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It was so good to see Robby again. He’d been to Australia to visit his sister who immigrated to Adelaide two years back.

I had missed him terribly and our ‘cosy’ times we shared together. He said he had missed that too.

“Have you been good for me?” I asked.

“Look Alex, I told you before, you are the only one – and anyway those Australian guys didn’t attract me at all. They all seem big and brawny and full of themselves – not like you, slim but easy on the eye and very alluring.”

We shared coffee, he liked cappuccino and I liked Latte. It was just as good seeing how Robby teased the froth against his lips and licked it off with his tongue.

Whoever could arouse me just by drinking coffee like Robby and he knew it. He knew quite well he was teasing me and he knew he would get the very best out of me in so doing. Like the way his eyes focused on mine as he did that and the way he cupped his hands around the coffee mug in a very suggestive manner and already I was developing a throb in the groin which turned my thoughts to getting into his jeans.

“Oh! If you only knew how much I have dreamed about you” Robby whispered, ” with the aid of the soiled underwear you sent me, just to remind me you said, of the your scent. That made it more real for me and thanks to you I regularly used the anal vibrator you bought me for my birthday. That combined with your smell helped a lot even though it could every place the real thing.

“Let me see it” I asked hoping he had it with him and he opened his case and handed me the box. I opened it and putting it onto my mouth, knowing it had been inside my lover, was a dream.

He watched me suck it with relish and he flushed; and said that had served him well.

“I am so glad Robby. isn’t it great just to be together again. Do one of your twirls for me, just to remind me of how good you look in your tight brush jeans.

“I bought these down under in Australia ” he said showing me that gorgeous twirl, extenuating his contours for my exclusive pleasure. I gave each one a light smack and he bent over knowing how that is so tempting.

For the present I as taken up by his down under and simply longed for his so lovely deep satisfying fuck again.

“Take them off for me Robby,. Let me see what I have been missing all those weeks.”

“Okay Alex, and underneath I am wearing something I know you will like too?”


“You shall have to wait” he teased. He was always teasing me and he knew very well about the lump in my pants, just longing to be set free, to find the place where it can excel inside Robby.

But for now I was absolutely engrossed by Robby removing his pants. He has a lovely tight ass for a twenty year old and I always get ravenous tingle up my spine the special way he does that, with a twirl and a pull, a twist and a bend to show me that gorgeous ass just waiting for it.

It is still the same Robby despite his absence he still knows Bomonti Escort how to turn me on big time and then, as his jeans are hallway down his ass, beginning to show the contours; I crave to touch him, to feel and stroke that body so lovely and writhing. And then I saw his surprise.- a tight black G-string which separated those bum cheeks perfectly

“Let me finish stripping you eh Robby, I would like that?”

“Be my guest Alex, I can’t wait for your fuck?”

Taking his jeans down to his knees I just had to sniff him up through that tantalizing G-string. I’d forgotten almost the smell of him and I frantically licked there, stretching the G-string aside so I could taste and rim him there.

It was so heavenly to see that which I had missed for so long. Robby has a beautiful hind and when he puts it out for me I am simply all his he wants.

“Let me suck you first, it would not seem the same otherwise, then we can fuck”

The idea was just to have a quickie to get all the pent up sex out of our system. And we knew full well we could resume again later. Sometimes it is nicer like that because we can concentrate of the delights of foreplay.

He’d displayed that ass just waiting for its pleasure and I had a real seven inch of heaven ready and waiting when he was ready, as soon as he had had his lick and suck. He knelt before me, unzipped my jeans frantically and downed them and sniffed me. I saw a satisfying smile on his face and waited for the warmth of his mouth around my stiff upright erection. He prompted me to stand legs apart and I was so happy again to feel his unique method of sucking me.

“I have missed this so much Alex and you look as delightful as ever” without touching he found the head with his mouth and I watched him draw my cock in and it was divine. He sucked me up just enough to fulfill a prime erection, moving his head as he sucked to give me a deep sensual feeling, he touched me beneath with his hands and gently massaged my firm balls, full of love for him, the content waiting to be transported with the shuffle and jerk of his ass as I worked my cock deep up him.

“Okay, when you are ready?” he whispered bending over the fucking bench in the lounge which had been designed especially with Robby in mind, to best display that so sexy rear in the best possible way so that our fuck could be top quality.

There it was just waiting for me, I spread his cheeks apart, rubbed in some coconut oil as always and in a moment we were well. and truly joined.

Grunting and moaning he assisted my thrust by moving his ass side to side.

“It’s a bit tight, it has been a long time” he murmured but that made it all the better, and the fact that I so wanted this, I really went at it. I pushed myself roughly inside him until my girth was against his stretched open hole.

“Pause there Alex?” he asked. That is always how he liked it, so that we could spent time to appreciate each other Bomonti Escort Bayan fully joined.

Still moaning I felt the wonderful surge of his passage pulsating to the throb of my hard cock deep inside. I felt like and animal with its prey. I wanted to fuck the ass off him and no mistake. It felt so good fucking Robby as it always did, the first time I had him in the back of my car, but much better over the fucking bench.

“Now fuck, fuck, fuck me Alex “he yelled and I knew the climax was soon to come. I was so hard and primed for him, I loved his fuck and could never get enough of him. Later I looked forward to sleeping with him and taking him whenever wanted. It was a wonderful feeling and I would spoil him like he had never been spoiled before

“I am ready Alex” he yelled again. I adjusted my stance so I could wank that hot cock of his as |I fucked him, feeling my juices begin to boil up in my groin. This was going to be a strong one, I felt him start to shoot his load into my hand and smeared his spunk all over his ass and smothered my cock with it each time I came out of him, so when I submerged again I relished the squelching sound which made it all the more delightful.

I felt my spunk rise and spurt out in his ass, I pressed my cock deep inside and felt the climax come so strong and so perfect.

The fuck was complete and taking my cock out of him I saw he was well holed and fucked.

He glanced around, still neatly bent over and looked a million dollars

He was beautifully flushed and his satisfied expression said everything.

“Stay there a little while longer Robby “I asked. “I want to lavish the moment and pamper you, you look so divine and adorable.”

“You know I am here at your command Alex. Your fuck was divine and I feel so right with you, I can never get enough of you however you want me.”

“Thank you Robby, I love you. I adore the appeal of your fresh fucked ass. I feel I am completely besotted by you in every way.”

I kneeled again between his legs and pressed my lips into his brown moist hole. He tasted divine as always and the flavour of our fuck completed the pleasure. He swayed a little and moaned, indicating that he wanted more.. So I took time simply licking and sucking to extend our carnal delight.

Then I something he always enjoyed. I had some edible body paint and layered a good smearing over his luscious curves, around the aperture of his still gaping hole and beneath his balls, finishing off with his cock.

“What flavor today Alex?” he whispered

“Strawberry, you know that is my favorite, but I think we should also garnish it with some squirty cream which I know you like very much.

I was so taken by Robby I wanted to make it the very best for him and he looked a real treat bent over the fucking bench. I pleased a pillow beneath his front to make it more comfortable for him. He had received a good hard thumping and I wanted Escort Bomonti to preserve the goods. He whispered wanted to be all ass for me and I immediately closed my eyes and plunged into him again, licking and sucking up the strawberry flavor combined with his body scent – not forgetting to enjoy his cock as well which was a different but equally appetizing flavor., that tempered with the sweet tease if his p-hole made for a perfect combination of ass and cock and I adored the way he twisted his head around and around as I worked relentlessly on him, enjoying every little tease and touch with my mouth and tongue combined with the feel of his firm balls and placid cock.

“You have so much energy since you have just fucked me so strong” Robby whispered between breaths. I stretched his ass cheeks wider apart so I could get a real good lick and taste of those so sensual parts each side of his hole, it was so good..

He was lovely and so obliging as I gently spanked him. It was so good to watch it bounce and wobble which sparked off a further spanking, just enough to make his cheeks redden up and set me off on another bout of sucking, licking and caressing.

In a while he had to go to the bathroom and I sat there with a great big new erection which I massaged ready for Robby’s return. We were not generally into the golden rain syndrome but it was nice to suck the residue after his pee and he knew me enough to reserve a few drops which he would normally shake into the urinal.

It was nice because it was part of Robby. The Robby I loved and adored. We created a comfortable position to suck each other in readiness for a new fuck.

I do love that’s so much.; the feeling of being sucked and sucking. And Robby was a star, because he would emulate my sucking moves cock in mouth and deep throat too. He has developed quite a good sized cock on him and I Always tease him saying it is because of all my massage.

He said he’d like to try the strawberry flavor out too and it was lovely to watch his expression as he massaged the edible paint into my cock. It was heavenly to feel it too and when he started to suck me I pressed my erection put for him to enjoy to the maximum so I was all cock and balls for him to enjoy.

“I so need you ass again” I breathed after a while, I was throbbing for it.

“Me on top this time” he sweetly asked and I was great with that because he could be in charge for a while. He could take my cock as he wanted it whichever way. He’d given me a wicked throb and I longed to feel the depth of his hole taking its cock deep up inside.

It was gorgeous watching him take it in, moving sideways to feel the sensation in different modes which was divine. My cock was so very flexible he could do that with ease and I benefited from the sensation, fucking him this way and then that.

“Is that nice Alex?” he asked knowing full well it was. He looked so good riding me like a bucking bronco and I wanted to fuck him inside out.

I would have him several times in the night and I awoke to the feel of his smooth clasped once more around my erection.

After his fill of my hot spunk he treated me to a good English breakfast in bed and we were set on a wonderful loving and hot relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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