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I was in the middle of the lesson and I felt like swearing. Without raising my voice or changing the pitch of the way I was speaking I made a suggestion to the class.

“If someone could throw something at Becky and attract her attention, I’d appreciate it. Preferably a brick.”

The girl sitting next to Becky gave her a nudge, and then gave her a harder one. She jolted and looked at her friend who nodded her head towards me. I just smiled at Becky and she cringed. I swear I have never known another girl who can get so thoroughly lost in a day dream.

When the class was finished I indicated to Becky that I would like a word with her. When she reached me I just said, “My office after school. Be there.”

The final bell rang and I was waiting for Becky. Fifteen minutes later I was still waiting and no sign of Becky. She’d probably wandered off in a dream again and completely forgotten. I was ready to pack up and go home, giving Becky away as a bad joke, when she knocked on my door and came bustling in.

“You wanted to see me, sir,” she said.

“Yes,” I said dryly with a look at the clock. “About fifteen minutes ago.”

The implication that she was a trifle tardy went straight past her without touching her. She just sat and waited to see what I wanted.

“You have to stop this daydreaming that you’re doing in school,” I snapped at her, getting a quickly nodded, “Yes, sir,” in reply.

“It’s not just my class where you seem to be having problems,” I continued, “although today was a bit much. Having to have a student shake you awake is not considered good practice.”

“Sorry, sir,” she said. “I was thinking about our maths problems.”

“Too bad I was teaching history, in that case,” I said, sarcasm to the fore.

I had a few more things to say to her, especially about her abysmal scholastic performance. She really was smart enough to be doing a lot better if she’d only apply herself. She was nodding and saying all the right things but I was developing the suspicion that everything I said was just so much hot air.

“Perhaps if you took some French Can-Can lessons and practiced them in the classroom it will help you concentrate,” I said and she nodded her agreement.

“Of course, you are eighteen, so maybe some lessons on dancing a strip-tease would be more appropriate. You could get a stripper pole and practice in the teacher’s lounge. We could make your act part of your cheerleader duties.”

She was nodding and murmuring polite agreement and I was absolutely jack of it.

“Perhaps you’d like to do a strip right now,” I suggested. “A personal display for me as a way of apologising for your lack of attention.”

I shut-up as soon as she agreed and waited. After a few moments of silence she actually focused on me.

“Ah, is that all, sir?” she asked.

“Not quite. I’m waiting for you to do what I asked you to do. You did indicate that you thought it an appropriate way to apologise.”

“Ah,” she said drawing it out, frantically trying to sort out what I’d said.

“Would you like me to repeat the suggestion?” I asked, and she nervously nodded, knowing she’d screwed up again but not sure how badly.

“I suggested that learning to dance would help you concentrate. Do you understand that bit?”

“Yes, sir, learn to dance Samsun Escort as a means on concentrating.”

“I then suggested that you dance a nice strip-tease, here and now, as an apology for your inattention, and you agreed. Do you remember that bit or weren’t you paying attention.”

Her eyes opened wide and she looked as though she was trying to swallow something nasty.


“You expect me to do a strip-tease in front of you?”

“Right down to the buff,” I said maliciously. “That is what you agreed to, you know.”

“You had no right to suggest any such thing,” she said hotly. “You knew I wasn’t listening. That’s, that’s, OOH!”

“Quite right, I had no right to say such a thing. The point is, YOU WEREN’T BLOODY LISTENING! You have got to start paying attention or you can find yourself in real trouble.”

She was rather pale now and looked upset. I think I had finally got the message through to her.

“Get out of here,” I said in disgust, and she flushed.

“So I don’t really have to do a strip?” she asked in a small voice.

“Are you kidding? You wouldn’t have the god-damned nerve to do such a thing. Have a man see you naked? Not in a million years.”

She gave me a real killer look and to my surprise started undoing her blouse.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a sigh.

“What you suggested,” she snapped. “I’m stripping.”

“OOOKKK,” I said slowly. “Ah, you don’t want to lock the door first?”

“No. If anyone comes in and catches me I’ll blame you.”

I didn’t know how well that would work out for her but I didn’t say anything. I just sat back and enjoyed the show. I wondered how far she would go. Probably stop while she still had her undies on was my guess.

She took off her blouse and tossed it into the desk and started undoing her skirt. She hesitated for a moment at that point and I carefully kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to say something that would force her to continue if she didn’t want to. I just sat back and enjoyed the view of her breasts pressing against her bra, a bra that perhaps should have been a little larger. I could see why she filled out her cheerleader costume so well.

Her skirt joined her blouse on my desk and she stood there looking at me defiantly. I was quite sure those panties weren’t school approved. The school approved granny type panties, not dainty bits of folderol made up of scraps of lace. Rather small scraps of lace at that.

“You didn’t think I’d dare, did you?” she said, and it seemed to me she sounded a little excited. Also, I was quite sure that it wasn’t my imagination telling me that her nipples were peaking and pressing against her bra.

“To be honest, no, I didn’t. You certainly showed me. You may feel free to get dressed again now.”

She looked insulted.

“Don’t you go telling me what to do. You said strip and I’m going to strip.”

Without further ado she reached behind and unclipped her bra, not even trying to hide her breasts as she shook the bra free and added it to the little pile of clothes. I’d been one hundred percent correct. Her nipples were nicely peaked. While I was admiring her breasts she was sliding down her panties, not turning away to hide herself as she did so, but putting it all out there on display.

I Samsun Escort Bayan smiled and the naked and indignant young lady standing in front of me. A very attractive sight I found her.

“Very nice,” I said. “Very nice indeed. Are you a virgin?”


“A virgin,” I repeated. “Are you one?”

“What difference does that make?”

“If you’re a virgin I’m going to let you get dressed and run along home. All I’ll do is show you what you risked getting, standing there like that. If you’re not a virgin then I’m going to lean you against the desk and fuck you. So, are you a virgin?”

“Um, well, no, not exactly,” she said, speaking very carefully.

“I see. Then perhaps you’d better lock the door now. I’m sure you won’t want anyone coming in when you’re lying back against the desk with a cock inside you.”

I waited for a panicky denial and a hurried grab for her clothes. What I got was a rather flushed face and a hurried locking of the door. Was she fucking kidding me? There was only one way to find out.

I got to my feet and moved around to the front of the desk. Becky was still standing at the now locked door, but facing me with her hands behind her back. I held out a hand and she hesitated for barely a second and then took it. I drew her over to the desk, turning her so her back was to it, and gently pressing her up against it. She leant back a little, her hands going behind her to support her. If she looked down she could see the full length of her figure, including her smooth mons. I found the fact that she had a smooth mons interesting. It did tend to suggest she was sexually active.

She gasped and blushed a little as I ran my hand over her. She took a slightly deeper breath, pushing her breasts towards me. As my hand neared her mons she seemed to hold her breath, having it change to a gasp as my hand went between her legs and closed over her mound. Becky was proving a real surprise. I could feel the heat from her groin and I’ll swear she was already wet. I rubbed her a little, seeing excitement on her face.

Just how not quite a virgin was she I wondered, my fingers trespassing a little. I’d hate to think she’d lied to me. That sort of lie can come back and bite you most unexpectedly. Well, it could bite me, anyway. She hadn’t lied though, definitely non-virginal, but just as definitely not over experienced.

I stepped back a little and started undoing my trousers. Her eyes drifted down to my groin, waiting. I shoved my trousers and shorts down out of the road, revealing all, as they say. Her eyes went wider but didn’t budge from where they were looking. I moved closer to her.

I rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy while she watched and waited. Her lips had parted slightly and she was softly panting. I pressed my cock more firmly against her, feeling her lips moving as they got out of the way, willing to admit this visitor. She made a soft whining sound but it was one of expectation, not protest. I pressed a little, harder and she started sounding off, giving of a soft ah that was getting louder.

I pressed firmly into her, at the same time slapping my hand across her mouth. Just in time, too, as she let out a shriek as I drove home. It might have been a shriek of triumph but it would still have been Escort Samsun embarrassing trying to explain it to anyone who heard it.

“Let’s try to keep this nice and quiet,” I told her as I took my hand away. “OK?”

She nodded and I started moving.

Then I stopped moving.

“Do you know the meaning of the word, quiet?” I asked.

“Sorry,” she said, blushing. “I can’t help it.”

I reached into the pocket on my jacket and extracted a large clean handkerchief. It was still folded from when I grabbed it from the cupboard at home. I folded it in half again and pressed it against her mouth. My tie came off and I wrapped that twice around her head, tying the handkerchief in place. Then I smiled, pulled back and thrust home again.

She screamed, but the sound was nicely muffled. A couple of more thrusts and she gave a muffled scream on both occasions. What she didn’t do was move with me.

“You do know you’re supposed to move in unison with me?” I asked her.

She just looked blank.

“I’m going to pull back slowly,” I told her. “When I push back into you I want you to push your hips towards me. Let’s see how you go.”

I pulled back nice and slow and waited for a moment. Then I slowly pushed back into her. She hesitated and then pushed to meet me.

“Well done,” I encouraged her. “And again.”

“Very good,” I said after a few more experimental strokes. “Would you like me to move a bit faster now?”

She nodded her head eagerly, apparently burning for more action. My next thrust was more forceful and she didn’t hesitate at all, pushing urgently to meet me. (Still screaming as I thrust in, but still muffled.)

I set to with a will. My hands were on her breasts, rubbing and squeezing, and my cock was playing hide the sausage for all it was worth. She was bucking under me, screaming her head off, tossing her head from side to side as we went, presumably to see if it would fall off.

I kept going for a good while, fascinated by her ability to scream endlessly. Finally I thought I heard a new note to her screams. Hard to do with her effectively muffled, but I spotted it. Figuring this was her signalling the approach of her climax I redoubled my efforts, banging in twice as hard. I climaxed and she totally shocked me by falling silent as she climaxed, and I could tell she was climaxing hard. For a moment I thought she might pass out from it.

I withdrew and recovered my tie and handkerchief.

“Most people are reasonably quiet while in action,” I observed, “and save the screams for their climax. Doing it the other way round is rather novel.”

She blushed and looked away.

“You might consider getting a ball gag,” I suggested. “You’ll find it might save you some embarrassment if you’re in earshot of other people at certain times.”

She looked thoughtful at that and I wouldn’t be surprised to find she’d acquired one in the not too distant future.

“You will please try to pay more attention in class,” I said. “Ah, you might want to consider getting dressed again, as well.”

She looked down at herself, gasped and reached for her clothes. Then she stopped, dipped her hand into my pocket and extracted my handkerchief and quickly wiped herself. Then she proceeded to get dressed. She flitted out the door, all smiles. I looked at the handkerchief she’d left on the desk and thoughtfully dropped it into the rubbish bin.

As I prepared to leave I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to fuck her in a place where she could let her screams flow. Could be interesting. Noisy, but interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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