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Time with Annie

The last time my adult daughter, Annie, met the woman I was dating at the time, it did not go well. (See A Visit to Tinseltown pt 05.) With Jan visiting Los Angeles, I thought it might be best to do things a bit more formally. I invited Annie to join us for dinner at my home.

As the time grew closer, Jan closed herself in the bedroom for over an hour. I knew she was debating what to wear. All of the swelling was gone, as were the bandages, exposing the closed dry stitches above her eye and across the top of her right breast. The thin plastic splint on her left forearm was the only serious external remnant of her trauma.

“I decided I want to make a statement,” Jan said as she emerged from the hallway.

My breath escaped in a rush. “You succeeded.”

Jan wore a silver dress that reflected her white hair. The cowl neckline draped low over her large, swaying tits. When she turned, I saw the fabric opened to a plunge down her bare back almost to her butt. The dress was slit on one side up past her hip. I couldn’t tell you who designed her shoes, but they made her legs look even more fabulous. Her lipstick was flawless.

I was in jeans and plaid.

When we heard Annie let herself in exactly on time, I was at the stove so Jan made it to the door before I did. I heard them introduce themselves and complement one another on their clothes. They walked into the kitchen, Jan was saying, “I hope that outfit wasn’t just for my benefit.”

“In fact, it was entirely for your benefit,” Annie replied.

“I’m flattered. You look sexy as hell. Can I fix you a drink?”

“G my first wife.

Her shirt suggested the country-western style without being tacky. Deep purple with long sleeves, a single line of silver rhinestones traced the angular yoke above her breasts. A white lace bra was peeking between the three open buttons.

Her pants were painted on. Shiny black with a wide belt buckle. The rhinestone theme repeated, running in a single line down the outside of each leg. The pants ended in 1/2-inch cuffs, slightly above the short boot-style heels.

OK, maybe a little tacky, but that did not stop the uncomfortable growth in my pants.

“Hi, Dad.” she gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, before pointing to Jan. “A vast improvement. You are so out of your league, old man. ‘Scuse me.” A kiss on the other cheek and she was walking down the hall toward the bathroom.

Jan put her arm around my waist. “A vast improvement over what?” she asked with a smile.


“Oh, yeah? I’m liking Annie more and more.” She watched my daughter stop at the bathroom door. Annie turned, smiled, and cocked her hips toward Jan before stepping out of sight and closing the door.

Jan smiled, “Hm. I think I remember Carm mentioning an Elektra complex?”

I wrapped an arm around Janice, pulling her firmly into my chest. I tried to sound stern. “You keep your dirty mind to yourself, young lady.”

“You didn’t tell me she was so fuckable.”

“Keep your hands off my daughter. I know where those hands have been.”

“Or what, Lover?” She ran the fingers of her right hand along the large lump at my crotch. “You’ll turn me over your knee and use this on me?”

We heard the bathroom door open and I quickly turned toward the stove, trying to hide the evidence of my arousal.

Annie was twirling an empty toilet roll around her finger. “All out, Dad. None in the cabinet, either.”

“Oh, crap.”

“Not this time, but the night is young.”

I turned the heat off under the pot. “OK, I’ll make a quick run to the convenience store.”

“Oh, and if you’re going out,” Jan added, “Maybe some Parmesan cheese?”

“And more gin.”

I grabbed my keys. “OK, ladies, stop. I’m a guy. If there’s more than three things, I’ll have to make a list.” Then counting on my fingers, “TP, gin, and Parmesan.”

“Fresh grated.”

As I closed the front door behind me, I heard Jan ask, “How much gin is left?”

With the addition of Parmesan (fresh grated), I had to go a couple miles down the road to the full grocery. The only parking was at the far side of the lot, so it took a few minutes to walk into the store. I knew where they stocked the toilet paper and the gin. I grabbed a new bottle of bourbon while I was in that section, though I knew the one at home was nearly full. But I had to ask someone where to find fresh Parmesan.

The line at the register was long, so I broke my personal rule and used the self-checkout. When I scanned the booze, the screen asked for proof of legal age. I dug out my driver license, which refused to scan. After several BEEP BEEP BEEPs, a store employee sauntered over to ask what the problem was. She scanned my license several times with the same non-result. Finally she read the year, and punched in some sort of code that cleared the purchase. She shrugged. “Policy.”

I walked back to my car, put the bag in the trunk, and headed for otele gelen gaziantep escort home, hoping the 45 minutes without heat had not ruined the sauce.

When I walked in the door carrying the bag, I found the sauce was not a big concern.

Jan was standing in the center of my living room, with my daughter Annie kneeling behind her, licking the bare skin at the base of the plunged back. Annie had one hand under Jan’s dress and the other down the front of her own, open pants. Her shirt was nowhere in sight and the white lace bra contrasted with her tanned skin, allowing a glimpse of large dark nipples like her mother’s.

When Jan saw me, she stopped moaning and rocking her hips, presumably on my daughter’s long fingers. “Hello, Lover.”

Annie turned suddenly. “Dad! Shit! You’re home already.” She reflexively covered the front of her lace bra with her hands; one still dripping from her pussy. This left her pants open and halfway down her hips, revealing a hairless labia.

I glanced at the empty gin bottle and half-empty bourbon bottle on the coffee table.

“How much have you two had to drink?”

Annie looked at the empties and shrugged sheepishly.

“It’s my fault, Lover,” Jan turned to face Annie, lifting her thumb to trace the taller woman’s eyebrow. I noticed my daughter shiver. “Annie was saying how much she disliked her big tits and asked how I dealt with the horny boys in school.”

Jan’s hand brushed across the front of Annie’s bra. Annie bit her lower lip.

“I told her my boobs were a later addition,” she caught Annie’s hand and slid it under the draped neckline to her breast.

Annie glanced at me and nervously hissed, “Jan,” but I could see her fingers moving along Jan’s nipples under the slick fabric.

“She said she often felt unattractive,” Jan spread her fingers across one lace-covered tit, pressing firmly and dragging her fingernails along Annie’s nipples. “She realized boys were obsessed with her ‘jugs’ as they called them and that no one would want to simply make love to her.” Jan reached around closing her fingers on the bra clasp. “I said I would do her, if she’d let me.”

Jan unhooked the clasp with practiced skill. Annie pulled her hands from Jan to hold the bra covering her breasts.

Jan pinned me with her eyes. “Want to watch, Lover?”

She stood on her toes, pulling Annie down to kiss her mouth. I could see their cheeks bulge as both tongues explored each other.

I sat on the recliner, setting the bag on the floor before lifting out the bourbon.

Annie groaned into the kiss, wrapping both arms around Jan, letting her bra fall to the floor. Pressed tightly as they were, I could only see the sides of Annie’s fully tan breasts as they squished against Jan’s collar bone. I took a long slug, right from the bottle. After a moment, Annie broke the kiss, turning just her head toward me.

“ONLY watch,” she emphasized. “No touching me, no lewd comments, or gestures that will make this any weirder than it is.”

I grinned at my daughter. “It is pretty weird, sweetheart.”

“See? Right there.” She turned toward me, shaking her index finger. “Always with the glib remark.”

“Annie,” Jan tried to interrupt her, but it was no good.

“Always trying to be oh so respectful, but I know you’re ogling my tits or staring at my fat ass,”


“All the time wondering what it would be like to fuck me or have me suck your dick,”


“WHAT?” She spun toward Jan, refocusing her fury.

Jan put her hands on my daughter’s shoulders. “You’re flashing your father.”

Annie looked down at her big tits. A dark pink blush ran up her chest, contrasting with her deep brown nipples; already hard and long, like her mother’s. Her pants had worked their way over her hips and were clinging mid-thigh. I noted the lack of any tan lines on her smooth mons that shimmered with pussy juice and sweat.

I took another drink.

“Come, Annie. Sit down.” Jan led her to the sofa. I did sneak a glimpse of her tight butt and, again, no tan line. I imagined my daughter laying nude in the sun by my pool.

Before sitting down, Annie turned back to me and shook her finger again.

“Only watching,” she said menacingly.

Jan sat Annie’s bare butt on the couch, then knelt to remove her shoes and pants. Annie had given up any attempt at modesty, spreading her legs wide, defiantly exposing her bare pussy lips.

I was ogling again.

Jan gently closed Annie’s legs. “Let’s not prod the bull, sweetheart. You are beautiful, sexy, and naked.” Jan undid the clip under her hairline. “It must be my turn.”

The dress fell loose. She kicked it away with a pointed toe and rested her hands on her hips, proudly displaying her large boobs and pink protruding nipples. The worst of the bruising had faded to a soft yellow and Jan displayed her body proudly.

Annie stared. gaziantep otele gelen escort I recognized the look in her eyes. I had seen it many times on the face of her mother. It was desire.

Jan stepped in front of Annie, blocking my few with her near-perfect ass. Jan looked over her shoulder, then waved her splinted arm at her side. Grabbing the bottle, I quickly moved to the smaller chair next to them.

“Now, dearest Annie, shall we start again?”

Annie’s hazel eyes gazed into Jan’s sparkling blue. Her voice was barely a whisper. “Oh, yes, Janice. Please.”

Jan only flinched a bit as she straddled Annie’s legs. She lowered herself so just their thighs were touching. Annie cradled Jan’s face, guiding her into a soft kiss.

The kiss deepened and Jan caressed Annie’s nipples with the backs of her knuckles. Annie arched forward, her body asking for more. Her arms moved around Jan, her fingers caressing up and down until they gently gripped her cheeks. She pulled Jan closer, up her lap.

Jan dropped her kisses along my daughter’s neck, then down her chest to her tits which were already rising and falling with her deep breaths. She placed her mouth over one nipple, sucking it softly. Annie moved one hand behind Jan’s head, leaving the other to squeeze her ass.

“Harder, Jan.”

I saw Jan’s lips pull back as her teeth closed around the nipple. The tiniest whimper escape Annie’s soul.

Jan turned her head to look at me. “I like that.” Then looked up at Annie. “Think we can find more of those?”

She started suckling the other nipple, letting her fingernails take the place of her teeth on the first one. Annie pulled tight and arched her chest to Jan’s mouth. Jan must have bitten down again because Annie flinched and gave a low moan, tilting her head down to kiss Jan’s hair.

I sat back, rubbing my dick through my pants. Still nibbling Annie’s tit, Jan glanced over to watch my hand. “Did you hear that one, ‘Dad?'” Jan winked again. “Did you like it? I think we should try for something louder.”

Jan moved her mouth back to the first nipple, sucking and biting, eliciting deeper and longer moans as Annie arched her back again, forcing herself against Jan’s teeth.

Jan moved her hand down, letting it drift across my daughter’s pussy lips. She straightened the fingers, stroking up and down Annie’s slit before curling them up to find the nub of her clit under its hood.

Annie wiggled her ass, trying to get closer, whimpering, “Please. More. Touch my clit, Jan.”

I saw Jan lift her face from the nipple. She was grinning. She quickly leaned down, pressing her mouth to Annie’s pussy. Annie jumped and shouted, but by then Jan was sitting back on her thighs, her hands folded in her lap.

Annie gazed at her; abandoned.

Jan was still grinning.

“Stand up.”

Annie obeyed immediately.

“Show your father how special you are.”

My daughter spread her legs and I could see her smooth skin curving down to wrinkled lips that dripped with desire.

Jan started caressing Annie’s thighs. Her fingers slid down around her calves, then up the back of her legs, pausing to tickle the soft flesh behind her knees. Jan closed her hands firmly above the knees as she leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on the slick pussy.

Annie’s knees bent, but Jan was ready, bracing her up before blowing gently across the damp warmth.

Jan opened her mouth, pressing a kiss to the pouting lips. Annie shivered, “Oh yes,” her voice still very quiet.

Sliding her hands to Annie’s hips, Jan pushed her back until she was once again, sitting on the couch, her legs spread wide and welcoming.

Jan reached her splinted left arm to my daughter’s tits. Her fingernails raked the nipple.

The other hand sought out the depths of her vagina, sliding and caressing and exploring.

Annie rocked her head back, sucking in air.

The gentle bourbon haze in my brain was replaced by smoldering lust.

Jan sucked Annie’s clit as her fingers moved more quickly, in and out. She squeezed the nipple between four fingers, making Annie flinch again. Annie’s legs spread wider. Jan pulled her two fingers from my daughter’s cunt, holding them under my nose. When I opened my mouth, Jan moved the hand away, dramatically raising a third finger.

“Annie, my pet,” Jan cooed.

Eyes still closed and head back, Annie’s only answer was a soft “hm.”

Jan looked at me, then down at my hand still rubbing my pants. She wagged her eyebrows.

Then shoved three fingers into Annie’s soaked cunt!

Annie started thrusting her hips forward, fucking Jan’s fingers, but still staying quiet, issuing only an intense mew with every thrust. Jan’s hips were rocking back in forth in sympathetic rhythm with Annie. With a cry of her own, Jan plunged her mouth back onto Annie’s engorged clit.

I lifted up from the chair enough to lower my pants. gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan The motion caught Jan’s attention and she looked over just as my cock sprang to full attention. Her face burst into a smile, as if seeing an old friend. She pulled her hand from Annie’s pussy and drove the fingers into her own cunt. She pumped three strokes, curling the fingers as she dragged them out, covered in their combined cunt juice.

Jan reached over and grabbed my cock, smearing me with her natural lube.

The break had given Annie time to catch her breath. She looked at my hand, wrapped below Jan’s as we jerked my thick cock.

“Oh Jan, Dad has a great cock!”

Jan let go and I continued on my own.

“Did your mother never tell you?”

Jan pushed her fingers back into her own gaping pussy.

“Mom doesn’t talk about stuff like that. She even made Dad give me the talk about sex and menstruation.”

Jan pulled out her fingers, once again covered in her fluids.

“That’s a shame,” she panted, her hips still flexing in search of her fingers. “Some things are so much better,” she smeared her hand across Annie’s face, “coming from another woman.”

She held the three fingers in front of Annie’s cum-covered face. My daughter’s eyes grew wide as Jan added a fourth finger.

“Jan, no. I can’t”

Jan licked and kissed Annie’s face as her hand slipped between her legs. “You only think that because you never have.”

Slowly, Jan inserted the four fingers, stretching the slippery flesh. Annie grabbed Jan’s hair and hollered. “God, yes. No. OW NO! Yes damn you. Oh oh oh oh oh.”

Jan smiled her wicked smile. “Now those are the noises I like to hear.”

She rocked forward, again licking and sucking Annie’s sensitive clit. When Annie’s head rolled forward, she saw me, her father, stroking my big cock to this amazing show.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t just sit there jerking that gorgeous thing. Fuck this woman!”

She hadn’t called me “Daddy” since she was 7.

I leapt from the chair, crouching behind Jan’s bobbing ass. When I put my hands on her round cheeks, she leaned forward into Annie’s pussy, presenting her butt to my raging cock.

I stared at her hungry cunt as it drooled in anticipation of being fed.

I plowed my cock hard and fast between the lips of her pussy. Jan shrieked as the head slammed into her cervix.

Annie shouted, “YES! JAN I WANT THAT! What … Whatever is making you scream. I WANT THAT”

I was reminded of Annie’s mother as my daughter bounced on the sofa, her tits flailing in every direction, obscenities spilling from her hoarse voice. I doubt she even noticed as Jan held up her hand, shiny and slick, with her thumb folded alongside the other four fingers.

I slowed a bit to give her some steadiness and to keep from cumming too soon.

All I could see was Jan’s right elbow below her ribs. I watched it move so very slowly as she inched her fingers inside.


My daughter made a sound like I had never heard. A wail, a scream, a banshee howl layered against the sounds of laughing and sobbing.

Annie came. My daughter’s cunt gushed around my lover’s arm and face

As I shoved my cock somehow deeper, I reached around to finger Jan’s clit. She groaned, arching up on her knees, letting her hand slide from Annie’s cunt and allowing a river of cum to pour out.

Annie moaned, “Gone. Empty. It was so good.” Looking at Jan, up on her knees, shouting through gritted teeth as she got fucked from behind, Annie grabbed Jan’s nipples, roughly tugging and pinching.

Usually appropriate and civilized, Jan reverts to screaming filthy obscenities when she’s cumming. “FUCK! FIRE FROM MY TITS TO MY CLIT! SHIT FUCK DAUGHTER IN FRONT FATHER BEHIND OHGODOHGODOHGOD!”

Jan dropped forward, off my cock. I heard Annie gasp, “He’s still hard.”

Jan spun around, grabbing my dick and devouring it whole. Her tongue swirled over my shaft and caressing the head. “God, Lover, my cum on your dick. Nothing better.” She leaned down, sucking me deep into her grasping throat.

I looked across Jan’s back to see Annie, naked and trembling, fixated on Jan’s upturned ass. She looked up at me, her father who loved her, who had given her everything to help her become the exceptional woman she was at that moment. I could not have been more proud as I nodded my head.

Giving in to her base desires, my daughter howled and buried her face between my lover’s ass cheeks, sucking Jan’s clit and finger fucking her cunt.

With Jan’s tongue still manipulating my dick, I started to get close. I pumped faster. Jan started grunting, “Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.” Then quicker as I fucked her face, “Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh.” She knew just when I was going to cum.

In her expert style, Jan caught all my cum in her mouth. She quickly pulled her ass from Annie’s grasp and turned to grab my daughter’s head.

Held firmly in Jan’s control, I saw a moment of fear mix with the lust in Annie’s eyes.

“Daddy?” she whimpered and Jan sealed her mouth over my daughter’s. Annie’s eyes went wide. Her jaw dropped and I saw her cheeks suck in.

Jan cupped Annie’s pussy as they shared the mouthful of my seed. Annie’s throat bobbed. Her eyes closed and she moaned as her hands drifted to Jan’s breasts.

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