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Jack meet Jordan in school Jack was young handsome but he lived in a trailer park and liked to fix vehicles. Jordan was a spoiled upper middle class only child.

Jordan was a senior a cheerleader she was 18 tall blonde hair green eyes long legs and nice curves. Jack was tall with dark brown hair a goatee chiseled muscles from cutting down trees on the weekends to help his parents pay bills.

One night alone in her car they were making out hot and heavy. She told him I want you to eat me out. He was more than happy to oblige. Her hair was freshly flat ironed. Her make up was perfect. She pulled up her dress revealing a slightly trimmed pussy. She pulled up her dress and touched her clit with her perfectly manicured fingers. “I’m so horny.”

Jack pulled off her underwear with his teeth. Eagerly he licked and sucked in between her legs like he had seen in some porn videos.

She grabbed his hair and held it in place. She placed her heel in her crotch like she had seen in a movie.

He toyed with her pussy with his tongue licking and sucking on it. She came as he flicked his tongue on her clit.

“Let’s go out to eat buy me a burger.”

“Of course baby,” Jack said.

As they pulled up to the burger joint, Jordan saw some kids from school.

“Hey, Jordan why are you hanging out with that loser,” One of the kids shouted.

Jack ordered the food pushing the red call button and pulled the money out of his wallet.

“Hey loser did your house shake last night?”

“Must have,” said another “I kicked the refrigerator box.”

“Don’t worry about them. They are assholes,” Jack said.

But Jordan was. Her mom didnt like Jack either and she was just using him to amuse herself.

Their food arrived and they left parked on their makeout spot Jordan asked, “hey are you planning on going to college getting a real job?”

“No,” Jack said “Im a mechanic and I cut down trees. Isnt that good enough?”

“Well I think you are cute in all, my little boy toy, but I expect certain things and you wont be able to afford them on your salary.”

Jack said, “whoa, are you seriously going to break up with me over this?”

“Uh yeah, I mean how are istanbul escort you going to buy me things and take me out to eat? I have a reputation for having and wearing the best. Not to mention throwing the best parties. Get out, I ac do better.”

“Well can you at least drop me off at the shop?”

“Oh ok fine,”

Two years later as Jack was working on fixing a vehicle along came a familiar face. “Hey Jack is that you? Its me Jordan.”

“Yeah your looking good Jordan,” he eyed her wearily. She did look hot in that skimpy black dress. He watched as she bent over to fix her shoe slightly showing off her ass.

“I was wondering if um you had any used for cash vehicles.”

“What happened to your jaguar?”

“My parents took it back and kicked me out,” she said as she leaned forward so he could have a better view of her tits. “All I have is some jewelry I was giving for past birthday presents and Christmases, but they are gold so I could get some cash but none of my friends will let me stay with them.”

“Oh really,” he smirked placing his hand on her thigh and rubbing her nylon legs. “Ugh I had to ride the bus just to get here and I was hoping you could help me. Please?”

“Awe you beg so cutely. Say it again.”

“I really have no one else Jack please.”

“Hmm, I’ll think about.”

“I’ll do anything you want please.”

“Anything I want huh, so I guess being pretty doesn’t pay very well don’t you plan on going to college and getting a job,” he mocked her with a smug grin.

“Well I never really had to work except a little babysitting for money to go to parties.”

Jack decided to push it a little. “Anything I want huh, pull up your dress let me see that fine ass of yours. Jordan wasnt used to be talked to this way but she did flirting with him showing him her thong.

“Take it off put it on my desk.” She raised her eyebrows but she obeyed feeling a little exposed but it wasnt like he hadnt seen her naked before.

“So I’m not too poor and uneducated.”

“I’m sorry I was such a bitch.” her words were like gravel in her mouth but she seemed sincere.

“How much do you have?”

“$500 but I havent sold all my jewelry şişli escort yet, but I could get a job and work it off.”

“Our cheapest vehicle is $1500, but perhaps I could let you pay it in installments with of course an employee discount. I will do it only if you agree to go to a certificate training program to learn an occupation. I have an opening for assistant secretary.”

“Oh my god thanks so much you wont regret it.”

“So where will you live?”

“I dont know my jewelry fed me and got me here but if I get a hotel I’ll run out within a week.” She was on the verge of tears.

“Well, in the last two years my very rich grandmother passed away. She always liked me. She left me her house, car, money and a very nice coin collection. I sold my parents trailer and used the money to buy this business.”

“Ive had my share of girlfriends, but my taste have changed some. I want you.” She smiled and walked up to put her arms around him.

“No, I mean I want you as my pet. Like a trophy. Kneel and open your mouth unzip your dress and let me see those perky tits.”

She blushed, this was a bit much and she hesitated. He raised his eyebrow and pointed in front of him down at his feet. She didnt want to admit it but she kinda liked this new Jack so unlike the boy she knew.

“Now,” she obeyed and her dress slipped to the shop floor. He traced her lips with his finger stuck his thumb in her mouth. “Suck it.” He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his underwear sliding them down his legs. “Lick my balls, my little slut. She gently caressed his balls with her tongue. He sat on the desk and widened his legs. “Now lick my ass hole.”

“Ugh, thats gross.” He slapped her face. “The door is over there have fun at the salvation army.”

She couldnt bear the thought of going there. She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, I’ll do it.” She stuck out her tongue hoping he had showered recently and half heartedly licked his ass hole. “Good girl.”

“Are you willing to be my little slut?

“Yes I’ll do anthing you want.”

“Yes what?”

“uh what”

“You say yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir”

“Good your a beautiful toy. You will stay with me then in mecidiyeköy escort my house. I’ll take care off you Jordan my pet. Now open your mouth and suck my cock.”

Jordan did but she had no idea how to properly give head. Jack grabbed a handful of her hair and made her choke on it. She tried to pull up for air he let her for a second then rammed it balls deep down her throat a few times.

Bend over my desk he placed his fingers on her asshole prodding it a little. “Please don’t” He stopped but he grabbed her hair shoving his cock in her cunt. “Awe its cute how you think you have a choice. Just for that when I take your asshole and I will; I will tease you until you beg for it want it so bad you’ll do anything to get it. Then when you beg me properly I’ll give you the privilege of having my cock in your ass.”

“As long as your my property I’ll take good care of you. You wont want for anything, but you will obey me.”

“Your property?” she asked. She squirmed his cock pounding her pussy hole hands firmly held in the small of her back.”

“Yes, that is what I want. You will be my personal slave and address me as Sir or Master.”

This was a lot for her to take in. “Can I think about it?”

“Sure, Ill give you some money for dinner and a hotel for the night.”

He licked her ear and she shuddered in pleasure. His hot breathe on her ear and tongue exploring her ear and neck only made her slit more wet as he pumped his member into her.

Just then an employee walked in asking about a part. He apologized sorry I’ll come back later. Jordan blushed beet red. Jack did not seem at all embarrased and he continued to fuck Jordan like nothing happened.

“Lock the door please”

The employee turned and walked out not without winking at his boss.

He fucked her slowly relishing in the feeling. She moaned genuinely enjoying his cock. She writhed with pleasure. His balls slapped against her. He was enjoying taking her pussy he slapped her ass and grabbed a handful of her hair. Yanking it back. She had not been treated this way before but she found she liked it immensely.

“You’ll look good with my collar.” With that she came and he deposited his seed deep inside her.

“Say thank you,” Jack said.

“Oh my gosh that was amazing. I want more please.”

“Say it”

“Thank you, Sir. I agree I’ll be your slave.”

“This is only the beginning but I’ll teach you what I want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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