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Caleb should be back by now.

I was idly thinking that while I cook our dinner. Today is Friday, it’s my turn to cook. I’m also going all out on this meal, especially since it’s Friday and Caleb will be tired from his football training. Our parents were always working, so it was always just us two brothers. Only me and him. Only Kaiden and Caleb.

I heard the front door opening and closing. Footsteps are coming towards the kitchen. There’s only one person who could be here.

“Welcome back.” I turned to greet him. He smiled and come straight at me. When he came too close, I took a step back, and another one, and more, until I almost hit the stove, on it was pot filled with boiling dark-colored curry. He quickly grasped my waist and pulled me to him. Our chests were pressed so tightly together, I could feel his well-defined muscles and throbbing heart through our clothes.

“Careful! Little brother! You almost hurt yourself just now.” His voice came from above me. He was saying that while rubbing my head. I was pretty tall, at 175 cm., but he was taller than me, at 185 cm., was it because he was born first?

“I’m fine now, Cal…” I was trying to get free from his grip. It wasn’t uncomfortable or anything… It’s just…

His slightly tanned skin was still glistening with sweat and his clothes were wet from all the exercise. Our bodies were rubbed together. I jolted when his thigh touched my privates. This all was, well, turning me on. I pushed his chest with all my strength, but still only managed to create a narrow space between us. He saw my struggle and use the hand that was rubbing my head to pull me back to him, this time I was pressed to him even harder than before. My face was buried in his chest.

“You still haven’t given me a hug yet~” He said with a fake pouty voice.

This ditz of a brother! Screw it.

I wrapped my arm around him into an embrace. We stayed like this for a while, him rubbing my head and back. I took this opportunity to breathe in as much of his sweaty scent as much as possible. I’ll remember this scent for later. I felt my heart beating harder for every second passed. My body felt hotter as well. I let my desire get the better of me and traces his muscled back with my hands. He chuckled and squeezed me one last time before leaving a peck on my head and let go.

I stood there, blushing and taking all of it in. Cal snorted, grinned and said. “Did that turn you on, little bro?” I followed his eyes and was met with my bulging pants.


He ruffled my hair once again and went to take a shower. Before he left, he slides a finger over my hard on, which sends a shiver through my entire body. With a devilish grin, he ran off.

Should I just wank off? Nah… I was just a little pissed… That this idiot didn’t notice I have a crush on him…

I turned around to continued cooking. The pot was already boiling over…

After a while, he came downstairs. The kitchen table was full of dishes I made. Cal smell clean, his sweaty scent was replaced with soap’s sweet scent. I was a little disappointed. Maybe I can get his dirty clothes from… No! Stop it!

“Kai. Kai!” I jumped in my chair. “You’ve been spacing out for some time now. Is something wrong?”


We had some more chat over the dinner. I managed to push the nasty thought out of my head. We talked about everything. Our life, school, friends. Today, too, he asked about my love life and I brushed it off like usual. He never said anything about his either. You know, it was weird how he didn’t date anyone already, given how hot he is. After we finished our meal, he got up and cleaned up the table.

“I’ll clean up, go take a bath.”

I nodded and went upstairs. I went to our room to grab a change of cloth. Our house wasn’t small by any means. Our parents are pretty well off. It’s just we’ve been sharing room since we were a kid and it just kinda stuck, it would be weird now to have separate room, ours was really big anyway. We have no need for privacy around each other either. That guy jerked off in front of me before, and I joined him, while eyeing him violently beating off his meat. It was hot. That night, I had the hardest orgasm of my 16 years old of life. Cal is 17, by the way. We’re both junior in high school, my parents decided it’s better to have me enrolled early, since me and Cal’s age weren’t that far apart. He was born in Febuary, I was born in December.

I got into the bathroom and tossed my dirty worn shirt into the basket, when I noticed something. Something bright red. I have seen that many times before. Tucked away under all the clothes, was Cal freshly worn underwear. I was thrilled, but was afraid at the same time. What if he know this? Guilt and desire clashed with each other. I know it’s wrong to do this to my own brother, but…

I bend down and took the red brief into my hand. My dick was raging hard against my pants. Increasing pressure gradually became uncomforting. I quickly stripped naked. My 16 cm dick (6 inches) was exposed to the air. In the end, I decided to follow my desire and took a whiff of my brother’s underwear.

A really strong smell hit my nose. I bury my face in it and take an even deeper breath. His strong musky scent and a faint smell of pee turned me on even further. My boner feels like it’s going to explode on its own at any moment. With my free hand, I gently rubbed my fully grown dick. My fingertip slightly grazed against the head of my sensitive penis and I almost cum from that. I began to slide my hand up and down, slowly. I don’t want this to end so soon.

I was fully absorbed into taking in all of Cal’s scent. I want to ingrained this into my brain. To keep it within me forever. When I got an idea. I brought Cal’s underwear down to my dick, I almost suffer from withdrawal, it was just so addicting. I wrapped his underwear around my hard penis and wiped my precum all over his underwear. Wet stains was all over the underwear. I want my scent to be mixed with his.

I sniffed it again. This time, it Sex hikaye felt way different from before. It had my scent on it and the smell of precum was stimulating. I felt the wet of my precum touched my lips, so I licked it off. It was salty and gooey, but it’s delicious. I sped up pumping my penis. I frantically moved the underwear all over my face, wanting to smell everything. Eventually I my nose hit the spot where his ass should have been, the smell was stronger than all other spot, and I didn’t need to touch myself any further. The pleasant smell was enough to make me explode on my own. So did I, my cum shot off so hard it hit the mirror in front of me. I savor the post orgasm bliss and took in the moment.

I saw my body in the mirror. I had muscles and was pretty hot myself. My abs was visible, but it wasn’t as defined as Cal’s. Come to think of it, why didn’t I fantasize reflection as Cal. We aren’t identical, but we’re somewhat alike.

I pant heavily, and so the orgasm subsides. The red underwear was still in my hand. This is the end of it, I guess. I felt a bit sad letting it go like this, but before that. I brought it up to my nose again and took one last breath. The familiar scent filled my nose again, this time, I held my breath longer than usual.

“Kai, the shampoo ran out, so I bring you a new bottle-“ Cal opened the door and caught me red handed. The shampoo bottle hit the floor with loud *thunk*. His eyes widen with shock, his mouth agape. The underwear fell down to the floor, I must’ve released it in my shock.

“This isn’t what it looks like…”

“Kai… what are you doing with my underwear?” His voice was softer than usual, like he was trying to stay calm. His frown was enough to make me lost it and pushed through him and ran to our room. I ran through the hallway, naked. When I got to my room, I got in my bed and pull a cover over me. He saw me do that… He must hate me now. I let tears seeped out through the corner of my eyes. God… Why did I do that…? I’m such an idiot…

I heard a soft foot steps outside the door and the door creaked opened. The side of my bed sink in under someone’s weight. He reached his hand over the cover and pull it down until my head was visible to him. I turned to my side, away from him. I saw a shadow of a hand coming towards my face and squeezed my eye tightly shut. I thought he was going to hit me, but he didn’t. He simply rubbed my head, the way he always do.

“Cal… I-”

“Shhh… It’s okay.”

All sound died out, only the sound of hand rubbing my hair was left.

“Are you mad at me?” I whispered.

“I’m not. I can never get mad at you, Kai. I knew you are gay, and you’re young. Hormone can get control of you sometimes.” He smiled.

“Do you think I’m a terrible brother?”

“You aren’t. Trust big brother! I would know!”

“But you are a terrible brother, you know.” I said plainly. His smile disappeared in shock and many emotions appeared in its stead. Pain, sadness and shock was visible even in this dark room. I sat up and the cover fell to my crouth. I didn’t look at his face, but I could tell his lips was trembling. I rest my head by his chest.

“You didn’t know what your little brother is thinking… You didn’t even notice I have a crush on you… Cal… I have been in love with you… For so long now…” I whispered in his chest.

“Kai. We can’t-”

I cut him off by pressing my lips on his. He resisted the kiss at first, but soon we were lost in it. Our tongue explored each other’s mouth, tasting every little corner. His hands were all over me. I only pressed his head to deepen the kiss. I was feeling so much ecstasy that I started moaning and squirming.

Our tongues fought for dominance, he won, of course. Reluctantly, I broke the kiss. I was panting badly, I need to breathe. But he didn’t let me. Cal dig his hand in my hair and pushed my head towards his, hard. He didn’t want to stop, I didn’t either. Our lips met once more. Again, we were back the way we were before, exploring each other’s mouth.

Despite the lack of air, I gave him my most unrelenting kiss. My began squeezing my ass with his free hand. The combined pleasure of my nipples rubbing against his shirt and my throbbing against him almost made me cum right there. Every time I tried to pull back, he would force me to continued the kiss. Eventually, he let me go.

“…You are unusually assertive.” I panted heavily and blushed. A mix of our saliva was dripping from the corner of my mouth, and his mouth, too. It was hot and messy.

“You started this, little bro. We should stop right here, though.” He said that, but didn’t made any move to get up. I can tell he was hard. But I know my brother, desire alone isn’t enough to make him fuck me.

“Cal… Just for a day… Can you be my boyfriend? Please?” I begged him with all I have. It was more of a pleading.

“…Just for a day, alright?”

I nodded eagerly.

Seeing that, he lunged at me and pin me down on the bed. The bed creaked under the weight of us two. Me grabbed both my hands with only one of his. He pinned my hands over my head and his other hand explore my body. He began kissing me, from the corner of my mouth. Then making his way downwards with a trail of kissed. Me nipped my neck and suck it so hard, I was sure that would leave a mark, telling the world I’m his.

All the while he’s doing it, he rubbed and pinched my nipples. An electric pleasure went through me and my dick twitched even more. Even with all the stimulation, he didn’t touch my dick even a bit. Now, he moved his face down to my nipples. At first, he just stare at it, taking it in. My pink nipples were caressed by him gently, and then was taken into his mouth. Cal covers my entire nipple with his mouth. He sucked it, licked it, bite it. The pleasure was immense. My moan filled the room along with the sucking sound.

He was like a baby sucking mother’s tits for milk. He didn’t stop, like he wanted milk to come out, while he pinched my other nipple. He finally stopped. He let go of the pinning Erotik hikaye hand and brought his face up to kiss me passionately.

I was already naked before all this begin, but he was still fully clothed, I wasn’t going to let it be that way. I reached around him, and grabbed his shirt. He didn’t resist me. I unshirted him and threw it to the corner of the room. There revealed his perfect body. That strong arm and muscles and slightly tanned skin made me stare in awe. He grinned at me.

“Do you like what you see?” He chuckled.

“Yeah… but I haven’t seen everything yet.”

I pushed him down and began to took off his shorts. He laid there and let me do all the work. When I took of his jeans, I noticed a familiar piece of cloth, my white underwear.

I grinned. “Were you wearing my underwear?”

I can tell he blushed a little, but didn’t deny it. “I just ran out of mine.”

But that doesn’t matter now, I quickly took it off and threw it away. There, was my prize. His dick sprang free. It was bigger when seen up close. The manly smell was soothing my mind and turned me on even more. His dick was longer and bigger than mine. I didn’t know it would be this impressive. If I had to guess, it would be around 8 inches.

I pressed my cheek on his shaft. The hard organ pressing against my flesh made me realized again that it really is huge. I ran my face all over it and smelling it everytime it passes through my nose.

I wrapped my finger around his dick and began jerking up and down. My hot brother was moaning now. “Kai, why don’t you taste it?”

So I did. I began by licking his precum from the opening on his head. He red head was so hard. His pre was salty and delicious. It had a certain smell to it that made me restless. I licked from top to bottom of his shaft. Coating its entirety in my saliva. Then it’s time to finally begin. I open my mouth as wide as possible and take his cock in. Inches by inches it went in. I wasn’t able to fit all of it before I gagged. I was careful not to scratched this beacutiful cock with my teeth. Saliva was leaking from my lips.

“Kai, are you allright?” He asked from between the moans. I moaned in response.

I began tasting his cock. I pushed my head down further, pushing myself to pleasure him, but I still wasn’t able to fit it all in. A single tear dropped on my brother’s thigh, wheter because of the gagging or the frustration. Sensing that I was struggling, Cal chose to help me.

He put both his hand on my head and gave a gentle rub. Before pushing down with all his strength. His cockhead reached the back of my throat. I gagged. Survival instinct kicked in as my airway was blocked by his massive cock. I tried my best to suppress that instinct and continued to suck on his cock. This might be my only chance to taste it, I have to make it worth it.

All of sudden, a warm sensation hit the back of my throat. A warm liquid was travelling down my throat, and I swallowed it. His cock was twitching frantically, as he deposited his baby-making cream down my throat. The pleasure was too much for me that my mind went blank. The load was too much. When his orgasm subside, me pulled his cock out of me and pushed me down on the bed. I was huffing heavily, my jaws hurt and excess cum dripping out of my mouth.

Not grossed out by cum, he kissed me again, this time, his tongue moved as if to collect all the semen in my mouth. When he pulled out, his mouth was already full of his cum and our saliva. I was wondering what he would do with it, when he caught my jaw and apply pressure to it, telling me to open up. So I opened my mouth in his demand. And me let the mixture of cum and saliva fall from his tongue down in my mouth. I made sure to caught and taste every last drop of it. He forced all the remaining cum out of his mouth by spitting into mine and went to my lower area.

“Can I?” I knew what he meant. He wanted permission to fuck… my ass. I have always wanted it. Since we were younger.

I nodded. He saw that and raised my legs by my ankles. My legs was spread wide into an M shape. He got down to my asshole.

“Cal… Can’t you fuck me right now? I want it so bad…” I was craving it. I felt like I would die if he didn’t gave it to me right this moment.

He chuckled. “We need more lube than your saliva.”

“? I have a lube in this room, you know. Let me get it real quick.” I tried to get up, but re raised my legs high in the air and shook his head.

“I don’t like using lube, unless it’s 100% natural.”


He assaulted mt asshole. He gently poke it with his tongue and kisses it at first. I almost died from the embarrassment. He didn’t force his way in there all of sudden, instead, he wanted me to open up to him on my own. When I got lost in the pleasure I felt something invading my asshole. Cal put two of his finger in there, wet with his saliva. But they didn’t go in deep at all. The two finger just stretched out my hole as much as possible, for his tongue to enter. Then he plunged in. With an opening, he pushed his tongue into me. The ecstasy from being broke in was great enough, now it was pleasure of his tongue tasting my insides.

He circle it around my ass, while pushing it deeper with each tasting. I felt his hot breath on my balls. And from that… I cum…

I didn’t even touched my self. Cal ignored my orgasm and pushed his tongue in me the deepest he could, and my orgasm became even harder than before. On my stomach, chest and face, was muddles of white and clear liquid. There was so much…

“This is what I’m talking about.” He gave a cheesy grin.


He took them up with his hand, took them with his mouth, guide them with his tongue, pushed them with his fingers, all towards my asshole. Deposit all the cum into my hole, this was the lubricant he was looking for. Before he claimed me for real, he took my cock into his mouth. The warm and wet sensation was too much to bear that I came again, in his mouth.

“I didn’t expect you to cum twice in a row. Such Porno hikayeleri stamina, you’re definitely my brother alright.” He laughed and spit out my cum on his dick, then rub them allover it. My body was getting hot just from thinking that he will fuck me. My heart was already racing wildly. He licked his finger until it was clean of my cum and then plunged it into my asshole, a different sensation than the soft tongue, but this prodding hard finger wasn’t bad. Then he withdrew his finger and did the unexpected. He sucked on his own finger, that was just freshly out of my ass, covered in cum.

I just died from the mental pleasure.

“You tasted so good I can’t get enough of this. But, as much as I want to keep eating it, there’s something else you want right?”

I nodded.

“I won’t do it unless you beg for it, you know.” He grinned and licked the remaining cum on my nipple.

Shaking with bliss,, I uttered. “Cal… Please fuck me. Make me yours! I want you to have my first!”

He didn’t say anything, but lined his hard dick with my hole, and push. His head pop in first, there wasn’t any pain at the moment.

He used both his arms as support when he straddles me, but now he bends his arms and let all his weight fall on me, pushing me deeper into the bed. His dick didn’t do any further in me. He comes at my mouth for a deep kiss. And after he successfully covers my mouth, with one single, powerful thrust, he pushed his dick all the way inside me. His balls slapped my ass hard. The pain in my ass from being parted forcefully was immense.

“Cal, it hurts…”


Without giving time for me to adjust to his size. He pulled out, until only his head remained inside, and thrust back in with fierce power. Then he began doing pulling out and thrusting in again, but faster and more powerful with each cycle. The bed shook violently with his thrust. My insides felt like it was going to break apart. His raw penis scraped my bare asshole with no care in the world.


“Was that too rough for you, little bro?” Despite the concern in his voice, he didn’t stop or even slow down.

“H-H-Harder…” I said with trembling voice.

He smiled and dive sown to kiss me again, with more passion than ever before, as if to make up for being rough with me. I caressed his face and hair while he slammed into me. It felt godly. This couldn’t get enough of this.

Then I felt something in me flickered. It was a faint tingling feeling at first, but in an instant, I broke out. A sensation I never felt before spread out everywhere in me, like sparks shooting through my nerve. Every fiber of my body was shaking from this stimulation.

“AHH- Ah-” I wasn’t moaning at this point, it was like screaming out in pleasure.

“So that’s your prostate.” He remarked. He stopped his thrusting for a moment, adjust our position and then, thrust hard. It went all the way inside me again, pushing against my insides with full force. His dick hit a spot in me that made me scream out again. He seems satisfied to see me like this. Without warning, my cock shot out creamy white cum all over our stomach and chest. Some of it got on Cal’s face. His face stained white with my cum was so hot. I was thinking of licking it off his face, but that wave of sparks-like sensation hit me again. Cal was ramming at that spot, harder with every thrust. I was practically digging my nails into his skin, trying to stay conscious.

At some point, his forceful slams become softer, but he quickens his pace instead. I knew what was coming and arched my ass for him. Our breaths became faster and unsteady. I felt something rises in me. A warmth was getting to my dick.

“Kai, together…”

But he was too late. I came before him. Due to that, my ass constricts around his dick. And he came, inside me. My big brother finally breeding his little brother.

I felt his dick shooting ropes and ropes of cum into my ass, painting my insides with his color. Even when my orgasm subsides, he was still cumming. The quantity was incredible, and the warmth in me was immense. It made me felt like he was trying to get me pregnant. All while shooting his load in me, he placed a hand on my stomach, where his dick would be, and rubbed it gently.

His orgasm finally came to an end. Cal collapsed on top of me. He rest his head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around him. His dick was still twitching inside me.

“This is the best sex I’ve had in my life.” I said.

“This is your first time.”

Well… That’s true, but I know this will be the most special sex I will have in life.

I smiled while thinking to myself.

“Hey, Cal… I really love you…” I closed my eyes. This fleeting dream was finally coming to an end. A dream that only last a day. Is this enough for me?

I slowly drifted off to the land of sweet dream, with my brother in my arms.

Then my nipple was sucked and bitten. I was still drowsy at that point, but a strong thrust of my brother’s dick fully woke me.


His dick was hard already!?! Or did it stay erected?!?

“Do you think I’m going to end it with just one round? And with your first time out of the way, now I can fuck you without holding back.” He gave me a sly grinned.

Before I could protest, his thrust shut me up. The protest turned into a moan instead.

After that second round ended, came the third, and fourth and so on…

My insides was filled to a brim.

I think I fell asleep in the middle of the fucking session…

Next morning, I woke up lying on my stomach, with my brother on top of me. He crushed me under the weight of his body, and with our position right now, his dick was still inside me! He must have continue to fuck me after I fell asleep and also fell asleep in the middle of fucking!

The pressure in my stomach was so great I can feel my belly bulging. The cum in me must have gotten so deep inside, too. His dick acted like a plug to prevent any cum from exiting, and only allows cums to get deeper inside me. I can’t get up since he was on top of me, looks like all I can do is wait.

I sighed, and went back to sleep. Lulled by his soft snoring. And a warmth in my stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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