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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names…. Almost.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup


Sunday morning was interesting waking with her still cuddled against me, the morning sun in her hair showing me those RED roots as she lay on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through them as she woke seeing the sunlight glint off the red roots.

She saw me looking, then her eyes flashed open. “Do I need to dye them already?”

“Not for me you don’t.”

“But it’s so…. So RED!”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Oh you weren’t there, when I was a kid it was carrot top this and ‘hey red’ that…”

“And I don’t think any of them would dare say that to my bodybuilder today would they?”

She looked at me and shook her head, “You’re weird,” then she reached down and gripped my soft cock, “Fun, ….. but weird.”

We finally made it up, and I started breakfast while she was in the bathroom. I was even razzed a bit being a guy that could do bacon and eggs with toast for breakfast. She started to say it wasn’t on her diet, but I did a big exaggerated pout and she grinned and took it anyway. Like it was REAL hard to convince her to eat real food.

It was a sunny but cool morning, and we decided to hop back in bed and cuddle….. well and grope a bit as well. I was holding her beside me, face to face Running my fingers around her lips and nose, kissing her cheeks.

“So what are you plans after graduation?”

She cuddled in closer, “Not sure really, find a law firm to work with for a while, then see where it goes.”

“Any particular area?”

“Probably something around here.”

I chuckled, “No, I meant specialty.”

“Oh,” She chuckled to herself a little, “Not sure, I’d like to do something to help kids and families, but not sure yet. Why?”

“Just curious.” We snuggled for a while, touching and playing. I was starting to firm up a bit when she bit her lip and grinned, then dived under the covers, her ass and pussy in the sun. I didn’t have much of a chance to enjoy the view because the next thing I felt was her mouth around my cock and the head pressing down into her throat. She only made it so far, then pulled up and I could hear her coughing.

I managed to get her turned around by the time she quit coughing. “Are you OK?” She was kind of curling up against me, “What’s wrong?”

“I was trying to… well you know…”

“To what…. Deep throat me?”

She looked up at me like a lost puppy, “But that’s what guys want….”

I held her cheeks in my hands and brought her in for a kiss, “Very few women can actually do that, and then only with a LOT of practice.”


“But I wouldn’t object to you practicing…. A LOT!” she was grinning, “As long as I get to practice on you a lot as well.” I reached down and cupped her mound when she smiled back at me.

“OK!” she chirped, then dived back under the covers. I felt her warm lips around my cock again, but this time she was taking her time, exploring every bit of me as if for the first time. I enjoyed her enjoying me, feeling her lips and mouth around me. She kept pressing me to the back of her mouth, and got a little bit in her throat, but not much before she started gagging and coughing. I took that as a sign and started in on that red trimmed pussy!

I was spreading her with my thumbs and teasing her rosebud with my finger, just lazily enjoying the feast dripping above me. After a few little licks at her clit, or maybe a few too many from her point of view, she jumped up, groaned, and turned around and impaled herself on my cock. She rode me hard, grunting and moaning until she came and then collapsed on top of me. As heavy as she was, it was delightful to be trapped under and in her!

“How do you do that!…..” I heard muffled in my neck.

I kissed the side of her neck, “I merely enjoy what’s I have.”

We did actually manage to make it out of bed…. again…. before noon.

“So what do you want to do today?”

“We could go out to the mall again?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“Another dress? You might get to liking them if you get too many.”

She smiled at that, “No, just a nice day window shopping.”

I slid my slacks and shirt on watching her get dressed. While it wasn’t a fancy dress, she did take a hint from yesterday and put a sheer lace bra on under a thin white shirt. The lace was very apparent under the top, and if you looked close you could make out her nipple inside the lace bra. Since it was cooler she opted for a some jeans instead of a skirt, but they were painted on type jeans pulled up into the crack of her ass giving her cheeks a bit of a spread and cupping her pussy nicely.

Since it wasn’t that far away we went to the mall my original arcade was in. We even ran into my old grope buddy, she was covering a shift for a sick Sinop Escort employee.

“This doesn’t look like the skinny thing I saw you with last?”

She started to tense up, but I had to laugh. “Nope, she skipped town and left me with this lovely vision.” Leaning over to give her a quick peck to let her know I was OK with talking about it, I was through with the ‘problem of her old roommate’ and was just enjoying what I had.

“And here I thought you might come back to visit me and lend a hand.” she said with a BIG grin cupping her monster tit for just a second. Probably trying to get me in trouble so she could get her tits groped, all it got was a raised eyebrow from her.

I turned to her, “She helped me out with a place to crash when I first separated from the ex in exchange for a few personal benefits.”


I pulled them both over to the blind spot, with my grope buddy shielded by the two of us, “I’d reach down her top and play with these monsters,” I did just that much to the amazement of my grope buddy. “And in return I got nightly blow jobs while I finger fucked her ass and pussy.” I pulled her in for a kiss while I still had a hand down my grope buddies shirt.

The big surprise for my grope buddy was when she broke the kiss, looked at my hand down this woman’s shirt squeezing and playing, then got a nice grip from the outside on the other tit herself. “Yea, I could see how they would be fun to play with, especially if those nipples are as big and firm as they feel.” then leaned back into me for another nice tongue kiss while we were both squeezing and playing.

“Oh they are, I took a full inventory the night we celebrated my divorce court date.” She turned to my grope buddy, pulling my hand out of her top and putting it on her own firm tit, then leaned over a bit to give my grope buddy a nice quick kiss while still squeezing the other woman’s huge tit. She turned back to me, put my arm around her waist. “You’ll have to tell me about it some time.” She turned us out the door, leaving my grope buddy panting and still standing in the blind spot.

She was giggling and I was shaking my head as we went back out into the mall, “You are just plain ornery girl!”

She giggled a bit as she moved my hand from her waist to her ass. “Told you, you just have to share….” It was interesting to walk down through the mall and not have to hide ogling women from the one I had my arm around. She was watching me while we were each pointing out different women to each other. “So do you really like big tits?”

“Not particularly, why?”

“Because that’s about all you’ve pointed out…” she was acting a bit insecure.

“Because that’s about all there is on display…” I looked down at her hard nipples, “Present company excluded.” and gave her a quick but nice kiss.

“But what about…” pointing to a petite woman across the way.

“Padded.” She started to point to a group of high school girls, “Padded, padded, VERY padded, and oh my god padded enough to float the Titanic.”

She was laughing so hard I had to hold her up until I could get her over to a bench. She finally managed to settle down enough to talk, “And I thought WE were bad. You guys are TERRIBLE!” she was still trying to keep from laughing when I started making comments about some of the women walking near us.

“Thinks the sweater will hide the rolls under her tits…. Jeans as a substitute for a girdle…. Couldn’t get the right size bra if her life depended on it….. oh those stretch pants make a NICE camel toe….red lace bra under a beige top but lined, say look at me, but don’t actually look at what I’ve got. Her nipples must be in hiding….” She about rolled on the floor with that one. “Oh and there’s miss tight jeans and push up bra trying to take attention away from the belly rolls that she forgot to cover up.” I must have said that one a bit loud because the girl glared at me.

There was a knock out brunette coming up, and I waited until she got close enough to actually hear what I was saying before starting in. “Now here’s a woman almost as hot as you are dear.” The woman stopped and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “Gorgeous legs that would look wonderful with or without stockings.” the woman smiled at that, “and a skirt short enough to make you wonder what, if anything, she has on under it.” the lady looked down at her own skirt for a second. “A light top and bra that are definitely not necessary but cover just enough to make you want to take those beauties in your hand and mouth and explore them for a few hours.”

Her nipples were starting to stand out more listening to me talking about the woman now stopped in front of us. She licked her lips looking at her. “Yea, I see what you mean, I wouldn’t know where to start, lifting her top to squeeze and play or putting my head up her skirt to see what’s there?” The ladies nipples were starting to stand out as well, she looked around a bit, then lifted her skirt enough to show a bit of a tiny thong, before dropping it, blowing my girl a kiss, then walking away, but not before flashing her ass, the little white thong Sinop Escort Bayan trying to disappear between her cheeks.

She looked at her walking away, “Man…. now you made me hungry for some juicy pussy…” the guy walking in front of us about fell over… we both about fell off the bench laughing at that!

“There used to be a lingerie store around the corner, we could always go down there and tease the sales girl?”

“I don’t really need anything.”

“But you can always try a few things on, maybe even get some more stockings.”

Her eyes lit up at that and we were off. Sure enough, the lingerie shop was still there. We stopped outside to look a minute at the purple corset with black lace trim on the mannequin. “I like those stockings,” She said pointing to the lace with a hint of glitter stockings paired with it.

“Not that you need it, but I love the whole outfit. A different color for you for sure, but…!”

“Isn’t that a bit…..frilly?”

“Very feminine maybe….but not frilly.”

We made our way into the shop. It was an interesting mix of lingerie shop for adults and the younger crowd. Everything from the full lace bullet bras like the older lady had on to the corset tops the younger ladies wore. Even a little toy selection over in the corner!

There were several ladies browsing the shop, but I was the only guy. A young sales girl came up behind us. “Anything I can help you find?”

We both turned to admire the low cut top showing a bit of lace bra under. “I was looking at the stocking on display in the window….he,” pointing a thumb to me, “was looking at the corset.”

“That’s why it’s out there, never known a man yet that won’t look at a corset!” She and the sales girl snickered at that. “But I don’t think purple will work for you. Any particular color?”

“Well I have the red dress he bought me….”

“Or maybe a green?” I suggested. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, but turned back to the sales girl with a shrug. With her size information the sales girl headed out for what we needed. We headed back to the changing area.

When she came back she was frowning. “I don’t have any of the red in your size, and the only green ones I have are half cup or cupless.”

I looked at her, “Well it’s not like you really need the support,” I turned back to the sales girl, “One of each if you please.”

When the sales girl came back she started to put the cupless one on first, but it just didn’t fit her contours and they didn’t even get to the lacing. Now the half cup, WOW! The emerald green with her skin tone and her red pussy hair was fabulous! The black lace sitting just below her areola making them more prominent than ever, the black satin garters hanging on either side of pussy framing it perfectly, all I could do was stare at her.

They both looked at me smiling, “I take it you approve?”

I was looking her up and down, “It’s….it’s gorgeous! Even without the stockings….”

She nodded to the sales girl, who turned to leave for the stockings. I caught her by the arm, and whispered to her. “Do you by chance carry any red wigs?” She nodded, and looked back at my girl before looking to me again. “Something close to her natural color?” The young lady smiled and nodded before leaving.

“What are you up to?” she asked.

“Hopefully a nice surprise.”

The sales girl returned with a bag in one hand she put in my lap and the lace stockings in her other hand. The girls were enjoying teasing me with her putting the stockings on, but unlike our sales girl at the dress store, she made no sign of wanting to sample my delicious body builder. She turned away to slip her low heals on, and when she turned back it was a good thing I was sitting down. She looked like something I would see in the pages of a high dollar lingerie catalog.

“I can’t begin to describe how absolutely delicious you look!”

She stepped toward me, and I had to stand and run a hand down her satin enclosed body, up to the lace running just under her nipples, down her sides following the garters framing her pussy, running the backs of my fingers through her stubble. I did get a gasp when I ran a finger between her wet lips and brought it to my lips. Getting me a shaking finger from her and a snicker from the sales girl. “So what’s in the bag?”

“A surprise, something to satisfy my curiosity.” I pulled the wig from the bag, she gasped and scowled. “Would you put it on, if only for a moment to satisfy my curiosity?” She wasn’t being convinced, “I’ll never ask again, and I’ll even help you dye the roots if you want.” I gave her cheek a quick kiss, then placed the wig in her hands and kissed the back of them.

She looked back and forth between the wig and me, “…..never again?”

“Never again.”

“Ahhhhhh.” She grunted in frustration. She bent over and gathered her hair, giving me a NICE profile of dangling nipples, then slipped the wig on and tucked a few strands up before standing up and planting her hands on her hips.

Now it was me AND the sales girl, “WOW!”

“SEE I told you it was BAD!”

She Escort Sinop was about to pull it off without even looking in the mirror, but the sales girl spoke up. “No….. that GOOD.”

She stopped just short of pulling it off and finally turned to the mirror. The red wig and her pussy hair matched almost perfectly. Her skin tone and the green satin and black lace corset standing out against the two was spectacular!

“GOD I FORGOT HOW THAT LOOKED!” she began to reach for the wig again.

“Leave it for a moment please?”

She turned back to the two of us when I asked that, “You really want me to leave it on?”

“Just for a moment, it’s absolutely stunning….” She looked from me to the sales girl, who just smiled and nodded. She shook her head and then turned back to the mirror to look again. She turned and looked from one angle and then another. I came up behind her, kissed her shoulder, “Thank you.” I reached up to help take the wig off, but she turned in my arms.

She kissed me softly, “It’s not permanent.” She slipped the wig off…..and then deposited it on my head. That got her and the sales girl laughing, and me too eventually.

I turned to the sales girl with her still in my arms. “We’ll take the whole thing.” I then kneeled to help her take everything off. Gently unhooking the garters and rolling the stockings down. Releasing the lacing and then the hooks, revealing the soft skin underneath, leaning over to take a firm nipple in my mouth getting me a nice moan for my efforts. She slipped her jeans and top on, tossing her bra in the bag.

We drove back to her place, and I walked her in, but we both had to work in the morning, so I gave her a nice kiss and grope before leaving to head home. I was grinning to myself all the way home, I couldn’t get the picture of how stunning she looked in the red wig…. I think I went to sleep thinking about it.

Monday I was just as star struck with her beauty, the thought of her in that corset and stockings with the red wig gave me an instant hard on every time. I did manage to give the manufactures rep a call, and discovered her was out for a family emergency. The woman who was covering for him was agreeable to Monday, or even Friday when I got in. I had her cell phone number to give her a call when we got in to make final arrangements. The boss was pleased he wouldn’t have to make the trip, and just said to put the gas on my company credit card and keep receipts…..typical boss.

As soon as the second shift tech came in I ran up to the camera store at the other end of the strip. I had been thinking about giving up the old film camera for a new digital, and this seemed like a good time to do it. I looked them over, practically drooling on some of the top end models, but knowing it would be middle to lower end ones I could afford.

After talking with the manager about what I was needing it for, we came to a gentlemen’s agreement between managers. The camera I was looking at would be ‘temporarily out of stock’. He would loan me a top of the line model with several lenses as well as a video camera with loads of memory for both. If they came back and the pictures from the competition just happened to still be on the memory cards, and there wasn’t any damage, there would be no charge for the loan, and my selected camera should probably be in stock by then at a very reasonable price. Seems it was something he had always wanted to see but his wife didn’t think it was ‘necessary….’

He would probably feint if he knew she and I discussed the finer details of a woman anatomy together when we saw them walking by! I had to chuckle at that, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. A quick stop at the local lube shop for an oil change and general checkup and the van was ready to go, they even vacuumed it out and spray the carpets for me as a thanks for being a new customer!

She called me late that evening, and her professor was willing to let her make up for the Thursday evening class. Seems a body building competition was a bit out of what he expected or believed until she flexed an arm, and celebrating my divorce sealed the deal. He went through a bad one a few years ago and every one should be celebrated in his mind!

That was going to make the long drive MUCH better, even sharing driving it was a long haul to make it out there in one day.

Tuesday I found myself thinking about the drive I had made with her roommate to the class, but I was thinking about how it was going to be with her and I in the van and grinning about it every time. I bet some of my customers were wondering who the grinning fool was working the day shift! I called some techs from several of the other stores, and got two that would cover my Friday and Monday shifts, especially up at the new store.

I had also decided to add to my wardrobe with this trip. I remember how I felt walking next to her in that dress, so I was going to do it up right. A trip to the local tailor shop got me a nice white dinner jacket. Not real fancy, but nice. If she looked that good, I could do no less than do a James Bond look for her. My next stops were a bit selfish in a way. The first was to a local trinket shop that sold small crystal decorations and jewelry. I got a decent sized red teardrop on a light chain. Then on to an adult novelty shop for a small metal butt plug with a similar red crystal in the middle!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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