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Plantation chairs were set in casual little nooks of glass and behind divider screens with opaque panes inside the spacious lobby of the Odalisque Resort reception area.

Paintings of classical nudes and free-standing sculptures chiseled from wood and stone of people engaged in various artful acts of fellatio, cunnilingus, fucking and extremely sexy bondage were placed in strategic areas of the lobby.

All the better to get the guests in the mood right upon arrival, Charlaine mused. This is soooo working. My pussy hasn’t seen a dry moment since the Siren.

She cocked an eyebrow and looked around at the statues, he bottom lip caught between her teeth and her drenched pussy pulsing for another sweet release. Or two. Or more. Fuck, more. And more.

Even the plants are sexy, she thought as she gazed at the orchids, anthuriums and cattails sitting in cut crystal vases on side tables and the reception counter.

Charlaine’s flip-flops slapped a soft rhythm on the polished terracotta tiles made intricate with erotic artwork beneath clear glaze as she walked to the reception counter.

That structure was a long ironwood, wicker and brushed steel affair behind which stood the concierge and receptionist: A man of fair Nordic stock with ice-blue eyes and a petite woman of Malay ancestry whose glossy black hair was restrained in a tight bun with red, lacquered chopsticks in it.

“Can you check me in, please? My name is Charlaine Caro.”

The receptionist introduced herself as Dawn and took down her check-in details (including any allergies she may have and whether she preferred to have sex with caucasians, Latinos, Asians, people of African ancestry or people of mixed race) with a friendly smile after letting her eyes linger on Charlaine’s face and body just a touch longer than was businesslike before shooting a curve-ball of a question.

“Do you have any gender preferences, Ms. Caro?” Charlaine did a double take?

“Gender preferences?”

Dawn nodded and explained: “Do you prefer women or men or do you like both?”

Charlaine chewed on her lower lip and thought over the matter for a few seconds before answering. “I am usually heterosexual, but I would be open to new experiences.”

Dawn nodded, smiled and went on to the next empty field on her digital form as she finished typing in Charlaine’s response. “Are there any hard limits — sexual activities you definitely will not engage in — that you want to inform us of? That way we can insulate you from those activities.”

“Oh, I don’t get — or do — the pee or poop things. Nothing involving blood-sucking or cutting. No jail-bait for me and I hate videoke. Oh, and I come with a clean bill of health and am on contraceptives, if that’s important,” Charlaine answered swiftly, shoving aside her sudden discomfiture at the openness with which they spoke of such things and the lull in conversation.

Dawn swiftly and unerringly entered her responses into the resort database before assuring her that the resort staff were all healthy and had regular checkups to ensure the status quo remained constant for “safety as well as pleasure.”

Well, I have to hand it to them, these people can be very professional and composed when talking of things usually seen as dirty, depraved, even, Charlaine thought to herself as she observed Dawn’s brisk efficiency and the way the woman kept a straight face through this most unusual registration process.

I wonder what standard I’ll use for assessing this place and all it offers? Maybe I’ll just have to wing some of the standards bit. Her job did involve tough calls. This may well be one of them. Or several exquisitely tough calls. Anticipation shot through every firing nerve in Charlaine’s body. Oh, yes, I love my job.

Again, Dawn got busy with the touchscreen display at the counter as a few other resort guests began coming in the doors. She then shot Charlaine another question: “Do you have any fetishes or sexual activities — fellatio, cunnilingus, that sort of thing — that you particularly enjoy and would like to have made available and customized for you?”

Charlaine’s body began to heat up under that question and she pressed her thighs together to keep the wetness of her now-bald sex from dripping down her legs.

“Okay, I don’t know how to answer that. Would you have a sampler?” Soft gasps and groans began to reach her from the foyer, where the planter’s’ chairs sat before low ottomans and wicker coffee tables.

“Very well, you shall have the suite with a little of everything. You are billeted in Villa Erotique and Andre here will serve at your pleasure,” Dawn waved a graceful hand toward a wiry man of medium height wearing a linen shirt with a Mandarin collar trimmed in black and gold and loose black chinos, with a black and gold bellhop’s cap on his head.


Andre guided Charlaine to a side door of the plantation house, passing a group of six guests, two men and four istanbul escort women, who were receiving very oral greetings from some of the resort staff clad in white linen tops and black chinos. Obviously, these fresh-off-the-boat guests were regulars.

The women were spread over the chairs, their legs dangling from the long wooden arms, their heads thrown back, and their skirts bunched up to the waist as their hips bucked wildly up and down upon the curves of the wicker seats.

The men were standing in a semi-circle getting deep-throated quite expertly as they sipped drinks on the rocks from cut crystal scotch glasses, watching the women writhing and vocalizing with wild abandon before them with intense eyes.

“We serve aphrodisiacs on order, Ms. Caro,” Andre said in a deep voice that matched his dark East Indies looks and accent as he walked slightly ahead of her.

“You may choose to dine at our restaurants if you wish to mingle and you may also order any sexual activity you desire to have with your meal from our restaurant menus while you await your food.”

Andre waved a burnished and well-shaped hand toward the glass doors behind the concierge after putting Charlaine’s carry-on bag on a gilded trolley molded in columns and spreads of a shiny brass orgy.

“So, Andre, what amenities do you recommend?” Charlaine asked the question with feigned casualness that was actually equal parts curiosity, arousal and the need to fill in dead air.

“Should you wish to enjoy the outdoors, we have several Sexperience Tours to the hidden waterfalls at the center of the island, several private coves, the Canopy Swing Sex trek at our magnificent forest preserve or more sedate and conventional activites on the tennis courts or regular game rooms,” Andre replied as he looked with a smile into her eyes.

“We also offer scuba diving facilities and instructors and the use of jet-skis and water-skiing equipment.” His voice sounded like fine whisky should taste: Mellow, deep, sexy with the promise of complete and utter inebriation.

Charlaine walked on, pausing briefly as she saw am erotic silhouette against one of the divider screens: A very buxom woman was bent over, one leg on the floor and the other up on the seat of a chair, her hands braced on the plantation chair’s arms while a man with a muscular ass and what looked like a bellhop’s cap held her by hip and shoulder, pumping into her furiously from behind with a very long, upward-curving scimitar of a cock.

The most arousing thing about this scene, Charlaine thought, is the vigor with which that woman’s hair and breasts are swaying to and fro. She must be getting fucked but good. Well, it was way past time to leave all inhibitions behind and this scene made Charlaine do just that. Sexperience incoming, she said to herself with a wicked smile as she began walking again.

Andre, who had paused with Charlaine, continued his spiel as he resumed walking her to her room: “Our housekeeping staff may also be propositioned and had any way you like, should you desire them. The sex toys of your choice will be delivered to your villa by room service if you find that the selection in the bathroom and bedroom closets does not suit you. Condoms have been placed in each room of your suite for your convenience and we have wireless high-speed internet and high-definition televisions with easy and free access to our extensive library of erotic videos or live sex video feeds.”

On the more mundane topics, Andre added, “you may also want to use our spa and salon services. Just let the concierge know if you want them to add a few extras from the spa brochure in your room.”

Charlaine stopped again and looked back at the counter to see the Nordic concierge stroking his arm up and down, the purple mushroom head of his cock peeking over the hardwood surface as his eyes stayed fixed on the group having oral sex.

The receptionist was sucking on her forefinger and her other hand was out of sight, quite possibly wet and under her skirt as she watched the silhouette.

Must be their masturbation break, then, Charlaine mused. They sure do like sex here and this must be part of their perk package. Intriguing incentives they have here.

Andre paused with her and added: “You may wish to avail yourself of our unique person-to-person wake-up call services. Just call Dawn or Olaf and tell them whom you want and how you want to be awakened as well as at what time to rouse you.”

“Is there anything you don’t offer, Andre?” Charlaine’s voice had gone down a half-octave and it was in a husky whisper of wonderment that her words rushed out.

“Oh, there is very little we don’t do,” Andre replied with a mischievous grin and a sparkle in his dark eyes. “In addition to our laundry services, we also offer a personal boutique and shopper for you and a pantry and a full gourmet kitchen in your villa complete with a private chef of your choice — naked or clothed. You may şişli escort select the housekeeping staff you want servicing you from the catalog in your room.”

When they finally got to the door of Charlaine’s villa Andre’s demeanor was genial, though a flirtatious spark lit up his last sentence as he gave her a slight bow: “We do hope you take great and repeated pleasure in your stay at the Odalisque resort.”

She proferred a large tip to Andre before he could walk away, a tip that he accepted with a carnal wink and a charmingly crooked smile that showcased a deep dimple in his right cheek. As he turned to go, Andre left Charlaine with an amazing view of his beautiful, high ass cupped by those hide-nothing cotton chinos.


Charlaine took a deep breath as she closed the door and looked around her split-level villa. Her eyes fixed on a swing made of leather strips and rope hanging just beneath the sturdy hardwood rail of the loft where a huge circular bed covered in red linens and fat pillows sat. Across the swing was the biggest flat-screen TV she’d ever seen in her life.

She went over to switch on her laptop, which housekeeping had placed on a desk in a sunny little nook with a view of her own little garden of hibiscus, jade vines and tuberose bordered by bamboo and a mango tree or two.

The ergonomic chair at the little office nook was comfortable and very, very flexible, Charlaine found to her delight as she sat down to check her email. Memory foam is so comfy, she thought, I think this may become my favorite chair.

The resort’s wireless internet also came with free porn, she recalled as she gave in to her curiosity and opened up her browser to look over the hotel’s website, where she found several promising-looking links under “exclusive entertainment.”

The first link she clicked was “Butlers Undone,” a live-feed link where the she was presented with a selection of thumbnails of the resort butlers in very sexy poses, their butler clothes artfully mussed — a half-done fly here, an open shirt there, that sort of thing.

So she clicked on the link of Butler Miguel Mola, a tall and sweet-looking Filipino mestizo (or so his bio on the site said) with a lovely tan, black eyes, utterly delicious lips and a butt to die for and she saw him in the shower, soaping up an erection that barely fit his hand as he leaned back against the shower stall’s tiled wall, his leg muscles standing out as he worked his upstanding member.

Miguel used profanity in Filipino and English quite fluently (and sexily) as he rinsed and stroked his very thick member, his head thrown back against the shower stall tile in abandon and his eyes closed in pleasure.

That was when one of the chambermaids, a pretty, petite Chinese girl with pert breasts topped by brown little nipples and aureolae and long, smooth legs stripped off her uniform, entered the shower stall and began fingering herself as she bit down on her full lower lip.

The chambermaid walked up to Miguel, whose eyes flew open because she had begun licking and sucking one of his pebbled nipples, plucking the other one as he increased the speed with which he stroked his pulsing cock and put another hand firmly to the back of her head as he groaned.

Miguel’s pleasure was apparent in the veins that stood out tensely on the back of that tanned hand and in the fact his fingers were buried in her smooth black hair as he began swearing softly in his native tongue.

The chambermaid sank slowly down to her knees, licking a wavering line down his torso before taking Miguel’s fat cock into her mouth while he continued to stroke himself. She began finger-fucking herself from behind as she licked and sucked his thick member and he let go of it to put his hands on her head — all the better to brace her with as he fucked her mouth right back.

“Fuck! Chrissy, your mouth is so damn good on my cock, woman. Tang-ina, ang sarap mo,” Miguel said through gritted teeth as the chambermaid’s head bobbed up and down on his turgid shaft in time to his hips’ bucking to and fro.

The audio pickup was excellent and Charlaine could hear Chrissy moaning around Miguel’s cock. He was shuddering on this side of a huge orgasm when he eased her mouth away from him and gently pulled her busy hand from her dripping (and landing-strip decorated) twat. The wet, sucking sounds of Chrissy’s fingers coming out of her hot cunt were just as clear.

Obviously, this game was familiar to Chrissy and Miguel, because the woman didn’t object. Instead, a huge grin lit up her face as she turned her back to Miguel and resumed her masturbation, rubbing a surprisingly large clit with fingers still covered in her womanly juices.

“There’s no hurry, Chrissy,” Miguel crooned into the chambermaid’s ear as he cupped her pert A-cup breasts and began rolling the chambermaid’s nipples in that slow, sure way Charlaine always liked her nipples to be touched. He was licking the petite woman’s mecidiyeköy escort ear and she rubbed herself faster as she writhed against Miguel’s hard body.

“I want your cock in me,” Chrissy’s voice was thick with arousal, “in my mouth, in my cunt — hell, you can fuck my ass if you want, just fuck me now, please.”

A loud smack crackled through cables and across the laptop speakers as Miguel spanked Chrissy’s delicately rounded butt.

“Bad girl,” he said, his voice suddenly full of a really domineering vibe. “You will get fucked when I decide you get fucked and I choose which hole I will fuck with this cock. You get to come when I say you may come. I command this cunt now.”

His hand went over the chambermaid’s pussy as she whimpered. He spanked her some more right over her clit, the smack sounding wet and erotic set against the chambermaid’s aroused gasp.

Chrissy shuddered, her orgasm imminent when Miguel moved to hold her arms at her side. He nipped her earlobe sharply, licked it, and she cried out incoherently as he wrapped his arms around her.

Under the mist of what looked like a hot shower, Miguel had crossed his arms around Chrissy’s porcelain torso so his left hand was over her right breast and his right hand held her left breast. Then he began rolling her nipples slowly again, pinching them every now and then and giving a twist here and there.

“Spread your legs, Chrissy, let me see how wet you are. Why, you’ve wet yourself all over your asshole. It feels slick enough to fuck now.” The words were a predatory growl, and the girl was very willing prey indeed.

Miguel’s grin was dark with passion, his eyes intense as he looked right at the camera and Charlaine’s heartbeat picked up pace.

He seemed to be talking straight to her, not the chambermaid, and she opened her legs, too, her hands going straight for her gushing pussy as she hooked her legs over the arms of her ergo chair.

Chrissy spread her legs as Miguel lifted her and slowly, slowly eased his cock into her, his hips gyrating as the chambermaid shut her eyes tight and bit down on her lower lip.

Charlaine’s fingers found her stiff clit and the slick, pulsing hole beneath it as the chambermaid began a slow, ecstatic moan and dropped her head back against Miguel’s shoulder.

“Do you like that, sweetness? Sinking so slowly over my cock?” Miguel’s tongue flicked out to lick Chrissy’s ear as his fingers began slowly rubbing and rolling the chambermaid’s pebbled nipples.

“Yes…” the chambermaid moaned, her dark eyes glistened in both pain and ecstasy. “Yes, yes, fuck me. I won’t break. I want your balls slapping against my ass-cheeks. Give it to me as hard as you can, Daddy.”

“Tell me where I’ve put my cock, sweet thing, tell Daddy how it feels. Tell me, or I’ll stop and send you out of here,” Miguel’s voice was gravelly with arousal as he nipped the chambermaid’s ear and drew shivers.

The tone of his words shifted to one that demanded utter and complete satisfaction and would take no argument. His growls of pleasure became more animal and Charlaine felt intense shivers commuting between her brain and her womanly bits.

Chrissy was blushing now “You’re in my… you’re in my back hole, stretching me, fucking your fat dick to the hilt in my tight little ass and it hurts but it hurts good, Daddy. You’re filling me up to the limit. Please keep fucking me, Daddy, Ohhh…”

Charlaine’s hands were working overtime, rogering her swollen and open pussy with three fingers of one hand and strumming her clit with the other as her juices flooded the ergo chair seat. She, too, was moaning as she closed her eyes.

Her eyes shot open when she heard the horny little chambermaid’s sudden crescendo of “ohs” and a low buzz. Miguel had begun rubbing the tip of a large, ridged black vibrator around her clit. Chrissy was standing on tiptoe, her palms slapping against the tiled wall behind them as she was impaled on Miguel’s fat cock.

“Come for me. I want to see you come for me.” Again, Miguel was addressing the camera, playing to it, grinning, it seemed, straight at Charlaine. His voice was thick now, as if he could barely hold his come in his balls.

Both women uttered barely coherent replies: “Yes.” They came in floods – Charlaine over the ergo chair and the desk in front of her, and Chrissy all over the shower floor.

“That was beautiful,” Miguel said, nuzzling Chrissy’s neck as he kept the vibrator buzzing against the chambermaid’s very erect clitoris and, without further ado, plunged it deep into her pussy before he began pumping her up and down over his cock.

Chrissy was screaming now and Charlaine renewed her own frigging and finger-fucking, screaming right along with the chambermaid, making the chair she was in rock wildly. Thank goodness for good construction, Charlaine thought as she brought her come-covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.

The orgasm via virtual threesome was mutual for all parties concerned as Miguel rammed Chrissy’s ass with long, hard thrusts as the chambermaid hung onto his shoulder and neck, the vibrator still buzzing and held in place by her clenching vaginal muscles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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