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He was the only one I really did not want to see. Not then, not there.

Roger and I had been sent to Frankfurt to negotiate, with a couple of banks, a large credit for our company. The last three days had been excruciatingly stressful, and we had been standing at the edge of the proverbial cliff several times, staring into the abyss.

In the end, after two long and sleepless nights of putting together a revised business plan, carefully calculating costs, presenting several scenarios with different assumptions, our counterparts agreed with our final proposal. We had saved our firm and, with it, our jobs! A heavy weight had fallen off our shoulders.

We stepped out of the bank building, ecstatic, and pleasantly surprised by temperatures considerably above those one would expect in Germany in late September. Roger and I decided to celebrate our success on the terrace of the nearby L’Opéra restaurant, enjoying an exquisite dinner and an even better bottle of wine. From afar, our respective families congratulated us, saying we had deserved an enjoyable evening. After the coffee, I had feigned fatigue and told Roger I would retire early.

But I had not gone back to the hotel. Instead was climbing up the dimly lit stairs in one of the many Bahnhofsviertel brothels, undecided between a delicate, boyish-looking Asian girl with tiny hips, no boobs, and no make-up and a voluptuous red head, which has been blowing sweet kisses across the hallway, sensuously licking her orange-coloured lips with the tip of her tongue. A connoisseur of oral sex, I fall for this, every time.

And there he stood, right in front of me, as surprised, as embarrassed, as ashamed, and as uncertain as I was, not knowing to what to say. I blushed, my face all red, and so did he. With my back to the wall, and nothing to lose, I tend to go on the offensive.

“The only way I know you’ll keep this a secret,” I heard myself saying, “is for us to go together.”

He froze, looked into my eyes, straight, expressionless, and then he smiled, winked, and nodded in a most subtle manner. The redhead, who later introduced herself as Jacqueline, must have seen us, as she suddenly stood Beylikdüzü escort right between us, looked us into the face with her sparkly green eyes, put the arms around us, and whispered in a way that took both our defences.

“I’ll take you both.”

Roger looked at me, uncertain, checking whether I really meant what I had said, and I saw that we had a deal. We agreed that this pale-skinned, freckled, heavily made up, and impressively well-endowed girl, about to open her mouth and legs for our cocks, will protect our secret.

Jacqueline closely followed the exchange of our glances, and she must have clearly sensed what was happening between Roger and me, at least enough to know that it was hers for the taking. She smiled warmly at us, taking a good grab at our groins. Before we could say anyting, she looked brightly into our faces, her skin as pale as the paper we had signed earlier that day, asking the question that she knew was rhetorical at that moment.

“So, you two, are you coming?”

Her room was small but clean, and the red light gave it a warm and surreal feel.

“Like this,” she said, looking at us standing a the now closed door, “there is nothing I can do for you. Let me freshen up while you undress.”

She disappeared into the little bathroom, throwing her flimsy top out the door. I looked at Roger, we shrugged our shoulders and began to take off our jackets, hesitantly at first, loosen our ties, and unbutton our shirts, at that point with more conviction. Roger never really got around to doing any sports, with his job and family, and he had a bit of a belly, but you could see that, ten years ago, he must have been in a great shape. There was still the outline of muscles on his chest, and just the hint of some hair. He noted that I was checking him out, so he turned around to take off his trousers, revealing but a well-shaped arse below his sturdy shoulders.

I was watching him closely while he undressed, getting out of my clothes automatically. I was taller than Roger, and thinner as well, but to my surprised I noted that, between his legs, his cock was considerably larger than mine. What a beauty! He did not trim his Beylikdüzü escort pubic hair, like I have done regularly for years now, but all the hair could not hide an impressive tool.

“Very impressive,” I nodded appreciatingly.

Upon those words, Roger’s shyness disappeared, and he checked me out as well, now openly, and he was about to say something before Jacqueline reappeared.

“That’s better,” she said, “I can work with that,” while moving over to the bed and onto her arms and knees.

Allowing us a good sight at her delicious arse, she turned around towards us, making the best of her assets, now even more impressive than before.

“Don’t be shy, you two,” she said, licking her lips, even more seductively in this cheap/romantic light.

And before anyone of us could really think about what was happening, both Roger and I stood in front of us, in all our pride, and Jacqueline was sucking us, slowly and consecutively. She made our cocks touch, and took them both, slowly and deeply, looking up at us with her bright eyes.

“Is that good?” she asked coyly, teasingly, seductively. “You guys are cute together,” she added, before she took a condom from below her pillow, putting it into her mouth and miraculously, onto Roger’s cock without using her hands.

“Fuck me, now, you stud” she said to him, almost ordering him.

“Aand you,” she looked at me, “you stay here.”

Roger climbed on the bed behind her, took his enormous dick in his hand, played a little on her pussy and her arse hole, and then slowly penetrated her. I knew why she wanted him to fuck her, and I was cool with that. I enjoyed watching him taking her, his hands firms grasping her waist. He was so much more tanned than she was…

“Oh, yes,” he moaned, echoed by similar words out of Jacqueline’s mouth.

The rhythm of his movements started to accelerate, as did the intensity of Jacqueline’s sucking. It was delicious. No rubber, just the warmth and softness of her mouth. She almost managed to deepthroat my entire cock. I think we all closed our eyes, and there was an intensely organic harmony among the three of us, a symphony of movements, of lust Escort Beylikdüzü and desire.

We all started to breath more heavily, as passion built and continued to build — until we started to approach the point of no return, lose control, hold it one last time, and …

“Fuck, yes,” I heard Roger moan.

“Oh yea, fuck, fuck, fuck” echoed Jacqueline, and I am sure that I added something equally substantial and meaningful.

There was a sexual energy that had been building, more intensely than anytime before with someone who has been in this line of work, and for the first time I felt that she was enjoying herself, too, that her orgasm was as real and as hard as the stream of cum that was about to erupt.

Roger was humping her widely, while I was face fucking her, holding her head between my hands. She let me in deep, much, much deeper than my wife, moaning and weeping. As she felt my tension building, she let my cock go, took it into her hand and said, “cum on my face.”

I don’t remember who came first, but we all came, pretty much at the same time. In sweat, we fell down on the bed, all three of us, with my sperm running down her cheeks. It is always an incredible sight, and I kissed it off her skin. I love the salty taste, even though, up until that day, it has only been my cum that I tasted. Roger’s cock was slowly losing strength, and his condom was still on. It was white, it was heavy and full.

After a while of silence, Jacqueline stood up, went for her handback, and took out a pen. She wrote down a phone number on a piece of paper and said,

“Next time, you’re in Frankfurt, call me, please, I’ll come to your hotel. We can spend all night together. All three of us.”

We left a nice tip, thanked her, told her how gorgeous she was, hugged her. After we put our clothes back on, except for the ties, we left the brothel and walked back to our hotel, just a few blocks away.

“A shower, a cognac, and a cigar,” I said, “and it will have been the perfect night.”

“Sounds great,” he said, looking at me intensely, smiling.

After a little pause, he added, “your room or mine?”

I laughed, but mostly to hide my feeling of awkwardness. He had seen me stare at his dick.

“I agree to a shower,” I said, “and then we’ll see.”

“Deal,” he smiled, as we fastened our pace. “No one will ever know.”

“No one, … except, maybe, Jacqueline.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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