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Stepping from the shower, I grab a towel and quickly dry off as you finish rinsing off. I slide the curtain open and you step into a dry towel I’m holding just for you. I wrap my arms around you with the towel between us and kiss you deeply. With no words between us I begin to dry you off, running the towel over your back and chest, paying special attention to your breasts, then down your stomach and over your hips and legs. Your body is so beautiful, so perfect I want to run my hands all over it. You hand me the lotion and now I get to do just that…

Where should I start?

Well I think I will start with your neck and shoulders. That way I can stand very, very close to you while I do that. And I would of course have to be all the way against you as I reach down and rub lotion into your back, all the way down to that sexy spot at the bottom. Maybe I’ll put a little lotion into your hands so you can rub some onto me…

After your back I’ll rub your arms. It will feel good to have those muscles rubbed in your upper arm and forearms. And when I rub the lotion into your hands and fingers you will really enjoy that too.

It will be MY treat to rub the lotion across your breasts, although I might have to kiss and bite and suck on those nipples first, before my hands pay special attention to them.

Getting tired? Well lets go lay on the bed where I can finish rubbing and massaging your legs…

As you sit down on the bed, I kneel on the floor at your feet and begin to rub lotion into them. I spend a lot of time rubbing and massaging your feet, across your heels, between your toes, rubbing hard on the balls of your feet and across the arches and sides. It will be very relaxing. As I’m doing this you are lightly running your fingers through my hair, telling me how good it feels. I begin to work my way up your legs, massaging deeply into the calf muscles and spreading your legs so I can work the lotion onto your inner thighs, getting oh so close to where you are so warm and already so very Bursa Escort wet.

My finger runs over those lips, slides slowly inside. I want to taste you…

My tongue runs lightly up your thighs as my fingers part your lips and I lightly, oh so lightly at first run my tongue over those lips and inside of you. With my fingers spreading your lips my tongue begins to dart back and forth, searching for your clitoris, the tip flickering back and forth across it. I can tell by your moans, your whimpers that I have found it. I flatten my tongue out and begin to lick harder with heavy pressure. You are so wet. I can’t believe how much your juices are flowing. And you taste so good. I can’t get enough and I stop you just look at how beautiful you are there. I blow slightly across those lips, but your hands grabbing a fistful of my hair pulls me back into you. You want more…NOW!

I continue to lick and nibble around your lips and clitoris as you continue to moan and whimper and softly call my name, “Mark., Mark, Mark” . Your eyes are closed, your head moving back and forth. I think see your skin flushed across your breasts. My pace slows and I stop. You look up at me with wanton eyes. I motion you to slide up the bed as I crawl forward. Your legs spread, inviting me in. But I say no, and I motion you to roll over onto your knees. I want to take you from behind.

You roll over and look back at me with a devilish look on your face. I love it! You are flat on your stomach and before you raise up I lay my full weight on your lower half – my hard and already wet cock slides easily into that soft cleft between your cheeks. With my arms extended by your side I kiss the side of your face – barely grazing your lips. I take my hand and pull your hair back from your neck. I gaze at you. So beautiful. I begin to kiss and bite my way down your neck, down your sexy back. All the way down to your ass. You are quiet but the slight moans escaping your lips let me know you enjoy this very much.

I Bursa Bayan kiss my way across your buttocks and down towards your thighs. Your legs are parted slightly and I kiss and lick —oh—-so—-close—but I continue down to those soft smooth thighs – massaging them and kissing them – your legs continue to instinctively part as I move my way back up to where you are so warm and wet. I spread your legs further and run both hands up the back of your thighs – you know what I want and you raise your hips so you are on your knees. I run my hands over over ass and thighs – and with two fingers I feel how incredibly wet you are as they slide into you. I just have to taste you one more time…

I love to lick you and taste you from behind like this. Just something about the way it looks and feels – I probe you with my fingers and tongue – as my other hand rubs the back of your thigh – it feels so good and your moans increase as I slide three fingers inside of you. So wet, but so tight. But you want more – and you tell me – you tell me you want me inside of you – NOW!

I slide my fingers out and give you one last kiss. I position my self right behind you, my thighs touching yours and my hard, wet cock slides easily between your ass cheeks – it feels so good gliding between there as my hands grab your hips, run across the small of your back and up towards your shoulders. It feels good to you too but you are growing impatient and you whimper and almost plead as you move back against me. I grab a fist full of your hair, lightly pull your head back as I lean forward and kiss you – and ask you – are you ready for me? Are you ready to feel all of me?

I’ll take your moan as a yes…

With both my hands I rake my fingers with heavy pressure down your back. You moan with a guttural appreciation because you know what’s coming. With one hand on your hip my other hand positions my head right at your slit – I rub the head softly around the lips and insert it in, just the head, slowly. I stop for Escort Bursa a few seconds to enjoy the sensation as I feel you tighten around me, trying to draw me in. I ask you if it feels good and you say “YES!” Please I want you NOW!” as that last word leaves your lips I drive all the way into you and you scream with delight.

Pushing your hips toward the bed I stay all the way in and just move my hips around and continue to push into you harder. I do not believe how incredible you feel. So tight, so wet. You obviously like it too and are telling me so. Telling me how good it feels, how hard I feel, how much you want it, how hard you want it. I begin to slide out and with my hands on your hips I pull you back up to your knees. You follow by raising up off your chest so you are on your hands as well. You push back against me as I slide slowly back into you. We develop a nice slow rhythm I move my hands up your waist and reach around and cup your breasts as I lean into you – you like that too.

I move my hands across your back, so sexy and reach up and grab two fists full of hair and pull your head back, roughly but not too much as I pick up the pace and begin to slam into you. I am so close. So very close.

My pace continues to quicken as I move my hands back to your hips and pull you into me with every thrust. You lean back down on the bed, changing the angle. It feels even better and your head is moving side to side as your hands are grabbing at the sheets – you know I am close and you tell me you want me to come – that you want to feel it inside of you. These words – that voice – so sexy, so urgent sends me over the edge and with a few last hard thrusts I bury myself into you one last time as I release and it feels so good. I feel so spent as I have a few last spasms and I collapse onto you and roll to my side pulling you with me, still inside of you. My arms wrap around you as we lay there – both sweating, breathing hard.

I softly pull my hair away from your face and kiss you on the neck nuzzling into you. I whisper “I love you. I love you so much” with a very contented smile on my face. You push back into me and sigh deeply. I hope you feel the same. Every inch of my body is touching you and all I wish were that I could get closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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