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I don’t know really where or how to begin but here goes nothing. I am a 44yo married man, in the beginning of a divorce. I am lonely and wanted to try to meet a guy. I have not been with a guy since I have been married which would have been 22 years ago at the end of this year. Well anyway, I use to search the classified and found a gay site that I mostly just looked at the picture. One day there was this guy coming to DC on a business trip and had a pic of himself from the knees up to his neck. Boy was that nice, not what I would say a head turning build, not a large tool or a toned body but it was just the kind I have always imagined a man for me would have, so I replied…. and then he responded and then the emails exchanged back and forth and that’s how it began.

I have to say I have a pretty good imagination and really let it go to work on him, sexually. I was telling him things that I wanted to do, things I don’t know if I could do or in fact, could be done.

My name is Pete and his name is Steve and here we go.

Being almost alone and craving the company, the warmth and the need of a person to be with me I decided to try my luck online and I did. I saw what I thought was the perfect man, the perfect body that I would love to have next to mine and he was coming to town. I quickly responded and gave him my stats and a day or two later I got a reply. He said when and where he was going to be and what times he had free and I took a spot on his calendar. So I thought………..

“Hi, I can make it there on Sat. I work close to where you are staying so if we hit it off right I could stop by every morning while you are here.”

“Okay, How will I get in touch with you or shall we arrange to meet someplace”

“I can give you my work number, call me when you get in and I can arrange something to happen that I will have to take off for a few hours.” And I sent him the number

“Okay, I am going to put this in a safe place and call as soon as I get to my room, how long will it take you to get here?”

“It will take me about 15 minutes, but since it is so hot out I might need to take a shower when I get there, I want to be clean for you.”

“Maybe we can take a shower together, I was going to take one before you got here anyway.”

“Sounds good, I never took a shower with another guy, sounds like fun. Can I wash your body? I would love to feel your body all soaped up and press my body up against yours, rubbing my cock across yours, hugging and holding you tight and kissing you while the warm spray of the shower beats down upon our bodies.”

“Wow, Thats sound like fun, tell you what, my shower is your shower. I love kissing and hugging.”

“After our shower we can stand there and rub our bodies together, continue kissing and hugging until we are dry, then we can go to the bed and I will sit on the casino şirketleri edge while you stand in front of me and I’ll open my mouth and take your cock into it and begging to suck it. I will suck it softly at first, just to get it wet and excited, then I will move to your balls and lick and suck on them and then in a flash I will take your cock back into my mouth and suck it so hard that I will bring you to the edge of a climax in no time and then stop just before you cum.”

“ I can not wait Pete, that sounds so hot. I feel that we are going to have a good time together. I can not wait to take your cock and suck it, take all of it into my mouth and down into my throat. I have never been with a uncut man before but I think it is so sexy that I just want to make love to your cock with my mouth.” “So Steve, you have never been with a uncut man before, well then I will have to teach you something about us. I know once you have me that you will always want to have an uncut man to make love to you. We are more sensitive then cut cocks, I know you will love how it will feel once I make love to you. I have not had my cock inside a man in such a long time that all I think about is how good it is going to feel to slide my cock inside a mans hole. The nice tight warm ass of a man, to feel his hard cock press against my stomach as I press my chest against his as I make love to him..hmmm hmmm what a desire I have.”

“Oh Pete, I can not tell you how much I want to be with you, you seem to feel and know just want I want and I know this is going to be the best time I ever had, I can not wait. I am going to take that uncut cock and suck you hard, then I am going to take it and guide it into my butt and make love to it, I want it so bad. I want to feel the warmth, the tenderness that you describe, I want you in me. I feel like the two of us are close to each other and we have not even met each other yet, just exchanged emails.”

“I know what you mean, I can not explain it but for some reason I feel like you and I are meant to be. Whatever happens, happens. I will leave fate to fate and if it is meant to be, then it will be. I am in no position to do anything right now. I so long to be with a man, to feel his warmth and his arms around me once again. It has been over 21 years, I have not been with a man since I have been married and no I can not wait. I have been with men well boys before. I started young with boys, and then some men when I grew up but the last time I was 21. I still remember what I did and what to do, guess it might be like riding a bike, just takes a little to get going again.”

This kind of email exchanged went back and forth for a while then the heat was turned on. I don’t know why I just let my imagination take over, that is where the problem began. I never wanted cyber sex but there I was smack dab in the middle of it….

“Steve, casino firmaları when I get there I am going to strip my clothes off, letting them fall to the floor as I walk over to you. You will only have a robe on and I will pull you to me, kissing you so tenderly and deeply that you will get a instant hard-on and you will let the robe fall to the floor. I will then press you to the floor and hold my cock in my hand and offer it to you. You will open your mouth and suck it. You will suck me nice and hard and then after a while I will reach my hands to your head and hold your head in my hands and start to pump your mouth. I will face fuck you, going deeper and deeper each time until I am slamming my cock down your throat. Then, just as I begin to reach my climax I will stop and pull you to the bed. Placing you on your back, I will crawl between your legs and hold your legs back to your chest. I will split on my already wet cock and place it to your hole and press myself slowly into you. Once I am in and you are adjusted to me I will then start to pump your hole, building up speed as I go. I will start getting you hole all hot that you will ask me to fuck you, ‘fuck me harder Pete’ you will say to me and my cock will be driven into you harder and harder, our skin slapping together filling the room with that sound.

I will slow down, gliding myself into your warm hot tight manhole and then reach over and grab your cock. I will then start stroking you, making you want to be fucked even more as you build up to your climax. My breathing gets stronger which set you off closer, I feel your cock harden, I get excited and start pounding away in your hole, thrusting my cock into like a wild man.. fucking and fucking you hole, jerking your cock, ‘Oh fuck me, fuck me harder’ you will scream to me and then you will feel my warm cum shooting out of my steel hard cock deep inside you and with that you shoot your load all over our chests. I slow the rhythm down and then stop, I let go of your cock and lay my chest onto yours, reach my tongue out to your lips, you open you mouth, we kiss………….”

“My God Pete, I want that, I want it just like that! No man has made me feel this way, I feel my body tingle all over. I have to read that again. Do it just like that, that is going to be the hottest time I have ever had, I can not wait.”

“Oh Steve, this is going to be the best, I waited so long, I am afraid and I want you so bad right now that it seems to long from now before we are together? Do you like sex in the morning? I work close to where you are and I can ‘cum’ by in the morning and wake you up. How about if you get me a key and I can come into the room while you sleep; I will strip and get under the blankets. I will then move my head down and start to suck your cock. You will be asleep and then start to get hard while sleeping and güvenilir casino I am sucking your cock. Once you start to cum you will awake to cumming in my mouth, I will then move my head up to yours, kiss you and say good morning… “

“I love sex in the morning and buddy you bet you can ‘cum’ and wake me up any morning. I just can not wait, this is going to be the best trip I ever had. I wish I was going to be there longer, we have to get in as much as we can with what little time we have.”

“Steve, this is going to be just as hot for me as it is for you. I have waited and wanted this for so long and I can not believe that it is almost here. I can not wait to feel our naked bodied together, touching you, holding you, feeling you, tasting you…. I just want you. Hey, have you ever been tied up before. Maybe I can take the belt from your rob and have you kneel on the floor and tie your hands behind your back and face fuck you for a while. I then will have you roll over, like almost doing a summersalt, stopping with your ass in the air. I will then stand inbetween your legs and insert my cock into you. You can watch my cock slide into your tight hot ass, inch by inch. You will see me balls start flying back and forth as I slam my cock into you, fucking you hard, wild, crazy… God, there are so many things I want to try and do, if we only had enough time ti do it in.”

As you can tell, the email were getting hotter and heavier as we went along, then the day before, my last email to him

“Steve, well I don’t know if you are going to get this or not, hope you do but please remember who to ask for when you call the store since there are two of us working there (did not give my last name to him). Then I will give them the excuse that I have to go to fix something at the other job so I will be able to spend a few hours with you, bye, have a safe trip… Pete.”

Well the day finally came, I was so nervous, I wanted to go through with this, I wanted to experience a man and I wanted to experience it with Steve. Now the hour came when the call should be made, I changed my lunch break to accommodate the forth-coming phone call, the call that never came. I waited for an hour then I took my lunch, I ran to my other job, opened up my email and nothing. I looked for the number to the hotel and see if the name he gave me was real, it was not (not that I thought it would be anyway, just hoped). This was the saddest day of my life. I wrote him an email, “what happened” and then back to work.

The rest of the weekend, and the following week was long. I emailed him when I knew he was going to be back and again asked “what happened” Still no response. I then started to cry in my messages saying that I don’t care that you did not show, that you did not call. I only know I want to still have you in my life, How could I have fallen in love over email, but I have. If I can not have you in person, then please, PLEASE, don’t leave me alone, just be my friend. I need someone in my life, I am in a bad spot, just stay with me.”

Well it did go on, we continued and boy did we work it up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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