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That night Cheryl dined alone. No one invited her to sit with them, none of her growing list of compatriots seemed to be around. And somehow, it was okay; on this, the third night of her four night package, she was for the first time feeling a little sated. That’s not to say if an appealing man asked her to dance she’d say ‘no,’ but if it didn’t happen, it was all right as well.

After dinner, she headed for the jazz club, was delighted to find Steve and Alexis there. A couple nights before they’d met here, Cheryl had been mildly attracted to them. They’d seemed relatively cautious and yet moderately experienced at the same time. She waved to the couple, Alexis invited her to sit with them on a couch, listen to the music.

“How have you been?” asked Steve.

“Good. And you guys? Alexis, you got a bit of a tan.”

“The sun down here really burns you up, doesn’t it? I put sunblock on at midnight last night!”

“You’ve been having fun?” Steve asked.

“My share,” she agreed, and then she smiled, “and probably someone else’s share, as well.”

Alexis talked over Steve, who was sitting in the middle. “I can’t believe what’s happened down here. First there’s the ocean and the pool and all that – we went snorkeling today – and then there’s . . . well . . .”

“The sex?” Cheryl smirked.

“Yes. God. After we met you the other night, we were just sitting around and this great couple from New York came over. It was just all around attraction, we went over to their room and . . . Unfortunately, it was their last night here, but we got their email, so you never know. Maybe we’ll see the Rockettes next Christmas. And then we went to the bar with the loud rock music last night, have you been there? Well, we started chatting with this single guy and I said what the hell, so we invited him to the room. He and I went for a couple of hours, Steve’s got some really good videos.” Cheryl thought that Alexis, this cute little blond, was both shy and proud at the same time. “How about you?”

Cheryl mentally reviewed her sins of the past three days, wondered if they were too personal to confide with this couple. But, at the same time, Alexis seemed only too eager to reveal her indiscretions (and of her husband) so why not. And Cheryl found she wanted to brag.

“Well, let’s see,” she started. “Wednesday when I got down here, I was lying on the beach, and this really great guy, Wes, picked me up, I invited him into my room. At 5:00 in the afternoon! Later that night I found a single guy, but he was a bit of a dud.

“Yesterday, I went catamaraning with Wes and his wife and we went around the headland and they knew a reef where we went snorkeling. Then, they invited me back to their room and we had a threesome.”

“With you and another girl?” Alexis asked, less than innocently.

“Yep. Then last night I bumped into this group, two guys and a girl. They all live together, she’s in love with both of them. They have one of those overwater bungalows and we swam in the ocean late at night.” Cheryl quickly decided not to tell about giving a blow job to the man at the pool, it just seemed way too whorish.

“Today, I went over to Passionné Island.”

“Was it great?” Alexis excitedly interrupted.

“Fantastic! I met a couple of young guys, college students actually, and we body surfed.”

Steve broke out into a loud guffaw. “That may be the best entendre I’ve ever heard! I’m trying to get Alexis to go over there.”

“I’m not sure I want to be completely nude with a whole bunch of people around.”

“It’s not like that at all,” Cheryl explained. “For all the land there, there’s not many people. And there’s no law that says you have to go nude there, I guess you could keep your bottoms on if you wanted to.”

“Alexis hasn’t even taken her top off in public yet. I keep telling her she should, she’s got great tits!”

Cheryl glanced at the other woman’s bosom, she was leaning forward in her sundress and the fabric swept around her cleavage. She looked fairly small but quite shapely inside the built in bra. Quickly, Cheryl felt a flicker of desire, wondered what they would feel like.

The band played one of Alexis’ favorite tunes. “Dance with me, Steve,” she pleaded.

“You know I’m a terrible dancer.”

“I’ll dance with you,” Cheryl volunteered.

A quick look from the other woman. Was it caution? Rejection? Desire? “All right.”

The two women approached the tiny dance floor, not the only couple, not even the only pair of women. They settled together, and after a few minutes Sinop Escort Cheryl felt Alexis’ body tight against hers. “I envy you,” Alexis said, “You’re my hero.”

“Now why do you say that?”

“Well, you told us you came down here to get into trouble, and you just went and did it. You have so much confidence. I’d love to do something like that, but I’m much too cautious.”

“Well, the guys just keep throwing themselves at me,” Cheryl laughed.

Alexis reached up, intimately slid a strand of hair from Cheryl’s face, then looked deep into her eyes. Cheryl knew what was coming, wanted it, but let Alexis take the lead. There on the dance floor, they stood and kissed, woman to woman. Slow, a modicum of tongue, and then it was over. They walked back, hand in hand to the couch.

Alexis nervously sipped her drink, flustered at how forward she’d been.

A couple of minutes later, Steve asked, “Do you have trouble sleeping down here? I do, the sounds are just weird.”

“The first night I did, but when I finally drop off, I sleep like a baby. And I found a pretty good sleeping aid.”

“What’s that?”

“There’s this lovely little swimming pool back by the tennis courts, just a few feet from the bay. I go over there and have a late night swim. It’s quite relaxing to float, completely bare. I don’t know how I’m going to replicate that back in Dayton.”

“Hmmm, I know what you mean. We’ve got a swim-up suite, last night after the guy left Alexis dropped off pretty quick . . .” Alexis grinned at the memory, Cheryl admired her sudden candor, “. . . so I took a long swim. You’re right it sure is relaxing. I don’t suppose you’d like to come over for a swim, would you?”

Cheryl looked past him to the wife. “I might. Would you like me to, Alexis?”

A shy glance. “Sure I would.”


They finished their drinks and the band finished their last song of the evening – this wasn’t the bar for the after midnight crowd – so they left. “Do you want to pick up a swimsuit, Cheryl?” Alexis offered.

“No need,” she said. “I’ve already got a great swimsuit on me.”

Entering the front door of the room, Cheryl spied the serpentine lagoon out the back. “I’ve got to go,” Steve said, and he ducked into the bathroom.

Cheryl approached Alexis this time, she was the aggressor. The kiss was long, soft. “Do you want to do this?” Cheryl asked. “If you don’t, I’ll understand.”

“Yes, but . . . It’s just . . . I’m so nervous.”

“Nothing to be nervous about, it’s just sex,” Cheryl assured her.

When Steve entered the room, he gazed at the two women kissing, their hands were roaming each other’s back. When they broke, Cheryl said, “So, about a swim?”

“Let me get into my suit,” Alexis demanded.

“If I’m not wearing one, you’re not either,” Cheryl laughed.

“But . . .”

“Tell you what, I’ll keep my panties on. But you have take off everything except your panties, too.”

“Oh, but . . .”

“No buts.” Cheryl pulled the sundress off Alexis. Yes, the breasts were small, but conical with well extended nipples. “Nice,” Cheryl said, holding them a bit for the first time. “Steve, unzip me, won’t you?”

Steve came to her back, let the zipper down, Cheryl stepped out of her gown. She also was topless, who needs a bra this close to the equator, her panties were stretch hipsters, flesh colored. And then she saw why Alexis was so nervous, her underwear was a black, very meager thong, less than four square inches of her groin was covered.

But a deal is a deal, Cheryl grabbed Alexis’ hand, the blond shyly let herself be drawn outside to the pool. Behind them came Steve, he’d stripped down to his light blue briefs.

The water was warm, the entire pool was less than five feet deep but fifty yards long, it meandered in a serpentine between three floor apartments and palm trees. The lighting was brighter than at Cheryl’s ‘secret’ pool, but still dim. The threesome waded hand in hand, Cheryl between the wife and husband. It became intimate, Alexis relaxed. “Don’t you worry somebody could be looking at us?”

“I want people to look at me,” Cheryl explained. “Yes, I’m over 50. But I’ve still got a great body, why wouldn’t every man in this resort want to look at me and touch me? I find that very erotic. Steve, were you turned on last night when the other man looked at your wife, wanted her?”

“Absolutely. Honey, it’s okay. It’s not like we’re on Main street in Nashville. Down here, nobody cares if you’re naked. And didn’t you like the way Chet Sinop Escort Bayan was looking at you last night.”

“You’re right,” Alexis agreed, “It’s just that this isn’t the way I was raised.”

They continued to wade and float, when Alexis touched Cheryl’s right breast, they pulled together for a kiss. Alexis approached her husband, he kissed her and felt her tits. And then Cheryl approached the man, kissed him, he wasn’t even slightly abashed about where he put his hand on Cheryl’s chest.

Another kiss between the two women, Cheryl suggested, “Let’s go inside.” As soon as they got into the room, Steve pulled the blinds shut, the two women kissed, and more.

The women kissed again, hands were roaming, breasts suckled, Steve simply watched his woman delve into this dream. Cheryl pulled the wet panties from Alexis’ groin, pushed her onto the huge bed. Letting her own soaked panties fall, not really caring if Steve got a great glimpse or not, she joined Alexis, for the first time a woman touched the blond down there.

And Alexis responded. For years, secretly, she’d longed for this. Whereas Cheryl had found Pat’s advances to be only subtly different from those of a desired man, Alexis found the touches, the kisses, the sucks to be utterly diverse. She reveled in the way Cheryl lipped at her nipples, when Cheryl traveled south and put her tongue to Alexis’ clit she yipped with violent enthusiasm. Alexis’ orgasm tore through her soul.

Was Cheryl, an untutored woman, licking at her first pussy really that much better than most of the men Alexis had slept with? It’s hard to say. Yes, Cheryl had studied her own anatomy with care, knew where all the important parts were. Yet she knew only herself, she had no idea where Alexis’ g-spot was, indeed if she even had the some-say mythical parcel. But the most important six inches in sex is not the length of a man’s penis, it’s the extent of the brain. And Alexis was so turned on by finally, at last, being with a woman that whatever Cheryl did, experienced or unskilled, brought her to one of the best orgasms she ever had.

The women toyed with each other, exploring, pleasuring. Cheryl wanted Alexis to go down on her, when Alexis bit at her clitoris she yelped delightedly. And when the women laid on each other, breast to breast, thigh to pussy, the sensations for both were exquisite.

At some point, perhaps the women had been too calm for a few minutes, one said to the other, “Steve’s just sitting there.”

“I wonder if he’s frustrated.”

“Maybe. Hey, he hasn’t even taken his pants off.”

“Do you think he should join us?”

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

Steve realized he was being teased and invited at the same time. He pulled off his wet briefs, it wasn’t truly disguising the rocklike erection anyways, and fell with the women to the bed. Both of them felt and then sucked his prick, both of them kissed him. He felt breasts indiscriminately, poked a finger into whichever hole was offered to him, licked at two very willing pussies. The women attended to him, yes, but they also continued foreplay with each other. Orgasms for both women flew.

And then, Cheryl found Steve was resting on his back, Alexis beside him, playing with his cock. “May I?” Cheryl begged of the wife, Alexis countered with “Be my guest,” and Cheryl climbed above him. The blond held the organ upright, there was no need for Cheryl to worry about exactly where it was pointing, and she lowered herself onto him, pushed him inside her.

While she and Steve screwed, Alexis assisted both of them, bringing Cheryl to an orgasm with a flit of her clit, kissing her husband and tickling his balls below Cheryl’s ass.

Cheryl bounced upon her male lover, they kissed heartily, Cheryl positioned herself so the prick irritated her g-spot, by slight to and fro motions she brought herself off once more.

Steve had tremendous stamina, that night, that moment. Although he’d been buried within this most alluring siren for more than a quarter hour, he somehow refrained from drenching her pussy with his juice.

Cheryl climbed off him, overfilled for the moment, and fled to the bathroom. When she returned, Alexis and her husband were in a complex pattern, she on her back but lifting her hips with the use of pillows, Steve had her ankles in her hand, twisting her so she provoked his cock, embedded deep inside her, joyfully. Cheryl joined them, kissed both of them, just in time to hear Steve’s sigh of completion, he was finishing inside his bride.

When the rhythm Escort Sinop of breaths returned to normal, joyful noises broke out. “What a great time!”

It was just shy of midnight, they rang out for pizza from room service, broke open a bottle of Riesling from the fridge. It was joyful, this after-party.

“So that’s what I taste like,” Alexis smiled, referring to the flavor of Cheryl’s juices.

“Not really,” Steve contended, the only person there who was familiar with both the girls. “You’re kind of sharp and sweet, Cheryl’s a little softer, maybe flowery.”

“Really? Let me see.” Cheryl didn’t object when Alexis stuck her tongue into her passage once again, although the action was taunting, not erotic.

When the pizza arrived, Steve wrapped a towel around his waist, unneeded as the native delivery boy craned his neck over Steve’s body to get a glimpse of the two very naked women reclining on the bed.

“Tell me,” Steve asked Cheryl, “have you ever had a black guy?”

“Funny you should mention that. The guys on Passionné Island, I told you about them, they were both African Americans.”

“And . . .” Alexis queried, it appeared she had yet to taste that particular joy.

“They were good. All right, they were young, athletic. But the pricks were just normal sized, and I didn’t find anything that much different.”

A little bit later, Steve apologized. “Hey, listen Cheryl, I’m sorry I didn’t . . .”

“Come inside me? I know, I’m pissed. Wanted to save it all for your wife, huh?” It was clear she was joking. “No, I think it’s sweet you wanted to save it for her.”

“That was the first time I’ve ever had even a chance at two, I wanted to make sure I could do it.”

Cheryl countered, “If you want I’ll give you another shot at it tonight.”

Alexis added, “Or maybe another time. You know, it’s only four hours from Nashville to Cincinnati. What, Dayton’s another hour?”

“More or less. Are you inviting me down for a weekend?”

“We’ve got a son who lives with us.”

“There’s always hotels. Or we could meet in the middle, Louisville maybe.”

It felt so good to Cheryl to be lounging like this, three lovers, no clothes, no concerns. This is the way it should be. Cheryl flicked at Steve’s penis. “Is it ready for me yet?”

“Not quite, I took a viagra when I went to the bathroom, it’ll take another half hour to kick in.”

“Well, fine. Let’s go swimming some more.”

“In our pool?”

“Nope,” Cheryl explained, “in mine. Come on.” She grabbed her clutch and Alexis’ hand, made for the front door, cautioning Steve to grab the room key.

Alexis resisted. “I’ve got to put a suit on!”

“Why, who’s going to complain? You said you wanted to break the mold, didn’t you?” Cheryl cajoled. “Let’s go.”

Alexis allowed herself to be coaxed, although on the two-hundred yard walk she kept looking over her shoulder furtively, waiting to be busted.

Of course no one spoke up, no one cared. They turned a corner and there the pool was, heart shaped, dim, the waterfall sprinkled merrily. It was empty, as it always was, being on the periphery of the resort and disguised by oleander bushes, Cheryl wondered if half the people who came to the resort ever found it.

They jumped into the tepid water, swam, slid and floated. The play was carnal in nature. At one point Alexis floated on her back, Cheryl supported her shoulders with an arm, with the other she played with the small nipples with a pinch, kissed her. At the other end, Steve sucked at her clit, Alexis’ calls challenged the night birds.

A bit later, Steve and Cheryl kissed, she found once again he was hard for her. She backed up against the side in the three foot level, Steve held her hips as he penetrated her again. As they fornicated, Alexis kissed her, fondled her breasts, tickled the clit. Yes, Cheryl had her last orgasm of the night, and soon afterwards she sensed tremors in Steve’s body, he managed to fill his second woman of the night, a personal record for him, and one he’d always remember.

They kneeled in the water as a threesome, a few more kisses were shared, some indiscriminate groping, nothing serious, just flippant. At last they crawled out of the water.

“We forgot to bring towels,” Alexis worried.

“You’ll dry quick enough in this breeze,” Cheryl calmed. “Listen guys, I’m going to head back to my room. It was a really great night, I’m so glad I bumped into you.”

“Will we see each other again?” Steve hoped.

“Sure, give me a call tomorrow.”

“But your clothes,” Alexis complained.

“I’ll pick them up. No worries.” She walked off, not concerned if Alexis was fearful she’d be caught naked, but fondly remembering how she’d tasted her juices, brought her first woman to an orgasm. She hoped it wouldn’t be the last.

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