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I walk into your office… wearing black 8″ heels, black leather mini skirt that shows off my long legs, sheer white blouse with a lacy white bra underneath, hair piled on top of my head with only one pin holding it.

You come around the desk to shake my hand, preparing to interview me. Knowing this interview is going to end up being a long, slow one, you offer me a seat, but I ignore it and sit on the corner of your desk instead, crossing my long legs slowly, dangling a foot near your knee as my fingers absentmindedly play with the top button of my blouse, drawing your eye to it’s already low V, the very edge of my lace bra peeking out at you as the fabric slides a little toward my shoulder.

I lean on my hand a little as we talk, raising the opposite hip slightly, seemingly unknowing that I’ve undone that top button, the curve of my breast clearly visible to you, my foot brushing your knee, and you turn in your chair slightly, more toward me, asking me questions and my high heeled foot brushes over the inside of your thigh. You say something and it comes out funny and I laugh, sliding off the desk, my skirt hiking up very high on my thighs and I make no move to pull it back into place. I stand between your legs and reach down to tug your shirt, urging you to stand. Şanlıurfa Escort

You rise, unable to take anymore and kiss me hard, your hands running over my body, up into my hair, finding the pin and pulling it out, watching as my hair spills over my shoulders. My fingers unbutton your shirt, sliding the fabric off your shoulders quickly, my fingernails raking over your nipples as I run them over your chest, my fingers move to my blouse and undo the rest of the buttons, sliding it off my shoulders leaving me only in my bra and my skirt.

Your fingers trace the line of flesh just above the lace of my bra, dipping into the cleavage once in awhile then over the lace, feeling my hard nipples poking out and pushing the lace away from my body. You reach behind me and undo the hook and pull the lace away, and lowering your head you flick your tongue lightly over a nipple, circling it, then kissing just the tip before biting it hard, your tongue flicking over it rapidly. You feel my back arch and hear me moan long and low, my hands caressing your body, fingernails digging into your shoulders hard when you bite me. You move slowly to the other nipple and give it the same treatment and I lean into you slightly to run my tongue into your ear, telling you I need Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan you, I’m hungry.

You pull away from me and kiss me hard, pushing on my shoulders, lowering me to my knees before you and make me watch as you slowly undo your pants, sliding them down your legs as your cock springs out at me… and you take it and rub the head over my lips, watching as I extend my tongue slowly… making it wet, tasting the drop of precum forming and I look into your eyes as I nibble all over the head, opening my mouth wider as you press into me urging me to take it inside.

I can hear you moan as it slides into my hot mouth, my tongue running over the surface as I wrap my lips around it and suck, using just the right amount of pressure… pumping my mouth off and on you as my hand lifts and runs up between your thighs cupping your balls and squeezing lightly, my other hand reaching around to play with your ass feeling you moan as I take your cock from my mouth to wet my finger and slide it into your ass before sucking your cock back into my mouth, taking it all the way.

You feel the head press against the back of my throat, your fingers tangle themselves in my hair and you pump your hips, fucking my mouth. I look up into your eyes Escort Şanlıurfa and watch you as you watch your cock move between my red lips, my lipstick leaving little red rings around your cock. I move my hand a little lower and press my knuckle in just below your balls, running my finger in and out of your ass at the same pace you cock fucks my mouth and I moan deep in my throat. My tongue laps crazily over you as I suck, not too lightly, not too hard, your hips pumping at your own pace… the head moving in and out of my throat.

After only a few moments I feel you tense, driving your cock in deep, shooting the first burst right into my throat then pulling out and letting me have some on my tongue. You pull me to my feet fast and turn me around to bend me over the desk. You raise my skirt over my ass and pull on my little lace G, ripping the delicate fabric away as you part my legs with your feet and slide your cock into my warmth, the head finding my entrance immediately and it slides right in. You place your hands on my hips and fuck me slow, grinding your hips into me, your balls tickling my pussy and you can hear my breath coming harder.

I tell you to fuck me, its been so long, and you move a little faster… driving in a little deeper… your hands squeezing my ass and you work a thumb into my asshole, fucking it in and out of me as you fuck my pussy. We’re soon cumming hard, our moans filling the office, my muscles squeezing hard around you as you empty your cum in me and as you collapse against me you whisper into my ear, “Baby, you got the job…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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