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Lucy was down on her hands and knees getting royally fucked doggy style by her boyfriend, Steve. Doggy style was Lucy’s favorite position and she let Steve know it too.

“Harder… faster… deeper… I’m about to cum!” she exclaimed.

Steve plunged deeper, harder and faster into her slippery tight 27 year old pussy, as he watched her womanly juices squirting out of her vagina…

“Fuck… I’m gonna shoot my load inside of you,” he warned before collapsing onto Lucy’s back. He felt exhausted at the “workout” he just engaged in.

Steve had to hurry up and go to a meeting downtown. He was the 53 year old head of one of the most prestigious law firms in Manhattan and he was fucking his junior partner, Lucy. Lucy made junior partner because she stood up to Steve when they discussed their clients’ cases.

Lucy always was attracted to older men but sometimes they shied away from her because she was so bold and brazen about getting laid… a lot. She had an insatiable appetite and sought out an older lover because of the life experience maltepe escort and sexual know how of older men.

“Is that all?” she asked him, “I’m still raring to go,” she continued.

“Sorry Lucy, maybe we can prolong the lovemaking another time,” Steve countered as he got dressed then left their Upper East Side penthouse apartment. He had to get a move on it or the meeting was going to stat without him.

Lucy’s body was just aching for more sex, she could feel a slight tingling in her womb a sure sign she was still horny.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna get properly laid!” she reasoned to herself as she got dressed and used her Uber app to catch a ride to Times Square.

Once she arrived at Times Square she went into the first bar she saw, not even realizing it was a biker bar until the bartender asked her if she was lost.

“I’m looking for some action,” she bluntly told him.

“You’ll get plenty of that here,” he said as he motioned her to go into the back of the bar, pendik escort where the action was.

Once she went into the back of the bar she was grabbed by the waist and thrown down hard onto a mattress on the floor by big burly hands.

“Welcome to our gang bang, bitch!” a huge bear of a guy said while he proceeded to pull off Lucy’s jeans, then her panties. The guy then popped the buttons off Lucy’s blouse in his haste to expose her breasts and he began pulling and squeezing her pert nipples.

Once her panties were gone, the bear of a guy spread her legs and started to insert two then three then five fingers into her cunt until he got his wrist into her pussy as well. With one swift move his entire forearm was up inside of her.

Lucy screamed her pleasure, “Yes,” and “I want more!”

Soon about 20 other bikers fisted her pussy as well as twisting their forearms, one right after the other inside her, making Lucy squeal in pleasure. The men then took turns licking and biting kaynarca escort her mauve nipples.

“is that all you got?” Lucy goaded the men.

They responded by taking turns fucking her doggy style, her favorite position. Every thrust of the multiple strangers’ cocks felt like heaven to her.

“Keep fucking me… don’t stop!” she implored the men. She felt herself getting turned on over and over again.

The motley crew of bikers were mostly aged 45 to 59. Just like Lucy liked her men.

Each of the men dumped their full cum loads deep within her pussy, so Lucy had 20 plus ejaculate swimming up deep within her womb.

Next the men took turns sticking two cocks in her pussy simultaneously. One biker was underneath Lucy while another biker was on top of her. The men were relentlessly stretching her pussy to the max with their over sized cocks and they were drilling really deeply into her twat. The men kept their frantic pace of fucking her for at least one hour straight, as if they were pistons in and out frenetically.

Finally when the men were exhausted they threw her a towel to sop up the sperm coating her thighs and told her to go home. Lucy was so insatiable she even wore out the seasoned bikers.

When Lucy arrived at the apartment she showered and put on sexy lingerie as she waited for Steve to get home… she was still horny for some more sex for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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