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Oh God! Keep going Frank. I am almost there.”

But it was too late. I felt Frank swell and than I felt his warmth filling me.

“Damn it Frank. Couldn’t you have waited?” I said as he rolled off and laid next to me.

“Sorry, Sara. But It was so good that I couldn’t stop,” was his reply.

Jumping up from the bed, he headed for the bathroom.

“I have got to get ready, my plane leaves in a hour,” said Frank over his shoulder.
That was the way it was lately. Frank would leave on business for days, sometimes weeks. Then come home and want sex, but never took time to let me enjoy it as much as he did. This morning was no different.

Lying there I ran my hand over my 34B breasts and pulled on my hard nipples. My left hand ran down to the folds of my pussy. Running my fingers thru my lips slowly as I needed to cum so bad. But as I felt Frank’s cum on my pussy, I got mad and jerked my hand away. “Damn him,” I whispered.

I got up and pulled on my short black and pink teddy with a light robe and went to the kitchen to get his lunch ready to take with him on the plane.

I stood at the sink finishing the dishes when Frank came up behind me and leaned against me.
“I am sorry Sara, I will make it up to you when I get back in a couple of days.” And with that he was gone.
I watched him leave and as he past the dog lots we had, he honked his horn. Dogs! Damn it I had to feed them.
I needed to shower but I decided to wait until after the feeding. I didn’t really like feeding his dogs, especially Jack. Jack was a large male great Dane that always scared me.

Getting to the gates, I took off şişli escort the robe, not wanting to get it dirty. My teddy barely covered my ass, but no one was around. I gave water to the two females and fed them. Fern rub against me as I gave her food. She was in heat and always loving.

I save Jack till last. He was inside his dog house when I got to the gate. Slowly I entered the lot and closed the gate. So far so good. I gently put the food down and poured fresh water into his bowl. Still no Jack. Turning, I headed back to the gate. Suddenly I was hit in the back and knocked to the ground. Jack had come out so fast and hit me that I was dazed but I could hear him growling. I looked over my shoulder and saw Jack standing behind me. I slowly raised up on my hands and knees. If I moved slowly, maybe I could reach the gate. I moved less than a foot when Jack growled again. Then I jumped as I felt his cold nose touch the back of my right leg. My teddy had pulled up over my ass and I was naked from the waist down. I froze as Jack sniffed and moved closer.

Then I remembered that Fern had rub against me. Her scent was on me and Jack could smell her. I jumped again as Jack pushed his head between my legs and jammed his nose against my ass. With a flick of his head, he pushed his nose against my pussy. I had to get away. But I knew if I moved, Jack would tear me apart.

Suddenly Jack ran his tongue the whole length of my pussy. I shivered as his tongue slid between my lips and lapped at me. Fern’s smell added to the smell of Frank’s loving from this morning and it was exciting Jack.

Again I tried to move, only to hear Jack growl again louder, as he ran his tongue all over my pussy, inside and out. His tongue forced my lips apart and the tip sank slightly into my hole then up across my asshole before starting again at my clit and up thru my cunt furrow.
The fact that Frank had not allowed me to finish and the stimulation from Jack tongue began to get to me. I felt my juices start to seep out and Jack licked harder. I needed to stop this but I found my body giving in and I pushed back to meet his mouth. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned up by a dog.

I was lost in the pleasure of his long wide tongue when suddenly Jack stopped and before I could move, he mounted me and I felt his hard dog cock jabbing at me trying to get into my pussy.

“NO JACK,” I shouted just as his cock found the mark and sank deep into me. White hot pain engulfed my cunt.
“OH GOD NO,” I screamed as Jack’s dog cock rammed into my. Never had I had a cock this big in me. It was twice the size of Frank’s and he was already deeper than Frank had ever gone. Holding my hips with his large paws, He began to fuck me hard and fast. Driving in and out with the speed of a superdog. My cunt opened up and his cock juices made it easier for him to fuck me, sinking deeper and deeper with each thrust. I pushed back. I wanted all I could get. I was lost in the pure pleasure of being fuck by a giant cock. Jack humped and humped driving into me hard and fast. As his cock tip touched the opening of my womb, I fell into the lust of it all. Forgot was the fact that it was a dog fucking me. Forgot was Frank. All my body wanted now was release and more of this giant cock invading my body.

My whole body shook from the force of his fucking. My nipples rubbed the inside of my teddy as he drove into my tight pussy until I felt it start deep inside of me and exploit in the center of my cunt. I climaxed harder than I ever had in my life. At the same time, Jack’s dog knot sank into my cunt and my pussy lips closed around it. The tip had pushed just inside the womb opening as I felt his cum flooding my insides. Again and again his cock jerked, shooting cum into me burning my insides. I climaxed a second, than a third time until I fell forward exhausted. Jack followed me to the ground, his knot lodged in me locking cunt and cock together.

Several minutes went by before I felt his knot soften and his cock slipped from me. His cum leaking out and was running down my legs. Jack turned and went back into his dog house. I crawled to the gate and pulled myself up and out of the lot. My body weak from the climaxes and the extreme fucking I had just been thru.

I wobbled slowly back to the house and into the shower, never taking my teddy off. I turned on the water and leaned against the wall. I sank to the floor as the water bathed me. Darkness engulfed me.

I woke up as the water began to turn cold. Stepping from the stall. I peeled off my teddy and threw it in the trash can. I dried off and powdered. Dressing in a light summer dress with nothing else. I headed outside. I stood on the porch and looked towards the dog lots. Had that really happened? Had I allowed a dog to fuck me. The soreness of my pussy said yes. Tears filled my eyes as I ran back into the house and into my bedroom. Falling onto the bed, I cried myself to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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