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Big Tits

About three hours into a review meeting on the prospects for regime change in Zimbabwe and the great challenges that policy-makers are likely to face in a post-Mugabe Sub-Saharan Africa, I felt my iPhone vibrating against my leg. I quietly slid it out of my pocket and laid it across my lap. It was an IM from Brandy.

“r u busy?” read the text.

I slowly pecked away at the phone while trying to feign interest in a discussion of the economic situation in southern Africa: “yeah, meeting — can’t talk.”

After a few seconds her next I’m popped up: “hmmm… too bad ?. Maybe you want look at these instead of doing your job?” read the next message, which had three photos attached.

The pictures were self-taken. Brandy was wearing a grey, wool, pinstriped suit with a tight pink blouse underneath. The well-fitted blazer, with princess seam shaping, curved gently around her bust point and then pinched inward, down to the small of her waist, before curving back out over the top of her hips.

In the first picture, she sat pertly on the edge of her chair. Her shoulders were pulled back and her breasts pushed forward. The angle of the photo highlighted the sexy curve that runs from the outline of her busty chest down to her petite waist. Her skirt, which stopped just above her knees, was pulled tightly around the delicious contours of her small, round, firm ass. The photo also captured most of her shapely legs, which were covered by black stockings.

Brandy’s jacket was buttoned, partially obscuring her breasts. But the top of her shirt was undone, affording me a tiny glimpse at her cleavage, which is amazing — she has phenomenal breasts. The sexiest part of the picture, though, was her coy, open-mouth and partial smile. I zoomed in. Brandy’s tongue was pressed playfully against the bottom of her top teeth, and her full, voluptuous lips were like fresh juicy grapes waiting to burst with flavor between the soft bite of my teeth. My heart raced; I took as deep of a breath as I could manage and then flipped to the next picture.

When I did, I was floored. She had taken off her jacket — and hopefully locked her door. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. Her taut shirt stretched restrictively around her sensational tits. They looked like grapefruits bulging out the side of an over-stuffed plastic grocery bag. Through the thin material, I could make out her nipples and faintly see her areolas. She had also pulled her skirt up high enough to flash me a peak of the top of her stockings. My eyes quickly zeroed in on the snap where her garter attached to her hosiery. I then followed the pink strap, which stretched across the naked flesh of her tanned thigh, until disappearing under her skirt.

The last picture was even more provocative. Brandy was sitting with her legs crossed while talking on the phone. Her reading glasses were on the tip of her nose and she was looking at the camera, which must have been placed on her bookshelf, as she was gazing a little to her right and just a touch above her eyelevel. Two more buttons were undone. From my angle, I could still see the outer half of her round firm left breast pushing hard against her shirt. More delightful, though, was the perfect teardrop shape of her bare right breast. Although it was tucked snuggly against the inside of her shirt, the opening flared out far enough for me to see the beautiful shape of her bare tit and part of her pink erect nipple.

As I was admiring the images, I realized that I hadn’t looked up in the last couple of minutes. I glanced toward the speaker just before he shifted his glance to me. The look on his face was one of slight annoyance, suggesting that he noticed I had been distracted. Regardless, I could no longer think about anything other than Brandy.

“Send more,” I managed to text back without really looking at my phone. A second later a felt my phone vibrate with Brandy’s response. I glanced down to my lap.

“No,” was all it said. After a few more seconds she elaborated: “Not unless you promise to meet me in an hour so finish what we started this morning.”

I, of course, new exactly what she was referring to, and my mind immediately went to work recreating images from this morning in excruciatingly vivid detail. I recalled Brandi straddling me, with a sheet wrapped loosely around her hips. She was wearing a zip-down Juicy Couture tracksuit top with nothing underneath. Her right leg was exposed and I could see higher and higher up her bare thigh each time she lifted herself up and then slowly slid down my aching hard on.

It was aching because when Brandi fucks, she doesn’t just bounce up and down on top of you, she rides you like a sexy lingerie model on a slow moving mechanical bull. This morning, she was doing just that. At first, she was up on her knees, sitting erect, with both hands on my stomach. She pushed down just an inch our so, rolled her weight from one hip to the other and then lift back up as she re-centered herself. Şanlıurfa Escort She continued like this — riding just the top few inches of my dick — until I couldn’t take anymore. I could feel Brandy getting wetter and her pussy starting to relax around the head of my thick tool. But, when I tried to push up against her, to slip deep inside of her warm wetness, she pressed down against my abs with her hands.

She laughed and looked into my eyes. “This isn’t you fucking me. This is me fucking you…. Just relax and let me do you my way,” she said.

As I endured this torture, her breathing became heavier and then she started to bite her bottom lip. Realizing that I had acquiesced, she moved her left hand behind her, reached under the comforter, and began massaging my balls. Her right hand slid up my abs and onto my chest. At the same time she eased herself all the way down my pole. As she did, she slowly arched her back and pushed out her chest.

“Oh, god” she moaned softly upon reaching the base of my cock. Then she looked into my eyes and, after giving me a sexy little wriggle and a wry smile, she slowly slid her hips back against my thighs. As Brandy forced me even deeper inside of her, she proceeded to roll my balls against her firm, round ass. “See, isn’t this better,” she asked. I agreed as I watched her performance.

She looked amazing: to compensate for sliding her hips so far back, she had arched her back a bit more and pushed her chest out even further. Between the delicious eye candy and the special treatment of my balls, I felt my cock start to throb. Evidently Brandy noticed too: “can you handle this…” she taunted, a little short of breath, “or are you going to cream inside of me like a little schoolboy.”

I bent my legs, put my feet flat on the mattress and — in responses — slowly, but firmly, pushed up against her. I expected to feel her resistance. Instead, Brandy rose to her knees in concert with my thrust. She kept her back arched, but as I lifted my ass off the sheets, she skillfully leaned back into my thighs; her head dipped so far behind her that I could feel her soft blond hair on my knees. The comforter fell from her waist and I could make out her neatly groomed landing strip.

I slowly lowered my ass and she reached back with her left arm to steady herself, while she rode me back down to the mattress. Her hand hit the ground between my knees, causing her to arch her back still further. I marveled at the sexy contours of her stomach, which disappeared under her tracksuit, about an inch above her naval. Her top stretched tightly around her torso and over her two gorgeous mounds. Her nipples stood tall, trying to push through the soft velour.

I reached out my arms and flattened my hands against her firm stomach. Brandy pushed forward, against my hands, and slightly up with her pelvis lifting her tasty little peach a couple inches off the base of my cock. When I pushed back, she sank down on me with a sexy moan. As she continued to work her pelvis in a small circular motion — forward and up, back and down — I spread out my hands and slowly pushed them up her abs. With the tips of my fingers, I only just grazed her flesh and then tickled the bottom of her round breasts.

My hands slid over her mounds; her pert nipples past between my fingers and then were dragged firmly against the palms of my hands. She continued to grind against me; her moans grew louder and more frequent. I took her two erect nipples between my thumbs and forefinger and squeezed, rolling them between the tips of my fingers. “Oh yes!” she gasped, as she started to grind harder, and with more urgency, against my lap.

I slid my hands down to her waist. Then, without warning her right hand swung up and latched on to my thigh just above my knee cap; this was quickly followed by her left hand, which grabbed my other leg in the same place. Brandy then fell forward until her arms were pulled straight, behind her.

As she did, Brandy slid up almost the entire length of my cock. Her tracksuit-covered breasts pushed out to just a couple inches in front of my face and her fingers tightened around the back of my bent legs. Using just her arms, she pulled her self back until she was flush against the base of my cock. Slowly, she started sliding back and forward, letting herself fall forward, and almost all the way off my throbbing member, and then she pulled herself all the way back down. My hands quickly settled back down around the sides of her waist and I began to pull her back and forth to hasten her pace. As she worked herself against me against me, I slide my hand up the outside of her snuggly fit tracksuit, until my fingers grasped the metal zipper.

Brandy slid faster and faster. Her panting and moaning began to escalate. At the same time, I started to pull down on the zipper. When it was about even with the bottom of her breasts, Brandy reached back a little further, grabbed both of my knee caps, and Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan pulled herself up until she was fully erect again. She then switched direction and began bouncing up and down my shaft. “oh, that’s nice,” she said, still able to manage a smile and a playful look in her big green eyes.

For a few seconds, I just watch this naughty goddess fuck me. Her arms were still behind her, her hands covering my knee caps; her chest was still pushed out about as far as it would go. Although her nipples were obscured by her well-fitted tracksuit, the semi circles of her perfect breasts were brilliantly framed by the V-shaped of her soft Couture top.

As her pace quickened, her sexy ass started to slap against my lap and her gorgeous tits began to bounce in unison. Immediately, my mouth began to water. I watched Brandy’s smile faded into a lusty stare. Then I pulled the zipper the rest of the way down, allowing her round perky tits to burst free. “Oh, fuck…” she stammered. My hand continued South, past her navel, to the top of her landing strip. My thumb pushed through her neatly trimmed hair to the hood of her clitoritis.

Brandy’s skillful gyrations turned reckless and she began to ride me with a carefree abandon. “Oh yes!” she yelled as she crashed down on me, pushing against my thumb, as I gently massaged her clit. “Oh fuck, that feels good,” she yelled again.

Brandy was soaking wet; her tasty juices were running down my thumb. “Oh… I’m going to come,” she screamed. “Don’t stop…. Please don’t stop,” she begged.

As Brandy bounced her way closer and closer to an earth shattering orgasm, I pulled my thumb away and raised it to my mouth. “Mmmmm,” I allowed as I sucked brandy’s juices off my thumb.

Her pace slowed and she shot me an evil look. “Do I taste good,” she asked, while she gently slid up and down my rod. “uh huh,” I said with a smile.

She reached out with both hands and wrapped her fingers around my fist. Slowly, she pulled my hand toward her face, never breaking eye contact.

I watched as my thumb parsed her soft lips and sank into her warm, wet mouth. “Yummm, indeed,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye, as she sucked on my thumb.

“I think I need some more of that,” she exclaimed, as she hopped off my dick and slid down between my thighs. Without breaking eye contact, Brandy grabbed the base of my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. She continued to stare me down as her big, soft, moist lips sank over the first three inches of my pulsating cock. “Mmmmmmmm,” sure purred, with my tool in her mouth.

She then slurped her way up and down my shaft a few times before sucking all the juices off the head. “Oh God, I love to suck your dick while you still taste like me,” she commented before really going to town. Brandy’s mouth is like a soft, wet Hoover. So after just a few seconds I was ready to explode.

Sensing I was close, Brandy picked her head up again, and wiped the saliva off her lips. “Don’t come yet… kay,” she teased, before opening her mouth and gently pressing her tongue against the underside of my throbbing helmet. She continued to stroke the base of my cock and massage my balls as she tickled my head with her tongue.

Almost Immediately, I felt that familiar, euphoric, stirring sensation in my balls. Brandy’s round delicious ass rose up from behind her head and wagged playfully from side to side. Her eyes locked onto mine as I struggled not to launch a series of large spurts of come into her waiting mouth. She stared, daring me to loose it. My body tensed up and Brandy smiled knowingly, almost devilishly, as my cock ballooned under her hand. Despite my best efforts, a dime sized puddle of bright white juice oozed to the surface and slowly dripped toward her tongue.

I watched helplessly as her luscious lips closed over the top half of my dickhead. Her mouth felt incredible and, once again, I struggled not to lose my entire load. To make matters worse, Brandy held the glance for a few seconds before closing her eyes. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she sucked me clean.

After what seamed like an eternity, her lips finally lifted from my dick and she rose to her knees. “Didn’t I tell you not to come,” she teased; a small spat of my jism glistened on her lower lip.

“I didn’t,” I retorted.

Brandy smiled and crawled a little closer to me. “Baby, I know what your come taste like… believe me, you came,” she mocked and then hoped off the side of the bed.

I grabbed her arm and spun her around. “But wait, I have a lot more,” was all I could think to say.

“Mmm… I bet,” she laughed, and then stepped backward, away from the foot of the bed. She appeared to think for a second. And then, with her legs straight and knees locked, Brandy fell forward until her arms hit the bed, which sits much lower than most. Her elbows were planted on the mattress and her legs were still locked at the knee, so her ass was Escort Şanlıurfa pushed out high into the air. She looked gorgeous, with her disheveled blonde hair; bright green eyes; and soft, pouty lips.

Her tits hung like two perfect little water-balloons, about an inch or so above the bed. She rocked just a bit to make them sway back and forth between her arms. Her back and tiny waist were obstructed by her face, but her hips jutted up and out from behind her head. Her firm, sweet ass pushed high into the air. It was so symmetrical, like the top half of a Valentine’s heart. Each cheek was deliciously round and divided, almost in half, by sexy tan-lines that slanted toward each other.

“Do you want to fuck me like this,” she asked with her big, juicy lips. “Uh huh,” was all I could manage. “Mmmm… me too, but we’re both going to be late for work,” she smirked as she spun around and headed for the shower.

As I snapped out of it, I looked up to see that the same analyst was still speaking. I glanced down at brandy’s text, back up, and then started to peck away.

“I don’t know if I can make that. Not sure when this meeting will end. Send more pictures.” I responded.

She promptly fired off three IMs, back to back. The first read, “I’m leaving now for La Petite Coquette,” her favorite lingerie store. The second read, “If you meet me there in under an hour and a half, I’ll let you fuck me in the dressing room.” And the last one read, “will send more inspiration soon.”

I tried to calm down, pretend to be interested in the rest of the discussion, and figure out how to leave the meeting early, all at the same time. The first 40 minutes felt like an eternity. But then I felt my phone vibrate in my lap. The text read, “Veronica is helping me pick out a sexy new bra, want to see?” There was a video attached.

Veronica is one of Brandy’s personal shoppers… her lingerie shopper. I’d never actually met her, but Brandy describes her as a cute brunette with big brown, baby doe eyes and an innocent face. Apparently, she has a small to medium build and is curvy in all the right places. I only know who she is because once, a while back, Brandy admitted that if she was ever to have a lesbian experience it would be with Veronica.

That comment, of course, immediately piqued my interest. Once pressed, Brandy explained that Veronica is “ridiculously hot and has a rockin’ little body,” but added, if pressed, “I would do her because I like the way she flirts with me in the dressing room.”

Brandy said it started very subtle, just the way Veronica would look at her sometimes when she was modeling lingerie. She was very encouraging and would make little comments, like: “my god, your boobs look fantastic in that camisole.” Evidently, it wasn’t what she said — which seemed completely innocent to me — but the sensuous tone of her voice and the way she looked at her when she said it. Brandy said that it really turns her on and that she often fantasizes about Veronica after she leaves the dressing room.

Ever since the night she told me all this, I’m always excited to know how each of her shopping experiences were. Despite my encouragement, though, nothing very exciting has ever become of these prurient interests. However, more recently, the flirting has escalated a bit. For instance, Veronica has taken to asking Brandy for details about the sex acts that may have been inspired by the wearing of previously purchased pieces of lingerie. “She gets off on hearing about how you fucked me in high heels, stockings, and garters or how you licked my pussy underneath a babydoll. I can see it in her eyes,” explained Brandy, who said she loves to watch her turn flush with desire as she provides the vivid descriptions of our escapades.

Veronica has also grown touchier, in a good way. A few months ago, for example, Brandy asked Veronica, who was standing right behind her, to unsnap her bra. To make the task easier, Brandy pulled her shoulders back and placed her hands on top of her head. She then stepped back, slightly. She said she could feel Veronica’s thighs against her butt and her warm breath on her neck. Brandy closed her eyes when she felt the strap unsnap. Veronica then placed her palms flush against Brandy’s back before slowly sliding her hands under her arms and around to her chest. Brandy said Veronica practically cupped her breasts before lifting the bra up and over her arms.

I thought of all of these occurrences as I clicked on the video attachment. When it started playing, Brandy was alone, in the middle of the screen. She was seated on the edge of an elegant cream colored, sleigh-bed style Chaise Lounge. To her left was the high, thin, curved armrest, which was about parallel with Brandy’s shoulder. The couch was deep and the back swept down dramatically along the length of the chaise to the bottom where it sat just an inch or two above the cushion.

The video was surprisingly crisp given that it was recorded on a cell phone. The phone had obviously been placed on a table or chair on the other side of the dressing room. The picture captured Brandy from just below the knees to about a foot above the top of her head. She was wearing the same tight pink blouse as in the pictures from her office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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