked for her small handbag with a big pink ‘C’ on the front. “Party first, playtime later.” She picked up her bag, jingled her keys at me and said, “Let’s go.”

I got a good look at what she was wearing as we Çankaya Escort walked to the car. She was wearing a baby-doll tee made of some sheer, hot pink material –which looked great with her bleach blonde hair- and a black miniskirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra so it was easy to see her pretty little tits through the material. She was wearing hot pink spike heals with straps that wound up her slim legs all the way to her knees. “What kind of party is this?” I asked, wondering where we were going dressed like we were.

“The fun kind” she answered cryptically. I just shook my head and got into the mustang. Whenever we went anywhere she always insisted on driving. It was okay with me except she drove like a maniac! “Don’t worry, darlin’ you’ll have a good time” she winked at me.

“I doubt that” I retorted, shaking my head as we made for the car. As we pulled out of the driveway she smiled and like she knew something I didn’t know. The one good thing about his evening was that she looked really, really good. Sliding my hand onto her leg I rubbed her thigh for a moment, softly. She seemed to like it so I didn’t stop. Instead I ran my hand up her thigh a little higher until my hand had pushed under her flimsy skirt and my fingers rubbed against her pussy through her panties.

She gave me a wicked grin and spread her legs ever so slightly. Taking it as an invitation I slid two fingers into her the side of her panties to rub at her smooth, shaved pussy lips. She made a little sound but she didn’t look at me she kept her eyes on the road. My fingers worked between her lips to sink into the moisture that began to build there. Moving my fingers a little I worked them down to slide inside of her just as she turned into the driveway of a large house.

The car came to a stop and she closed her eyes for a moment. “You still want to go inside?” I whispered to her in the darkness. Pulling my fingers out of her slowly I raised my hand to my lips and slid the wet fingers into my mouth, licking them seductively, taking my time.

She nodded, “Yep and so do you.” She watched me lick her wetness from my fingers. Grabbing my hand she slid my fingers into her mouth to taste that last little bit of herself that was still running down my fingers.

“Don’t tease me, Crystal,” I pouted. She continued to lick my fingers expertly, which of course made me wet and ready, very ready.

The door to the house opened and the sound of heavy bass and loud music poured out the front door. Crystal and I looked toward the house at the sound of the music and Crystal waived to an approaching woman. The woman was tall with long, long legs and strait, dark hair, cut just above her shoulders. I could tell her eyes were green even though there was very little light.

“Hey, Crystal” she called, coming to sit on the side of the convertible. “I was wondering when you’d finally get here.” I noticed when she sat that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her peek-a-boo skirt.

“My fault” I said.

The leggy woman seemed to notice me for the first time and offered me a seductive smile that made me wetter than I already was. “This must be your…” she looked me in the eyes, paused suggestively, and went on, “friend, Sidney. The one you told me all about?”

Crystal nodded her head slowly, seductively. “Sidney, this is Kat. It’s her party; she wanted me to bring you.”

Kat leaned down, giving me a nice view of her tits from the top of her low cut blouse, and kissed me. Her soft, wet tongue parting my lips and sliding into my mouth. Her hand went to my hair to caress the back of my neck. She kissed me for a long time, my tongue playing with hers, before she withdrew and smiled at me. “Very nice to meet you, Sidney.” She looked at Crystal; “I like her, you were right. Come in, join the fun.”

She stood on those tall, sexy legs and began toward the house, expecting Keçiören Escort us to follow. I could tell already that Kat was the dominant type. I watched her walk away to disappear into the house with her sexy sway, and then I looked at Crystal. “Well, she’s nice.”

“Yep” she giggled hopping out of the car and motioned for me to follow as she began up the driveway.

Sliding out of the car, I followed. I still didn’t want to be at this party, though maybe I would have a good time. I could not believe I was thinking that! Still, Kat was very nice. I followed Crystal through a crowd of half drunk people into the back yard. Barely clad people were swimming, and I spotted Kat across the pool, a drink in her hands, talking to a few guys who vaguely resembled football players. Crystal and I made our way over to her.

She smiled when she saw us and winked at me. Several of the guys, who had already had too much to drink and the night was still early, began to migrate toward Crystal and her peep show top. She giggled and sucked up the attention. She and I had decided that we were young and wanted to have fun, so that’s what we’d do. We would be best friends with some very yummy benefits, as often as possible!

Kat looked me up and down then walked several long, sexy strides toward me. I stood watching her walk my way, my mind wandering to the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Suddenly I was wondering what she looked like without her blouse, and pretty much everything else. I could still taste Crystal’s pussy in my mouth and I was pretty sure Kat had too.

“Crystal told me you don’t like parties.” She took a sip of her drink leaving lipstick prints on the side of the glass.

“I don’t, not really” I shook my head, my eyes sliding down her body to rest on the front of her top where her perky little tits lifted her blouse in hard little points.

“She said you probably wouldn’t come.”

I shrugged, “I promised.” She nodded and stepped forward until her body was pressed to mine and kissed me again; a long, wet kiss. Her tongue worked around inside my mouth and I wondered what it would feel like if it were working my pussy the same way. I grew wet again under her touch. Her hand rubbed my back and the other one grabbed my tit through the little tank top Crystal had given me.

Taking my hand she led me across the pavement next to the pool to a small pool house. It was more a one-room cabana with a shower for changing after swimming. The two of us slipped inside and she shut the door. Taking me in her arms forcefully she began to kiss the side of my neck. My back was pressed to her chest, and she groped and rubbed me from behind. “I know I make you wet” she whispered to me, her voice all sex and desire.

I drew in deep breaths, my hand over one of hers, feeling myself with her hand. She kissed my neck down onto my shoulders. Sliding her hand under my flimsy top, I rubbed at my breast with her hand.

“I’m going to fuck you,” she whispered, biting into my shoulder playfully. A small jolt of pain ran through me, more exhilarating than painful. “I am going to eat your wet little pussy until you scream.”

I already wanted to scream. Until Crystal I had never fucked another woman. Now, here I was in a small cabana being rubbed up and down by a near stranger, and I liked it. All I could do was moan my desire in small, pleased sounds. I had never been dominated and Kat was definitely the dominating type!

Spinning me around quickly she pushed me back onto a chair with it’s back to the door. As I fell back into the cushioned chair I caught a glimpse of my own reflection in the full-length mirror hanging on the wall.

Sliding onto her knees she parted my legs roughly. Kissing one of my thighs I closed my eyes for only a second, felt the pleasure of her wet mouth licking small promising circles on the Etimesgut Escort inside of my thigh just short of my needy little cunt. “Tell me what you want,” she ordered, her tongue taunting me with promises of pleasure.

“Eat my pussy, oh God, please…” I whispered, my hands running through her silky hair.

“Mmm…” she purred. “You want me to tongue your cunt until you cum?” she went on, playing with me. My pussy was dripping with wet and warm with need.

“Oh yes… Kat, yes…” I moaned in desperation. I wanted her face between my thighs at that moment worse than I could ever remember wanting anything.

Her tongue licked higher and higher, her slippery wet little tongue finally began to caress my pussy, licking the same little circles she had been licking on my thighs. Holding her head between my legs with one hand I rubbed at my tit with the other. She seemed to be enjoying the taste of me as much as I was enjoying her tasting me because she was making pleased noises.

Pulling her head away from my treasure just before I came, Kat slid to her feet in a fluid motion that was so sexy I nearly lost it just watching her. Laying my hand on my thigh I began to move it up my leg toward my pussy. Swatting it away with a quick slap, Kat slipped off her top and I got a great view of her perky tits. Then, sliding out of her skirt she moved forward, the long lines of her body moving seductively. Placing a foot on either side of me on the chair she lifted herself up to stand so her pussy was in my face. Her neatly shaven pussy hair tickled my face and I raised my hand to her cunt, parting her lips. Moving my wet tongue into the slit that my fingers had created I began to lick and tease her slippery wet clit.

“Mmm, Crystal said you could eat pussy” she purred; her hands caressed my shoulders as I licked and sucked her tasty little clit. “Finger me, bitch.”

Taking my hand from her pussy lips, swollen with pleasure, I slid two fingers inside her tight little hole, then three. She moaned with pleasure as I began sliding my fingers in and out of her slipper little cunt. Licking her, I slid my fingers out of her pussy, sliding one slick finger into her ass whole.

“Oh, yeah” she moaned. Pulling my head out of her pussy, my face wet with her juices, she slid down my body, and straddling me she rubbed her wet little pussy against mine. “You like that, whore?” she took a handful of my hair in her hand and pulled my head back enough that she could lick my tits. Climbing off of me she pulled me up by my hair, turned me around, and pressed my chest against the mirror. Sliding to her knees and spreading my ass cheeks, she licked my little asshole with the tip of her tongue; sliding her fingers into my little pussy whole.

I grew wetter and wetter until I couldn’t take the pleasure and my wetness broke like a dam of pleasure, wetness spilled down the inside of my thighs and Kat slid up my body. “You like that?” she whispered in my ear.

“Mmm, hmm” I managed to moan.

Rubbing my ass, Kat kissed the back of my neck. “You still haven’t made me cum” she whispered.

Turning around to face her, my nipples hard and throbbing, my pussy wet. Giving her a sultry smile, I slid to my knees and clutching her thighs, I pulled her pussy to my face forcefully, burying my tongue in her slit. She tasted like pure heaven, her hands balled in my hair. I didn’t need any encouragement. She was delicious and the force of my orgasm gave me incentive to make her cum as hard as I had.

Pushing her into the chair, I moved up her body, sucking her tits, one at a time…savoring ever inch of her body. “Between my legs bitch, eat me” she pushed my head down, holding it to her cunt. Eating her with sharp little flicks of the tongue, I slid four fingers into her hole, forcing my hand in and out of her sex. She moaned and thrust her hips to my face, and clutching the back of my head came in my mouth. I drank in her nectar licking her clean, licking her until she was too sensitive, until her body shuddered under the force of my tongue, then, when she was too weak to fight and too pleased not to, I laid my head against her thigh.

Kat looked down at me with a grin. “I knew Crystal wouldn’t let me down. You’re welcome to my pussy any time, Sidney.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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