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Standing outside my front door, fumbling my keys in my mad rush to unlock the door, I remember the last two days. I had been thinking about her all weekend. I had been stuck at a family reunion at the beach, and she had to work. Everywhere I looked, everything I saw reminded me of how much I wanted to be with her. I saw a woman in a black bikini walking along the ridge of a sand dune at the beach. She was walking towards me, and I stood mesmerized. I could not take my eyes off of her. The sway of her hips, the way she placed each step in the sand, the casual way she walked, unaware of her sexuality yet bursting with a raw sexual power. Suddenly, as my vision cleared, I realized that even though the girl was quite pretty, and waifishly thin, it had not been her I was seeing. It had been my lover the whole time, seeing her in my minds eye. Everything I did, everywhere I went, and she was with me.

Even when I got an ice cream cone on the boardwalk she was there along side of me. I envisioned slipping down her tank top and sliding the ice cream over her nipples. Inviting me to lick them. Her hand gripping the back of my head hard as I sucked them clean, clasping me to her breast, her breathing hot in my ear. Not to be out done she jammed her tongue into her ice cream,

digging out a hollow. I felt her cold lips quickly turn warm as her tongue slid into my mouth. Her hand slid to my crotch, and after a gentle squeeze she popped each button of my jeans, freeing me. As she looked directly into my eyes, she held my cock in one sweet soft hand while she dug her tongue into the top of her ice cream again. Kneeling quickly, her cold lips slipped round my slowly hardening cock. She suddenly withdrew me from her mouth and dipped the naked head of my cock into the soft hole she had licked in her ice cream. The shock went through my body like lightning. Once again my cock disappeared into her warm, waiting mouth. I could feel her suck my cock deeper into her mouth. Her warm, silky mouth. Gripping the base of my cock like a vise, and keeping my head inside her mouth, she began stroking me off into her mouth. Her hand pumping my cock, her lips and her tongue sucking and circling my head. I completely relaxed, surrendering to the pleasure she was giving me.

Imagine my surprise when her mouth slid off me only to be suddenly replaced by the ice cream again! She jammed my hard cock into the softening ice cream, continuing to stroke me, then back inside her warm sucking mouth. The shock like an electrical jolt through my balls, leaving me tingling through out, and harder than ever. Moving her ankara escort hand and mouth as one now, she felt me swell inside her mouth. Knowing that she would make me come at any moment. Overcome, I moan and thrust my cock deep into her throat. She takes my first gush of come and hungrily swallows it, but pulls me from her lips and directs the second and third jets onto her ice cream. She takes my softening cock back into her mouth and gently, lovingly sucks on it. Gently draining every drop of come from me.

Satisfied that she has taken every drop, she places my soft cock back into my jeans and buttons them. As I stand, dizzy and panting from the pleasure she brought me, she raises her ice cream cone to her lips and begins to lick it. She says ‘Mmmmm’ from the pleasure of the taste of my come, making me dizzy with desire for her. I pull her to me and kiss her deeply, the sweetness of the ice cream mixing with the taste of my desire. She smiles demurely up at me, looking as innocent as an angel in church. I whisper ‘God I love you’ to her as I slip my arm around her waist. We walk outside, looking like an innocent couple in love with each other, sharing an ice cream on a hot day.

I get the right key in the door and hear the lock click open. Home from my boring weekend at last. After thinking about my little angel the entire time, I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Stepping inside, I can hear the shower running upstairs and I know she is in it. I throw down my keys and bag, and creep silently up the stairs. I stand in the bathroom doorway and watch her. Somehow she knows I am here, watching. She bends over and holds the showerhead so the warm water rushes over her perfect ass. The water runs between her cheeks and over her already swollen and throbbing lips. I can feel my cock growing as I quickly undress. I step into the shower behind her. She can sense me behind her, watching the water caress her.

She knows what watching her does to me, and she loves it. Without warning, without a word, I slowly slide into her; the only sound is the running water until we both gasp in pleasure. The intensity of the sensations are overwhelming as she rocks back into me, plunging me in to the hilt. She reaches out to the shower wall for leverage and pushes hard, pumping into me. After my long, horney weekend I want it all. I grab her ass hard and pound into her, deeper and deeper inside her, harder and harder until I can’t tell where I end and she begins. It feels as if our bodies are one. She feels my cock swell as I near orgasm, and she bucks harder into me, wild with passion and desire. escort ankara We are like wild rutting animals. We cross some point that is beyond our limits, and both come explosively, screaming out where there are no words. We sink to the floor of the shower in each other’s arms, exhausted, panting, letting the warm water wash over us.

When my strength finally returns, I pick her up and carry her slender, glistening, exhausted body from the shower to the bed. I towel her dry, marveling at the beauty of her. I offer to rub her back, just to touch her. She sleepily murmurs ‘Mmmm, that would be nice’ and rolls over onto her tummy. Her lovely, round ass is slightly raised. Between her slender thighs, her beautiful pussy is just visible, smooth and hairless except for the tiniest triangle. Her soft, slightly swollen lips are beckoning to be moistened by the tip of my tongue, and parted by the head of my hard, throbbing cock. I lean down and gently lick her swollen lips. She responds by slightly arching her back, opening her lips to me.

My tongue slides inside her, licking her tender inner lips, delighting in the clean taste of her, licking the moisture from her. She draws her knees up beneath her, raising her ass up into the air, her head still resting on the bed. She knows exactly what I like, and how to get what she likes. Positioned on her hands and knees in front of me, I stare wonder at her beauty. Her smooth skin glowing in the soft light. Her delicate shoulders slimming gracefully down to her slender waist. Smooth, flowing curves. So soft and warm. From her slender waist her hips flare, flowing into the gentle roundness of her bottom. Her smooth ass split into two glowing halves, with her trembling, delicate anus in the cleft. I slide my hands over her warm ass, trailing a single fingertip over her rosebud anus. She arches her back, chasing my retreating finger. I grip her ass in both hands, slightly spreading it as my mouth descends to gently kiss that delicate rose. Hungrily my tongue slides from my mouth to lick her.

As she presses back onto my probing tongue, I slip my tongue inside her ass. Harder and harder I press, driving my tongue as deep as I can. Having penetrated her, my tongue slides rapidly in and out. Driving into her, piercing her perfect pink ass. I feel her ass relax as she presses back, allowing my tongue to go as far as possible. Her warm, soft ass presses into my cheeks as I strive to drive my tongue deeper into her. The feel of my tongue inside of her, the heat, feeling her pulse, feeling her muscles tremble. I reach around and grip the front of ankara escort bayan her thighs to pull her to me, stretching my tongue as far as it can go. Relaxed and open, she welcomes the repeated thrusts of my tongue. She moans with delight when she feels my teeth dig into her ass cheek as I bite her, before passion drives me back into her ass. I’m burning with desire, a desire to consume her, to envelop her, to penetrate her.

I pull back, and get to my knees. My is cock so hard it aches, the tip glistening with come, straining to burst out and into her. She is tense in anticipation, wanting my cock inside her, wanting to feel the explosion of my orgasm, and the hot jets of come inside her. I quickly dip my head down to give her ass one more lick. A wet, wet lick. I grip my cock hard in my hand, feeling more come ooze out onto the tip. I press the head against her anus, coating it with my semen. She squats down and back to get my cock inside her as quickly as she can, but I pull back, teasing her. I look down, and see her firm white ass, the graceful curves of her body, smooth, glowing, trusting, hungry, my come glistening on her trembling anus.

Overcome with lust I roar and slam my cock into her glistening, sopping wet pussy. Braced for the attack, she takes my whole cock in one powerful thrust, my hips slamming into her, my balls crashing into her swollen pussy lips, the depth of penetration stopped by bone alone. As she gasps and moans, I pull my cock out of her, slick with her wetness, dripping with our sex. The head of my cock slams into her anus. That beautiful, tiny rose expands to swallow my cock as it slams into her, sliding forever, she feels every inch of me as I penetrate her, filling her from the inside, filling her to the top of her soul. Bracing like a wild animal, she furiously fucks me back, as I pound into her.

Abandoning everything but the animal desire that fills us we fuck with the sole purpose of satisfying the lust that drives us. A single person enveloped in a single passion. Screaming and moaning we drive into one another as the wave of orgasm overtakes us. Joined in passion, her ass pulsating and gripping my cock, hot jets of come bursting out of me filling her up inside, my cock driving inside her deeper and deeper, spasms overtake us, our whole bodies pulsing throbbing tingling. Shuddering, we hear a scream. Her? Me? Both? I can’t be sure.

Finally, we collapse on the bed, my arms around her. Panting. Sweat slipping down our sides in rivulets, pooling in the hollows of our bodies, soaking into the sheets. My cock still spasming, striving to empty every drop of come into her. Her ass presses back to me, eager to receive it. Joined, we drift off to sleep, sharing each other’s dreams, as we shared each other’s bodies, as we share each other’s souls. It’s good to be home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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