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The raindrops hit the roof with a constant, comforting pattern that surrounded us. The weather outside of the car enveloped us in our own world and provided a barricade from the stormy night. It assured us that we were safe and we were alone. With my head below the height of the window, I couldn’t take in the scenery but I could envision it perfectly. The sound of the tires pulling the water from the road and throwing it against the bottom of the car was the only other thing I could hear beyond the metallic pinging of the rain drops. It was louder down here as the sound echoed off of the floor boards. I didn’t want it to stop; I didn’t want you to stop. I wish that there were no stop signs or lights, just open endless road that we could travel down forever in the never ending night rain.

The noise dulled my other senses but I could still see the rhythmic flashes of the streetlights coming through the window casting shadows of your arm onto my face. I could taste the harsh familiarity of your skin and smell your scent but this only added to the comfort. My hair was wild and hung loosely onto your legs, draped over my cheeks and my hands. Strands of light brown ran through the teeth of your unzipped jeans as my head went up and down. I could close my eyes if I wanted, I could still see the flashes of light and hear the rain around me so it wouldn’t change anything.

With the back of my hand I could feel your stomach, tensed hard like the rest of your body. You fought to maintain control and lose it at the same time, surrendering yourself to the pleasure. I couldn’t see your face from where I was but I’m sure that it was blank and focused on the road ahead, ignoring the wipers as they swung back and forth clearing away the rain. Both of your hands tightened around the steering wheel doing everything they could to keep the car on the dimly lit road to prolong this moment forever.

The bumps in the road forced you deeper sometimes, unexpectedly interrupting my pattern of up’s and down’s. The heavy air of the rainstorm crept into the car and added its moisture, helping my lips slide smoothly along you without resistance and mixing with our sweat. My shirt clung to my skin and the heat from our bodies along with the moisture of the air and created a thin layer of fog on the windows further encapsulating us.

Time seemed endless and we were so free. The changing of your breathing was the only thing that gave any indication that we were not simply stuck in time. Gradually, and I think unconsciously, your breaths grew deeper and more harsh as the sensation increased. Your body tensed even more and it grew warmer and more foggy inside the car but none of these things mattered to us. I thought that you were already as stiff as you could be but somehow you grew bigger forcing me to stretch my lips around you.

I was completely focused, there was nothing else in the world but pleasure. Passion seized me and I longed for my reward; the final victory that paid homage to my efforts. Even beyond that, we shared our lust and let it flow between us. I could feel when you were satisfied and it flowed down through your body and into mine. We were a team collecting desire from the world around us.

I wrapped my tongue around you and pulled you deep inside of me, over and over again. I licked you in all of the right places and caressed you with my my hands, overloading your senses until they couldn’t take it anymore. Your breathing stopped being a simple exhalation of air and turned into a primal expression of your happiness, a sound that encouraged me to continue.

For a moment, you took a hand off the wheel and ran it through my hair, pulling it lightly as you took it away again. Apart from this and the occasional increase of speed, you maintained yourself, devoting your entire awareness to taking in the sensations and keeping us on the road.

I began to go faster, and deeper, abandoning all restraint. Everything seemed to be wet. My own spit coated my fingers as I ran them across your skin where I knew you liked it. I occasionally pulled my head all the way to the top so that just the tip remained in my warm mouth, popping my lips around the head as it plunged back inside.

You stiffened even more and my mind went numb, it was sensory overload for both of us. It built and it built Samsun Escort until we couldn’t hold it any longer. I kept going, taking you deep into my mouth; into my throat. My tongue glided along the bottom, flickering in sync with your pulsing. You moaned loudly and the car slowed down as your body was paralyzed. The dark and the rain faded away and there was only us floating helplessly and blissfully. I felt it beginning as the pulsing increased. I clamped my lips down and forced your shaft further into me and felt the first explosion deep in the back of my throat. I took you in and out as you sprayed into my mouth, filling me with the fruits of our passion. I kept my lips tightly sealed around you, not letting any escape apart from what slid down my throat. Milking you with my hand until every last drop had made its way out of you and into me. Only then did I release you. I sealed my lips and splashed my tongue around my mouth, savoring your present to me before swallowing it down. I licked what was left off your now overly sensitive tip and then tucked it away back its chamber to rest. A soldier who had pushed himself to the limits and was now entirely exhausted from the fight.

I buttoned your button and refastened your belt before returning to my side of the car. You were slowly returning to consciousness, your state of being switching rapidly from ecstasy to relief. You could again drive comfortably with one hand, and so you placed the other beneath my chin and guided my disheveled self towards your face so you could give me a quick kiss. This meant “Thank you, I love you” and I kissed you back with your salty taste still on my tongue and this said “You’re welcome, I love you too.”

I sat back in my seat and relaxed for a moment, assessing my life and what I’d missed while I was gone. The windows were now so dense with fog that we could scarcely see anything. You rolled them down one at a time clearing them off and letting in a flood of cool air that evacuated the warm, sex-filled air that we’d been enjoying. The cool night air made my skin prickle and the stray raindrops that made their way through were cool and refreshing as they hit me. You radiated a sense of satisfaction and I was proud to have made you happy. As my mind steadied itself, I became quickly aware of my own arousal. As I shifted back into my seat I could feel the dampness that had spread between my legs. Dampness, was perhaps an understatement as I had soaked through both my underwear and my shorts. Reaching beneath my I could feel the wetness with my fingers from two layers away. I tingled with anticipation and desire.

I fixed my hair in the mirror and realized that there had been music playing in the background the entire time. It was beautiful and free but was nothing compared to the sound of the rain and the splashing that I’d been enjoying. You had a smiled fixed upon your face that matched the one in my reflection. We were eighteen and in love. We were taking on the world and we were winning.

The rain faded out and the skies cleared revealing some stars as we drove back towards town. I nestled my head against you as you wrapped your arm around me. This was happiness.

As we pulled into my driveway, I sat back up and looked in the windows for any sign of my parents. We got out of the car and I ran over to you with my shoes in my hands, my bare feet splashing through the slippery mud. I wrapped my arms around your neck and looked in your eyes to see if they were beautiful as I remembered. We kissed slowly and deliberately for a few minutes and then a light flicked on in the kitchen. I gave you one last kiss and you got back into the car. I took a moment and looked up at the sky, picking out the stars one by one. I walked along the side of the driveway up to the porch so my feet would be clean and quietly slipped inside.

My father was heading back from the kitchen with a bowl of freshly made popcorn which was probably just an excuse to check on me when he heard the car arrive. My mother was in the living room waiting for him so they could continue the movie. I said hello and told them lies about what I’d been doing all night. They told me they were glad I had fun, but I doubt that would be true if they knew what I’d been doing. I said good night and backed out of the room, careful Samsun Escort Bayan to keep my shoes in the way so that the wet patch between my legs wouldn’t be seen if it was still there. It felt like it was still there.

I climbed the stairs quickly and headed straight to my bedroom, shutting the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror, apart from the light stain of my shorts I didn’t look like I’d been doing anything bad. I have a cute smile and a young face surrounded by long light brown hair. People assume I’m as innocent as I looked.

I pull my shirt off over my head. The air is still humid and heavy. Looking in the mirror, I unclip my bra from behind my back and let it fall to the floor unceremoniously. My breasts enjoy the freedom. They are firm and fit nicely into my cupped hands. I’m still a little excited and it shows.

I hook my thumbs into the edge of my pants and slide them down my long legs and step easily out of them when they reach the floor. I’m wearing plain blue panties and you can clearly see the darker shade that my dampness has caused contrasting with the lighter shade of their original color. I pull them down a few inches so that they below my butt and let them fall onto the floor. I pick them up and gaze at them, impressed with myself. They have my distinct smell to them and I breathe it in, learning my scent.

I twirl around a few times, letting the air flow over my body and causing my hair to swing out around me elegantly. Below my head, there is no hair on my body. The lights are still on and my windows have no curtains but I have no fear of anyone seeing me. To that side of the house there are only trees. Sometimes I imagine someone climbing one of the trees so that they can look into my window and watch me twirl naked in my room. I wouldn’t mind, if they climbed that high they would deserve it I think. I’d be happy that I was worth looking at so much so that they would climb to great heights just to see me.

I open my window a crack and let the cool air come to visit. My right nipple presses against the glass as I pull the window upwards and the chill shocks me but I like it. I lay on my bed, over top of the blankets and feel as though I am sinking into the softness. I think back upon my night and how you felt in my mouth and how you tasted. I feel myself quickly becoming excited again. I wrap my fingers around one of my breasts and let my nipple slide between two of them as I massage it back and forth. I think about how tensed and your body pulsed into me and how my hair fell over everything.

My excitement continued where it left off and I could feel my own juices as they ran down between my cheeks and onto the bed beneath me. I could still smell you on my hands. I brought my other hand to my mouth and inhaled your scent. I’d been grabbing you and exploring you with my fingers and the scent lingered. I took two of my fingers into my mouth and twirled my tongue around them, like I did with you so recently. I sucked on them and pushed them far into my mouth.

I took all of the flavor from my fingers, coating them in my saliva. While they were still wet I danced them around my nipple, letting the night air come in and chill the wet skin. Both of them were perky now, showing off my arousal despite me. I put my fingers back in my mouth and then used them to draw a line down my stomach, lower and lower until I reached the smooth patch of soft skin that I was searching for. My precious mound. I went further until I felt the smooth lips that were waiting eagerly to be pried apart by something, anything. I used two fingers to spread them apart and a third to explore. Grazing my clit softly as I made my way even further down. I pulled my legs up and spread myself wide so that I could get better access. So wet. I slipped two fingers inside myself. Normally, I might start with one and work my way up but tonight there was no need, I was soaked and very ready for more. My fingers slid easily in and out, slowly and softly for now. My other hand clutched my breast, still fondling my erect nipple. I arched my back and leaned my head back and forced my fingers in deeper. I was longing for this. I needed it now.

I had just been using my two middle fingers but now it was time for my index finger to join as well. This Escort Samsun would normally be my limit. Tonight my fingers pushed against the edges but I gave in easily and three fingers were perfect. I went a little bit faster, still impressed by how much I wanted this. It was similar to the way you wanted me earlier. I knew this feeling, that’s why I enjoy it so much when I can make you long for me the way I long for this now. I removed my fingers and studied them briefly, they were soaked. I stuck all three of them into my mouth and sucked the juices from them as my tongue swirled between them. My taste was a perfect blend of sweetness and a hint of bitter rebellion. It turned me on tasting myself and I wondered if I’d like the taste of another girl as much.

I press my palm against my clit as I move my fingers in and out, rubbing against it as I moved. It’s so sensitive I can hardly stand it. I can’t always make myself orgasm but tonight it won’t be an issue. Instead I get myself close and then slow my pace to tease myself. The desire is ecstatic but I need release soon. In a way I was happy to be alone, if I were with another person there is no telling what I might do.

While still fingering myself, I slide my other hand down my body reaching around my leg and cup my cheek in my hand. I squeeze it and massage for a few minutes wishing someone else were doing it for me. As I’m doing this, my fingertips find the nearby valley that has been overflowed with my sweet nectar as it made its way down to the bed below. Without thinking about it and instead letting my urges take over, I found my small forbidden hole and let the tip of my finger glide easily inside.

There was little resistance because of the borrowed lubrication. The feeling shocked me at first. I’d never done something like this before but I liked it at the same time. I continued fingering with my other hand and let this finger go a little further, slowly easing it in. As my first knuckle entered, the rim engulfed it and made for an enjoyable sensation. I pushed further until the second knuckle was in as well. Once my entire finger was in, I left it for a moment and studied the feeling. With my other hand I could feel that there was a slight interference and it made everything feel tighter.

I pulled my finger out slowly, savoring the feeling. I thought perhaps it would be a one time thing but as soon as it was out I wanted it back inside of me. I made sure to lubricate my finger again and then abruptly slid it back inside, moving it faster this time. I moved it in and out gently as I fingered myself harder with the other hand. I felt as though I was about to explode. I pulled my single finger out again and brought it to my face, inspecting it as if I expected it to be damaged by the ordeal. It looked no different apart from being wet but it had an earthy scent to it. I brought it closer and smelled it, filled with curiosity and propelled by arousal. It smelled sweet and earthy and not at all bad. I stuck it into my mouth. It tasted similar to what my other hand had been like before. I coated it with my saliva and then popped my middle finger into my mouth alongside it. I reached back down, this time knowing exactly where I was aiming for and found my small hole waiting for attention. I returned my original finger partially inside and then attempted to force my middle finger in beside it. There was a decent amount of resistance but I managed to get them both together. I felt so full now but I enjoyed it. I gently put the two fingers in and deeper and then pulled them back out and repeated the process.

It was too much for me. Three fingers sliding quickly in and out of me while two more probed me in a new and exciting way in a more gentle way. My body tensed and I let my head fall backwards onto the bed as I gave myself to the the impending climax. My body pulsed as waves of passion ran through me and it reminded me of how you pulsed when you filled my mouth up earlier. I shook and tensed around my fingers as I soaked them even more losing the ability to think about anything at all.

It felt indefinite but in reality only a few moments had passed. I came down from my high and my body grew weak and relieved and floated lightly on the bed. I let my fingers slide out of me at they wanted and lay unmoving with my eyes half open taking in the light on the ceiling. As my temperature lowered the breeze chilled my wet spots, which was most of body at this point. I grabbed the blanket beside me and rolled creating a cocoon around my naked body and let the relaxation flow through me and send me off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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