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Raven haired Jade’s uncle discovered her hidden cache of erotic fantasies. Her nude photos were hot. But when he discovers the videos, she made… Well, you’ll have to read it. I’m not going to give it all away. 😉

Triggers may be uncle/niece, dad/daughter, voluptuous girl.

Hope you enjoy! Emails always welcome! xo

Jade’s X Rated Videos for Uncle 01


“Hey Channing, I know you have underlings that do this now, but I need some discretion. “I nodded, waiting for my youngest brother to get to the point. “You know Jade is graduating next month and wants to visit colleges this summer.”

I put my feet up on the desk and leaned back in my chair. “Yes yes, I’m sure with her grades she can get it wherever she wants. It was smart of her not to rush into college immediately.”

My niece was a walking brain and I hoped she might want to join me in my firm, but it looks like her interests lie elsewhere.

“Yeah, she has all kinds of acceptance letters, that’s why she’s taking her time deciding.” He must have seen my patience wearing thing and went on. “I want you to go through her laptop. You know. Just to make sure she hasn’t lost focus.”

“What?” I dropped my feet to the floor and leaned on my desk. “You want me to look through your daughter’s computer?”


“Has she done or said anything to make you suspect anything?”

“No, not at all. Just for my peace of mind. I guess I just want to make sure there aren’t any deviations from her focus on school.”

“I don’t know Ken, that’s a real breach of privacy. I’m not sure I’m comfortable doing that.”

“You’re the only one I trust to do it. I’m not computer savvy enough to do it myself, or I would.” He stood up and tapped his fingers on my desk. “And the only one to know what’s on there is you. I don’t want to know. Just that she’s on the right path. You know.”

He quietly closed the office door behind him.

“Sure Ken, be happy to do it for you. Thanks for asking,” I mumbled to thin air.

A week later he texted me that Jade was going on a graduation trip and would be leaving her laptop at home. I’ll have three days to go through it. It’ll probably take me three hours at most to go through a high school girl’s laptop, I thought.

Ken dropped it off at my office and I took him home to avoid any prying eyes. Not anything the boss would normally do, and it might arouse curiosity.

I ate the chicken kiev that my housekeeper left for me, poured three fingers of whiskey, and opened the laptop.

I scanned the pictures first. Nothing irregular for a teenage girl. A cursory look at the first layer nothing. Time to drill down.

Command prompt and a few keystrokes and I found what I was looking for. A hidden folder.

I leaned back in my chair and sipped my whiskey. It could be something or it could be nothing. I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for Ken’s insistence.

I opened the file and scrolled through the contents. Images, documents, and videos.

The first images were of a tall shapely ebony-haired beauty. She was nude, her long legs draped over the arm of an overstuffed chair. Her breasts were full and plump, a D cup at least. Curls flowed down around her shoulders, the ends teasing her dusky nipples. The tuft of black curls matched the shiny onyx on her head. Round cornflower blue eyes of my niece gazed directly into the camera.

I sat back and gulped the remainder of my whiskey, then got up to pour another. I had never considered what she looked like naked. She was my niece. Uncles didn’t do things like that.

There were twelve pictures on this same chair with different poses, becoming more explicit as I went. I opened up the next image and this began another twelve pictures, but this time Jade was posed on the bed. I assumed it was her bed.

And so, it went as I scrolled through the remainder of the images.

The documents in the file were very specific smut stories, for the most part, that she had written herself. Her fantasies put to words.

I shifted uncomfortably because niece or not, she gave me a raging hard-on.

There were ten videos. I was almost afraid to open them, but nothing could have stopped me.

She was on the same bed, naked and on all fours. She had her hand between her legs driving a cock shaped dildo into herself. She was moaning, but the muffled sound made it impossible to hear what she was saying.

The next video was of her in the chair again, but her legs were spread and hanging over the arms. She was fucking herself with the same dildo.

The sound was still low and muffled, so I put earbuds in to hear better.

I date quite a bit, but here I was with a cock throbbing in my pants as though I hadn’t cum in months. I can’t think of the last time I was this aroused. I went back and looped one video, her voice in my ear. All decency flew out of my mind. I shoved my pants down and took my throbbing cock in hand.

A few strokes and I was jerking, shouting, and cumming grup seks yapan gaziantep escort while she moaned in my ear,” Oh my god, fuck me hard, Uncle Channing.”

I stopped by Ken’s the following week when his wife was out. Jade was due back from her trip that evening.

“Anything?” Ken asked anxiously. I handed him the laptop and looked at him. “Well?” he all but shouted.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you that I did find one thing. Rather shocking.”


“She has her eye on a baby blue Honda she saw at the dealer.”

“Oh, for god’s sake, man,” he scowled. “I thought you found something serious.”

“But a Honda? That is serious. I thought you taught her better.” I laughed loudly. “Nope. That was about as secretive as I found.”

“Phew. I mean I didn’t expect you to find anything. She has always been a good girl. But you never know.”

“No, you never really know, do you.”

A month later Ken was on the phone. “Hey Chan, Jade wants to go see Columbia. I was thinking that since you went there, you might be her escort.”


“Oh, hell you know what I mean,” he growled. I laughed.

“Yeah, I have a trip coming up to New York. Does she have a date set?”

“I don’t think she wants to make an official visit yet. Just to get the lay of the land I think.” I heard muffled talking. “She said anytime would be fine.”

“Okay, I’ll contact her when I know when my meeting is, and we’ll see if it works out.”

“Thanks, dude, I owe you,” Ken said.

“More than you know,” I replied cryptically.

She caught it on the second ring. “Hey Jade, how’s it going?”

“Uncle Channing! Great, thanks.”

“I have my schedule worked out. We’d leave on Thursday and return on Tuesday.”

“Oh! That many days… I’d only need one day to check out the college. I’d hate to be a nuisance beyond that.”

“My niece would never be a nuisance,” I said in a low voice.

“Okay, if you think I won’t be in the way,” she said dubiously.

“Not at all. I never fly commercial to New York City. I’ll pick you up at five AM Thursday morning. Wheels up at six.”

“Oh okay. Wow. Thanks, Uncle Channing!”

I revved the engine on my Lamborghini. Jade came out, with a well-packed duffel bag. Blue jeans fashionably ripped in all the right places, white t-shirt with a black jacket.

She wedged her duffel behind the seat and slid in. She may be a mature eighteen, but the excitement on her face conflicted.

“Ready to go, sweetie?” I asked.

Her hair hung like shiny black silk, cut above her eyebrows and down to the small of her back. Those big blue eyes glowed with eagerness.

“I am! I’m so excited, Uncle Channing.”

“I think we can dispense with that. It’ll make it harder for me to pass you off as my date if you keep calling me Uncle. Chan or Channing sounds more, ummm, intimate. Don’t you think?”

There was a moment’s silence and she started to girl giggle that morphed into a throaty laugh as she got it.

“Absolutely, Channing darling,” she said in that mellow bass that I knew was going to cause me great distress.

“Now see, isn’t that better?” I asked, smoothly shifting through the gears as we roared towards the airport.

She laughed. “Much!”

We were seating facing each other. She did appear to be older than eighteen, but her experiences were younger. I knew my brother sheltered his daughter, but he might have gone overboard.

She’d removed her leather jacket and was locking her seatbelt, so I had a better chance to look at her. How much she had changed, I thought.

Jade rested her head back and closed her eyes. She wore minimal makeup. She didn’t need it, as most girls didn’t, but still did. I’d guess her to be a forty D, which she got from her mother’s side of the family. My sister-in-law was quite voluptuous and liked to show it off when she could. I never complained.

The simple white t-shirt was snug and stretched tightly across her breasts even though it fit her perfectly otherwise. It was tucked neatly into her low-cut jeans. Black leather high heel ankle boots brought her to my height. I was the tallest of three brothers, her dad was the shortest. So, she did take after me in something, I thought laughing to myself.

She caught me staring, but I held her eyes.

“I’m all grown up,” she murmured.

“You are. I’ve been so busy with my business; I neglected my family.”

She shrugged. “It happens.” She turned her head to watch the sunrise.

The first two nights I reserved a suite near Columbia to give her ample opportunity to visit. We would stay in my apartment the remainder of the time.

She walked into the suite, dropped her bag, and spun around.

“This is gorgeous!”

Her swings between a girl and an adult were amusing. To add to it, her appearance was somewhere in between. Quite an enigma until I thought about her secret files. That was all women.

She went grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan into the bedroom. “Oh my god!”

I walked in and she was in the bathroom. “You like?” I smiled.

“Yes! She stepped into the glass-walled shower. “I’ve never been in a shower this big. I thought I had a big bathroom at daddy’s house.”

She walked over to the big soaker tub for two and became quiet. I remembered a scene in one of her stories that involved a tub like this.

I walked over and stood near enough to her to brush her arm. “This is big enough for two, eh?” I said softly.

“Yes,” she replied absently, her mind still elsewhere. Probably in carnal fantasyland, I though.

She had an acceptance letter from Columbia, and most would have snatched that up. Columbia was very selective. She was smart, Ken could afford it, and it was an Ivy League college.

But because she had a good head on her shoulders, she wasn’t going to lock herself down without doing due diligence. She might be more my daughter than Kens’, I laughed to myself.

We walked and looked and talked for several hours. I listened and only gave input when she asked. I didn’t want to sway her. It had to be her decision.

She kicked off her boots and tossed her jacket on the sofa.

“Phew, I’m beat,” she said, plopping down, throwing a leg over the arm.

The picture of her nude with her leg over the arm of the leg flashed through my mind. The whole series marched through my mind like an old slide projector. My cock reacted of course.

“What do you want to do for dinner, Jade? We can eat in, or go out,” I said, mostly to distract myself.

“Would you mind terribly if we ordered in?”

We decided what we were in the mood for, and I called my favorite restaurant in Manhattan for delivery. She disappeared into her room while I called.

“I feel better now,” she said. “I’m like my mom. The sooner I can get into relaxing clothes the better.”

She wore a long pink silk caftan that was split to the thigh. She was obviously braless because the silk caressed her broke off her hard nipples before dropping off.

“Very sexy,” I murmured.

She looked stunned for a moment. “Really?”

“Well, yes, you’re very beautiful, Jade.” I smiled. “But maybe an uncle shouldn’t talk like that to his niece?”

The rose lipstick she wore earlier had worn off and she flicked her tongue across her dry lips. She moved around the room restlessly.

I opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses, handing her one.

“I’m not old enough?” she questioned.

“I won’t tell, will you?” I grinned. She needed to relax, and this would work. Just enough to do that, and not get drunk.

She grinned and took a sip. “Mmmm.” That throaty moan went right to my dick. “This is so good, Unc- Channing.”

“I thought you might like it.”

Our food arrived. They set up the table and served the food. I had given them enough business through the years, that they took care of me. They disappeared as soon as everything was in order.

She was delighted at the grilled octopus with potatoes, olives, and lemon dressing. She licked the dressing off her fingers and giggled.

Pheasant and mushroom ravioli, Veal Scaloppine, and two orders of limoncello cake gave us enough to share and leftovers.

“Wow, I’m stuffed,” she groaned, sprawling on the sofa.

I handed her a second glass of wine and sat opposite her. “I think you can handle another one,” I grinned.

“I’m not feeling woozy yet so I’m good to go!” she grinned. Maybe not woozy, but certainly loosened up, I laughed to myself.

I had an opportunity to watch her during the movie. Other than a few flirtations, nothing indicative of her feelings for me was apparent. I guessed that it never occurred to her that I would be of the same mindset. Hell, it hadn’t occurred to me until I watched her videos and heard her moan my name.

Just remembering that throaty lustful voice moaning my name me a hard-on and I reached down to adjust it. She did catch that but never looked me in the eye. She crossed her arms under her breasts and went back to concentrating on the movie.

The soft silk molded her breasts. The shadow of her nipples was clear, the areola bumps textured the thin fabric.

She caught me looking, so I just smiled. Her face registered embarrassment, confusion, and a little fear.

All of which I thought was curious. I may have to rethink my seduction. I hoped that she would, given the opportunity, come on to me. But I don’t see that happening. Not yet at least.

The following morning, we were up early, went out to breakfast then back to Columbia to look at a few things again.

“If we’re done here, I think we should go shopping!” I said.

She looked at me like I had a third eye. “You actually want to shop? Dad would do just about anything to avoid shopping,” she laughed.

I put my arm around her shoulders. grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort “I’m not your father,” I grinned. “You might be surprised by me.”

Her cheeks flushed and she looked down at the sidewalk.

“I missed a lot of holidays and birthdays, Jade. I’m going to make that up to you right now,” I said, pulling open the door to the ladies’ boutique.

“You don’t have to do that, I have lots of clothes and-“

“No arguing!”

She laughed and nodded.

She flipped through the racks and pulled out a few demure styles. Once I saw her size, I went through the store on my own. When she was in the dressing room, I gave the stack of clothes to the salesgirl to have her try on.

I sat in the chair outside the dressing room and waited.

The door opened and the first was the demurer style she chose. I wrinkled my nose and shook my head, almost every time. She rolled her eyes and spun back into the dressing room.

I moaned silently when she came out. I chose a black dress. Chiffon, gathered skirt, tight at the waist. The deep V dropped between her breasts nearly to her waist. The inside moons of her plump breasts were on display, and she looked beautiful in it.

I smiled and nodded. She scrunched her face, flipped her fingers at the deep decollate and I just nodded and smiled.

She rolled her eyes and flounced back into the dressing room.

I was anxious to see her in the red satin dress. I thought it was the perfect foil for her black hair and creamy white skin. I was sure she wouldn’t like the cleavage show this would put on either.

The satin clung to every curve of her body. It took my breath away. The salesgirl walked by, stopped, and stared. Jade’s smile was somewhat tentative, as she saw the look on our faces. Which I’m sure was stunned.

“Beautiful, Jade. That dress was made for you,” I said.

“Most certainly,” the salesgirl agreed and left to care for another client.

“I probably shouldn’t, but I feel so sexy in this.” She smoothed her hands down her sides and over her hips.

“Because you are breathtakingly sexy in that,” I said simply.

The dress had cap sleeves that barely clung to her shoulders, not allowing a bra other than the one built in. The top curved gently over the full peaks of each breast. The bra pushed them up and together. The dress was tightly shirred between to create a deep mysteriously shadowed chasm.

Jade stood in front of me. “I do love this, but I’d have nowhere to wear it. Plus, I don’t think dad would like it.”

“You let me take care of where you’ll wear it. And in this case, dad doesn’t have to know everything right? I mean it’s no harm done.”

She looked down and smoothed her hands over her body again. Her fingers fluttered in the deep cleavage, and she turned to look in the mirror.

“It’s not too much?” she asked, almost shyly.

“No love, it isn’t. I want to take you out and I want you to wear this.” I stood up and pointedly looked at her breasts. “And you can leave the dress at my house if it makes you more comfortable.”

Her high heels put her eyes in line with my chin. I liked that. Very much. Most women were much shorter.

I looked over her shoulder. “Wrap everything up in the dressing room. We’ll take it all.”

“No! That’s too much, Channing!” She quickly looked over her shoulder at the dressing room and her hair swung to flow over those delectable breasts.

“Now go change like a good little girl and we’ll be on our way.”

She giggled in her girlish way which made her in that dress even more arousing. I would be the first one to take it off her, I promised myself.

We packed in the morning. “Where are we going again?” she asked.

“I kept my apartment from my college days. I often stay there when I get to New York. It’s comfortable and not fancy. I think you’ll like it.”

It was one of the few old buildings that weren’t a walk up and we creaked up the elevator, slow but better than walking fifteen flights.

I unlocked the door, pushed in, and turned the overhead light on. She closed the door behind us while I dropped our bags.

“It does look like a student’s apartment!” She seemed more comfortable here already.

It was a small room that contained the kitchen and living area together. One bedroom and one bathroom. Very small bedroom and bathroom.

She circled the room, peaked into the bedroom, and came back out. “There’s only one bed.”

“Yes, I thought since we were both adults, we could share the bed without any shenanigans. I mean if that’s okay with you?”

She seemed flustered but nodded. “Sure, I’m good with that.” I could tell she had to muster up the courage to coolly agree.

I had groceries delivered earlier and offered her a beer. “I’ve never had one.”

I uncapped mine and handed the longneck to her to try. She took a cautious sip, smacked her lips, and tipped her head back for a long pull. The smooth graceful lines of her creamy neck nearly did me in.

“I like it,” she said decisively. She plunked down in my old, cracked leather chair, threw a leg over the arm, and how she would look nude in my old chair flashed through my mind.

I wasn’t sure how she would react to my apartment. Ken made good money and she was used to luxuries. Although he sheltered her, she did enjoy the best.

I went in to shower and came out to her perusing my walls of bookcases. She slowly ran her fingers along the spines as she read them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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