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“When I move you move, just like that….”

“Yeah, I like it when you move…just like that. It’s the wiggle, really.”

And I smile in memory. It’s what I think of, laying here next to you, watching you sleep. I’ve been awake for hours it seems, as the sun has finally peaked out over the horizon, the faint light growing brighter and more golden as it climbs higher above the hills bringing dawn of another new day.

I smile in anticipation……wicked thoughts and desire burning like fire through my veins. If you only knew how difficult it is to restrain my hands, to prevent them from ripping the covers off your sleeping form. From reaching over, wrapping your leg around my waist. To ravish the ravishing. But I don’t, I still my hands and calm my racing heart and turn on my side to ease the discomfort between my legs….a cock rock hard since before dawn. I give it a reassuring squeeze and then I tuck my hand in along the form of your body under the cover, feeling the warm of the soft skin of your back.

You lay there on your side, facing away from me, still in the same position that we fell asleep, snuggled together, my hips pressed tight against your warm buttocks. I’m a mover…I shift position many times during the night and thus I awoke, sprawled out on my side of the bed. As the sun rises higher, and higher, it splits into golden stripes, rising gently over your body and I watch them play over the form of your body……golden bars tracing the shapely curves. Your eyes remain shut and I’m beside myself with frustration…….how can you be still asleep! Silently, I will you to wake…..will you to open your eyes, rub your nose and lift your tousled head from your pillow. Like a kid on Christmas, frantically pacing back and forth in front of the tree, eyeing that brightly wrapped box, waiting for Mom and Dad to wake up….fighting the urge just to peak under a corner. I awake every morning, feeling like it’s Christmas laying next to you.

At last you begin to stir, and hope springs to life (as does other things) but you still and your eyes are still closed……a minute later, a tiny snore escapes your nose and then another…wait a minute, you don’t snore! I reach over your shoulder and pull you towards me. Your eyes open and a lazy smirk forms a smile as you reach around my shoulder and kiss me Samsun Escort good morning. A giggle. Cheekymonkey! You will pay! Ah,hahahahahaha!

Ripping the covers clean off the bed, I expose you to the chill air of the room and your attempts to curl into a ball leave exposed any number of parts to tickle….and I pounce on you ferociously. Tickling and kissing your naked body. As the covers settle back on the bed you stretch out your naked body to me, and we lay side by side, arms entwined, my cock trapped between the warm flesh of our naked stomachs. I kiss you good morning, my hand stroking your back and neck. You sigh and press your body closer; I feel the delicious fullness of your breasts pressing against my chest. I lean over your neck nuzzling the skin there, feeling your body respond, your breath more sharply against my ear.

I love the taste of your skin, sweet and salty all tangled up with the smell of your hair and I stroke your hair and down your back, teasing fingers between the cleft of your butt, caressing the curve of your buttock. Fingers teasing everywhere, probing your delicate rosebud feeling its tiny tautness, testing the entrance and the pleasure concealed by the darkness within. Fingertips brushing the lips of your pussy, folded and closed protectively like the wings of a sleeping dove. You lift your leg up, your knee stroking its way slowly up my thigh, allowing my questing fingers access to touch that which makes your breathing quicker, eyes shut tight, a little contented moan escaping your lips. I trace the contours of your pussy, feeling the warmth contained there, gently rubbing your clit as your hips tighten. I love taking control of your body this way…..bringing forth such pleasure is the best part of my day….I tease you this way for a bit, rubbing harder, then softer, then over here now back down in between folds to the warm wetness beginning to leak out of you, always building, building feeling your heart race faster, your skin beginning to flush. I can feel you against my skin, a concert violinist playing a Stradivarius…..playing scales. Warming up.

I lay you down on your back and you stretch, arching your back, your breasts jutting out, demanding attention. The girls need to be touched and I am as always happy to accommodate. I slide down Samsun Escort Bayan your body, feeling your pelvis and pussy warm against my stomach, and the smoothness of your thighs around my waist. In no hurry, I kiss your left breast, nursing as though I were a baby, nuzzling it, feeling the nipple become erect, poking out into the sunlight…..I lean back admiring the play of the beams of light from between the blinds, golden light against creamy skin, pink nipples thrown into sharp contrast kissed warmly first by sunlight and now by me….tasting soap and skin and you.

Your body surges under mine, your hips grinding against my waist, seeking….your hands on my shoulders eagerly pulling me up to your face, for a long and tender kiss. I feel your lips softly against mine….and again I marvel at the sensation. Your breasts resting snugly against my chest, my hips between your thighs, my cock once again trapped against your pelvis and stomach, rock hard in anticipation….pressed against the wetness seeping from your swollen pussy. Fingers encircle the head of my cock, stroking it, smearing the trickle of clear precum around the head…..guiding, a hand pushing down on my shoulder….foreplay, all pretense abandoned, simple need taking over…..a need to fill and a need to be filled. You move the head of my cock to the entrance of your pussy….no mere trickle of moisture…..the warm wetness seeping out damping everything.

Breathing harder, I struggle for control…fighting not to bear down, to push into you, rushing headlong like a beast desperate for release. No…..I fight to prolong the sweet torture as long as possible, feeling you rub my sensitive head up and down your inflamed lips, against your clit…..teasing me. Arggggh! It’s too much, and bucking free, I reach down as you raise up your hips to meet me, my cock slips up into you. You gasp as I enter your pussy. I love that. I live for that gasp, each and every time.

Stroking back and forth a few times, I stop, buried deep inside you. Feeling the warm, velvet tightness enveloping me. We are one and the same, two creatures become one, sharing one soul and this is our time, our place, shared just between us. Ours. You open your eyes, as if to ask what is wrong….I’ve been waiting for you to open them. As you do, I begin to Escort Samsun thrust into you smoothly, slowly…..I’ve got all day to do this. Maybe I’ll take my time…..but not today. We’re deep within the concerto now…..dancing to secret music played by invisible violinist. Faster, harder, my cock drives deeply into you, your head turns and I can see your pulse beat violently, the carotid pressing against muscle as you clench your jaw. I feel the ripples as your pussy begins to spasm around me…..I live for that too. You gasp out a little noise, “Oooo” and I know you’re close, and lean in whispering in your ear to let go…..just let it go. To come all over me. I thrust in deeper, pushing your hips up, all my weight resting on burning arms as I piston back and forth inside you. I feel alive, right here, right now, this very moment, your body moving underneath mine, your breath coming in gasps.

I feel it building, my pulse pounding in my ears, the sensation rising up from my hips, a pressure building. Still I hold it back, deny release. Breathing slowly in and out, as my cock rides your tight pussy. You, in turn, ride me back, a rock hard shaft deep inside you. I can feel you go, now, not much noise as you come, your throat tight as you breathe in ragged gasps, your pussy squeezing down tight on my moving cock, as the head of it moves to press deeper within your folds. I don’t dare stop……and as we move together, the orchestra swells to crescendo and I can feel the reverberating rumble building and rising… keep cumming and cumming, your pussy gushing wetness as it trembles and flutters over and over. You’re gone….deep within yourself, lost in the pleasure. At last I can be free, and I let the beast loose, and he bears down, driving deeper, harder and faster, the tip of my cock bumping against your cervix and then all the way back out until just the tip is touching the lips of your pussy. Then back in again, until you’re completely filled by me….the beast roars as I come, spurting deep inside your pussy, thrusting wildly, your legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

Slowly, shuddering, I come to a stop, my cock buried deeply within you, nestled there as it softens, as I open my eyes I find myself, laying with my full weight upon your chest. I lift myself up on one elbow and kiss you softly, deeply. You open your eyes and look in my eyes.

“Good morning,” you say.

“Good morning to you,” I say and look into your sweaty, smiling face, “I have just one question for you.”

“Uh-huh?” you say, looking quizzically back at me.

“What’s your name, again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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