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With sun shining through the trees, dappling the trail, it was an amazing afternoon for a run. It was fairly warm, but the breeze against my bare skin offered a little relief. I had to pee, and I’d gotten back to their house, but there was no way I was going to make it inside to a bathroom…so I pulled it out, behind the garage.

When I leaned back, my head fell back in relief, as the stream hissed, hitting the ground. It seemed to last forever, forming a puddle at my feet.

I was unaware that I had a sexy voyeur, but I guess Tara had come around the corner with a trowel, in hand. When I caught her, she was drawing in a deep breath and mesmerized, yearning to hold it in her hand…yearning to feel that powerful stream shoot from the tip…yearning to feel that golden warmth flow over her skin.

Ever since our first encounter, it took her breath away, but at that moment she could almost feel it stretching and molding her insides. She lusted to have it pumping deep…and teasing her cervix. She wanted to bring it that ultimate pleasure…she wanted it to explode, with a thick, hot…creamy…load.

With Tara, it wasn’t just lust; it was a need…a hunger she couldn’t resist. She came up behind me and reached around to hold it. The flow had slowed to a trickle, and I was about to shake, when I felt her put both hands over my hand, “You know I love to help you pee.”

I had no problem there…she could help me take a piss anytime, but I remember it startled me a little when she jumped around to face me.

She looked into my eyes, “Here, let me get that for you,” and leaned down to finish the job, draining me of the last drops.

Feeling the breeze flow over my cock, and now Tara’s lips, had me growing, thicker…longer…and harder. Gently stroking the shaft, it was heavy and throbbing in her hand. Despite all our history together, she was still enthralled by its growth…and heft. She looked up with a big grin, licking her lips, “I can take care of that swelling, too.”

She tightened her grip and increased the pace of her strokes. It responded with drops of precum, which she anxiously licked from the tip, only fueling her lust for more.

She wrapped her lips around the swollen head and worked them down over the shaft. Working her mouth up and down over my cock, she had me moaning, “Oh fuck…fuck…fuck Tara! Suck me…suck it…suck that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh fuckkkkkkk!”

Urging me to pump my hips with both hands, my baby girl wanted me to fuck her mouth. I responded with a pleasured grunt and grabbed the back of her head, thrusting forward. Her lips caressed the thick shaft and her throat taunted head.

I went easy at first, gradually ramping up to full-on face-fucking. My fingers dug into her thick hair, and I pumped deep, right up to the gag reflex. Tara loved to satisfy her man’s cock, and treasured the thick pleasure, stretching her lips. I felt pleasured moans travel through my hard flesh; they got more and more intense…and even her eyes rolled back.

Drunk with desire, I pumped my hips in a steady, satisfying rhythm, groaning and grunting with each thrust. It seemed like it was a long time in coming, but she was enjoying precum and I knew I was getting closer.

I could feel it in my balls, when the release started building. The orgasm was intense, and I exploded, covering her tongue with a thick, satisfying reward. From the run and now an orgasm, I was completely spent. I pulled the sated cock from her mouth, and she looked up, licking her lips and swallowing.

“Now that I got your attention, and your feeling satisfied,” she got a big sexy grin, “Sweetie, will you sit for me, again? I want to do some more sketches.”

I pulled up my shorts, laughing, “Well, taking a guy’s load is definitely going to get his attention, but you know I’ll always sit for you…sweetie, you know that.”

She giggled, “I want to draw more of you, and not just the special features…you know?”

I teased, “You mean you want me naked?”

She grinned, “I always want you naked, but yes, I wanna do nudes.”

I laughed, “I know your type…you just wanna get a guy naked and take advantage of him.”

“Oh stop, I’m being serious.”

I finally gave in and stopped teasing, “Yeah, that’s no problem…I’d like that. Let me know when, and uhhhh…I’ll get naked.”

“Your nude may get a spot over the mantle. Maybe my sister won’t have to use the bathroom so often. I swear she uses the penis sketches, hanging in there, for spank bank fantasies.” She giggled, “She still claims you’re the top contender for her first affair…and maybe even her second husband.”

“I think she’s gonna need to get past you, Tina, and Bryan, for that to happen! I feel like I’m taken, already.”

She grinned, “You’re damn right you’re taken! Let’s go inside and look at our calendars.” We found some time on Friday, of the next week…


When Porno I got there, she had a beer waiting next to the stool, where she wanted me sitting; she even had a robe for me…which was laughable, but she wanted me to feel like a real model. I passed on the robe and just dropped my clothes on the couch.

She wanted to see my eyes, so I tried to focus on her face. She has beautiful blue eyes, but it was hard to keep my gaze from wandering lower; her D cups were barely contained in the skimpy little bra and tank top. Let’s just say it was a tight, revealing, and her belly button was showing.

Just sitting there is hard, when your only option is to stare at a hot, artist that was all eye-candy…you know? Anyway, my eyes eventually wandered lower…the curve of her hips was prominent in the jeans she had on. Tight and rounded, her ass was perfect for her frame; it was smokin’ hot in shorts…jeans…panties…or nothing at all.

She took quite a few photos that she could work from later; I razzed her about the cock shots, but that was a given, of course.

She was working away with her pencil, looking back and forth, till she saw my eyes wandering. I know she saw the fiery…and growing passion…yeah, things were starting to grow (I don’t know how models do it). Tara tried to maintain her composure and went back to focus on the sketch pad.

I think she started talking to slow things down, but it didn’t really go in the right direction, “My sister and her husband are coming over for drinks tomorrow night; she’ll have to check everything out.” She giggled and reminded, “Like I said, she’s still holding out for you…I think she’s a little jealous…or maybe…envious would be more accurate. She’s all talk, but she has mentioned guys love to do it with sisters.”

“Men just love to do it…period…but doing it with sisters is pretty fucking hot. Tell your sister I’m willing to take on the challenge.”

“Stop…horn dog.”

We went on to talk about hooking up for the first time, under the birches, and she lit up, “Oh, it has to be included…that freckle is key! Just turn slightly…yeah, that’s it…I can see it with that pose!”

Nearly full-on erect, and grinning, I had other things in mind, “You know I can’t help it…you’re way too sexy; there’s no way I’m going to keep it soft.”

“Thank you for that, but you know I love to draw hard ones,” she smiled. Once she finished a flurry of sketching, she looked back and her eyes widened, smirking, “I’m really glad I took those shots, now…there gonna help me finish things later.”

“Well, you could just go ahead and get naked, now; I’m already hard…go ahead and take off that shirt.”

Her breathing quickened and she was clearly flustered, “Rob, let me put a little more time in.” Then she grinned, “Then this hot, sexy artist is gonna take it all off…and explore her hunky model.”

After a few more minutes of quick sketching, she put the pencil down and slipped the tank over her head. I watched her squeeze both breasts and tweak her nips, before unhooking the bra. She smiled, “This should keep you occupied; you can stare at these, but just give me a few more minutes, sweetie.” Her beautiful skin glowed and her breasts were D cup, smokin’ hot.

Unwavering in my attentive gaze, I started stroking, but kept my body in the pose. I used both hands to pump my dick, while she struggled to hold the pencil, “Rob, you’re not helping.”

I grinned, “I know, but I can’t hardly resist,” fucking through both fists, while she watched and sketched.

I knew she had given up, when she ran the pencil through her lips and grinned, “I think I need a closer look at that tool…wanna get it perfect.” “It’s such a beautiful expression of masculinity…and I’ve always loved cocks,” she smiled.

“I know…definitely know that.” I laughed, “Bryan and I both know that.” I continued jacking it, “There are just a handful of people that know this cock as well as I do…and you’re one of them.

She giggled, “You got me there…I guess I do!” “God, I remember the first time I held it…or when I felt it between my lips…or the first time it pushed inside me. It stretched me and hurt a little, but you were so gentle.”

“Mmmm, I wanna push my pussy down over it, right now…wanna ride it till I’m raw, and totally spent.”

She stood next to me, and my dick was rock-hard, and arching upward…yearning for her attention. I leaned over and pressed my lips to hers, “Baby girl, you’re so fucking hot!” When our lips met, the chemistry was just as intense as in that birch grove…the very first time.

Lost in the passion, I drove my tongue deep, while her hand gripped my cock and pumped. It throbbed within her grasp, and she dropped to her knees to work the head with her tongue. I watched her slowly run her tongue and mouth up and down over the shaft.

It wasn’t long before she wrapped her lips tight around the shaft, anxiously pushing it deeper. Altyazılı Porno I grabbed her breast and squeezed, the erect nipple yielding against my palm. When I pinched it, she moaned into the hard flesh, buried in her mouth.

I rewarded myself with more nipple, tracing with my fingertips, the erect tip and then the areola.

As she pumped it through her lips, bobbing deeper, I hissed, “Yessss…oh god…yessss…yessss! Get it all…uhhhh…uhhhh…get it all in your mouth…be greedy.”

She got about three quarters of it, when she felt my hand on the back of her head, pushing…and taxing her limits. “Ohhhh fuck, yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s good,” I moaned and bucked my hips.

I felt more of her moans rumble through my hard flesh, and teased her, “Yeah, suck it…suck it like an artist…explore it with your lips…yeah…yeah…yeah, explore with your tongue.” I grinned, “Mmmm…explore every detail of that masculine expression…research…yeah research it!”

She pumped her head forward and swallowed as much as she could, till it hit her throat again. While she worshipped it, I gently pushed her hair back, to keep it out of her face…I wanted to see those beautiful blue eyes.

She wrapped her feminine hands around the base and pumped, while nursing the swollen plum-shaped head. Her attentive caress of the glistening shaft sent pleasure through my whole body. “Oh god…Ta…Tara…fuck…fuck…that’s good…work that cock…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeahhhhhhhhh!”

She pulled off, and looked into my eyes, “You ready to make love to a young, sexy artist?” Before I answered, she bounced it over her lips, “He looks ready…he looks ready for a young, sexy artist.”

While she shifted her gaze to admire the prize in her hands, I said, “Baby girl, jump up there, on the couch…and I’ll show’ya how ready I am.”

She anxiously moved a cushion aside, leaned over the back, and pushed her ass up in the air. I pushed my hand between her legs to find her damp with arousal.

Rubbing the tiny slit through the panties, I focused on the swollen bud, and she moaned. “Ohhhh…ohhhh Rob…that’s…that’s it!” Looking back with big sexy grin, “I think I need to fully experience it, before I draw it…I need to do a lot of research…mmmm, tons…and tons of research.”

I pulled her panties back, running my hand over the smooth, suppleness of her ass. She squealed, when I slapped it, grabbing a handful and digging my fingers into the soft milky-white, flesh. Then I went for her clit, forcing her moist panties aside. “Now, that needs the research…that spot, right there.”

I pushed the head against her lips, and worked up and down, spreading the juices and teasing her clit. She turned to look back, “You need to fuck me, Rob…fuck your sexy, baby girl!”

A request one could hardly ignore, I grabbed her waist and pushed the bulbous tip through her pussy lips. She squealed, “Oh god…oh god yessssss,” as her pussy stretched for the crown. That feeling of being stuffed full was exactly what Tara needed, but we both savored those first few inches.

I gently pumped deeper, till it was all in, and we strained to lock lips again. Despite the intense lust, coursing through me, we kissed, and I just held my dick deep inside, pulsing against her tight grip.

She mumbled, “God…god you’re…you’re thick…mmmm…so fucking big…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah, I’m full…so full.”

With my body pressing against hers, I felt her tremble, while all that cock throbbed inside her, stirring her senses. “Fuck, you’re so…so tight…uhhhh…uhhhh…your pussy’s tailor made for this cock.”

Several times, I pulled my hips back and gently pushed the entire shaft back inside. Slowly we got into a satisfying rhythm, and her endless moans filled the room.

When I started driving it harder, I cut loose, wildly slamming her with powerful thrusts; her whole body rocked forward, into the soft cushions…she was practically bouncing against the back of the couch. I thrust deep, with her arousal slathering the hard flesh, and making the wet slurps of flesh-slapping-flesh.

“Yeah, fuck me hard…love it…love it hard…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me!”

Hearing the pleasured moans, I knew her eyes were rolled back, savoring each and every deep, penetrating thrust. I reached under, filling my hand with a breast; it was solid to touch, and her nipple pressed into my hand.

Just getting home from work, Bryan walked in, “Yeah, that’s what I need…a hot wife and a hot co-husband…goin’ at it!”

Tara looked over, “Come join us, honey…I was just sketching Rob and doing some important research…you know how it is?”

“Oh, I know how it is…let me watch a bit…I need to do some research, too.”

She looked back and our eyes met; I leaned down for a long, passionate kiss. He watched my hands caressing her sexy, feminine curves and the long, lingering kiss. Then he pulled Brazzers his cock out and kicked his pants and underwear aside; he immediately started wanking his dick and watching me fuck our shared wife.

I started back in, pumping hard again, while he watched the swollen shaft disappear deep inside her, over and over. He kissed her forehead, and grinned, “Tonight you’re ours, but I think your sketching for the night is done.”

I smiled at him, “Yeah, baby girl…no more sketching, tonight…it’s all research now…uhhhh…uhhhh…you got two fuckin’ horny guys to research…research all night long.”

I knew she was crossing over into that place, where lust overwhelms everything…we all were. She could only moan erratically, “Ohhhh…ohhhh, god…yeah…yeah…yeah, I’m all…all yours…want both…ahhhh…ahhhh…god, I want both…my…my guys! Fuck me…fuck me…take me…take me!”

Teasing her with my fingertips, I circled her clit and flicked gently. Pleasure started to spread through her body, and she moaned louder, as the intensity started to build. Fucking hard and rubbing hard, I didn’t let up till she was screaming with ecstasy. Doing her best to be bred, and filled with hot, fertile seed, I felt her pussy shudder around my cock. I’ll really never know, how I kept it together and kept from exploding.

As orgasm subsided, she was breathing hard and melting over the couch, almost collapsing. I pulled out and jacked frantically; each satisfying stroke had me grunting like a crazed animal and moving ever closer to release. Finally, I threw my head back, groaning, till it took me. I exploded, with cum showering her beautiful creamy skin. When I finished, a strand slowly dripped from the tip to land on her ass.

Overwhelmed by the awesome sight, Bryan’s eyes grazed her sexy, sated body. With his hard cock in hand, he leaned in to savor the hot, glistening pearls from her back. They looked thick and tasty, and I’m sure they felt warm on his tongue. He leaned down to share his mouthful, with her, in a long, lingering kiss.

Despite being hard-fucked and painted with seed, I could tell she was still horny. She scooped a pool from her skin and licked it from her fingers, savoring it on her tongue. I don’t think they let a single, precious drop go to waste. After swallowing, and not missing a beat, she looked up, grinning, “Can I offer anyone a beer?”

“But after that, I definitely need a shower, and I may need some assistance with more research in the shower.”

“Tara, you sit, and I’ll get the beers,” I tossed her my t-shirt, “wipe it off with this.”

Bryan was distracted, and drooling over her sketches, “Damn, that’s sweet…anyone ever tell you that you got a nice fuckin’ dick?” He smiled, “Wouldn’t mind getting some, from either end…or both.”

Going flaccid, but still showing some spongy arousal, I wrapped my fist around the flared head and stroked the shaft, smiling, “Dude, I think we can arrange for that…we got all night.”

Knowing he was mine to use…and I was going to fuck the hell out him, I turned, grinning, “Let me get those beers and we can discuss all that research.” As I walked to the kitchen, I knew he’d love every second…and so would I…


The next morning, Tara had to run into the office, and then the grocery store…just running a few errands. Hardly unexpected, but leaving us unattended, like that, was an invitation for things to happen.

We did get things all staged the staining project, and even got the first coat on both sides of the fence, but then we went in to grab a beer…and one thing just lead to another…you know how it goes?

With my heavy, hanging balls brushing his firm, bubbled cheeks, I felt him relax as I pumped my dick up through his crack, raising his legs to my shoulders. I admired his handsome, muscled ass, knowing what was in store; the velvety, tightness gave you the same pleasures as pussy…a nice, tight pussy.

He was jacking his cock, while I teased him up to the point he was begging, “Mmmm, Rob…Rob, put it in me…oh god, I want it…want…it…inside me.”

He wasn’t leaking yet, but I knew it wouldn’t be long; I loved watching him drip, and in this position, I could watch it coat his stomach.

I lubed myself and then his ass, centering my dick on the tight-muscled ring. I pushed inside, watching his dick throb in his hand. He writhed with pleasure, as I gradually worked it deeper. Once it was all in, I started rolling my hips, gently fucking him, and savoring his pleasured moans.

The way he gripped and moaned, was almost like a rerun of the treasured moment, when I took him the first time. It felt amazing…absolutely incredible…every inch of my body hummed with that same electricity.

When he begged for more, I remember thinking that maybe I couldn’t hold off for the precum. I kept fucking, grinding deep and watching his muscled chest rise and fall with each breath.

I was content to fuck him on his back, but he grinned, “Let’s switch.”

A bit confused, I was horny as fuck, more than ready to spread my legs, but then he finished, “I wanna ride you…let me ride that dick…wanna ride that big dick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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