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That night I tried to distract myself online and then watched a movie, but my mind kept returning to my young, innocent lover. I wanted her badly and wished I could have spent the night with her again. I didn’t sleep much but set an alarm to make sure I was awake early.

Morning finally came around and after making myself some coffee, I heard Dave’s car backing out of his driveway and heading off. About 15 minutes later the doorbell rang. I opened the door and Deni stepped in, throwing her arms around me and kissing me deeply. She was wearing a slightly longer skirt than normal that went to mid-calf, and she stood there with her legs pressed together.

“I missed you so much” she said

“I missed you too, honey… did everything work out?”

“Yes” she said, her face flushing.

“How did it go?”, I asked her

“well…” she was trying to find the words. “I masturbated like you suggested and yeah, he wanted to have sex, but I’m starting to feel so uncomfortable when he touches me, so I didn’t let him. He got so really pissed with me and turned to the far side of the bed”

“This morning I woke up before him and yes, I masturbated again… I kinda liked it really, but I missed you being there with me. I think he heard me orgasm… you know it’s so hard to be quiet when I cum… he woke up right after and basically jumped on top of me and fucked me like a wild man… he more or less just raped me. I tried not to, but I was so sensitive after just cumming that he made me cum again… I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it… sorry”

“That’s ok sweetheart, see, that’s already made things a bit better between you two”

“I guess”, she responded, somewhat despondently.

At my age, it was inevitably challenging to recoup my sexual stamina and virility to fuck her more than maybe twice, or at most three times a day, but Deni clearly had the potential to become an incredibly horny young woman and I was curious about how far that could go.

We didn’t get chance to spend time with each other for a couple of weeks as her husband seemed to be home a lot more. She of course would text me whenever she got the chance. I learned that he had taken an option to work from home to cut down on his commute, but I suspected more that he just wanted to keep an eye on Deni. She couldn’t even just come over to my house on the way to her own work in case he was watching her. I missed her like crazy. Deni too was unhappy, often texting how much she missed me. She told me that she had started masturbating in the shower to avoid inciting him to have sex. She even told me that on more than one occasion, he had just forced her to have sex and fucked her whether she wanted it or not. That kind of angered me, but there was nothing much I could do about it. Often, she would send me pictures of herself, some extremely explicit, which of course I enjoyed, but I did warn her to be careful what she wrote or sent from her phone.

The next time I saw Deni, was at one of the final BBQ’s of the summer, which was coming up on Labor Day. I texted to ask if she and Dave were planning to go, to which she replied yes and that she hoped she could get to see me. I told her to wear one of her spaghetti strapped tank tops that made her look so adorably sexy and to make sure she wore a short skirt, to which she simply replied “ok”.

The Labor Day BBQ was being held at Brian’s place, which not surprisingly, meant that weed would feature at some point. Brian had an old-style, charcoal grill that he had rigged together himself. It sometimes got a bit too hot, and he had a reputation for burning the food, but the food usually tasted great. Several people had already arrived by the time I got there and both Dave and Deni arrived within about 5 minutes of me. I had just cracked open a beer and taken a seat in a garden chair when they both appeared around the side of the house. My heart leapt at the sight of Deni, my feelings of love for her just flooded my heart. She looked fantastic, wearing a plunging pale blue satin camisole top, the swing of her naked breasts clearly noticeable and a darker blue mini skirt. Her breasts seemed slightly larger than I remembered them, and her nipples were distinctly noticeable, points clearly visible, tenting the thin fabric. This was clearly a consequence of being about 2 months into her pregnancy. I wasn’t the only guy to notice; I saw Richard, an older divorcee, staring at them. I felt a pang of jealousy as, after the usual round of greetings, Deni settled down on a swing-seat next to Dave. Deni seemed to be constantly struggling a bit to pull her short skirt down far enough over her knees, self-consciously tugging at it every few minutes. I guessed why but got a kick out of the idea that she probably wasn’t wearing panties.

The BBQ progressed and we had our fill of both food and drinks, although Dave kept glued to Deni throughout most of it. I wanted to find time with her, but as fate would have it, a safe opportunity never seemed to present itself. At one point I made excuses to go get rid of the several cans of beer that I had consumed and hoped that Deni would follow. I flushed and heard a noise outside the door, but sadly it was just Richard needing to do the same. As we were about to pass by each other, he nudged me.

“Have you seen that Deni, dam her tits are fine and I even got a look up her skirt… She’s a wild one, that one, she’s not even wearing knickers… if that husband of hers wasn’t around I’d sure tap that” he said, speaking in a quiet, secretive tone.

I laughed politely, pretending to not have noticed, but I became instantly hard at the thought of us finding time to fuck. So far, we had been lucky and no one to my knowledge knew that she and I were lovers.

My phone buzzed and a message from Deni came through. She seemed excited; “He’s just told me he’s flying down to Florida for a conference next weekend, he’s got to go help them set up the exhibition and then stay until the end, so he’s flying out on Friday morning and won’t be back until late Tuesday”

I responded, “that’s wonderful news, I can’t wait to see you”.

“Why don’t we go away together for a few days?” I added as a follow-on

“Really? I’d love that … I’ll take a couple of days off work” came back the short reply

I was overjoyed, the idea of having several days alone with Deni seemed like a dream come true.

Sadly, the party eventually ended, without the opportunity to be alone with her. Despite this setback, the prospect of taking her away for a few days made me much happier than when I had arrived.

Friday seemed a long way off and I spent most of the time pondering where to take her. I wanted it to be somewhere special, memorable. I started to browse travel sites online and almost by chance I came across a special offer on a travel site for an all-inclusive weekend in the Caribbean. Having past Labor Day there were some special offers, which included flight, hotel, as well as all the food and drinks. One particular package really caught my attention. A luxury hotel, in an exclusive “au naturel resort”. Despite supposedly being a special offer, it was still going to be exorbitantly expensive, but I really wanted to make this vacation together special, so I booked. We would fly out on the Friday and return on the Monday in plenty of time for Deni to be safely home before her husband returned on Tuesday. I clicked on purchase and paid with my visa card, figuring I’d work out how to pay it off later.

I texted Deni, “We leave on Friday, be ready early and bring your passport”

Deni texted back a few minutes later “Oh wow… Where are we going? What do I need to pack?”

“Women!!! let’s travel light, just bring hand luggage”, I texted back

“Men!!!” came back the reply

Friday seemed an eternity away and the days dragged by. I distracted myself as best I could, keeping myself busy with clients and finally, set up the answering machine to inform callers that I would be away for a few days. I suddenly wondered how Deni would deal with her husband’s calls, but I figured she would be able to pay for international roaming for her account. I texted her to tell her to set it up. That fired up her curiosity even further, but I tried hard not to let slip any clues that would reveal that we were heading to a nudist resort.

At long last Friday morning arrived and I heard Dave’s car leave very early for the airport. He hadn’t been gone long before Deni rang my doorbell. I opened the door, and she literally dropped her small suitcase and leapt into my arms, kissing me; we kissed like a pair of long-lost lovers. She looked fantastic, in a little white camisole and matching short white skirt. I loved the way her dark skin tone contrasted against the white. I desperately wanted to make love to her, but we didn’t have much time before we too would have to leave for the airport ourselves, so I just went upstairs, grabbed my overnight bag and we headed out in my truck. I knew it was a risk going to the airport, but I figured international flights would be different gates, so I crossed my fingers that we wouldn’t run into her husband.

I had already printed out the boarding passes and hid them as best I could from Deni, still wanting this to be a big surprise for her. We passed through passport control and security and I found a Starbucks to sit and wait at, before going to the gates. Deni continuously tried to tease me into telling her where we were going, but I was careful in everything I did and said; I wanted to delay the surprise for as long as possible. It wasn’t until I saw the tv screen indicate that our flight was boarding that I grabbed her hand and led her up to the gate. The overhead display clearly showed “Air Jamaica”. Deni squealed like a young girl at Christmas and clutched at my hand, almost disbelieving that we were going to such an exotic place. Even though she was 21, I adored her innocent, girlish personality.

“This is like going to be our honeymoon” she said, her voice clearly excited.

Part of me really wished it was our honeymoon, but I resigned myself to knowing that I was merely borrowing her for the weekend.

The flight to Jamaica departed on time, and took a little over 4 hours, Deni alternating between gazing out of the window and snuggling into my arm. I definitely hadn’t been able to afford business class seats, so we were crammed together in economy, Deni taking the window, me in the middle and a rather overweight guy, who seemed to need to occupy more than his share of the seat occupied the aisle and kept fidgeting, making his presence quite irritating.

On arrival, we cleared passport control and went to find a taxi. The first thing that hit me was the heat, some 80F. We grabbed a taxi and headed out for the one-hour drive to the hotel along a coastal road edged with beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue ocean. Deni was lost in awe of the scenery and I was lost in awe at the beautiful and very happy young woman sitting next to me.

The hotel, sitting alone on a peninsular, was a sprawling 2-story building, modern and beautifully furnished. The staff were really courteous and along with the keys the receptionist handed me a sheet of activities that the hotel would be offering over the weekend. The bell boy showed us along a lengthy covered walkway to our room, Deni prancing and skipping, her hands glued like a magnet to my arm. We both gasped as we entered, the room was more like a suite, strangely having a large jacuzzi bathtub next to patio doors that led to a large deck, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the ocean. The view was incredible. Deni threw herself on me, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me.

“It’s perfect, absolutely perfect… omg I love you so much Gary”, she said

I smiled, happy that she was enjoying the whole experience.

“Let’s go swim” she said excitedly, I’ll get my bikini”, she said, opening her small case.

“No need”, I said, grinning

“Why not?” she asked in all innocence

“It’s a nude beach, in fact the whole of the back, the pool, the bar, everything is nude, the only place we need to wear clothes is inside the hotel”

Deni looked astonished, “seriously?… like not wear anything at all?”

“Nothing, just your beautiful smile”

“Ummm… ummm, I’m too shy for that” she said hesitantly, “I’ve never done anything like that before”

I winked at her, grinning, and started to take off my clothes, quickly stripping naked. Deni wavered pondering the challenge of what she was about to do and cautiously started to strip too. Finally, we both stood there naked, her face flushed, uncertain how to feel about this new experience. Deni and I had been naked together many times but going naked in public was something totally new to her, and to me.

A ramp led from the deck, down to the beach. I grabbed a couple of beach towels the hotel provided, and went out onto the deck. A side gate led to a walkway, and as we headed out for the beach, Deni walked nervously, slightly behind me, using me as a shield, one arm folded across her breasts, the other held in front of her pubic area. She was so innocently cute.

At the beach, there were several people bathing in the water, some laying out on towels, a small group was playing beach volleyball, and several others were sitting at the bar. From my brief scan around, most of the people seemed to be in their late 40’s and 50’s, though some were a bit older. At 21, Deni was clearly the youngest there. I looked around for a suitable place to claim for ourselves and spread the towels to claim our spot.

“Come on then, let’s swim” I said, making a run for the water.

Deni, not wishing to be left behind ran as fast as she could, as though she thought the faster she ran, the faster the water would shield her nudity. We dived in and swam out a short way, treading the warm water together. Although initially giving a very slight chill, the water soon became silky warm and it felt amazing to just be held almost weightless as the small waves rippled around us.

I pulled Deni to me and whispered “I love you Deni” before kissing her lovingly. She responded, “I love you too” and kissed me back, entwining her legs around my back, her arms wrapped around my neck. In that moment the world outside the two of us no longer mattered, just two lovers lost in each other’s kiss.

My tongue searched for hers and we were soon kissing passionately, my cock hardening. I cupped her breast and she moaned deeply; “Oh my god, they’re so sensitive” she said as my fingers found her nipple. She kissed me hard and I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, sliding inside. The water seemed to somehow provide a little more resistance, but once inside, her juices lubricated the way, and soon, she was empaled on my full length. We fucked there slowly, suspended by the water, and although no one was in our immediate area, there was a sense of a newfound freedom being able to fuck in public.

Deni writhed around on my cock, keeping me deep inside her, constantly kissing me, tightly clinging to me with her legs and arms. She was moaning and whimpering through her kisses and I could tell from her breathing she was close to an orgasm. I pumped harder, rocking my hips towards hers and dropped one hand to her ass, finding her tight little rosebud with my finger. I massaged it, which produced a prolonged moan from deep inside her and I felt her body tremble. I pressed my finger into the opening and then slid the full length inside her, slowly fucking her with it. She started to shudder and moments later clung tightly to me as I felt her orgasm. I always found it difficult to contain myself during her orgasms as her glove-like little pussy always gripped my cock hard and did it’s best to milk me. I felt my balls tighten and release my cum inside her.

We both collapsed, clinging together, letting the balmy water take our weight and remained locked together, floating there for several minutes, basking in the warmth of the water and the euphoric waves of post-coital afterglow. As my cock gradually deflated, I slipped out of her and kissed her. Deni was staring straight into my eyes, her eyes almost watery, her pupils dilated despite the strong sunlight. She gazed, not speaking, just holding me and gazing at me for what seemed the longest time. She was beautiful beyond my wildest dreams.

“Come on, let’s go get a drink” I said, releasing my arms from around her.

Before letting go herself, her arms still clinging around my neck, she said “do you know just how much I am in love with you?”

I looked at her, taking in her beauty, her words, the shared emotion that we were feeling and said simply, “yes, and I love you every bit as much, Deni”

She lingered for several more moments gazing at me before breaking into a happy, beaming, smile and slid from me, taking my hand as we waded our way back towards the beach. As we walked across the hot sand, she held my hand tightly. Deni was still shy, her arm was covering her breasts but she no longer lingered behind me, which I took as a good sign, and hoped that she would soon start to feel more relaxed about being naked. We took a couple of stools at the bar; the bar tender greeted us and offered us both a cocktail menu.

I scanned the menu, and chuckled loudly, sharing it with Deni. The cocktail names were so blatantly sexual; Sex on the beach, Suck Bang and Blow, Bend Over Shirley, Liquid Viagra, Cock Sucking Cowboy, and Creamy Pussy, to name a few. Deni cracked up and burst out laughing. She had such an infectious laugh, I couldn’t help but laugh along with her.

She leant towards me and whispered in my ear “Perhaps they should have one called Sex in the ocean”, before giggling like a schoolgirl.

I ordered the next best thing and the server soon popped two tall, red and yellow filled glasses of Sex on the Beach in front of us, adorned with a straw and a phallic stirrer, which was capped with a tiny erect penis, speared through a wedge of orange and a ruby red cherry.

Deni nudged me and flushed a similar color to the drink, giggling as she took it.

Siting at the bar were several naked men, mostly older, and a couple at the far end who were deeply focused on each other. I noticed that the guy sitting on the other side of Deni was obviously staring at her body and his somewhat large, flaccid dick had engorged slightly. He looked older than many of the others, maybe somewhere in his early 60’s with a darkly tanned, somewhat leathery skin, indicating that he spent too much time in the sun. A matt of thick sunbleached hair covered his chest.

As we sipped from our drinks, he spoke to us in a distinctively British accent.

“First time here, is it?”

Deni turned slightly to see who was talking to us and I noticed her eyes scanned him up and down, seemingly coming to rest focused on his cock.

“Yes, I replied… is it that obvious?”

The guy’s British accent, added to his facade. In my mind, I imagined that clothed he would be some kind of stereotypical gentry.

“no, not at all”, he replied, “although your dear wife here does seem somewhat nervous… it’s just that I often come here, it’s kind of a home away from home for me since I lost my fear wife… and I haven’t seen you around before”

“Sorry to hear that” said Deni, sympathetically as she joined in, trying to position herself so her back was neither turned to me, nor to the guy talking to us. She shuffled her stool back a bit, so she was better able to join the conversation.

“well, there’s no point moping around at home, when there’s such beautiful scenery… and I don’t just mean the ocean” he said, with a wink.

Deni was just getting back on the stool, so it took a moment for Deni to get the inference and then her face suddenly flushed, realizing he was talking about her.

“No offence meant” he offered, noticing Deni’s embarrassment, “just you’re a very beautiful young woman and your husband there is a very lucky man”

I was about to correct him that she was just my girlfriend, when I noticed that Deni’s wedding band and rings were quite clearly visible. I half expected her to have taken them off before going for a swim, but we kind of did that on impulse.

“Yes, she sure is” I responded. Deni glanced at me, instinctively moving her left hand down to her side, away from his line of sight.

I was trying to weigh him up, to decide whether he was trying to perv her, or whether he was just an affable guy, chatting to fellow drinkers. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

“Sorry, I should have introduced myself… my name’s Roger… yours?”

“I’m Greg and this is my wife, Deni”

Deni held her hand out and he took it to shake it, holding it up to his lips, he kissed the back of it in a very gentlemanly way. I still was a little uncertain about this guy, but his action seemed innocent enough.

I knew that Deni should perhaps not drink because of the baby, so I thought better I remind her. I leaned over to her and whispered quietly about my concern. She looked at me and smiled, happy that I cared about our future baby.

She whispered back into my ear, trying to reassure me saying “it’s ok, my doctor said that I don’t need to worry too much until after the first trimester… and besides, I don’t do it often… I just need something to calm my nerves”.

As the conversation progressed, I felt it safe enough to let my guard down some and we chatted for a while more as we worked our way through another cocktail from the menu. It turned out that Roger had been quite successful in business and had taken early retirement, hence he could afford in his terms “a few of the little luxuries of life” and that his wife of some 40 years had passed away a couple of years ago, leaving him free to make up for all the things he had wanted to do when he was working, but never got the chance to.

By the end of our second drink, I was feeling hungry and was sure Deni probably was too, so I made my excuses, saying we’d better get back to our room and change for dinner.

“Nonsense”, he said, “trust me… after the sun goes down, they fire up a beach BBQ and bring out a buffet… fantastic food, more or less anything you want… and then they get a disco going so there’s dancing… besides there’s no need to get all formal here”

It seemed to be a great idea and Deni appeared to be enthusiastic too, nodding her head in agreement as she sipped the last of her drink through the straw.

“Let’s get another drink each and watch the sunset, it’s magnificent here” he volunteered, calling the bar tender over.

“We’ll take three of the Leg Spreader” he said, directed at the bar tender.

The bar tender set out 3 martini glasses and mixed several ingredients, together with ice and shook it theatrically in front of us before dividing the mix between each glass and topping it off with the same stirrer, skewered this time, through a strawberry.

Deni immediately reached for the strawberry, swooshing it around in her drink before holding it to her lips and sucking it.

The sun set early here, well before 7. Roger was right about the sunset, it was magnificent, a big glowing orange sphere sank over the horizon, reflecting numerous shades of orange and red on the undersides of silvery clouds that lined the horizon. It seemed like we had been blessed to come across such an idyllic romantic location. Happily, both Deni and I now seemed to have become comfortable sitting around totally naked in the presence of strangers.

We continued to chat and sure enough at about 7, lines of servers came out carrying folding tables, tablecloths, and food-warmers, while other members of staff set up a bonfire, placed insect repellent lanterns to denote the dining area, and got the BBQ going. Soon the air was filled with aromatic and appetizing smoke as fresh caught fish, lobster, and various meats were grilled. It certainly put our local BBQ parties to shame.

For the customers, the staff set up folding tables covered with white linens, set out like a fine dining restaurant, with polished wine glasses and shining silverware. These were not long tables, instead smaller more intimate tables for 2 or 4 diners.

“we’d better claim our tables”, suggested Roger, stepping down from his bar stool, the BBQ is invariably popular, and you’ll find it fills up early. Deni and I got down from the stools too and she clung to my arm. The pre-dinner drinks certainly gave me a buzz, so Deni would surely have been feeling them.

“Why don’t you join us, no point sitting alone for dinner”, I offered politely

“Well, if you’re sure, how could I turn down an invitation to dine with such nice people, thank you, I would be delighted”.

We found a table, with Deni taking her seat first, and Roger and I sitting adjacent to her, on opposite sides.

Finally, a manager dressed somewhat pretentiously in a tuxedo announced that the buffet was open. We arose from the table and took our place in the line, working our way, ***********ing from various extremely appetizing displays.

Returning to the tables, we were quickly met by servers offering a choice of white or red wine and even champagne was available. Deni immediately opted for champagne, so I joined with her, although the red wine probably would have gone better with the grilled meats.

“I’ve never had champagne before” she said, smiling like the cat who got the cream

We chinked our glasses and toasted to a wonderful vacation and set about devouring our meal, during which time, the servers kept circling, topping up our glasses every time they passed by.

While we were all busy eating, the staff brough out and set up a stack of speakers and a DJ booth and eventually a DJ started playing reggae music to accompany the meal.

Deni, bless her, had her eye on some ice cream that was supposedly hand made on the premises and so after finishing her main course, disappeared off, returning a few minutes later with a bowl filled with a ***********ion of flavors. She was a little bit tipsy and when scooping a spoonful towards her mouth it slipped off and landed on one of her breasts. Her nipples immediately reacted to the icy substance, protruding firmly. She giggled and scooped it back up before popping it into her mouth. I would have gladly licked it off for her, but I would probably have gotten distracted, wanting to suckle on her distended nipple.

The plates were cleared, and coffee was quickly served, together with a digestive, some kind of local liquor that Roger claimed was supposed to aid digestion.

Finally, we were all satisfied, the tables were cleared, and the music grew a little louder.

Roger seemed to be an affable kind of guy, always willing to engage in conversation about one thing or another and although I caught him on several occasions staring at Deni’s tits, he never crossed altıparmak escort the line in anything he said or did. In fact, he seemed quite likable.

I looked at Deni and asked her she wanted to dance. Her eyes lit up and so politely excusing ourselves, I took her hand and led her to the dance floor. The DJ was playing a mix of Reggae, and dancing with Deni naked in the warm evening air, next to a glowing campfire was enticingly seductive. I held onto Deni and kissed her, holding her close to me through several dances. The sensation of her breasts rubbing against me was electrifying and I felt myself quickly becoming stiff again. Deni was a little tipsy and kept begging to be kissed, which was adding to my arousal. Clearly, she had lost her earlier inhibitions.

After a couple more songs I suggested that we returned to the table, where at least my erection would be less noticeable.

Roger welcomed us back. “You two looked like two love birds over there dancing, what it is to be in love like that… I remember when I first married my dear departed wife, we would dance for hours… alas, like all good things, those times have past too”

He had a sad look in his face and in sympathy, Deni put her small hand on the back of his.

Roger smiled, “would you mind very much if I asked your dear wife for a dance?” he said, catching me somewhat off-guard.

“um.. well.. no, I guess not” I spluttered out, “that’s up to Deni though, she’s just sat down”

“Of course, I don’t mind dancing with you she said”, glancing at me for approval. I nodded, although, in the circumstances, it wouldn’t have been easy to refuse. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor again.

The first couple of dances passed and I could tell from his moves that Roger was an excellent dancer, as he skillfully but tactfully led Deni in sync with the rhythm of the music. I was expecting them to return after just a couple of songs, but the music changed tempo to a much slower song and suddenly Roger had her in a much closer dance, their naked bodies touching. He wrapped his arms around the lower part of her back, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. I watched intrigued as he whispered something in her ear, to which she nodded and moments later they started to kiss. At first it was almost a gracious and respectful kiss, but steadily progressed to a more intimate kiss, clearly sharing each other’s tongues. My first reaction was an instantaneous feeling of jealousy and anger that he dared to kiss my wife, but then logic, or should I say my arousal, fueled by the drinks and atmosphere overruled them. I found myself growing hard, watching Deni dancing naked with a near-total stranger, and kissing a man many times her age. He broke from the kiss and again whispered in her ear. She stood back slightly looked down and even in the subdued glow from the campfire I could see her giggle and her face flush red. I saw what she had seen, Roger had a huge erection. He pulled her to him once more and kissed her again, his hands this time turning her away from him and pulling her ass towards him. As they swayed together and turned with the music, I saw Roger grinding against her, his hands holding her hips. I felt conflicted, feelings of annoyance that this guy would take such liberties, but I was rock hard under the table, my arousal ignited by watching them.

Eventually the dance ended, and he led her back to the table. Deni was flushed bright red and I could tell from the juices glistening that her pussy was wet.

“Thank you, Gary, for allowing those few moments with your wonderful wife, it’s been a long time since I danced with someone quite as ravishing”

“You’re welcome” I said, automatically.

“Honey, I’m tired let’s go”, Deni said with a sense of urgency, her eyes pleading with me, holding her hand out to me.

Ignoring my own erection, I felt it was a good time to leave before things got out of hand, so got up to leave and bid Roger a good night, politely thanking him for his company.

“Are you coming tomorrow night? … they’re holding a swingers party out here” he asked casually

I knew what he meant, but Deni clearly didn’t “Oh yes, sure, we’re here the whole weekend”, She responded.

Roger laughed and said goodnight as we headed back to our room.

We were only just inside the door when Deni jumped on me and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back and we fell onto the bed together. Deni was wild, she grabbed my now semi-deflated cock and sucked it into her mouth as if desperate to get it hard… it worked, my erection coming back full force. She climbed over me and speared herself on it. Her pussy was sopping wet and as she energetically fucked herself on my cock, experiencing a massive orgasm within minutes, her juices sprayed everywhere, soaking the bed.

She kept fucking me, riding my cock, working at it, pumping it and in no time at all I was releasing myself inside her.

She collapsed onto me, breathless.

“oh my god” she said, panting for breath, “that made me so horny, I was so desperate to fuck you”

“What was it he said to you?”, I asked, curious to know why she had kissed him

“Oh, the first time was when he asked me if I would kiss him… he said he missed the touch of a woman’s kiss, so I guess I didn’t really see the harm in it, so I said yes… he’s a pretty good kisser”

“The second time, he told me to look what my kiss had done to him… so I looked down and there’s this huge erection… his cock was really thick, and then he went and danced with me with it right up against my ass… god that made me horny… all I was thinking is how long did we have to dance and how soon could i get your cock inside me”

“well, it certainly lit a fire inside you, that’s for sure, I don’t think I’ve ever known you cum that fast… the key point is though, did you enjoy yourself tonight”.

“oh my god, yes, I never imagined I would ever come to such a place, or be dancing naked, not with you, and definitely not end up dancing with some naked old guy we’d only just met”.

“How did it feel for you, knowing I was there but you were kissing and making another man’s cock hard?”

“Mmmm… lol, was weird at first, I felt a bit guilty, but I knew we wouldn’t go too far because it’s you I’m in love with, not him”

“Would you have liked him to fuck you, if I had agreed?”

“maybe, I don’t know… I mean his cock is super big… and even just feeling it rubbing on my ass made me super horny”

“I could tell”, I said, laughing

“I remember how horny you got when we watched those videos together”, I said semi jokingly, but I was curious to know how she really felt.

“yeah… they were kind of hot”

She whispered in my ear “I love you Gary”, she kissed me deeply and then slid down the bed and started sucking my cock gently. She worked on me for a while and eventually I got my stamina back and got hard again. We made slow, romantic, gentle love and after cumming again, fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, we woke as daylight had already filled the room. It was Saturday and we had the whole day ahead of us. We ate breakfast and sipped hot coffee at the beachside bar, fortunately Roger was not around. Deni seemed much more confident in herself now, comfortable in her nudity.

I was surprised that Dave hadn’t phoned or even messaged her, or at least, she hadn’t mentioned any message, but I was grateful for that. I didn’t want anything to spoil the time that we had together. The rest of the day we spent relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming in the clear waters. The hotel had a small store on site, and we purchased a couple of dive masks and snorkels, so after a light lunch, we went snorkeling together. Over by some rocks we found abundant shoals of brightly colored fish of varying varieties. We discovered a small sandy cove, shielded from the direct view of the hotel, and ended up making love on the sand. The whole day was blissful. I noticed that even though Deni had naturally darker skin, she was quickly turning an even darker shade of brown. I worried slightly that Dave might notice this, but for now I wasn’t about to allow myself to dwell on it.

The hotel seemed to be getting slightly busier and, making our way back to the beach, I noticed that it definitely had more people there, mostly couples, but I observed a few single men too and some apparently single women.

We showered before dinner and headed out naked again over towards the bar. The hotel had placed advertising boards in various locations, promoting tonight’s swingers party. I wasn’t sure what that would entail and must admit that I was a little uncertain about attending this, as Deni would more than likely end dancing with some stranger again, but I steeled myself, deciding to just go with the flow and enjoy whatever our short time together would end up like.

We took our places at the bar and ordered a couple of the now familiar cocktails, I chose a Sex on My Face, but Deni wanted something more girlie and opted for a Creamy Pussy of all things, which the menu described as a succulent fusion of Bailey’s and Strawberry Cream Liqueur. The bar tender did his now familiar theatrical act and presented us with our drinks.

We had been sitting there a while, quietly chatting and sipping on our drinks, when Roger turned up. He headed straight over to the bar and took the vacant stool again on the other side of Deni. He kissed her politely on the cheek and offered his hand to me. Deni moved her stool out and Roger moved his stool closer to our position, making it easier to chat. He ordered a drink and we sat chatting for a while. By the second round, we were chatting quite freely.

“So, I see your dear lady wife persuaded you to come tonight” he said somewhat rhetorically “I must say, I enjoyed dancing with her last night, she’s a breath of fresh air”. I had to agree with him on that. “I enjoyed it too”, added Deni.

I noticed that Roger’s hand had come to rest on her knee and was softly stroking it but Deni didn’t seem to object, so I let it slide. We worked our way through a couple more rounds of drinks and busied ourselves chatting, but I was very aware that Roger’s hand had worked its way to the inside of Deni’s thigh and was softly stroking it.

The sun eventually set, and the hotel staff busied themselves setting up the BBQ again, this time placing loungers at various places along the edge of the beach. Some were quite large and required 2 men to carry them, they seemed big enough to accommodate at least 2 people. The event meant a significantly larger number of guests were at the hotel than the previous night, so Roger, Deni, and I took our drinks and occupied a small table next to the dance area, as soon as it had been set up. The dining area quickly filled, even to the point of some people being disappointed and prompting the staff to scurry off and bring out more tables.

The commencement of dinner was announced and after ***********ing from the extravagant variety of choices, we returned to the table. As with the previous night, the wine and champagne flowed freely. It wasn’t long before the music got underway, and people started to dance. I noticed that several young local guys had also turned up, dark skinned and athletically muscular.

“Are these off-duty members of staff?”, I asked Roger

“Some are, yes, some are what we call Beach Boys, young studs on the lookout for… let’s say, the more mature single woman… you know, a lot of women come here, you’d be surprised, it gives them an opportunity to have sex, and the local guys are only too willing to be… shall we say, spoiled by the women”

I understood what he meant and was amused by how openly accepted it all was here, so different from the taboos and societal norms of back home.

I stood up and took Deni’s hand, which she willingly accepted, and I led her to the dance floor and danced among the other couples. She seemed relaxed, enjoying dancing with me, her gaze often not venturing far from mine. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply and continued to do my best, moving with the rhythm of Bob Marley, while holding her close.

One couple were already making use of one of the loungers and were beyond the point of simple kissing. A little further along, an older woman was laying naked on the lounger, her legs in the air while being fucked powerfully by one of the beach boys. It was an erotically surreal scene, so refined, yet so openly sexual, there were no private encounters, no taboos, just the freedom to enjoy their sexuality as they saw fit. Deni giggled, she hadn’t noticed the people having sex until now and seemed to find it quite hilarious.

She whispered to me “those people… by the beach… they’re having sex”

I hugged her tight and kissed her, whispering back “yes sweetie, that’s what a swingers party is all about, it’s about being free to enjoy sex with anyone”

She looked puzzled, “don’t their partners get upset with them?”

“no sweetie, or they wouldn’t be here”

I could see that her mind was working on what I had just explained.

“How do you feel about dancing with Roger again?”

Deni’s face flushed red, as was so often the case when anything sexual was brought up in conversation.

“what if he wants to.. you know… like kiss me again?”

“did you enjoy kissing him?”

“Yes, it was nice, but it was just a kiss… remember it’s you I love and kissing him was just… well… because I felt sorry for him… but yeah it was fun ”, she replied.

“uhuh! … and it got you very horny, you little imp”, I countered, teasing her.

“sorry… I don’t want to upset you”, her expression became more forlorn

“what if I said, I don’t mind that as long as you remember it’s me you love?… if I’m being honest, I got quite turned on too, watching the both of you… especially when he was grinding his cock against your ass, it was kind of naughtily erotic”

“you… you didn’t mind?”, she asked, a little puzzled

“At first I did, yes, kind of made me angry that he was touching you like that, a bit jealous even, … but I found that watching you be sexual with someone, turned me on too… didn’t you notice the erection I had when you came back to the table?”

Deni giggled, “no haha, I was so horny, I just wanted to take you to our room and fuck you”

“Well, you did seem to like his cock”, I quipped, deliberately provoking her.

“you’re just trying to make me go red again”, she protested jokingly

“it’s working”, I said, daringly

Deni punched me playfully, “I love you so much”

“well… did you?”

Deni looked sheepish, “yeah, it’s kinda thick and it has a nice shape”

“Didn’t his age bother you?, I mean he’s more than 3 times your age”

Deni thought for a moment, “hmmm, a bit… but not really… I mean… yeah, he’s old… but he’s kinda sexy in a way and he’s a good dancer”

“what if I said it was ok to tease him a bit more… just tonight?”

“He’s gonna get me horny again”

“Hmmm you little imp… I love when you’re horny, makes you more mischievous”

“but what if he wants to have sex with me? … I mean… I just don’t want to do something that risks our relationship”

“that’s up to you my love… if it’s what you want… but trust me, nothing will stop me loving you”

“Come on, let’s head back to the table and have another drink”

I knew I was playing with fire, but I really wanted her to enjoy this night, no matter how uncomfortable I might end up feeling, and based on the previous night’s experience, I toyed with the idea that it might even spice up our own lovemaking even further.

We headed back to our table and started to work our way through another glass of champagne.

“Gary, would you mind if I invited your dear wife for a dance again?”, Roger asked, respectfully

“That’s really up to Deni”, I said looking at my girl

“Would you care to dance again, Deni?”, he asked, again respecting her presence.

“Yeah, thanks” she said, accepting his invitation.

He took Deni’s hand and led her to the dance floor, finding a suitable spot between the various couples, he started expertly moving in harmony with her, while skillfully avoiding accidental collisions. Occasionally, the crowded dance floor made it difficult for me to see them, especially as Deni was so short and many of the couples were much taller than her.

They danced their way through several songs until the DJ switched to a song called “I’ll make love to you”, a slow and very sensual song as the title infers, seemingly to signify an intended change in mood. I observed some of the couples swap, and several started kissing, or slow dancing with a new partner. One or two of the couples left and headed towards the beach. The thinning group of dancers gave me chance to observe Deni more clearly. I watched as Roger pulled Deni to him and she slipped her arms around Roger’s neck and were soon engaged in a long, sensual kiss, their lips and tongues busily exchanging with each other. This continued for some time. Although there were several single women around, I didn’t want to dance with them, intent only on watching Deni.

Roger’s hands firmly held her ass cheeks, pulling her into him, and slowly grinding against her. Deni was evident that she was enjoying his kiss, and I was convinced that he was squashing her belly against his erection. As before he turned her around and as he did so I saw his erection wing out in front of him before urging her body back against him, his hands on Deni’s hips. They kept going, grinding slowly against each other for a while and then his hands moved from her hips and cupped her breasts, his thumbs brushing against her protruding nipples that clearly revealed how turned on she was. Deni leaned back into him, resting her head on his chest. A few minutes later, Deni slipped her hand behind her and I watched, mesmerized when she parted her legs slightly and positioned his cock between them, before clamping it by closing her thighs together. As they turned with the dance in my direction, I saw the tip of his cock protruding between her legs, just below her pussy, as if he was rubbing it directly against her; a glint of light, reflected from her juices that were wetting his shaft. I was insanely hard watching what was possibly the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed as this relative stranger danced and played with the woman I loved.

They kept it going like that for some time. Roger whispered into her ear and she opened her eyes to look in my direction. I just smiled at her.

As the song faded, he took her by the hand and led her back to the table, unashamedly sporting his erection as it swung in front of him. Deni was clearly in a highly aroused state, her eyes glazed, her nipples, swollen hard, were standing out like dark thimbles.

As she approached, she ran to me and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me deeply. Roger smiled and took his seat, watching as Deni unleashed her pent-up passion on me. I pushed my chair back and pulled her towards me. She straddled my lap, her pussy was sopping wet, and my shaft slipped straight into her, prompting a moan to erupt from deep inside her. I thrust up into her, reveling in her warmth and wetness. Deni was insatiable, kissing me, riding me, disregarding where we were or who was around us.

She whispered into my ear “oh my god, he made me feel so wild and horny”, which to me was stating what was clearly obvious both to me and to Roger; I noticed he was watching her body and the jiggle of her tits, intently, while slowly stroking his shaft.

I whispered back to her “do you want to play with his cock?”

Deni nodded vehemently

I grabbed Deni by her hips and twisted her body around, so she was facing Roger.

“See what you’ve done to my wife?”, I said, tormenting him as he tormented me, “why don’t you come and stand in front of her and let her watch you playing with your cock?.

Roger got up from his chair and stood directly in front of her, all the time pumping his cock while he watched her impaling herself on me.

Deni was going crazy, whining, and whimpering as her orgasm was approaching

“Do you like his cock, honey?”

“Yes”, she responded instantly,

Roger grinned

“And did you like it when he was rubbing your pussy with it on the dance floor?”

Deni gasped and moaned, “yes, it was wonderful”

“Did you wish it was inside you?”

“Yes, oh my god yes”

“Do you want him to fuck you now?”

“Yes, dammit… oh fuck..”, she said as an orgasm exploded inside her, sending shudders through her body, her legs weakening.

“may I?” asked Roger

“That’s up to Deni, but it’s fine with me if that’s what she wants to do”, I responded.

“oh god, yes” replied Deni, without further prompting

I pushed Deni up off my cock and placed her face down, bent over the table. Roger stepped up behind her and lined his cock up with her gaping pussy. She turned her head to look at me as if saying “are you sure?”, but Roger just pushed into her opening, his fat cock stretching her lips wide. He thrust forward, sinking in several inches and then again until he was fully inside her, stretching her walls.

Deni groaned loudly from somewhere deep inside herself; she had never taken a cock of that girth before and I was mesmerized to see how her lips clung to his shaft as he started to slide in and out of her. She was panting for breath and gasping for air, her hands tightly gripping the edge of the table.

Roger was working her pussy with a steady rhythm, skillfully enticing an orgasm from her. He moved his hand around her hips, down between the front of her pussy, and started fingering her clitoris, while I looked on, gently rubbing myself to keep my cock hard, while at the same time, trying not to come. That took all my self-control and willpower as I found that the sight of Deni getting fucked by this older man was incredibly erotic.

Deni was responding to the stimulation of her clitoris with multiple gentle orgasms, each one sending shudders through her body. I loved the look of utter bliss on her face. She was mumbling almost incoherently between his thrusts.

“oh my god, don’t stop, please don’t stop, your cock feels incredible”

Roger seemed to get excited by this and thrust harder

“Hmm you are so tight Deni, so exquisitely sexy” he moaned, thrusting into her hard

“hmmm and so young, I love your tight little pussy so much… you fit my cock so perfectly”

“Do you like your uncle Roger fucking you?”

I thought it was strange that Roger had suddenly started calling himself Uncle Roger, but the sight of him fucking Deni and her so wrapped up in enjoying sex had me on the edge.

“yes” she said, moaning

He groaned, and I could see he was fighting to not cum in her”

“Tell your Uncle Roger how much you like his cock in you”

“oh my god, I so do, I love your cock, I love being fucked by you… it’s amazing”

Roger pulled out from her for a second, and he flipped her over onto her back, sliding her across the white linen tablecloth.

“Don’t stop… please don’t stop Roger… please”

He pushed her down the small table, so her head flopped backwards off the far end raised her ankles over his shoulders before ploughing his cock back into her. He started thrusting faster and seemingly even deeper into her. Deni’s tits were wobbling back and forth with the power of his thrusts.

“Such perfect little titties” he said, “I liked them the moment I set eyes on them at the bar”

“So petite, so firm, so beautifully shaped… I wanted to bend down and suck them right there at the bar”

He held her ankles wide and spread her legs wide, thrusting into her.

“hmmmmm, so tight and warm inside you”

“oh fuck, I’m gonna cum… “, Deni said, and squealed loudly, barely having time to get the words out before erupting into an intense orgasm, spraying her juices into the air and over Roger’s abdomen. Her body spasmed hard, her lower abdomen pulsating.

“Hmm, it’s so nice when you cum for me, your pussy makes Uncle Roger’s cock feel so good”

“Do you like making my cock feel good, Deni?”

“Yes, yes…” she said, her voice breathless but urgent.

“Here’s an idea… why don’t you watch what that group of young men are doing over there by the side of the DJ booth”, he suggested to her in a matter-of-fact kind of way, gesturing towards some area behind me.

“I turned to see what what direction Deni’s eyes were now drawn to. A group of 4 well-built young black men were entertaining an middle-aged woman only yards from where we were. One was fucking her, while another clearly had his cock down her throat. The other two were slowly wanking themselves, waiting their turn whilst mauling her tits.

Deni’s eyes opened wide as her gaze fell on the sexual scene that was unfolding not far from us.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed.

“Have you ever had the pleasure of receiving attention like that?”, he continued. She shook her head.

Deni let out a sustained moan. I wasn’t sure whether it was from watching the scene or from how Roger was working his cock in her pussy, or a combination of both. I just remember how she had reacted when we had shared the porn videos together.

Her moans became stronger and her body noticeably trembled.

“Don’t take your eyes off them… see how that young man is fucking her… I bet he’s got a very big cock… do you like big cocks Deni?”

She moaned, “yes”

“Would you like to have so many young men wanting to fuck you… putting their big cocks inside your pussy?”

Deni, let out a prolonged deep moan and I could clearly tell she was experiencing yet an orgasm

“I’ll take that as a yes”, said Roger still pacing himself, celebrating every time he successfully nurtured an orgasm in her.

“oh my god, you feel so big” she said

“I love this feeling”, she said, squirming around on his shaft.

“Tell your Uncle Roger what would want to do with your little pussy, Deni”

Roger’s hand was again massaging Deni’s clitoris and I knew that Deni must be feeling llike she was losing control completely to the way he was stimulating her.

“Ooh, look at that group again, see that man who’s about to fuck her? He’s got an impressively large cock”

I turned my head away from Deni to check out what Roger was talking about and sure enough, there was a slightly older, tall, and incredibly well-hung black guy flaunting an impressively large cock. He was about to fuck the woman with it, while the group of 4 stood back slightly in deference to him.

Deni almost immediately spasmed on Roger’s cock the moment she saw it, an orgasm eliciting a crescendo of prolonged moans as an it swept over her.

“Oh splendid, Deni, what wonderful bursa anal yapan escort orgasms you have, I really felt that one on my cock, and look how happy you’re making your husband, look at his beautiful cock, what a shame it’s going unattended”

She opened her eyes and looked at my erection, which was by now standing upright perpendicular to my body.

“Why don’t you suck your husband, while I keep fucking you”

She looked at me, her eyes pleading, holding out her hand to me. How could I refuse such an offer from the woman I loved so much? I moved closer to her, lining my cock up with her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft and opened her mouth wide, guiding me in, immediately wrapping her lips around the shaft, her tongue brushing hungrily around the tip, tasting my salty pre-cum.

I eased more of my cock into her mouth as she tried her best to gently bob her head, while at the same time, her hips were bucking in response to Roger’s cock. He seemed to have incredible staying power and self-control for a guy his age.

“Hmm you’re a very horny young girl aren’t you Deni?” Roger said, not expecting a response but Deni murmured a “uh hu” through her tightly closed lips.

As I fought for self-control and tried to distract myself from exploding into Deni’s mouth just yet, I thought about what a strangely surreal situation to find ourselves in, sharing the woman I loved with an older man, in the semi-normality of the watchful eyes of various servers and bar tenders. I had personally never experienced anything like it, nor had Deni, and yet here we were engaging in sex along with several other couples in such a public setting.

A prolonged whale echoed around, emanating from where the group of young Beach Boys had been fucking the single woman. Clearly, she indicating that she must have just experienced a unbridled orgasm, but my attention still focused on the way Deni was enjoying sucking me while reveling in a blissful euphoria caused by Roger’s sustained fucking.

“That poor woman must have really lost it being fucked by such an enormous cock”, pronounced Roger enthusiastically,

Deni moaned loudly, the vibration of her moans, rippling through my cock that was now deep in her mouth.

“I bet you wish you were that woman, Deni… I bet you wish his enormous cock was in you… I bet he’s even bigger than your uncle’s”

Deni moaned deeply again and started bucking her hips faster to meet Roger’s cock, her movements almost causing my cock to slip from her mouth, but she clung on, holding my shaft tight with her hand, as she sucked and licked me. She was losing control and I knew she was building to a big orgasm.

“Hmm, Deni, you’re such a good young woman, you’re fucking your poor Uncle Roger so well, you’re going to make him cum in your tight little pussy” he said, clearly fighting to control himself.

“Would you like me to cum in your tight little pussy, Deni?”

She murmured a sound that resembled a yes, but the way she began frantically sucking me confirmed it.

“Imagine, Deni, imagine how much cum those young men can make, imagine how much stamina they have, imagine your body covered with their delicious cum”

Deni moaned a profound guttural moan from deep inside, and her body spasmed, the muscles throughout her whole body was quivering, and her juices sprayed out yet again. I knew how tightly Deni’s pussy would be clamping around Roger’s cock and we both lost control at more or less the same time, Roger stiffened and grunted as he shot his load inside her. I grabbed her head and thrust my cock beyond her throat and unloaded what seemed like gallons of pent-up spunk into her tube. Deni was too far gone to cough and splutter, too preoccupied by the way her body became overwhelmed by her own orgasm.

I pulled back from her throat, but she kept her lips tightly wrapped around my cock, sucking and licking the remaining flow that was no doubt still oozing out of it. Roger was panting heavily, his face turned into a ruddy complexion through his weathered tan.

“That my dear… was truly amazing, Deni… truly amazing” was all he could muster.

I slipped my cock from her lips, and collapsed heavily into my chair, my balls feeling completely drained.

“What a heavenly young lady you have as a wife” he said, turning his eyes to me. “What an amazing pussy she has”

Deni was looking at me, but she seemed a little distracted, alternating between lovingly staring into my eyes and glancing over in the general direction of where the young men had been fucking the woman. Her hips were undulating slowly as she continued to milk Roger’s slowly deflating cock.

Roger collapsed into his own chair, panting.

“I fear your young wife still has the energy to be horny, but I’m guessing it will be a while before either you or I am able to pleasure her again”

I laughed and nodded, my legs felt hollow from releasing all that cum after such a prolonged build-up and I had to agree with him.

“Why don’t we invite those young men over there to play with little Deni here, I’m sure from her reaction, she’d enjoy it”

Deni was a quivering mess, still laying on the table, recovering from her last orgasm

I laughed, “You can’t be serious… from the sounds that were coming from that woman, I’m pretty sure they’ve just exhausted themselves”

“You underestimate those boys, Gary, they are young, virile, and spend their lives working the circuit of swinger parties, or patrolling the beaches, in search of older, single women”

“Isn’t that… like a health risk?”

“In a way… it could be I suppose, but they have to get themselves tested frequently”

“How do you know all this?” I asked out of curiosity

“Like I said, I come here often myself… I know many of them”

I looked in the direction of the now vacated lounger; the group were hanging out together smoking and no doubt comparing notes on the woman, who apparently satisfied, seemed to have left the area. I looked at Deni, trying to interpret how she was feeling.

“Deni baby girl, do you think those boys are handsome?”, asked Roger

She purred softly, “yeah”

“are you still horny?”

I could tell, just from looking at her, she was still extremely aroused. I felt that I knew Deni better than I even knew myself and I knew that probably we would never get a chance like this for her again. A million worries flashed through my head about her health, no matter how Roger reassured me, and even what the fallout might be for our relationship. I had never imagined that she would be laying on a table, being fucked by a man who was old enough almost to be her grandfather. The reality was though, that she was still feeling horny, and due to our age, neither Roger nor I had the stamina to recover quickly. I felt sad, but I wanted her to get the most out of her few days together here.

“So, Deni… Do you want to feel their big cocks in your tight little pussy?”, asked Roger

She looked at me sheepishly, clearly feeling nervous about voicing her admission.

“Yes…” she said in an almost whisper

“Look, Gary, why don’t I go talk to the boys and see if they’re interested?”

I helped Deni off the table and she collapsed into my arms, wrapping her arms around my neck, steadying herself, a trickle of cum oozed out of her pussy and dripped onto her thighs. She kissed me so tenderly and passionately.

As if she could sense my apprehension, she spoke gently to me, “don’t worry my love… I still love you very much… I love you sooo much… even if I enjoyed Roger fucking me”.

Roger returned, smiling, taking her by the hand, he led Deni her over to the eagerly waiting group of 4 younger men and the older guy, who appeared on closer inspection to be in his 30’s. What was truly astonishing was the length and girth of his cock, which hung limply between his legs attached to two massive balls. Even deflated, his cock would have given Roger and I a tough time to compete with, if there was ever such a competition.

They were all over Deni in no time. They were kissing her, long tongues penetrating her mouth, sucking her tits, fingering her pussy.

I felt quite strong pangs of concern and jealousy, but I knew she loved me, and I knew my turn would come later, but for now I just wanted her to be free to be pleasured. They moved her back towards the lounger and lay her down, spreading her legs. One of the younger guys dove between her legs, his head lined up with her pussy and started licking her. Deni was instantly orgasmic; I watched as she clamped the guy’s head with her thighs and shuddered. Another started to kiss her, starting with her lips, her cheeks, down the side of her neck, down to her breasts. His erection was clearly visible, long and thick.

One guy was kissing her, snaking his tongue into her mouth, while each of her hands wrapped around the cocks belong to the other two, pumping them. The guy who had been licking her climbed between her legs and with a few pumps of his hand, guided his long, thick cock to her sopping wet pussy. He pushed into her and she wrapped her ankles around his back and soon he was plunging into her, almost immediately starting to jackhammer her with powerful hip movements.

The older guy, interestingly stood back silently, allowing the young studs to work Deni into a frenzy, which definitely seemed to be working.

One of the guys, he looked the youngest turned Deni’s face towards his cock and guided it to her open mouth. His cock was long, not as thick as Rogers, but he made up for it with an impressive length. He pushed firmly and despite its length, shoved it balls deep inside her throat. Deni immediately started coughing and spluttering. I knew that she was doing her best to deep-throat his cock, despite her lack of experience. I could clearly see her throat had expanded. He held her head tightly in his hands and was literally fucking her face.

The guy ravaging her poor pussy groaned, his body tensing and unloaded inside her. He pulled out moments later. Another guy quickly took his place, ramming straight into her. Deni squealed, but I wasn’t sure if it was from pain or intense pleasure. He was soon ramming his cock in and out of her pussy with a vigor that only a guy of that age could muster. The guy fucking Deni’s throat came too and dumped his seed deep into her gullet before pulling out, leaving Deni gasping for air.

Within the space of around 20 minutes, 3 of the guys had fucked Deni and cum inside her, the other having already cum down her throat, Deni herself having experienced numerous orgasms. As the last one pulled out of her, I could see from the angle of the lounger that her pussy gaping open, a huge puddle of cum pooled on the lounger cushions beneath her. Deni’s body was shaking.

The older guy had stroked himself hard and seeing his cock so close up, it now looked massive, at least 10 inches long and as thick as my forearm. He moved into place and flipped Deni over face down as easily as a chef flipping a burger. He grabbed her hips and lifted them while lining up with her gaping entrance and pushed at her.

Deni cried out “noooo, too big, ow, it hurts, too big too big” but he paid no attention and forced the bulbous head inside her. Deni screamed. I moved to rise from my chair, determined to intervene and protect her, but Roger grabbed my arm and held me back, signaling me with his hand to wait.

Deni screamed again as he forced several more inches inside her.

“Dam yo wife is a tight little ho ain’t she” he called out, turning his face to me, grinning, “but not after tonight… Ima give her a night she’ll remember for a long long time”

He spanked Deni’s ass hard, making her yelp, before thrusting several more inches into her.

“Dat’s right, take my big ‘ol cock, you know you love it”, his native accent clearly evident

He forced himself further into her, leaving only a couple of inches outside and spanked her again. Deni arched her back and let out a long wail. Again, I moved, desperate to stop her from being hurt, instantly regretting that I had allowed these men to abuse her, but Roger again held me back.

“Wait” he said, whispering into my ear.

The man pulled back and then rammed himself forward, forcing the remaining length of his cock inside her. Deni screamed again, clearly in pain, but I noticed her orgasm at the same time. Her body started convulsing. He pulled back and rammed into her again, then again. The older guy didn’t jackhammer her like the young bucks, instead he started a steady, measured pattern of movements. He would pull back, almost out of her then wait until he saw her hips trying to pull him back inside and then he would thrust forward, hard. She seemed to be cumming with each inward thrust, shaking her head violently and spraying juices from her pussy, adding to the mess soaking into the cushion beneath her.

He spanked her again, “tell me how much you’re lovin dis big ol cock of mine”

“yes oh my god yes” she responded

He spanked her again, “tell me again and mean it”. He pulled almost completely back out again, waiting for response.

“yes oh my god, I love your cock, i love it” she cried amongst several sobs

He spanked her again, leaving a red handprint across her cheeks.

“fuck my pussy with your big ‘ol cock, I want it… I want it”

He spanked her again, still holding back from thrusting into her.

“oh my god, oh my god, please fuck my tiny pussy with your big ‘ol cock, I need it so bad… please oh please fuck me… put it back, put it back”

The torrent of words streaming from her mouth stunned me, it was so unlike the Deni I knew and loved.

He still held back, tormenting her by wiggling the bulbous head of his cock around just inside her.

“oh my god, pleased, please fuck me”, Deni’s voice sounded desperate

He relented and thrust his full length into her, bottoming out in a single thrust. Deni grunted and her body spasmed, sending a jet of her juices flying out. He held himself deep inside her.

“Tell your husband there how good it feels”. He spanked her hard

She yelped and he spanked her again… “tell him”

She turned her face toward me, tears in her eyes. “oh my god, honey, it’s massive”

The guy pulled back again, causing Deni moving her hips to instinctively try and keep his cock inside.

“tell him how good, my cock feels inside”

“oh my god, honey, his cock is crazy, it’s massive, it feels so good, so good”

The guy rewarded her with a several more minutes of thrusts, eliciting a seemingly endless series of orgasms from her.

“I own your pussy, no one feels like my big ‘ol cock in your pussy, does it?”

“no, no-one”… Deni’s response shocked me

He pulled back, this time pulling right out, his shiny cock glistening with her juices, her pussy gaping, stretched wider than I’d ever seen it.

“Noooo please I want it back, I want it back inside me, please”, Deni’s voice sounded genuinely desperate.

“Tell me who owns your pussy”

“oh my god, put it back in me… you do, you own it”

“Tell your husband who owns your pussy now”

“You do”

He spanked her, still holding back from inserting his cock back into her. “I said, tell your husband”

She looked at me, floods of tears filled her eyes, “I’m so sorry honey, I’m so sorry… nothing has ever felt like this… I love you more than life, but my pussy… oh my god… he feels incredible”. She broke down, sobbing, collapsing on the lounger, tears streaming from her eyes.

Among the tears she was screaming “fuck me … oh my god, fuck my pussy… fuck me with that big monster cock of yours”

My heart sank… “what have I done, Roger, what have I done?”

“Calm Gary, she’ll be fine tomorrow, you’ll see … don’t worry… we all say things in the heat of the moment… just go with the flow”

His words didn’t help. I was still reeling in shock at the words that had just come from my Deni’s mouth, my brain ached from the myriad of thoughts and emotions, a crushing guilt at what I had allowed to happen, no, that I had encouraged to happen overwhelming any other sensation.

The man thrust his 10 inches of pipe fully into her in a single movement, causing Deni to scream through the pain as she experienced a full-body orgasm; he responded by thrusting harder, speeding up. Deni was in an orgasmic mess, uncontrollable, murmuring incoherently, sobbing, spasming with every thrust, her juices spraying from her, her sobs transformed into cries of sexual bliss. He started ramming harder and suddenly grunted, arching his back and cumming into her. Cum squirted out from around the edge of her pussy as he continued to thrust.

Deni collapsed, in an ecstatic state, almost comatose. She lay there unmoving, except for occasional shudders from the aftershocks, outwardly appearing to be in a sexual euphoria, her energy had been drained from the endless torrent of orgasms, her body had been through.

The older guy slid out of her with an audible plop and a sizeable amount of cum flooded out.

“She all yours now boys… I wouldn’t use her pussy though, that ain’t no use to no-one tonight”

The four younger guys had been slowly wanking themselves as they watched the older guy pummel Deni’s poor over-stretched pussy. The guy who had first fucked her throat rummaged in a nearby bag that had been dumped next to the DJ booth and withdrew a tube of lubricant.

He squirted onto his hand and massaged his cock, lubricating it. He then went over to Deni and parting her cheeks, squirted more onto her anus. He pushed his cock into her roughly, but she didn’t even flinch, she just lay there sobbing, gasping for air, and started once again to hammer away at her, cumming a few minutes later deep in her bowels. He slid away, his glistening cock swaying from side to side, still hard. Another took his place, similarly fucking her poor ass hard, before coming himself. Her ass gaped open to join her pussy as he pulled out of her. The other two, were jacking off and turned Deni over face up on the bed. Her eyes were closed, she was all but motionless. Large amounts of cum squirted from his cock, splattering her over her face and tits, before grabbing a handful of her hair to wipe his cock off. Moments later the last guy shot his load over Deni’s motionless form, swinging his cock from side to side to ensure his cum hit her face, tits and stomach.

The 5 guys left in silence, laughing and lighting up joints, leaving Roger and I alone with Deni. I dashed out my chair and ran over to her. She was a mess, exhausted both physically and emotionally. Roger joined me.

“Let me help you get her back to your room”, Roger said, almost apologetically, gazing sympathetically at Deni’s fragile and abused little body. I was seething with anger at him, or more correctly, I was angry at myself for agreeing and encouraging Deni to experience a gang bang. They were uncouth, whereas at least Roger had at least been reasonably respectful, this group of guys had just physically used her and left her in a physical and emotional state that I wasn’t sure I could get her back from.

We helped her up and wrapped an arm around each of our necks to support her weight. Her legs were unsteady, giving way frequently as we made our way to our room. We rolled her onto her the bed, face up. I went to the bathroom and wrung out a couple of wet face towels. Returning to the bedroom, Roger and I started to gently wipe the cum off her face and body. Rivers of cum had leaked out of her pussy and were now drying on her thighs and it was encrusted in her hair.

“Look, Gary… I know you’re probably feeling angry about all of this, but why don’t I stay overnight, you’ve both been through a lot… you and Deni… let’s sleep on it and I’ll help you sort things out in the morning. I’ve seen this many times before Gary… everything will be fine… trust me”.

“Ok, I guess” I said, not sure whether to be angry and beat the shit out of Roger or thank him for being so supportive.

We climbed into bed alongside her, one at either side. Deni was out of it, a deep but very restless sleep, muttering something unintelligible over and over as she slept. I lay there, stroking her hair, pondering what tomorrow would bring. Roger eventually fell asleep, at least before me, but my mind was in too much turmoil and sleep evaded me, as I repeatedly ruminated unimaginable concerns about losing the woman I loved. Eventually sleep won at some point during the night, sleep must have won over, I must have fallen asleep but not sure when or for how long.

Through the fog of initial waking, I overheard the quiet whisper of Deni’s voice accompanied by gentle movements of the bed. I opened an eye, but it was still quite dark; I figured it was some time just before dawn.

In the subdued light I could just make out Deni’s shadowy profile squatting on Roger’s cock as he fucked her gently. She was kneeling with her legs either side of him, facing him, with her hands supporting her weight on his chest, slowly moving her hips on his. It seemed such a twist of fate that I had first fucked Deni next to her sleeping husband and now she was being fucked again, while I slept. I felt the urge to be angry, catching them in the act, but that would serve no purpose, so steeling myself to control my emotions, opted instead to pretended to be asleep.

“what have I done, Roger, I’m so scared” she whispered

She moaned slightly as Roger pushed up into her

“I said some terrible things… I didn’t mean them… honestly I didn’t… “

“I know Deni, I know… we all say dumb stuff in the heat of the moment”

“I’m so scared I’m going to lose him”

“Deni… he loves you, it’s patently clear to everyone that he’s crazy about you… and I know for sure that you love him”

“Yes” whispered Deni, thrusting her hips some more

“hmmm” she murmured, “your cock feels so good”

“as does your pussy, young lady, as does your pussy”

“trust me, trust your Uncle Roger”

Deni giggled, trying to stifle it with one hand over her mouth

“Shhh…” said Roger quietly, this is a private fuck just between you and me, we don’t want to wake him, do we?”.

“nooo” she said, whispering back, “but it feels so nice, so soothing and gentle”

Roger raised his hands and started to massage her breasts and nipples

Deni moaned softly, speeding up slightly, but trying not to rock the bed too much.

“Oh my…” whispered Roger, “the way you grip me is amazing”

“and your cock is amazing too Roger, I love the way it feels inside me”

Just to prove the point she must have gripped him harder with the muscles in her walls as he closed his eyes and groaned.

She looked in my direction and I quickly shut my eye. Seemingly satisfied that she hadn’t woken me, the movement of the bed indicated that she had sped up slightly, her soft whimpers sounding more urgent.

“I fear I’m going to cum at any moment Deni”

“Me too” she responded

She leant forward, pressing her chest to his and kissed him, their kiss remaining as they both came simultaneously. Not the wild frenzied orgasms of her experience the night before, just intimately comforting. I knew from the times that I had shared those orgasms with Deni, how deeply sensual her orgasms could be.

She rolled off him, into his outstretched arm and they drifted off to sleep.

I drifted off to sleep again too.

I woke next morning before them… amusingly, Roger was snoring, Deni still sleeping, was face down, her right arm folded under her head as a pillow. I crept silently out of bed and stepped quietly out onto the deck. The fresh morning air was perfect, the sky was clear blue, with not a cloud in the sky. The birds were singing, and the ocean was shimmering with gentle ripples. On any other day, it would have been beautiful… but today, the world seemed to have turned gray… I had some serious thinking to do.

I had been there maybe half an hour, but in actuality I had lost track of the tim… time wasn’t important. Deni was the only thought in my head that was important. Deni was my love, my life, she was everything to me. The words she had used to describe that guy’s cock to me contradicted the words she whispered to Roger in the early hours of dawn, and why were they making love so privately… the thoughts all swirled around in my head.

The noise of the sliding door opening caught my attention and as I turned to see who was coming out, Deni stood there, her eyes lowered as if she was scared to look at me.

There was silence between us, a pregnant pause, no one daring to break the code of silence and speak first. I turned back to gaze at the ocean, seeking a sense of calm. She came out onto the deck and stood silently at the side of me, staring at the ocean too.

“Gary…” Deni’s soft voice interrupted the silence

“I… I really need you to listen to me… please… please just hear me out before you say or decide anything”. Her voice was soft, loving, but deadly serious.

I nodded without speaking, so she continued

“What I did… with those men last night… I have to be honest with you… it was an amazing experience… just that… a one-off experience… and I don’t regret that I did that… it was mind-blowing, but please believe me that I really am being honest with you… but it wasn’t who I am… and that isn’t what I want”

“What I said to you… those hurtful things…” she paused, her voice wavering. She was clearly nervous.

“… but I didn’t mean any of them… nothing… they were just stupid emotions… just dumb things I felt in the heat of the moment”

“I’m so sorry if I hurt you… I mean that with all my heart… I never meant to hurt you with any of this… not having sex with them… not even sex with Roger… none of it”

“Nothing, and no one is more important in my life than you… yet…”, she started to cry, “yet I’m so scared I’m going to lose you… I’m not just scared… I’m terrified”

I listened to her words, staring out to the ocean to clear my thoughts and calm my emotions.

“This trip was a mistake, my mistake to bring you here… I knew what could or would likely happen”, I said, regretting that I had booked it.

“No!, no it was not a mistake” she retorted with a surprisingly assertive tone… “this vacation has been the most amazing experience ever in my life. It’s such a magnificant location… and the chance to share these few days with you… so wonderful, it’s like a dream… but yes, if you want to know the truth, I have enjoyed the sex. Gary, I’ve always enjoyed making love with you, you’re an incredible lover… and normally I never need anyone but you… but yes I’m going to tell you… I did enjoy having sex with Roger, and actually, although it was rough, I enjoyed having sex with those guys bursa bayan escort last night… I’ve never been fucked so hard before…. I’ve never felt such a monstrously huge cock before like I did last night… I’ve never cum so many times as I have here on this vacation with you… That’s all true… it’s been an incredible experience, but… just please don’t hate me for it… because none of it, no one is more important to me than you… they’re not you… they’re not the man I love… they’re not the father of this baby that’s growing inside me”.

I looked at her face and tears were filling her eyes, running down the sides of her face.

“I don’t hate you Deni… I love you”

I turned to face her, taking her hands in mine and held them tight, hesitating to really say what was on my mind. I didn’t know what to say, or how to say whatever I might want to say… there was only one thing I wanted and that was Deni.

“I … I don’t know how to ask this, Deni… I’m not good at this”

She looked intently into my eyes as if trying somehow to read my mind… “just say it”

I hesitated a while longer, trying to find the right words, but they seemed to elude me.

Deni waited, patiently, not speaking, or trying to urge me to speed up. Eventually I found the courage to speak, even if not the right words.

“Deni, I had this insane lust for you from the first time I ever set eyes on you… I was obsessed with how young and fresh and sexy you were… I was wrong to take advantage of you when you were drunk… so wrong… I’m wrong to have done all these things that have maybe come between you and your husband…. But I can’t help it… no wait, that’s not true… I could have chosen differently, to have not done those things, to not bring you here to this place, knowing in the back of my mind what might happen… but I chose to… I wanted to… you were an innocent flower and I corrupted you… I awoke the passion in you, opened your eyes and set you free… I don’t hate you Deni, I hate myself for tempting you away from your rightful husband, seducing you, for exploiting you and even for getting you pregnant”

I paused and took a breath to let my poor brain catch up before continuing

“but … despite all of those things… I fell in love with you… deeply in love… what scared me, wasn’t the thought of you having sex with the other guys, it was the nightmare of maybe not being good enough for you… of losing you… because I’m not young and virile like those younger guys… my cock is not quite as large as Roger’s is… I don’t have the stamina that I had when I was in my 20s. I’m a 45-year-old man, old enough to be your father, and you’re a young, healthy 21-year-old, with a voracious appetite for sex that I am responsible for releasing. I don’t hate you Deni… I’m scared that you’ll tire of me, that you’ll somehow find me lacking, that I won’t be good enough for you, and that scares the shit out of me”.

Deni was about to speak, but I put my finger to her lips to silence her.

“That’s who I am… I’m just a guy who committed the crime of falling in love with a woman who I have no right to be in love with… and lead her into a world of sexual experiences that you should have remained shielded from… and so my sentence is… my responsibility is.. to accept the consequences of that”.

Again, Deni tried to speak, but I used my finger to silence her. There was only one thing that I was so desperate to say… to ask her… and I struggled to find the courage. Digging deep, perhaps deeper than I ever had before in my life, I took her hands and stared into her beautiful eyes.

“Deni, I have absolutely no right to ask you this question… but I don’t see another choice, I have to risk all and ask you”

Deni’s expression turned to one of curiosity and confusion. Still holding her hands tightly

I lowered myself onto one knee.

“Deni… my love… you know all of my faults, all of my shortcomings, all of my mistakes… “

I hesitated for a moment, trembling… “will you marry me?”

Deni’s face was stunned, shocked…. It was her turn for her brain to whirl with a million questions. Tears filled her eyes and she hurled herself onto me, “yes, yes, yes I’ll marry you, a thousand times, yes!”. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me with all the energy she could. The force of the way she launched herself at me knocked me off balance and we both ended up sprawled in an embrace on the deck floor, kissing and cuddling.

I couldn’t believe my ears… did she just say yes? Seriously? Did she mean she was about to leave her husband, divorce, and marry me?… my heart leapt.

In that moment the door to the deck slid open, and Roger stood there applauding, “bravo, bravo… this calls for a champagne breakfast… you’ll have to forgive me, I confess to having listened to you both. You’re both crazy, yes crazy, but you’re an adorable couple”.

Deni was happy, she was beaming, and I was relieved, relieved that the worst of my fears just turned out to be my own paranoia and not reality.

“Didn’t this shock you?” I asked Roger

“No, not in the slightest, I knew you weren’t husband and wife… no husbands and wives come here… at least not with the own husbands, or wives for that matter”.

Deni and I both laughed

We all headed to the beach bar for coffee and breakfast, Deni clinging to my arm with a skip in her step like a young kid. There was no trace of the previous night’s events, which had presumably been cleared away the night before. I figured that several of the guests had checked out already given how quiet the bar area was. Roger ordered a glass of champagne each to celebrate our engagement.

“Promise me one thing you two”, chimed in Roger

“What’s that, asked Deni”

“That I get an invite to the wedding”

“Definitely!” replied Deni almost immediately, “perhaps you’ll get to fuck the bride”, she added, giggling like her normal self.

I almost choked on Deni’s comment as I was taking a sip of coffee

“You must remember Deni, that whatever goes on in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica”, Roger said with all seriousness… “I wouldn’t dream of overstepping the mark anywhere else, especially at your wedding”

“Do I get a last request before sentence is passed?” asked Deni.

“Sentence?… is marriage to me a sentence?”, I said not 100% sure whether Deni was joking, or not, although she was definitely in a happy and somewhat frivolous mood.

“I’m just joking, silly!” she said, prodding me. Deni was back to her normal playful mood, a part of her personality that drew me to her and made me feel young again.

“Seriously though…” she said, “I want to have one more night of sex, while I’m still here, but with just the two of you…. Just promise me you won’t get all hurt, or jealous, and neither of you will argue, whether I’m having sex with you my love, or with Roger, or both of you”… she winked.

Roger agreed readily, which, of course, I expected him to.

“I have one proviso…”, I said, “just let’s not involve those Beach Boys”

“Deal!” said Deni readily, “I just want you honey, and Roger, who’s been such a great friend to us”

A smile spread across Roger’s face and he looked at me, almost disbelieving himself that she felt about him like that.

“Let’s go swim together”

“Well, I would love to join you both for a swim, but you’ll excuse me for now, I have some serious sleep to catch up on and a few things I need to do… I’ll catch up with you guys later”.

We said goodbye to Roger and spent the morning frolicking in the ocean, chasing each other along the beach, rolling in the sand, kissing and cuddling, and then dashing back in the water to rinse off. I held her to me, and we kissed, driven by love and not just by the heat of lust.

As we walked hand in hand back to the bar area, Deni stopped, and she turned me to face her. I need .. I mean I want to do something honey, this is important, so please would you give me a few moments of alone time.

Of course, I respected her request and the difficult situation she was still in. Although she had agreed to marry me, she hadn’t yet faced the challenge of breaking the news to Dave. I could only imagine the pressure that would be giving her. I took a stool at the bar and ordered a drink.

Deni was gone a long time, longer than I had expected. I was concerned for her, so I made my way back to our room. Deni was sitting on the bed, staring at her phone, her eyes were puffy from crying and a tear stain was clearly visible down her cheek. I knocked on the glass panel of the door and she looked up; a weak smile welcomed me.

I went up to the bed and sat alongside her, not saying anything, waiting for her to speak.

She sighed, heavily and looked at me. “It’s over”

“What is?”, my heart uncertain whether she meant our relationship or her marriage.

“I told him”

“About us?”

“I didn’t mention you by name… I just told him I had found someone else”

“That must have been unimaginably tough for you”, I said, sympathetically. I realized how much she had invested of herself in her marriage.

“He said he suspected I had someone, so it didn’t surprise him”

“That’s probably just talk, honey”

“It’s just… I couldn’t give myself to you … agree to marry you, but still keep my marriage … not both… I had to choose, and today I chose you… and I’m really, really happy… I want to be with you… this vacation we’re having… this is so wonderful … when we fly home, I won’t go home… I’ll get the few things I want and my clothes while he is at work and move them into your place… if that’s ok?… the rest, well… lawyers can deal with that”.

I put my arm around her and hugged her, “of course it’s ok, it’s more than ok”

“So why the tears?”, I asked, still concerned about her.

“I don’t know… I guess… it’s just saying goodbye to what’s been a big part of my life, but after I met you, I realized, like I had made a mistake… big time”

“Just remember honey, if you and Dave hadn’t been married and not moved in opposite, I probably would never have met you”, I was trying to help her see the brighter side.

“I wonder what they’re going to say at the neighborhood BBQ’s… I mean people will talk so bad about us”

“Let them, it doesn’t matter, but I wouldn’t worry about that, mostly, the ones who matter, I’ve known them for a long time, they’re my friends… they’ll be fine”

“and what about your daughter, what’s she gonna say?”

“Let me deal with that honey, she probably will get upset about me, but once she understands, she’ll come around… and who knows, maybe you’ll end up as friends”

Deni’s mind seemed so scattered, and she was worrying about things that she didn’t need to worry about right now.

“What I still worry about is whether you are gonna get weird on me or get angry about having all this sex with other people?”

I hugged her tightly and my mind went over all the conflicted emotions I’d had over the last few days.

“Like I said, my only fear was losing you… I worried that you would realize that I’m not a 20-year-old and you experiencing so many new things… that would somehow be the beginning of the end for us… I was scared”

“You’re never gonna lose me, Gary… you’re so much more to me”

“I woke those feelings in you, opened your eyes, introduced you to new possibilities… I just suddenly felt unsafe…”

“Yes, you did wake those feelings in me… I love you for that… and yes, I enjoy sex, really enjoy it… and I’d love to come back here sometime with you if we could ever afford to”

“I still have one question though… and I want an honest answer… you seem to like Roger being with us… we’ve spent a lot of time with him, and you seem to really like him… I mean not just a one-off casual thing for one night…”

Deni looked at me and held my hand tightly in hers, hesitating as she worked out how to answer… “I do like him… a lot… when we first met him at the bar I kinda just thought… well, nothing… he’s just another guy at a bar… then I saw his cock and yeah, it turned me on, but I dismissed him as probably just a jerk looking for easy sex. The more we talked to him, the more I warmed to him… I felt sorry for him in a way because he lost his wife. When I danced with him, it was nice… not because you aren’t a good dancer because you are but because idk, just the atmosphere of the place, the moment… so yes, I kissed him, and it was nice, and I got incredibly horny. But, after that, it seems like he’s been a good friend to us. Then I ended up letting him fuck me at our table… that was like really exciting, mostly because you were right there with me… I felt so naughty but because you were there, I felt safe to just do it… and it felt nice… better than nice… his cock felt wonderful”

I listened to her attentively, appreciating that she was being open with me.

“Ok, Im gonna tell you something maybe you won’t like to hear, but just remember that I really love you and nothing I’m telling you changes how I feel about you”.

She continued

“Last night, I don’t remember when, it was still dark, and I woke up. After those guys fucked me, I don’t even remember it ending, I don’t remember falling asleep even. I just woke up and was super distressed about what had happened with them and my hurting you with what I had said. Roger woke up and seemed to know that I was crying. He pulled me into him and just held me and he stroked my hair and tried to comfort me and reassure me”.

She took a deep breath

“You were still fast asleep, and I felt like because of what happened I couldn’t just go up to you and cuddle, I mean at that moment I like… I thought I’d lost you, even though you were right next to me… I felt so dumb and stupid and because of that I was going to lose the most important man in my life… you! Roger seemed to really care and so I kissed him… I mean I really kissed him and then one thing led to another and we made love. I don’t mean I just let him fuck me, I mean we made love to each other… he was gentle, soothing, and his cock felt really nice inside me and he gave me this sense of calm. So yes, I really like Roger, he really is like a favorite old uncle and I care about him. That doesn’t mean I’m in love with him… I’m in love with you, but here’s something you might not like… I don’t want to lose him as part of our life… kind of like he’s extended family… and yes, if you want me to be totally honest, I want to make love with him again, both with you, and…”, she hesitated… “… even separately… I mean I know that’s so wrong of me, but it’s not gonna changing my feelings for you ever!”

The way Deni was talking to me, so open, so loving, and despite everything still so devoted to me. I looked into her eyes and all I could feel was profound love for her. She soothed some of the insecurities that still lingered inside me. That was new to me too… I couldn’t remember ever having experienced feelings of being insecure, yet the thoughts of losing Deni were like nothing else I had ever experienced either. I never let her know that I knew she had made love to Roger during the night… some things are better left unsaid, but it helped me to understand her and however unlikely, even to feel more accepting of Roger as possibly part of our future together. I kissed her and she kissed me back lovingly… stroking my face softly. I felt like I had never been more in love with her than at this moment and our kiss told me everything I needed to know and said everything that I need to say.

“Ok so let’s get back to the bar, I’m sure Roger is already there by now”, I said, as we finally broke from the kiss.

“Before we go, honey, there’s just one more thing I need to do…“, said Deni, reaching for her bag. She slid her wedding band and rings from her left hand and dropped them in the bag… “Now I’m ready!”.

We made our way hand in hand to the bar.

Roger was already there, perched on his usual stool enjoying a cocktail and as he rose to greet us, Deni wrapped her arms around him and gave him a lingering kiss.

“I was starting to worry about you two… everything ok?”

“More than ok Roger, they’re perfect”, I said, not even giving Deni time to respond.

Roger smiled and we joined him for drinks. We were like the closest of friends together, relaxed, freely conversing, laughing at each other’s jokes.

Roger noticed that Deni was no longer wearing her rings and a broad smile came over his face, before asking the bar tender to return something that he had apparently asked him to keep safe. He held a small box in his hand.

“Look you two, I probably have no right to interfere in this… but I’m going to…”

Deni and I looked at him curiously, wondering just what he was about to interfere with.

“You two have just got engaged, well … informally at least…”, he quipped, “and we can’t have that… so if you will accept this as a loan, until you can buy your young lady here a real one, I wonder if you would accept this”.

He handed me the small box and I opened it. Inside was a ring, not a new, shiny one, an old, slightly worn and slightly discolored ring with a large diamond embedded at the top… it was clearly not a cheap ring by any stretch of the imagination. I looked at him, mystified.

“That my dear friends, is my dear beloved’s engagement ring, I’ve kept it safe since she died and went to heaven, bless her heart… it’s very important to me for many reasons, so don’t lose it… I want it back… you can return it to me when I come to your wedding… just don’t leave it too long, I’m not getting any younger… so it’s yours to put on Deni’s hand if you choose so to do”.

Both Deni and I looked at him in stunned silence… how could an almost total stranger entrust us with such a precious keepsake of his former wife. In that moment my concerns about the motivations and yes, the risks of our associating with him dissolved.

“Are you sure? I mean you barely know us, Roger”, I said, finding it difficult to know what to say.

“My dear Gary, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life… and I can’t think of a better couple to entrust it with than the two of you” he said in all seriousness. “and besides… I’ve got a soft spot for this young niece of mine”, he added cheerfully.

Despite it being a second-hand ring, it clearly had a value and significance well beyond its price. I was overwhelmed with his generosity. I took the ring from the box and was about to place it on Deni’s finger, when he interrupted.

“No no no, not like that!” he said assertively, “on your knee young man”

I laughed at his quip about me of all people being a young man, but I graciously lowered myself onto one knee, took hold of Deni’s left hand and proposed to her for the second time in the day.

“Yes!” she said, an enormous smile beaming across her face. I slipped the ring onto her finger and she hugged me tightly, kissing me with all the love she could muster. She then turned to Roger and kissed him too.

“Champagne for everyone” called out Roger, commanding the bar tender, and then in a loud voice “everyone… we need to celebrate, these two marvelous people have just become engaged to be married”. We were met with a round of applause and congratulatory calls, from the various couples around the bar area, while the bar tender busied himself lining up a row of glasses and opening several bottles of champagne.

The champagne flowed for several more rounds as the sun started to set and soon it was time for the beach BBQ again. The three of us dined together and kept Deni busy through the evening, dancing alternately, with both Roger and me.

I got to have the last dance with Deni, but just before we started, she went over to the DJ booth and talked to the DJ. He browsed his laptop and as she returned, he started to play an old song “torn between two lovers”. She danced with her body pressed close to mine, her arms wrapped around my neck, and kissed me. “would it be ok if Roger stayed with us tonight?”

I was a little taken aback by her request, but smiled at her and responded “if it would make you happy my love, then yes”. She kissed me deeply.

As the evening finally came to a close, the three of us made our way back to our room, Deni in the middle, taking both of our arms. Once inside, she turned to us and kissed us in turn, surprisingly taking our respective cocks in each hand.

“I want both of you”, she said sexily, leading us both by our cocks to the bed.

We lay her on the bed and took turns, alternating between one of us suckling her breasts while the other tormented her by licking her pussy, bringing her to orgasm several times. I was the first to fuck her and slid inside her familiar warmth, while Roger patiently stood to the side. Deni was whimpering and moaning as my cock slide back and forth inside her, and she reached out her hand to Roger, inviting him over. She guided him to her mouth and after a little difficulty opening her mouth wide enough, started to suck on him.

“oh my” Roger exclaimed, surprised at the sensations her tongue was awakening.

I was trying my best not to cum, not to lose my stamina, I wanted to take my time with her, and the sight of her lips wrapped around Roger’s fat cock as she bobbed her head, didn’t make it any easier.

She gripped his shaft and stared at his cock, licking at the glistening head. “I love your cock so much, Roger” she said, gazing at it… “come lay down, I want to feel it inside me”

This was no longer the shy, submissive Deni, this was a young woman at the peak of her sexuality, knowing exactly what she wanted and voicing it…

Roger climbed onto the bed and lay down on his back, his cock waving like a flagpole. Deni climbed over him, facing him and impaled herself onto it. She whimpered as it sunk inside her, her moaning louder as their hips found their rhythm together.

“oh my god, Roger, I so love this feeling”, she said as a small orgasm rippled through her.

Deni was openly making love with Roger, and I watched as they kissed passionately, locked together, locked both by their kiss and his cock, tightly wedged in her pussy… but I was no longer jealous… I no longer felt insecure in her love, instead I just felt love as I let her revel in her experience.

They continued making love for several minutes, while I slowly pumped my cock, sustaining my erection. It was strangely so much better than watching a porn video, it was natural, sincere, intensely intimate, when Deni turned her head to look at me and

“I want you too” she said, “please honey… fuck my ass, I want to feel you both inside me”

I was surprised, maybe even shocked, by her request but climbed up onto the bed and using my fingers, liberally worked some of her abundant juices into her tight little rosebud before lining my cock up. As she pulled her hips back, I pushed just inside with the head and felt her wince. She pushed back harder, and I slid my full length inside her. It was a weirdly strange sensation, much tighter than I had ever imagined it to feel and peculiarly strange to feel the movement and pressure of another man’s cock moving inside her pussy. It took a few moments to find the right rhythm but eventually we did and moved in harmony, filling both her holes. Deni was in ecstasy, cumming in huge waves that made her whole body shudder. We both pressed into her and held our cocks deep inside her as she wailed her way through yet another orgasm, her juices literally squirted from her when Roger groaned, and I felt rogers cock swell and start pumping as he blasted his cum inside her. This tipped me beyond the point of self-control, and I erupted inside her bowels.

We collapsed into a heap together, kissing and cuddling, while Deni cooed and purred in a state of sheer bliss and happiness as we drifted into sleep.

Deni and I both woke early and made love together, while Roger quietly snored. Her pussy was still slick with cum, but I didn’t care… being inside her pussy was still the most exquisite sensation I had ever felt, and she soon had me releasing my cum inside her too.

Roger eventually awoke and we all showered together, sharing the task of soaping, and rinsing her body and shampooing her hair. Today was our final day and we would be heading home.

We were about to head down to the bar for breakfast together when the doorbell chimed. Deni scampered to the door and answered it, butt naked, seemingly having lost all sense of inhibition. A young man that I recognized from the concierge when we arrived was holding a silver tray with a bottle of champagne and a white envelope. I could see that his gaze was drawn to Deni’s naked tits but he maintained his professionalism.

“Complements of the hotel management” was all he said, handing the tray to Deni and closing the door behind him.

Deni came back over to us, and opened the card. Her eyes opened wide as she read it and her mouth opened as she gasped. She showed me the card.

I read it.

Dear valued guests

News of your recent engagement has come to our attention. On behalf of everyone here at the hotel, may we wish you our sincere and heartfelt congratulations. Please accept this bottle of champagne with our compliments.

Furthermore, we wish to extend an invitation to you both to celebrate your wedding at the hotel and extend an invitation for up to three nights in our luxurious bridal suite on a complementary basis.


Winston Campbell,

General Manager

I was dumbfounded, I looked at Deni and then at Roger. Deni was on cloud nine and we could neither of us believe our eyes.

“could we?… please… please, could we?” she squealed.

Roger was grinning

“Well, it would certainly save me a lot of travel”, he quipped

“How could they make such a generous offer?”, I asked

“I told you, I’m a regular here… I know the General Manager as a friend even away from the hotel and when I told him about your engagement, well… you can see the result”

I laughed, “Roger… what lengths won’t you go to, to fuck the bride”

Roger looked concerned but I broke out in a laugh and he suddenly looked more relieved.

Deni impatiently anxious, jumping up and down, repeated her question… “please honey… can we… can we?”

“Yes, I guess so, if that’s what you want”

She flung herself into my arms, kissing me and said “I love you soooo much”.

Finally, we said our goodbyes to Roger, checked out of the hotel, and headed for the airport. The flight home was problem free… Deni slept deeply through most of it, snuggled into my arm; the poor kid was exhausted.

It was night by the time we finally arrived and as we turned into our street, Dave’s car was parked outside in the driveway. I hadn’t been expecting him home until tomorrow, but I guessed that Deni’s phone call had changed all that. I opened the front door and Deni hesitated a few moments, looking back at her home. She took my hand and we both went inside, closing the door on her old life and ready to start a new chapter together.

That night we made slow, gentle love together just wallowing in the joy of being together at last.

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