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“What am I going to do with you, slut? For now, strip for me, slowly,” I demand while slapping a riding crop in my hand. “Once completely nude, turn, face the bed, bend down, and place your hands on the mattress.”

“Yes, Sir. Again, I’m very sorry.”

While you wait, anticipating that initial sting of the crop across your sweet ass, I stand and admire the view. I walk up and gently run the fingers of my left hand up and down your back, slowly running my nails against your skin. While taking my time on your back, my right hand is tapping the crop against my right pant leg making just enough noise to remind you what was to come.

Walking around to your side, I gently whisper in your ear, “Is my whore ready for her punishment?”

Hanging your head in shame, I hear you whisper, “Yes, Sir.”

Reaching into my left pants pocket, I retrieve a pair of alligator clips attached to a long chain. I take one clip, attach it to your left nipple, wrap the chain around behind you, and then attach the other clip to your right nipple. Testing the attachment, I gently tug on the chain from behind your back, drawing both your nipples outward.

You bite your lip and squeeze your eyes shut in pain, but let out a small moan of pleasure, too, followed by a sob.

Hearing your whimpers, I whisper in your ear again: “Is my whore sure she’s ready?”

“I’m ready to take my punishment, Sir. I know I deserve it.” Your voice shakes a bit as you say it.

“Such a Good Girl.”

I stand up, laying the chain down across your exposed hips. Rubbing your right ass cheek, squeezing it both gently then tightly, I raise the crop. As I release the firm flesh, you hear the swish of the crop through the air and instantly feel the bite as it strikes your right ass cheek.


Your body jerks as the crop makes contact. You bury your face in the duvet, but it does little to stifle your cry of pain. Your whole body is suddenly covered with goosebumps.

I quickly begin a slow and soft gentle rubbing of the flesh where the crop landed.

I move to your left cheek and firmly grasp the flesh, squeezing it until it bulges from my palm. The sound of the swish is in your ear just a mere second before the snap against your flesh in my hand. I again slowly and softly caress your flesh.

I take my time rubbing your sweet ass cheeks and laying the crop to them. You can never be sure when I’ll apply the crop. Sometimes I let go of your ass before the swish/snap occurs. Occasionally there will be more than one snap to your cheek. Sometimes there will be a swish and no connection. Other times I hold your flesh while using the crop.

You begin to shiver with the mixture of pain and pleasure. I can see the wetness beginning to moisten your cunt. As your flesh reddens and the bursa escort welts begin to appear, I grasp the chain with my left hand, pull the chain toward me and begin laying the crop to your ass.

SNAP! On your right cheek.

SNAP! On your left cheek.

You moan with each smack. Your nipples feel like they’re on fire, just like the welts on your ass cheeks. Back and forth, changing the timing, tugging the chain one way, then the other, pulling and distending your nipples outwardly. Each jerk reminds you of the teeth biting into your nipples, sending waves of excruciating pleasure through your chest.

After what must feel like hours to you, but is only about 30 minutes, I stop thrashing your ass and release the chain. Taking the opportunity to catch your breath, you begin to think I’m done. Using my feet, I spread your feet apart until I can attach the spreader bar hiding under the foot of the bed. Once attached, each of your legs is connected to the bed frame and spread about five feet apart. It brings your dripping cunt and rosebud into view.

Bending to your ear, I whisper, “It’s time to take it up a bit, slut.”

“Please, Sir! I didn’t mean to disobey!”

“And yet… You didn’t just disobey me, slut. You disappointed me tremendously.”

I stand back up, grasp the chain, and pull it taut. Taking the crop, I gently place the end against your dripping pussy. I begin with gentle tapping while tugging the chain. As time goes on, the tapping begins to get harder and harder.

I hear the squish of the crop against your pussy as your moisture flows. Tapping harder and harder, your wailing tells me you’re so very close to orgasm.

I soften the blows until they are gentle taps again.

Your breathing is fast, and between sobs of pleasure you cry out, “Please, Sir!”

“Tell me, slut. Were you about to cum?”

Nodding your head, you moan, “God, yes. I am so close.”

“Don’t you dare cum until I allow you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir. I will obey, Sir.”

As you finish your reply, you hear the swish of the crop just before it snaps hard against your defenseless pussy. You jerk upward suddenly, but anticipating it, I pressed my left hand between your shoulder blades to hold you down, pressing your face and tits down into the bed.





With each contact of the crop, your ass twists and you move your knees against the edge of the bed, trying to avoid the next stroke and moaning as you come closer and closer to an orgasm.

Four quick, hard strokes of the crop against your dripping snatch cause you to cry out, “Master, please!!! I’m about to cum!”

Stopping the whipping, I whisper, “No, you won’t! You will NOT cum yet, bitch! I’m not anywhere near done with bursa escort you.”

You cry out in frustration. “Please, Sir! I can’t take anymore!” Tears begin to well up in your eyes as you know more punishment will come if you cum.

“Please… please,” you whimper.

I release the chain and step back to admire the view again. Your ass cheeks are a deep red with crop welts placed across each globe. Your pussy is raw, red, and dripping constantly. I’m pleased with what I have done. For now.

At this time, as I release you from the spreader bar, I kiss each of your ass cheeks. Once both feet are released, I press my mouth and tongue to your hot molten pussy and sample the delights within.

“Fuck!” You cry out and wiggle your cunt on my tongue, trying to get more of it inside you.

Just as quickly, I step back and sit in my chair.


“Yes, slut?”

Still bent over the bed, you whimper, not knowing if I’m done or what is yet to occur.


“Yes? What does my slut need?”

“It is my position to please you.”

“Oh, it is?”

”Have I pleased you today?”

Suddenly you hear the swish of the crop. Tensing for impact, you’re surprised when it does not come.

“Don’t get too excited, slut. Your punishment is not over.”

The sound of the crop through the air is followed by the snap as it connects with your right ass cheek.






Each time against the opposite cheek. Your ass cheeks bounce with each slap of the crop, and tears are running down your cheeks now, mixing with your cries of pleasure between yelps of pain.

Suddenly there is a new, excruciating pain when you feel the crop connect with your unprotected asshole. You jerk upward suddenly and try to climb on the bed, trying to get away from the pain. It is to no avail as your feet are shackled to the bedframe and I quickly shove your body back down so that your face is buried in the pillows, your tits scrape across the duvet, and your ass is waving in the air.

Your sobbing and keening grow with each successive connection, only for you to scream out again when I connect with your pussy once more. Your pussy begins to twitch and I can tell you’re going to cum soon.

“Please, Sir!” you cry out.

As you strain to not orgasm, I stop and lay the crop in my chair. I remove my clothes and fold them neatly, placing them on the chair in a pile.

Turning back to you, I walk up and grasp the chain with the alligator clips on your nipples. Reaching around to the clips, I squeeze them tighter and the teeth bite into your flesh even more.

You sob as your whole body tenses from the pain.

“Oh! Fuck! Master, that hurts so good!”

Dragging bursa eskort and tugging the chain with my left hand, I use my right hand to guide my erection to your open cunt and press just the head inside. Softly and gently, I rock back and forth, pulling it out until it is poised at your opening, then pressing back until just the helmet is seated inside. Each push of my cock into your hot, boiling cunt is accompanied by a tug on the chain.

“Does my slut want something?”

You groan, and push back, trying to get more of my cock inside you. “Sir, PLEASE, I’m begging you! I need your cock inside me. Please!”

“You want me to fuck you? Is that what you want, whore?”

“Oh, God!! Please, Sir! Fuck your whore!”

I slam fully inside you, my balls bouncing off your clit. “Then I shall.”

Releasing the chain and seizing your hips, I begin to pound your hole relentlessly, drilling my cock into you like a hammer drives a nail. I use your hips as handholds, pulling and pushing you as I fuck you with all I have. The feel of your cunt gripping me, watching the lips of your pussy extend outward as I withdraw my cock in preparation for the next insertion, the sensation of my cock head penetrating your core as my balls slap against your clit, all work together to bring us closer and closer to our orgasm.

Your breathing gets faster and faster, and your juices coat my cock and begin to run down the insides of your thighs. You let out an occasional sigh as I continue to pound your cunt.

“Slut! Reach down with your hand and play with your clit!”

As I feel your fingers playing across your clit, I reach down and pull tightly on the chain holding the clips to your nipples. Tugging it to the left, then the right, your cries of pain are mixed with the pleasure you feel from all the sensations attacking you at once. The grip of the clips on your nipples, the joy of your fingers stroking and caressing your clit, and the constant pounding of my cock in your cunt drive you insane. You want to cum, but you also know if you do, the punishment will be worse.

Soon, I feel the rumbling and tingling within my balls, signaling my orgasm is rapidly approaching. Thrusting harder and harder with each stroke, I release the chain and remove the clips from your nipples. The rush of blood flowing back into your nipples from the release of the clips makes you cry out, both with pain and pleasure.

“Oh Fuck, Master! Your slut needs to cum! Please, please allow your slut to cum!” You scream.

With those words, I bury myself inside your pussy and roar with my release.

“Cum, you fucking bitch! Cum all over me!”

As our orgasms subside and we strive to catch our breath, you whisper, “Thank you for teaching me a lesson, Sir.”

From behind, I gather you in my arms, kissing your neck and cheek. Laying us down gently on the bed, I hold you close. Running my hands over your sweaty body, whispering in your ear what a good little slut you are, we slowly drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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