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My girlfriend and I had not had sex for a while, quite a while. This came up while we were packing to go to a friends house for a barbecue. There was a bit of an awkward silence but I didn’t think it was such a big deal. It was a long drive and some drinking was involved so we decided to sleep over rather than risk driving. She got a bit mad at me for bringing up the sex issue and felt like I was blaming her, I said I wasn’t but she had made up her mind and was mad at me. I wasn’t in the mood for a fight so just ignored it and this probably made it worse. We finished up and had a quiet drive to our friend’s house.

It was not a big party only five of us. Our friend her boyfriend and also her brother. As we got there the fight soon slipped my mind but my girlfriend did keep giving me the cold shoulder. I had a lot to drink so this didn’t bother me that much. The night went well and I got very drunk as usual. It got late and our friend and her boyfriend ended up going to bed, so it was only three of us left. We ended up having a lot more to drink or me and the brother at least. My girlfriend was chatty but wasn’t drinking much. As I got drunker I started getting frisky with her, an ass slap here and a boob grab there. This did not help the situation and the fact that I was doing it in front of someone else also didn’t help. When we eventually went to bed it had sunk in that I was in deep shit and wasn’t expecting much in the sex department. I got to the room and stripped down to my boxers and got in bed. My girlfriend came in a bit later and got her toothbrush and went to the bathroom that was just across the hall from us.

I was drifting in and out of sleep and woke up when I heard her close the door. I got a bit of a surprise when I saw her standing there but naked. I realised she must have walked naked from the bathroom. This surprised me but also turned me on. She still, however, looked very mad at me. Because of this what happened next surprised me even more. She walked to the bed and pulled off the sheets. She then grabbed my boxers and pull them off. At this stage, I was already rock hard and aching for it. She didn’t hesitate and got right on in the cowgirl position. I slid right into her. I had to wonder what she had been up to in the bathroom. I nearly came immediately but probably because of the alcohol I managed not to. She put her hands on my chest, still with an angry look on her face and proceeded to ride me. And she was taking no hostages after ten minutes we were both covered in sweat. Her body was glistening and this was driving me mad. I had gone in to kiss her but she just pushed me down and continued to ride me. Still looking pissed all the way.

After another five minutes, I couldn’t hold it anymore and grabbed her ass. I came like I have never before. Almost passing out. The worst part has she had a smirk on her face and looked like she expected nothing more from me. She quickly got off me and walked to the door. I assumed she was going to the bathroom. She opened it and walked out still naked. Except she street blowjobs porno didn’t go to the bathroom. She turned down the hall and a bit later I heard the fridge door opening. I fell asleep.

I woke up not sure what time it was or how long I had been asleep. My girlfriend was not next to me in bed. I pulled on my boxers and looked at my watch next to the bed. I had been asleep for about an hour. I was thirsty and was also wondering where my girlfriend was. I walked to the kitchen and got some water. Still no sign of my girlfriend. I wondered if she was maybe in our friend’s room and snuck in there to have a look. She was on the bed sleeping but her boyfriend also wasn’t there. This made me suspicious. The brother was sleeping in a small granny flat that was separated from the house. I had a look and could see a faint light in the window of the flat. I assumed they decided to party some more and decided to join them. I walked back to the room and put some shorts and a t-shirt on. It was the middle of summer and even at this hour, it was uncomfortably warm. I thought a cold beer would be good. I walked out of the house and headed toward the flat. I had this idea of knocking on the window to give them a fright. This wasn’t such a great idea as it was me that got the surprise.

What I saw gave me quite a shock. I saw our friend’s boyfriend sitting on a chair stroking his rather large dick. He, in turn, was watching as the brother was fucking my girlfriend missionary on the bed. I stopped breathing for what felt like 5 minutes as I tried to comprehend what I saw. Before I could cum to terms I heard him grunt loudly as he came in my girlfriend. She had been moaning the whole time but did not seem to have an orgasm. I saw his body stiffen and shoved his cock deep into her and only pull it out after he was completely done. What I saw then shocked me even more. He was huge a good 8 or 9 inches. A lot bigger than me. He was barely done of her when the boyfriend approached and took his place. He unceremoniously just slid right in and I saw my girlfriend throw her head back in pleasure, he seemed to be thicker but not as long as the brother.

At this stage, I still did not know what to think, but I had started to become aroused. I thought about rushing in and asking my girlfriend wtf but this was clearly some sort of punishment for me. I did not want to embarrass myself. I did, however, want to finish the show.

She was a lot more vocal this time and I could hear an orgasm building up. He, however, was nowhere near and was still pounding her furiously. As her orgasm approached I could see he had no intention of stopping. Her body tensed as she orgasmed and I could see her legs shake and her toes curl as she did. He however just kept going.

The brother was sitting at a table with a beer in the one hand and his phone in the other. I at first thought he was taking pictures but saw that he was typing. Not sure what could be that interesting though. I also saw that he was still semi-hard. student sex parties porno

As I looked back I could see my girlfriend’s nails dig into the guys back as I presume she was cumming again. This time the act was from both parties and I could hear him grunt as he gave a final shove and cum again in my girlfriend. Her back arched as her second orgasm in 5 minutes went through her body. He seemed to keep his cock in her a long time. When he did finally take it out I could see the cum in her pussy.

She lay on the bed drenched in sweat. I was wondering how this happened and then also realized along with me she had taken 3 guys in one night. As I was thinking this I heard a noise behind me and nearly shat myself. It was someone walking from next to the house. Luckily where I was I could not be seen and the door was on the other side of the flat. I at first thought that they are going to be busted now. I, however, realised that the brother was probably texting this guy earlier when I saw it was one of his friends.

I recognized him and new he sold weed so I assumed that was what he was doing here. I saw him walk in and hand the brother a big bag of weed. I found it weird that said nothing about him being completely naked. The brother took the weed and handed the guy a beer. I saw him glancing over at my girlfriend but he didn’t look too interested. The brother was busy rolling himself a joint. They were all soon sat around the table having a smoke, while my girlfriend was just laying on the bed. I was getting bored and was thinking about leaving when the weed guy stood up. I thought he was finally leaving and was wondered when my girlfriend would return to the house. I was shocked again when I saw that instead of leaving he started taking off his pants.

It was clear now that he the brother had invited him over and the sex was payment for the weed. I wasn’t sure how my girlfriend would react to this. She has however been awake the whole time and did not seem to mind him seeing her naked. He was almost undressed and walked to her with just his boxer on. As he got to the edge of the bed he took off his boxers and pulled my girlfriend closer. He was standing and she was sitting on the edge of the bed. I could only see him from behind but knew where this was going.

She reached forward and took his dick in her hand and moved her face closer. I could not see much but she gave him a blowjob for about 5 minutes. At this point, I was rock hard but couldn’t get in a comfortable position to have a wank. The other two guys were on their second joint and also talking about pills but wasn’t sure what. When I looked back I saw the weed guy was now between my girlfriend’s legs as she lay on her back. I still couldn’t see much only that he was taking it slow. She eventually started to moan louder than before, I thought this was due to this being her fourth guy for the night. He started slow but gradually picked up his pace. He was quite muscled and his back muscles were straining submissive cuckolds porno as he rammed into her. She was moaning loudly now and her legs were tightly wrapped around him.

I heard the word viagra and looked over at the other two and saw them both swallow a pill. I wasn’t shocked to think they only took one now but was also not too worried as I knew it might not work as they had already cum and were also drinking. I looked back at my girlfriend and the guy and they were still at it, they had been going for about 20 minutes already. I wondered how much of this my girlfriend could still take.

Another 5 minutes passed before he loud out a loud grunt as he came in her. He must not have had sex for a while as I saw him stiffen like seven times. On his last grunt, I heard her moan as well as her back again arched and her legs shook. I could picture her eyes rolling back in her head. When he pulled out and turned around I got another surprise, he was huge a good 9 inches and thick. I knew now why he took it slow. He walked to the table and took a sip of beer. My girlfriend also got up and walked to the fridge and got some water out to drink. I was looking at her body and she has never looked hotter. She was glistening from the sweat and her body was toned from all the exertion.

She walked to the table where the three guys were sitting and had a look at the weed as well as the viagra on the table. She looked at the other two and then down at their crotches. I also saw now that they were both sporting 2 massive hardons. They almost looked painful. They both looked bigger than they were before.

The brother pulled her closer turned her around and made her sit on his lap, his legs between her. I had a clear view as his throbbing cock slid into her and could see the expression of pleasure on her face and her stomach tightening as he entered her. His hands were on her hips and he was bouncing her up and down on his cock. He was so much bigger than me we could never do something like this, I would always slip out. I watched as he stood up still inside her and lay her chest first on the table. She gripped the other edge of the table as he started riding her hard. Not sure why but he came quickly much to her frustration but she had little time to moan as he was quickly replaced. I don’t know where these guys got the stamina from. Clearly, the viagra was helping. The boyfriend was now pounding her like there was no tomorrow. I wondered what she was going to feel like in the morning. I saw her knuckles whiten as her climax built and her nails dig into the table as she came. Her body was contorted like a possessed person and this time I could see her eyes roll back in her head.

The big guy took in the position and I could see her eyes shoot wide open as he entered her. I wondered if she was going to feel any different the next time we had sex, although that might not be for a while. It was 3 in the morning at this stage and I needed to be up early so I forced myself to go get some sleep. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. Only to be awoken at 6 with my girlfriend sneaking in. She didn’t look like she had gotten any sleep. I wondered how many more times they had had sex with her. I pretended to be asleep as she put on PJs and got into bed.

I wondered how this was going to change our relationship and also how it had changed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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