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It was the start of summer, school was out for the year and Jasmine had just graduated, she turned 18 a few months ago, and had the entire summer free before starting university. Her plans included doing very little work, and laying out in the sun working on her tan. Of course there would be parties all through the summer to attend, and hopefully many boys to have fun with. Jasmine was not a young innocent, but did not possess a lot of sexual experience either. This would be the summer she learned more about sex then she could have imagined, and it started day one of summer vacation right in her own back yard.

“Hey Jasmine, congratulation on graduating!” Henry Thomas yelled across the fence separating his yard from Jasmine’s parents. Henry was in is 60’s, tall and distinguished looking, he had kept himself in good shape over the years, so did not look his age at all. Henry’s wife had passed away about 6 months ago, and he lived alone in the house they had shared.

“Oh hey Mr Thomas, thanks” jasmine looked up from the chair she was laying in and waved over to him.

“Seeing a young lady like you laying out her bikini sure does make yard work more fun” Henry said followed by a whistle of approval and a hearty laugh.

Jasmine was embarrassed at first, then kind of excited knowing he had looked her over. She was petite, had a nice firm lean body, she did not have big breasts like so many guys lusted after, but she made it up with a spectacular ass. She would see out of the corner of her eyes or reflections in shop windows, guys staring at her ass as she walked downtown, it always excited her. Laying there on her stomach, she was certain old Henry has checked it out, that thought brought a big smile to her face.

“Then i expect to see you out her trimming or whatever you do over there, every day this summer, cause this is all i intend on doing” she laughed a little as she looked over at Henry.

“Yep a great summer” he said laughing as he walked away and into his house.

Jasmine felt a twinge between her legs and thought to herself he is an old man why would i get excited about some old guy checking me out, with no answer immediately forthcoming she laid her head down and drifted off until the timer went off signaling her to go inside and get ready to go out tonight.

Gathering up her towel, and lotions, she headed inside. On her way to her house she thought she saw Henry in an upstairs window with something in his hand, but looking again without sunglasses on no one was there, she thought she imagined it and headed in.

The next few weeks went by with the usual routine, Jasmine’s parents would head off to work, she would wake up around noon, throw on her bikini and head outside to lay in the sun for a few hours. Just like clockwork as soon as she was outside she could hear Henry’s back door open and hear him walking around next to the fence trimming, cutting and checking her out. They made small talk on occasion, but always just yelling across the yard. Today though Jasmine decided she wanted to talk to him face to face, so she got up and walked over to the fence. laying her arms on the fence she could see Henry kneeling down with his back to her digging at some weeds.

“Boo!!” she yelled rather loudly at Henry

“What!” he exclaimed falling backward having been shocked out of his concentration.

“You should not do that to an old guy, give me a heart attack” he said as he laid there on his back looking up at Jasmine in her white bikini.

“Sorry just wanted to see what you were doing, i am bored, plus you look to be in great shape no worries about having a heart attack” jasmine replied with a flirty smile.

Henry took a few seconds to get up and come stand face to face with Jasmine, all the while his eyes were scanning her body, from her lean firm legs, up to her bikini covered pussy. Thinking to himself as small as the bottom piece is surely she must shaved, and felt a twinge in his cock as he imagined it. His eyes worked their way up her flat belly across her small but firm breasts, yes she was something to see he thought.

“So how is your summer going young Jasmine? Parties? plenty of young guys chasing you?”

“Well you know I am very popular” she said before giggling and touching his hand. “No Mr Thomas no young guys after me, they do not seem to like me, maybe i need someone older” she said looking into his eyes and smiling.

“You never know that could be the love of your life” Henry said, “and call me Henry, Mr Thomas sounds too formal”

“okay Henry, how has your summer been? what do you do in that big house all alone every night?”

“I have some poker buddies over a few nights a week, rest of the time i stay busy, a lot of nights i am on-line playing card games and chatting with people all over the world”

“cool i love to chat also, all my friends are on-line, you can add me if you want jasmine18 is my chat name on yahoo”

“I will add you” Henry said but before he could add anything else Jasmine was off to gather her things and head inside. He stood there watching her walk away, watching her young body, and tight ass move across the lawn, “i am a dirty old man” he thought to himself, but that did not stop him from staring as she bent over to gather her towel. He thought she definitely bent over a long time gathering it, Beylikdüzü escort could she be giving him a show?

A couple nights later jasmine was at a party, she knew a lot of the people, but there were many that she did not recognize. She moved about the party, drinking some wine, making conversations, until she met Doug. Doug was a couple years older then Jasmine, and have been away studying at university. They chatted about university life, what was it like, etc. Doug asked her to dance, they went out on the patio under the lights and started dancing. The DJ put on a slow song mix and Doug pulled Jasmine close to dance. It was nice being in a man’s arms again, it had been six months since Jasmine had been with anyone. She could feel his chest against hers, his hands on her back rubbing her back as their bodies swayed to the music. Doug slide his hand down to Jasmine’s lower back, onto the top of her ass. The anticipation of his hand sliding further to cup her ass sent a small jolt of electricity through Jasmine. She could feel herself getting excited and the prospect of having sex. The song went on and Doug just left his hand at the top of Jasmine’s ass. Maybe he is shy she thought to herself as the song came to it’s conclusion.

Standing there on the dance floor looking at each other it was Jasmine who broke the ice.

“Do you want to go somewhere more private?.

Doug looked at her and realizing he was still holding her hands, he opened his hands and released hers. Looking into her eyes he replied, “I would love to any other time, but the thing is I am dating someone else, so I am afraid it will just have to be a dance.”

“That is great, she is a lucky woman” Jasmine said trying to fake a smile over her disappointment.

They both made some small talk before parting ways, Jasmine looked around the party at the other available men and decided it was just not her night. She slipped out of the party and drove home thinking to herself, “great another night horny as hell, and no one around.”

Jasmine arrived back home and went right to her bedroom, but was way too awake to sleep. Undressing and throwing just a robe on she turned on her laptop, deciding that chatting would help her out tonight. Not long after signing on a message from Henry_60 popped up, Jasmine did not recognize the name at first and was going to delete it but decided to read it.

“Good evening Jasmine, how are you doing?” the message stated.

“Hmmm he knows my name” she thought, typing the reply “hello who is this?”

The answer popped back instantly, “you neighbor Henry silly” followed by a smiley face.

“Oh i did not recognize the name, hey how r u?” she typed back

“Doing fine, just sitting here paying bills and chatting. How has your evening been jasmine?”

“hmmm not that good”

Henry asked her why it was not good and eventually Jasmine told him about Doug and making a fool out of herself by asking him to go someplace alone. Henry tried to ensure her that she should not be embarrassed, and then added – “I could not imagine ever turning down a request to leave with you.”

“Awww that is so nice, so you would not kick me out of bed” Jasmine typed giggling while she awaited his reply.

“Dear Jasmine I would walk over fire to just be able to kiss you”

As the thought of kissing her neighbor ran through her mind Jasmine felt her hand slip under the robe and casually starting to stroke her wet pussy. Her fingers running up and down delicately, teasing herself she prepared her reply.

“and, what would you do to see me naked?” she typed as her fingers continued the teasing.

“Anything you desire my dear, anything you desire” Henry typed back, sitting in his office chair stroking his hardening cock.

“Hmmm I want you to invite me over and make me dinner for start” Jasmine replied with a winking smiley face.

“That is can arrange, dinner, and a surprise!”

“Hmmm what is the surprise?” she inquired.

“You will have to wait and find out, otherwise it would not be a surprise. You will enjoy it forever! Now let’s see you naked!!” Henry typed.

He had called her on her dare, jasmine thought to herself as her fingers slide inside her pussy bringing herself to near climax.

“Okay, look for me in the window of my dad’s office, i know it looks into your house’s office” she typed and scurried off to her dad’s office with the laptop in hand.

Turning on one small lamp so Henry could see in but not see her totally, Jasmine started to type a new message to Henry.

“I am ready are you?” she sent the message to him.

“Yes, open the curtain so i can see you”

Jasmine moved the laptop next to the window so she could still chat with Henry, and slowly parted the curtains. Standing there in her white robe, she looked over and saw Henry sitting back in his office chair. He has a small light on also, she could see his face pretty well but rest of body she could barely make out.

“Ready for me old man?” she typed

“Yes let me see what you have lol”

Standing there in front of the open window the excitement was unbearable. Here she was getting ready to expose herself to her neighbor, a neighbor that is old enough to be her grandfather and her pussy was practically dripping with excitement. Grabbing a hold of Beylikdüzü escort her robe she slowly opened it exposing her slim body to Henry. Standing there she let the robe drop and stood before the window with nothing on. Turning slowly she showed him her back and ass. Turning back to face him again she looked over at the laptop and read his comments.

“MMMMMMMMM Jasmine you are exquisite, so perfect , so beautiful”

“Oh yes what an ass you have my dear”

“OMG you are going to make an old man cum!”

The last comment sent a shock through her, and her fingers slipped down to finger fuck her pussy. Fingers going in and out as she stood in front of the window, She looked over and could see Henry laying back in his chair stroking what looked to be a pretty sizable cock. She fingered her pussy faster, her other hand holding herself up against the window, her eyes on Henry and his cock. Not much time passed before she felt herself starting to cum. Face against the window moaning she came hard on her fingers, looking over she could see that Henry was also cumming. Collapsing into her dad’s chair she pulled the curtains closed. Laying there in the chair she came again, this time squirting from the powerful orgasm, mostly fueled by the excitement of exposing herself to Henry.

Finally slowing down after a couple orgasms, and with a mess on the floor and on dad’s chair. Jasmine looked over at the laptop. Henry had typed many messages asking if she was okay.

“I am fine, just coming down from well a couple powerful orgasms” she typed with a blushing face.

“great, i am so glad, i thought i had upset you when you saw me stroking myself”

“No not at all, it was ummmm very exciting”

The thought of him cumming while he looked at her excited Jasmine and she started playing with her pussy some more. She realized she needed to clean up the office and get to bed she stopped playing and typed a goodbye to Henry.

“Thanks for an exciting evening, c’ya soon” she sent her message and logged out of chat.

The next week Jasmine did not see Henry out in the yard or any sign of him in his house, he had gone to visit some friends for a few days after their late night adventure. It was still fresh in jasmine’s mind each night as she went to bed. She would lay there and think of seeing Henry in his chair stroking his old cock while staring at her young body. The mere thought of being sexual with someone that much older than her had awakened strong lusty desires in her brain. She started planning how she would try to seduce him during the dinner he had promised to make her. She wondered what it would be like to give herself to someone old enough to be her grandfather. As she thought about all this her fingers would slide between her legs and play with smooth bald pussy, teasing it, playing with her clit. Then as images of being a young slut to an older man filled her head she would plunge a couple fingers into her tight pussy and finger fuck herself to a powerful orgasm.

When Henry got back from visiting Friends his first order of business was to send jasmine an email inviting her to come over for dinner sometime, and to collect her surprise. He waited her rely, which he received in person the next day. It was a hot day and Henry had much yard work to catch up on, so he got an early start while it was still tolerable weather. After being out in his yard for a few hours trimming and cutting he had just about had enough and was ready for a nice long shower. It was then that he heard the back door of Jasmine’s house open and he turned to see her in her white string bikini carrying her tanning supplies out into the yard, He stood and watched her walk to the lounge chair, bend over and place her supplies on the table beside the lounge. He remembered that night seeing her naked, her small breasts, flat tummy, bald pussy and her peachy ass. He could feel his cock growing under the shorts he had on. Jasmine turned around and smiled at Henry before starting to walk over the shared fence.

“Hello neighbor, long time since I have seen you!” she called out as she leaned over the fence.

“yes, I have been gone visiting friends that last week, but back now, did you miss me?”

“Ummmm very much so, neighborhood is no fun without you old man!” she replied in a teasing tone of voice.

“I know how you feel, nothing exciting or stimulating to look at where i was” Henry said with a wink

“Did you get my email invite for dinner?” he asked

“yes i did and this Saturday would be perfect, mom and dad going away for the weekend, so the place is all mine, they will not know if i stay out all night” her reply delivered with a lowering of sunglasses, a wink, and a smile. “But what is my surprise, you have to tell me!!”

“Ah my dear you will have to wait to receive it, but i guarantee you will always remember it, it will change your life forever. Now I must leave you and clean myself up, see you Saturday” and just like that he was gone into his house, leaving Jasmine to ponder what could the surprise be.

Saturday night finally arrived, an entire week spent wondering what Henry’s surprise was, maybe he was leaving all his money to me Jasmine had thought many times. Maybe it was some fancy meal he was preparing, or when she was feeling naughty she envisioned him surprising her Escort Beylikdüzü with some sexual position that he had learned over the years, one that would leave her shaking and begging for more.

Jasmine showered, shaved, and got dressed for her dinner date. She chose a jeans min-skirt and white top, underneath she wore no bra, and a nice white lacy thong. she was ready and excited as she walked up and ran Henry’s doorbell.

“Come in young Jasmine” Henry smiled and waved with his arms letting her in. He was wearing trousers and a white shirt, looking very dapper. He motioned for her to follow him to the living room where he proceeded to pour a couple glasses of wine. Jasmine took her glass and sat down on the end of the sofa. Henry chose the chair across from the sofa and they started chatting about the day, how nice it was outside, etc. All the while they sipped the wine and he got up to pour some more. Jasmine was feeling very mellow and maybe a slight tipsy after a couple glasses of wine, she started talking more animatedly and of course started flirting more with Henry.

“What is my surprise Henry?” she asked coyly

“All thing come in time my dear. First let’s eat something” Henry motioned towards the table.

The table was all set for dinner, Henry pulled Jasmine’s chair out and helped her get seated. He left returning with a couple salads fore them to eat. Both of them picking at the salads, more interested in what the evening had in store then in eating a lot. By the time of the main course anticipation was running high in both of them. Between bites of his chicken Henry felt Jasmine’s bare foot touching his calf.

“Sure you can’t tell me what my surprise is” She said running her foot up and down Henry’s leg and smiling a seductive smile.

“Almost there my dear, as soon as we finish this course it will all be revealed”

Shoving the last little bite of her chicken into her mouth and finishing it jasmine yelled “Done! give me the present”

Henry just laughed and shook his head and began clearing the table. Once everything had been put away he walked up to Jasmine and took her arm leading her to the stairwell. They climbed to stairs in silence Jasmine heart was beating, she had all kinds of erotic thoughts about what will happen next, her pussy was wet with anticipation.

Henry paused in front of a closed door. “Behind this door is the surprise, are you ready Jasmine?”

“Yes yes yes” was all she replied.

“okay but the rules are, if you enter you must stay, and do what i instruct, no turning back now”

A little puzzled by his words, not sure what do what i instruct meant, she nonetheless decided to go forward, she trusted Henry.

“okay let’s go” Jasmine replied.

Opening the door Henry escorted her into a room that was dark. Once inside he reached and flipped the light switch. It took awhile for her to take in all that she was seeing, Jasmine looked around and saw a big king sized bed, chairs next to the bed to sit in. A big flat screen TV on one wall. The other wall was covered with various photos of women, mostly in bikini’s, it took awhile for her to realize they were all photos of her in her backyard. She looked at them, they had been taken over the last summer, she recognized the various suits. In the middle was a collection of nude pics of her pressed against the window of her dad’s office with her hand between her legs.

“What is all this?” she asked puzzled to Henry.

“This is my Jasmine shrine, the place i come to relax and pleasure myself. Tonight part of the surprise is to show you my shrine and then to make love to you surrounded by images of you” He replied

As weird as this was at first to her, she started to get more excited knowing that her neighbor had laid her in bed jerking off to images of her, it was rather kinky she thought.

Henry approached Jasmine and took her into an embrace, looking at each other he leaned in a kissed her. The kiss was tentative at first, but built up passion as it went, soon tongues were dancing. Both of their hands were roaming over each others back. Jasmine felt Henry’s hands slip down and cup her ass, that sent a bolt of electricity right to her pussy. She was on fire now, there was no turning back it had been too long since she had been laid. She kissed Henry back and started grinding her hips against his, feeling his hard cock rubbing against her. They moved to the bed and started undressing each other. Henry laid her down across the bed with only her thong on. He slipped to the floor next to the bed on his knees. Reaching up he pulled her slowly across the bed by her legs. As she moved across the bed she felt him kissing and nibbling up her legs. Finally her legs were draped over his shoulders, his face between her legs, she could feel his hot breath on her thong covered pussy. His fingers grabbed the edge of the thong and pulled it aside, she felt his tongue on her pussy dragging up it slowly. Her ass came off the bed at the first touch. Henry used his tongue to cover her entire pussy, parting the lips, teasing her clit. then it found the opening and rimmed it slowly, this drove Jasmine crazy. She thought “no one has ever eaten me like this” as her breathing became hard. Henry sunk his tongue into her pussy, tongue fucking her. Jasmine’s hips bucked with each plunge of his tongue. Henry’s lips brushed her clit sending shock waves through her body. Jasmine’s legs clamped tight around Henry’s neck and she launched a powerful orgasm all over his eagerly lapping tongue. He ass was off the bed, hips bucking as she came and came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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