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Chad Willison’s mom was very hot. I met her when Chad and I were partners on a joint project for our Finance 321 project. He introduced her to me the very first week of the semester when we huddled trying to ace this project from hell. His dad was a prof living just off campus while I shared a dorm with another guy, who was a party animal so all of our meetings were held at his house where there was a semblance of sanity.

Early on one Saturday morning in October, I knock on his door to share some information I had found which would be beneficial to our project. His mom answered the door in her bathrobe.

“Hello Mrs. Willison, is Chad at home.”

” No, Terry, he’s with his father today on a father-son project at our cottage.”

“Okay, thanks. Please ask him to give me a call.”

“Before you go, please come in and warm up before you walk back across campus. It is such a blustery day, Terry.”

“Thank you for the offer but since you are home alone, I do not think it would be appropriate.”

“Appropriate, rubbish. I am sure you won’t rape me and I have no intention of seducing you. So get in here out of the cold and warm up. Follow me into the kitchen.”

I was not used to being alone with a woman. It was made worse because I had yet to be intimate with one so I was tempted to thank her then turn my back, and walk away but before I could execute that plan, she grabbed me by the coat and pulled me in. In doing so her robe fell open giving me a quick view of the breast before she could fix the wardrobe failure. She did not say anything but she did give me a sly look.

She sat me at the kitchen table. The table is what is called a ‘farm table’ it so looked heavy and very sturdy made of solid oak.

“Where did you find this rarity, Mrs. Willison?”

“At an antique shop in North Carolina when both Gordon and I taught at Chapel Hill. I know it is overkill for a kitchen table, but I love it and couldn’t part with it when we moved up north to Michigan.”

She moved about her kitchen with a grace that was in its self alluring. At times the bottom of the robe opened wide giving me a view of her classical legs and at other times, the top opened a bit giving me another view of those perfectly sculptured breasts. I tried not to stare, but it was nearly impossible for most any living adult male.

At last, everything was ready. She poured my tea and in doing so, I caught a glimpse of one of the exquisite cherries which topped her tits. I know she caught me looking because she gave me another sly smile.

I am Catholic so I crossed myself and said grace within myself. She smiled as she had never smiled at me before. It was sultry and it made me a bit nervous. But we began to chat which made the feeling fade away.

She taught art appreciation and she was an artist herself, so our conversation entered around art which I knew just enough to make a fool of myself. During our talk, she let her top open beyond decency. I coughed which alerted her to the indiscretion which was corrected and we went on.

“Terry, you are a handsome young man with a keen wit and an air of sophistication. I find it hard to believe that you were born and raised as an American. Are your parents well off?”

“No, my dad is a Tool and Die Maker, and mom works at a Real Estate office as a secretary. I am here on scholarships and grants.”

“All the more the wonder. I was born and raised in Oxfordshire. Both my parent taught at the University so, from my earliest years, I was schooled in etiquette and sophistication. I find most American males to be crude and witless dolts. When I meet one like you I am impressed.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Willison.”

“Terry, stop calling me Mrs. Willison. Call me by my given name, Cynthia or Cindy. I see you as an equal.”

“Thank you again, Cindy.”

She looks at the clock,

“O my, has the time gotten away from us. Chad and his father will be home shortly. I’d better get dressed.”

She rose from her chair, and then to this day, I cannot determine if it was a deliberate act of seduction or an accidental wardrobe failure but it still baffles me. When she stood up, her robe fell away revealing all of her charms.

“Terry, be a dear and pick up my robe so I don’t have to bend down.”

I picked up the robe then I handed it to her. In return, I got a quick peck on the cheek which burnt like it was a brand.


The next Monday, Chad şişli escort and I were working in the library when his phone buzzed, he looked at it and then said to me,

“It is a text from mom, she wants me to pick up some items from the grocery before we return home.”

When we finally go to his house, Cindy asked me if I was staying for dinner. I replied that I didn’t want to cause her any additional work, but she waved it away. Chad and were finally making some headway on our project when we were called to dinner.

Chad’s father, Gordon, greeted me for the first time as we sat at dinner. The dinner was delicious and when Chad and I were getting ready to retire back to his room when Cindy called us back,

“You young men have been at it for hours. It is time to relax, and Terry, don’t you dare walk out the door. You are our guest this evening, so stay put.”Shopping

“Don’t fight it, lad, when she uses that tone of voice, her demands are etched in rock,” Gordon advised me, “therefore, take a seat on the couch and enjoy.”

Once more she gave me a sly smile.

“We are very open in this family and I think Chad is ashamed of his parents at times,” Gordon said, “so if it doesn’t make you feel all that uncomfortable, would you mind watching what is billed to be a racy French film with us?”

“I’ve seen porn, sir, so don’t stop on my account.”

“Grand, Chad put the disc in the DVD.”

“Gordon, wait until I get us some wine. Please give me a hand, Terry.”

When we were in the kitchen Cindy asked,

“You find me attractive, don’t you Terry? Now, don’t be modest.”

“Yes, I do, very much so.”

“Just as I guessed, by the way, your eyes follow me around and because I sense that you want to see me nude.”

“Yes, I’ve had daydreams about you since I saw you naked very briefly on Saturday.”

Another sly smile.

When the beverages were distributed, Cindy and I sat on the couch. She was very close to me on my right side and she moved closer so that her thigh was touching mine. I felt uneasy which dissipated when she held my hand in hers. She was still wearing the business suit worn when she taught. When she sat, the hem came up to mid-thigh a disconcerting vision made more so when she parted her legs pretty wide as if she was giving me access to her intimate regions. Being a virgin at the time, my heart rate increased, my mouth became drier than Death Valley, and my palms sweated profusely.

“Relax and enjoy,” was whispered in my ear.

But trying to relax with a raging hard-on is close to being impossible. Even a shy nerd like me began to dare of kissing her mouth as we sat together. I finally dared to kiss her and instead of pulling away, she pulled me toward her and darted her tongue into my mouth.

A whisper saying, “See how easy that was, Terry” reached my ears just as our mouths locked together for another kiss. The French kissing emboldened me to go further. I took my hand out of her’s then placed it upon her left knee moving up the inside of her thigh to the hem of the skirt.

“Getting to become a naughty boy, are we?”

We kissed again. My feeling up her thigh got Cindy bold as well because I felt her hand snaking its way to my crouch Once she got there, she grabbed my cock through the trousers and began squeezing it.

I guess our foreplay heated the room too much because Gordon coughed reminding us that he and Chad were there in the room as well. Being cautioned by Gordon, we quit the mutual seduction and watched the film until it ended.

Shortly before the film ended, a gust of wind that rattled the windows and which startled all of us, was the precursor of a violent storm with peals of thunder and numerous flashes of lightning. One bolt landed close illuminating the front room window in that blue-white light that frighten the ancients as well as their progeny. Additionally, one could feel the temperature drop even inside the house.

I said, “Wow, I’d better get to the dorm before it gets any worse.”

Gordon spoke up, “You are staying the night in the guest bedroom. This storm is far too violent to allow you to go out into its fury. There is no other option, Terry Grunner.”

“Yes, sir. I acknowledge.”

Chad and Cindy went to prepare my room and tidy up the front room. Mr. Willison pulled me aside.

“Terry, my wife and I are in an open marriage. We take can have other lovers with the permission of the other partner. She has asked me to let you take her. I’ve agreed. You are the first man she has asked for in at least five years and maybe longer. Chad knows about our arrangement and he knows that his mother wants to have sex with you and is okay with it. He feels very close to you and sees you as his friend which makes his acceptance even easier. So you and her can shag one another all you want, the only thing Chad and I ask for is discretion.”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

“Great, welcome to the family.”

When Chad and his mom finished with the room and rejoined Gordon and me, Gordon spoke and said,

“My dear and Chad I am glad to tell you that Mr. Grunner is now a member of our family circle.”

We all were happy and bright even if Mother Nature, outside the house, was not since the storm was dropping buckets and buckets of water on the house, and the wind still howled violently asking the trees and screaming as it passed across the corners and the lights flickered.

We decided to call it a day and went to our respective bedrooms. That night I was laying in bed thinking about being an adopted member of this extraordinary family. Solid as rocks yet as goofy as the cartoon characters like Donald Duck and others. As I was musing with my finger interlocked behind my head, I hear a gentle tap at the door,

“May I come in?”

It was Cindy’s voice and I replied,

“Yes, of course.”

She came in wearing the same bathrobe as earlier. But when she dropped it off her body, this time I knew it was deliberate. in the faint light, her neatly trimmed muff and classically shaped breast slid in between the sheets beside me. I rolled over on my side and scooted myself toward her stopping when I felt her nipples against my chest.

“Terry, I am not a slut. You are the first man to attract my attention since Gordon and I made an ‘Open Marriage’ agreement. I think that I am in love with you, Mr. Grunner, so take me, claim me as your woman. Shag me, Terry.”

We went into a long deep kiss during which I nudged her legs open so I could put my leg between hers. The heat coming out of her pussy was phenomenal only matched by her pussy juice flowing out at the same time. After that kiss broke, I rolled her over then I got between her legs.

“As you know, I am a virgin, so I don’t know my way around a woman yet. But I’ve heard that girls like to have their necks kissed.”


Her neck was very soft against my lips. The fragrance of her perfume nearly intoxicated me. I placed kisses all over her neck gently biting now and again. My cock was rock hard by now and pulsating up against her belly.

“O my God, what are you doing to me. My whole body is tingling”

“I guess what I heard is correct then, girls do like to have their necks kissed.

“I also heard that their chests are very sensitive. Especially the nipples.”

I kiss all over her chest giving special attention to her “D-cup” breast. We were both breathing heavily and both of us were sweaty. When I popped her left nipple into my mouth to suck it, she gasped loudly and said to me,

“Terry stop tormenting me. Fuck me, baby.”

I slid down and then aligned my cock to her hole. When I was close, she guided me to her love entrance. Pushing the head of my cock into the tight hole which guarded her treasures, I finally was granted entrance. Pushing through into the songy wet, warm, and ribbed tunnel, at least it felt like that. Mercy the action was such a pleasurable experience.

“Terry, you are no longer a virgin.”

“I am enamored with you, Cindy. I want you to carry my baby.”

“That is moving a little fast, dear,” she said, “For the present just try and relax as you are fuck your first woman.”

I tried to clear my head and the excitement stirring within me. I began to withdraw and plunge back in. The excitement grew exponentially as I became aware of the friction between my cock, especially the head, and her vagina. It was becoming overwhelming and I could old it past the 7th. shag.

“I am sorry Cindy, I cannot hold it back any longer.”

“Don’t fight it, give me your sperm.”

I pushed in going as deep as I could then it flew out into her awaiting womb.

“O, thank you, Terry. It felt wonderful.”

“But I came before you had an orgasm.”

“Pull out and lay beside me. Don’t worry, you’ll do better with practice. I enjoyed your loving, Mr. Terry and I am going to want more later. Kiss me, my lover.”

She lay cradled in my arms stroking my cock.

“You look younger than Gordon,” I said as we lay in the afterglow.

“I am by several years. Gordon likes to fuck his co-eds and he fucked me when I just turned 18. I got pregnant with Chad and I forced him to marry me. I am his 3rd wife, by the way, his first two wives married him for the same reason I did. But I didn’t care if he fucked every co-ed in the university as long as could fuck any male who caught my eye. So, that is why my marriage has endured while the first two didn’t.”

I got hard again,

“Are you ready for round two?”

After pushing me away, Cindy opened her legs wide,

“What does that tell you.”

I got between her legs and we fucked again. I lasted a bit longer that time. The third round was even longer. We were both exhausted after round three, so we went to sleep in each other’s arms in a spoon position, and I woke up, I was still holding her with a big boner. I needed to fuck her even if she was still asleep.

I was careful to align my cock with the entrance to her vagina then gently as possible entered her. All she emitted was a low moan. I was in my 5th. minute of loving her when a groggy Cynthia asked,

“Terry, are you fucking me?”

“Yes, I am my love.”

“Good, I haven’t been awoken by a dick in me for a long time.”

The longer we fucked the more awake she became. After about 12-minutes, I informed her that I was going to fill her again. All she did was adjust herself she push my cock deeper into her. Her wriggling me more so is a push deep inside I emptied my balls.

“O honey, that feels wonderful. Come on let’s show together and get ready for the day. I want you to mate with me again today.”

We got into the shower but I am not sure how clean we got because she got her pussy clean, I rammed into her for a second time that morning. She stood up after I felled her once more. My semen was dripping out of her and down her leg.

“Wash it off, Terry, and let me get clean so I make breakfast. But I am going to clean your cock first.”

I was hoping for a blow job but got soap and water instead though I did get hard again and was relieved by her hand stroking my cock. The semen hit on the floor and was washed down the drain.

The storm had abated during the night so I planned to head back to the dorm. Chad and I were talking about school when Cindy comes into the room. Come with me Terry, help me prepare lunch.

Back in the kitchen, she hikes up the plaid skirt she was wearing which exposed her bare ass.

“One last load of sperm before you go,” she said bent over the farm table.

Even though my cock was getting sore I did enter her once more. It was wonderful and I was fucking her slowly. Cindy emitted a continuous low moan. I was getting better at holding it which the clock confirmed when it told me that I had been in her for 15-minutes.

“Faster and harder, make me cum,” Cindy said in a voice loud enough that I was certain Gordon and Chad heard it.

Pump her faster and harder with our skins slapping against each other. I was getting very excited and I felt my balls fill again because of the increased rubbing of the head of my cock against her walls.

“Terry hold it, I am just about there.”

We fucked like that for a few more minutes when suddenly Cindy cried out,


It scared me. I had heard about women having an orgasm but this was my first real experience with one doing so. Her pussy walls pulsated around, and, her gyrations, nearly popped it out. But I was still in her when Cindy’s pussy was filled once more with my hot man goo.

“O Terry, my dear lover. Just yesterday you were a virgin but in a day you’ve become an accomplished mother fucker.”

I was then given the longest and hardest kiss I had ever had to that point. Also, she drained my balls. The first time I experienced the feeling of a woman taking everything out of me. After licking me clean, I was kicked out of her kitchen so she could prepare everyone’s lunch. At lunch, Professor Gordon looks at me and then asks,

“Would you like to stay in our spare bedroom?”

“Yes sir if it’s not a bother for you all.”

“Cynthia, Chad?”

“I am okay with it, dad. I finally get the brother I’ve always wanted.”


“You know my answer already, Gordon. I would love it.”

“Then it is settled. Next weekend you move in.”


To be continued.

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