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That, of course, was the end of the discussion that night, but, of course much followed the next day (Sunday) and the days that followed. An event like that, a major first, required thinking and analysis to understand motivation and desires. The surprising thing was the acceptance by both of us that the sexual intercourse (if you would call it that) was not the crucial part of what happened. Obviously, it was of considerable importance – true in any marriage – but I wasn’t bothered by it and, while she frankly admitted enjoying it, for Jan the real pleasure came from being watched, not the act itself. None the less, several times during the day the reality that she had committed adultery hit her and it did affect her. For my part, I recognized that I had enjoyed the whole show, but I didn’t consider myself to be a “wife-watcher” as the term is usually used. Watching her being fucked wasn’t the real motivation – it was watching her in an overall erotic setting having fun. I certainly had no desire to set up a situation just to have her screwed. Maybe that was just rationalization, but I really didn’t care about applying a term to my feelings anyway.

Jan had, at least overcome her initial panic about our relationship with Marianne and Bryan and, while still worried about seeing her the following day in school, she decided to let her make the first move. Marianne’s brief apology led her to hope that it would blow over – although this was not some ordinary faux pas which could be ignored. We still could not understand Marianne’s actions, so that would just have to remain a mystery, at least until Monday.

Jan was really nervous as she prepared for school and her inevitable meeting with Marianne. They both had taught there for many years and almost always ate lunch together in the school cafeteria. As you can imagine, the situation was tense while they ate and talked in a stilted way in a room filled with elementary students. Neither was able to eat much and, when finished, Marianne hesitantly said, “Why don’t we go into the teacher’s lounge. I…I think that we need to talk. To an outside observer it probably looked as if they were headed to their doom – and they felt that way.

Fortunately for Jan, Marianne spoke first, blurting out, “Oh, honey, I’m so sorry about Saturday night! I don’t know what came over me and,” grimacing, “Bryan. I did and said things that I’ve never dreamed of saying or doing and, of course, Bryan did something that was beyond belief. I think that we both were out of our minds! I don’t know how you could do it, but please forgive me…no, us.”

A load fell off Jan’s back at that point. “Marianne, of course I forgive you! We may all have been out of our minds. It was a weird situation when,” blushing furiously, “I was exposed so explicitly as I was getting out of the Jacuzzi. Everything just went wild from there. I’ve never have been embarrassed and humiliated as when I was caught like that. I couldn’t move forward, I couldn’t get back and I couldn’t cover myself – it was awful!”

“I know, and instead of getting up and helping you, I just sat there and laughed!”

“Yes, and that’s just what my husband did too. I’m afraid that I would have done the same because the situation was funny – except for me! It was my own fault for I obviously didn’t get the crotch piece closed properly.’

“That may be true, but, and I’m embarrassed to admit this, the real reason that I didn’t get up and help was that I couldn’t take my eyes off of your…your…”


“Yes, your pussy. I’ve never seen one exposed like that and, I’m ashamed to admit, I was fascinated and…this is hard to say…aroused by it. You know that I’m not a lesbian, but it excited me and, from that time on, I…I don’t recognize myself or understand the way I acted. Instead of stopping him, I urged Bryan on and he took advantage of you – and I helped him! He…he even screwed you and I helped! How can you ever forgive me?”

“Marianne, you’re taking too much blame on yourself! Yes, I was embarrassed by showing my pussy like that and if there had been a hole to hide in, I would have jumped for it. I was also embarrassed by everyone laughing at me and the situation as I sat there on Bryan’s knee. However, as you must have seen, I got over that pretty quickly as I sat there struggling with Bryan. You weren’t the only one who got excited and did things she shouldn’t have done. I’m going to be honest. I knew what was happening and I could have gotten up and left the Jacuzzi, but I didn’t. I let things happen – I let my top come down, exposing my breasts, I let Bryan feel me and I didn’t stop the things that led to Bryan having me. This may shock you, but, while in my normal mind I never would have let those things happen, I don’t regret them – even being screwed!”

Marianne looked at her bug-eyed. “Do you really mean that? What about Jeff?”

Jan looked at her warily, wondering if she had gone too far. Seeing nothing but curiosity and shock, she replied, “I certainly Antalya Escort do mean it. I can’t believe it either and I’ve gone over it in my mind a million times since Saturday and I honestly have no regrets. Jeff is not upset or concerned at all. He said that events just flowed from one to another and he saw no reason to intervene. He could have stopped it at any time, but he just didn’t. He said that it was very sexy to watch, I obviously was really into it – and you were too – so he just sat back and let things take their course. I think that we were all under some kind of spell.”

“I can’t believe this. Oh, Jan, I’m so relieved. I’ve felt so guilty all day yesterday. I’m still bothered, though, by my…well, ‘being into it’ as Jeff said. Actually, I think that I was really ‘out of it’ as far as my mind was. Bryan, of course, did the main thing, and I don’t blame him for that, but I know that I…well, I touched you and I may have hurt you!”

Jan grinned at her, probably the first expression like that since Saturday, and replied, “No, you didn’t really hurt me, but my breasts, particularly the nipples were a bit sore yesterday, but they’re fine today. I shouldn’t say this, but it felt good when you did it! You really were into it!” The bell rang at that point so further discussion had to be postponed, but Marianne went to her class feeling much happier while blushing deeply from Jan’s last remark.

They continued to meet every day at school, of course, and over the next several weeks a greater understanding grew between them, conversations that between quite personal and were conveyed to me by Jan. It turned that we were both correct and incorrect about Marianne. As we probably should have realized, as the mother of two grown children, she knew all the words (e.g. fuck) but just didn’t use them. She really wasn’t so much prudish as uninterested. She and Bryan did have sex, as two adult children attested, but she just didn’t get much out of it. She admitted that she had never been as aroused as she was that Saturday night.

Jan, in return, admitted, without details, that she enjoyed displaying herself – talking about the topless beach, not the shoe store type exposure. She made it quite clear that that tendency probably accounted for her behavior in the Jacuzzi. Inevitably, Marianne asked about the body suit. It had become obvious that Bryan had not confessed anything about his and Jan’s nefarious underwater or Jacuzzi area sex-play, so the real reason for the open crotch suit was still a secret. She replied honestly, if evasively, that we always go in the water nude when we’re alone and that she was just more comfortable with as little coverage as possible under water. She even said, truthfully, that she changed to the body suit because she just couldn’t take her bikini pants down when people were there.

Marianne’s response was surprising. “I’ve never been in the water without a suit, but I bet that it does feel good.” Then, showing how she had become much freer in language and thought, and making Jan do a double take, she added, “Good heavens, I wonder what Bryan thought about you sitting there with your pussy bare! Well, if it feels better open, keep doing it, and as far as I’m concerned, you can wear the bikini and take the pants off once you’re in. Nobody would know so what difference would it make.”

That statement really illustrated the change Jan saw in Marianne after that Saturday night. That she would speculate about how Bryan would even think about Jan being open under the water just never would have happened. That she would use the word “pussy” without hesitation was surprising in itself. There was no way she could ever suggested that it would be ok for Jan to take her pants off – that just would not have happened either.

Jan and I spent quite a bit of time, primarily in bed in the evening, talking about these revelations, particularly having discovered that Marianne wasn’t really interested in sex because she just didn’t get much out of it. She didn’t go into that much at that time, but Jan and I speculated about what she and Bryan did in bed, wondering if he did anything to engage her since he wasn’t particularly sophisticated person in other ways. As might be expected, Marianne didn’t go into details as to why she wasn’t interested in sex.

In conversations with others over the years, she was always very reluctant to divulge any personal experiences or beliefs on any sexual subjects and she showed disinterest or disapproval if anyone else did so. This attitude definitely made other people hesitant to discuss such things in her presence. Now, however, when she and Jan were talking in a private situation (usually after lunch), she would frequently refer back to the events of that night or to related subjects. On several occasions, for example, she commented, approvingly, on our being nude in the Jacuzzi when alone and, surprisingly given her past prudishness, referred to Jan’s professed desire to be exposed under the Antalya Escort Bayan water in a favorable way. Each time she did so, she repeated her comment that Jan should just take her pants off underwater if she wanted to. Jan recounted these conversations, of course, leading to speculation on our part.

“She made that suggestion again today, and it almost seems that she is urging me to do it!”

“Yeah, this is at least the third time you’ve mentioned it. I can’t help but wonder if she just wants to see you naked again. As I’ve said before, after watching her stare at your cunt the way she did and considering the way she acted afterwards, it would make sense.”

“I know. I can’t help wondering the same thing. I can’t believe that she ever would have accepted someone doing something like that – sitting half naked in the Jacuzzi with people around – or alone, for that matter! In addition, she made that comment about wondering what Bryan thought about me being open under the water. Bryan evidently didn’t tell her about anything we did but she seems to assume that he knew about my pussy being bare. Why would she think that? Maybe I misunderstood her. In any case, she’s seen him feel me and, even, screw me. Would she expect me let him feel me if I didn’t have pants on?’

“Or would she want to feel you afterwards!”

“Oh, I won’t go that far – at least I don’t think so. One thing is certain. Our lunch time conversations are not quite the banal, mundane things they were.”

“How do you feel? Would you like to have your pants off with everyone there?”

“I’m sure that I’d love it, but I’d be too scared. What if I had to get out? What if Doug looked down through the water and saw that I was naked and told Susan? I suppose that I could take them off after only the four of us were left, but what would that mean – or what would they think it meant? I’d better stick to my open-pussy bodysuit. That’s adventurous enough. I don’t even know about that, however. Do I even want to start with Bryan again? Gods, he’s had me once – would he want to try me when you two were in the plant room. We’ve got to think of all those things before we have them all over again. It might be best to go back to everyone being together after the Jacuzzi to be safe.”

“Well, you think about it. Whatever you want – or whatever you’re comfortable with – is ok with me. You know, all this started about…what…a year and a half ago wasn’t it? Just after Joan went away to school. Now she’s half way through her sophomore year and in that time you’ve not only shown yourself completely but you’ve, unbelievably, been fucked. Even, in a way, been involved in a threesome – although that might be a stretch. You’ve certainly done far more than either of us could have conceived of, so maybe that’s enough. You decide.”

“Well, if we’re going to have everyone over this Saturday, I think that I’ll wear the bodysuit and open the pussy-cover, as always. I won’t say anything about it ahead of time, but if she asks, I’ll tell her. Then what I do will depend, I guess, on her response. I’m sure that Bryan will want to feel me as before, but, if she knows I’m open, he may not dare do anything. Regardless, it probably would be better if we didn’t do the plant room thing. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens tomorrow when we talk. Anyway, she certainly sounded pleased when we talked on the phone.”

When we got home the following day, it was obvious that Jan had something on her mind, something out of the ordinary. “Marianne’s first comment today was how happy she was that we were getting together on Saturday. She didn’t say so directly, but I think that she had been having some of the same qualms I had about the impact that sex would have on our social life. Anyway, we talked about a bunch of school things while we were eating, but afterwards, when we were alone in the lounge, the first thing she asked was if I was going to wear my bikini instead of the bodysuit. I told her just what I decided yesterday and that I thought that I would stick to what I had been wearing. I was really surprised when she immediately said that I probably would prefer wearing the two piece suit because it would be more fun. I decided not to be coy and pretend that I didn’t understand what she meant – that I would enjoy having the pants off under the water. I just admitted that she might be right, but I said that I would be afraid of something going wrong.

“It was obvious that she was disappointed but she seemed to understand my fears. However, she really shocked me when she went on, blithely assuming (correctly, but still shocking that she would say it), that with the crotch piece open I would, in her words, ‘have my pussy exposed under the water!’ I’m sure my face showed how startled I was at that and it got worse as she went on to say how happy Bryan would be! I don’t what shocked me more, her comment about my pussy or what appeared to be her assumption that Bryan would feel me! This from a woman who, Escort Antalya a few weeks ago, would never say the word ‘pussy’ unless referring to a cat!”

“My god, she has changed! You’re right, that is shocking, but, for me, one of the most surprising things is her total lack of concern, or being the least bit bothered by, Bryan’s role in all of this. After all, he was feeling everything you have right in front of her and, more, went beyond that and actually fucked you. Now, unless you misinterpreted her comment, she seems to assume he’s free to feel you again – and she doesn’t mind! As you say, the fact that she is correct doesn’t make it any less surprising, particularly coming from her.”

“Yeah, and to top it off, as she was leaving, she turned back and said, ‘I still think that you should wear the bikini!’ It is tempting, particularly with her entreaties, but I’m just not able to get past the danger. I still wonder what she’s thinking.” When Saturday came, Jan went with the conservative plan – bodysuit and, since Marianne, for whatever reason, didn’t mention the orchids, we all dried off together. Bryan played with Jan’s cunt as he had before, she carefully refastened the Velcro connection before she got up and, when she stretched to get out, the cunt-cover held firm. It was sort of a let-down for everybody, I think, but, still, the activity under water would have been astounding just a year or so ago.

Nothing specific was said between Jan and Marianne about that under water activity, but the casual comments made it pretty obvious that Marianne knew what was happening. After that tame evening, there was less conversation of a sexual nature between them, but there had been a real intimacy between them and Marianne did not revert to her rather puritanical attitude.

Things changed when, about a month later, we, again, invited our friends over for games and the Jacuzzi, and, almost immediately, Marianne inquired about what Jan planned to wear. Informed that she probably was going to wear the bodysuit again, Marianne urged her, more strongly than ever, to wear the two-piece suit. We had wondered whether she would raise the issue again – and she had. We had speculated as to why she was so interested and my interpretation was that she was interested in, at least, seeing Jan’s cunt. I couldn’t help remembering how she had stared that last time and the way she had acted afterwards. Jan had a hard time accepting that theory, but she had nothing better to offer.

In any case, several times that week Marianne urged her to wear the bikini and, finally, on Friday afternoon, Jan just asked, “Marianne, do you honestly want me to wear the two piece suit?”

“Yes, I think that you would really enjoy it.”

“I enjoy the bodysuit. When the crotch piece is open I get the pleasure of being exposed under the water – and my pussy is available.” That last statement was difficult to say because pretty much confirmed the unspoken sex-play with Bryan. “In addition, I’m still worried that someone might see me.” Interestingly, it obviously was accepted that the reason for a two-piece suit was that she could take the pants off under water. “Why should I take the risk when I’m already having fun with it? Do you really want me to do it anyway? If you really want me to do it, I will. Do you?”

As Jan described it, Marianne sat there, looking stunned. She looked away, blushing and finally was able to force herself to reply, “Yes.” Then, embarrassed, after a pause, “Yes, I don’t really know why, but yes, I do.”

Jan didn’t leave her hanging. She reached over and hugged her, saying with real affection, “Ok, honey, if you want me to, I wear it tomorrow night!” Then, to lighten the suddenly tense atmosphere, “I just hope that Doug won’t see through the water!”

When Jan walked into the house I knew that something of importance had occurred, but I wasn’t prepared for what I heard when she recounted that conversation. She had been dead set against removing her pants under the water because of fear of exposure – she loved exposure, but this was different. Given her repeated suggestions in the recent past, I wasn’t the least bit surprised at Marianne’s urging Jan to wear the bikini, but it was totally unexpected that, even under Jan’s insistent questioning, she would admit that she, herself, wanted Jan to do it – not for Jan’s desire to be nude under the water, but for herself. However, I was almost equally astonished that Jan had said that she would do it if Marianne really wanted her to.

“Why did you do that? You were adamant that you were afraid to sit there like that and intended to stay with the bodysuit. Yet, when Marianne made her usual suggestion that you should go to the bikini because you would enjoy it, you practically forced her to admit that her real desire was to see you herself. You said ‘if you really want me to do it, I will,’ putting the decision in her hands! Now you’ve promised to wear it tomorrow night. Why?”

“Damn it, I honestly don’t know. It was on the spur of the moment. At that moment I just wanted to know what was actually on her mind. We’ve been speculating on the things she did that time and I was curious about her true motivation – wondering if seeing, and, and maybe, touching me, again was what she wanted.”

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