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This story and the first chapter of it are true stories. My wife is one of the characters (all names changed) and I always wondered what went on at these retreats and in particular why the husbands were actively discouraged from going. I had some suspicions based around the catch phrases of “big hugs and sweet kisses” which I heard from a couple of my wife’s friends. I got the truth by setting up spyware cameras when I volunteered to hire the next venue and saw it all for myself. When I confronted my wife I confessed that I was not really upset and in fact a little turned on by it all. She was very relieved but not sure how she would handle it from there. I await to see if there just may be another chapter…..

Malee slept very soundly after her exertions with her new friends and was woken by Tip, gently shaking her and advising her to get dressed quickly as the morning ceremonies were about to start. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was 4.45am and the blessing ceremony was due to start at 5am. She quickly rose and dressed into her new underwear presented to her the night before and she dressed as she had yesterday in her pure white blouse and see through chiffon skirt although, as she went to protect her modesty with a petticoat, Tip intervened and said that it was not necessary as there were no secrets among friends. While she was conscious that her chiffon skirt was very thin she also noticed that the other ladies were showing their shapely bodies through their see through outfits so there was no point in making a fuss.

Tip said that after their own meditation they would begin to prepare her for the blessing from Luangpoh while he completed his personal meditation and that she should just follow Tip’s instructions at that point. The key point being that she should try and retain her relaxed state at all times, ask no questions and be silent and trust her friends to help her through the blessing ceremony.

At 5am exactly they moved through to the lounge of the farmhouse to find Luangpoh already seated on his raised platform in meditation mode sitting in the lotus bursa yabancı escort position with his eyes closed. The ladies dropped to their knees below him and gathered in a line at his feet and bowed deeply three times.

Luangpoh immediately went into the morning chanting ritual that they had prctised all their lives. Malee was immediately at ease with the familiar, melodic chanting and she began to relax and enjoy the feeling of tranquillity that flowed into her body as she lost herself in her faith. The chanting lasted about 40 minutes and when it ended Luangpoh announced that he would do one hour of meditation before the blessing and that the ladies should join him for at least the first 20 minutes of this. So they all assumed the lotus position below Luangpoh’s platform and closed their eyes.

Malee’s meditation technique was undertake deep breathing exercises to relax herself and to expel all thoughts from her mind. She was soon in a deep trance – a world of peace and tranquillity.

She was awoken from her meditation by Tip who shook her shoulders ever so gently and whispered that it was time to prepare for the blessing and indicated that she should lie down on her back on the mat immediately below Luangpoh. Malee obeyed as this was obviously part of the blessing ceremony. Remembering the instruction to relax she lay back and found herself looking straight up at Luangpoh, deep in a meditation trance above her with his eyes closed.

As if to help Malee relax, Tip moved to her feet and began a gentle foot massage while Pranee moved to her head and started a very relaxing scalp massage. Their ministrations were certainly working and Malee closed her eyes and quickly lapsed back into her relaxed, trance-like state.

She lost track of time but started to become aware that the focus of the massaging had changed and that Tip’s hands had left her feet and worked their way up her legs under her skirt while Pranee’s massage was certainly no longer just focussed on her scalp having moved down to her shoulders and flitting across her breasts. bursa sınırsız escort She opened her eyes and was a little startled to see Pawanee kneeling beside her, totally naked, her breasts standing out proudly on her gorgeous body. Pawanee, on seeing her eyes opening immediately put her fingers to her lips to indicate silence as she pointed upwards where Luangpoh was still in deep meditation above her.

At this point she realised that both Tip and Pranee had ceased their massage, shed their own clothes and were now gently tugging at her clothes – Tip hooking her fingers into the waistband of Malee’s chiffon skirt and gently pulling the skirt off, bringing the skimpy thong with her at the same time and Pranee easing her blouse up over her head. As her blouse was raised over her head, Pawanee reached over and undid the front clip of her bra and whipped the article away leaving her lying there lying naked on the mat – feeling very exposed. A startled look at Luangpoh showed no change – he was obviously in a deep trance with his eyes closed and his face reflecting the tranquillity of his meditation.

Very quickly she felt the hands all over her again – gentle hands just skimming across her very sensitive skin sending electric currents through her body and she immediately felt a moistening of her pussy. She felt hands, Pawanee’s she thought, gently run up and down her slit, gathering the moisture with ease as her juices really started to flow. Pawanee’s hands moved and were replaced by Tip’s fingers which started to stroke with a bit more urgency.

Pawanee in the meantime brought her fingers to Malee’s lips and gently inserted them into her mouth so she could taste her own sweet juices coating Pranee’s fingers before moving over her and replacing her fingers with her tongue which probed, gently at first but then with more insistence, exploring, swirling and playing tag with Malee’s own tongue.

Malee then realised that Pranee must have moved when she felt a tongue flicking across her very sensitive and very erect nipples. Each stroke sent görükle escort currents coursing through her body to her very core and this started to focus her attention down to her clit which was now subject to the delicate ministrations of Tip’s experienced and well practised tongue, caressing, stroking her pussy from top to bottom before again zeroing in on her clit, swirling around it’s delicate head and bringing Malee’s to a new high.

All this attention was very quickly bringing Malee to a peak. She was no longer in a meditation trance but she was equally unaware of anything that was going on around her in her blissful state. She briefly wondered if this was the Nirvana she had been promised in all her learnings but these thoughts were quickly dispelled as she felt Tip’s fingers enter her pussy and with her tongue glued to her clit and Pranee and Pawanee now both mounting a concentrated assault on each of her breasts, she began to tremble and lose control of her body as her climax started to well uncontrollably inside her.

She had never experienced such intense feelings before as she lost herself in their intensity and she did not notice that her friends drew back away from her as her limbs writhed uncontrollably on the mat in her mind blowing climax and she seemed to momentarily lose consciousness for aome time.

The next feelings she experienced were her friends’ hands returning to her breasts and her pussy as they gently rolled their hands across her body, massaging all her tender areas from her breasts down to her pussy. She did not know what they were massaging into her but the fingers around her pussy seemed to be gathering the moisture lying in pools on her stomach and scooping it into her tight pussy. All three then put their tongues to work again and were quickly working her back to a peak as their tongues caressed and explored and licked the moisture from her body. She just laid back in a blissful state enjoying the feelings the tongues were giving her and when she felt a tongue probing into her pussy, cleaning and licking she once again lost control and rose to a shuddering climax and lapsed into a completely relaxed state and heard Tip whisper in her ear that she was now successfully blessed and part of the disciple team.

Malee was past questioning but her eyelids did flutter open briefly to look up and register that Luangpoh’s platform was now empty and he was nowhere to be seen!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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