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I was so looking forward to Jaunty’s return from a spell in Australia where he had some business to attend to in Melbourne.

When he left we were like super glue, never to be parted and I have never ever known a guy who keep it up for so long, which kept me in good stead and away from predators that, seeing a stupid advert someone had inadvertently placed on the Web in my name and with my particulars, were after my ass.

I know who it was, he is called Sam and I think he has taken umbrage because, when I met Jaunty, I stopped seeing him for obvious reasons; I was having a great deal more fun with Jaunty than ever Sam could have given me.

Buy now, since Jaunty returned I was having doubts. He was once a nice gentle considerate guy who gave me great vibrations. But now he wants me rough and liking to act the master figure, which came as a bit of a shock

It hurts now when he fucks me. He never did that before, except maybe when I was first with him, he has a huge cock and after regular bonding with Sam, who was that much smaller, I was being vulgarly stretched. But that didn’t matter because the end product made up for all the initial pain and after that his fuck was always very welcome and thrilling.

“I have not changed really, Alex” he argued. “It is just that our relationship has grown and I want to try new and exciting things. You have an ass to come back home for, an ass which I have missed so very much. So much I have been having regular wet dreams with you in mind of course.”

“It still hurts. Before you were content to fuck me through with the stiffness of your cock but now, why do you want to indulge in all that other stuff?”

“You’ll get used to it, you will see, you will be crying for more soon.”

“For more plastic, I don’t think so Jaunty!”

“It is only as a prelim for the real thing Alex, and besides I lap it up, teasing your hole with the anal vibrators I picked up in Australia, like Dark Angel and the rampant anal Butt plug. bursa escort We need to progress to make our relationship keep fresh and exciting.”

I made him realise that I needed more preparation before he was going to stuff all that stuff into my ass.

“All you need to do is just be nice for me, bend over and let me enjoy you to the hilt, perhaps I need to try more lubrication up there, but I don’t want to spoil the moment, watching your hole respond to the nice tight fitting vibrators works for me, just as it does with you when I give you my best cock suck. You tell me it feels so nice and soothing and enable you to concentrate without having to immediate reciprocate.

“All the handcuff stuff, the tying and stuffing your mouth with my soiled thong makes for the perfect lead to a very special fucking, the sort of fucking I know you like and enjoy, bare backed and deep inside you, until you are full of cock

“Please don’t spoil it all for us Alex, I haven’t really changed. Just be Janice or whoever I want y9u to be for me and I will make it good for you.”

Janice is the make pretend girl he sometimes likes me to act for him, With all the trimmings, the lace and sexy stockings and underwear, when he pretends my anus is a real time pussy, it is amazing what pretense can do and to be honest I like the pretending too. All those things he likes me to do in the guise of a girl, when he sniffs beneath my skirt and lures me to sit on his face, prompting me to smother him, when I wiggle until he gives me the signal to lift a little whilst he gets a good deep breath and then he is soon at it again, I feel his nose pry into my hole and when he sucks me up there. The feeling is out of this world. I really do feel I am being pussy for him in the wildest sense and he really gives me the full works afterwards with a real deep long stiff fuck..

But when it comes to him using all those vibrator toys I still prefer the feel of his cock up there and not some make pretend plastic bursa escort bayan job which really does nothing at all for me, maybe it does for him, he laps it up. The best of all that is when he finishes with the toys and sucks me off both ways, up my ass and then my cock in his mouth which is deliciously rampant and then to feel his hot throbbing cock enter me, after the coldness of those bloody toys, it makes it all worthwhile, so if he enjoys using the toys I guess I will just have to put up with it.. I do get a kick out of him enjoying me sexually, I always have, but maybe this new phase of his will die a death and we shall be back to our normal foreplay and fucking mode again.

I don’t mind the spanking; he liked that before he went to Australia. It was one of those things I hated at first, but I came to enjoy being all ass in tight jeans for him when he had me bend fully over his lap for a real good spell of sound spanking. But after all that, my ass cheeks still stinging, he stripped my jeans off and went for it, licking sucking and the lot, and it was beautiful, and when he fucked me with my ass still stinging from his spanking, I was in my element and discovered things about myself I did not know, how to mix and enjoy pleasure with pain.

But what he was doing to me with plastic was different It wasn’t natural as I constantly reminded him when he used them up me.

“I tell you what, Alex” he said after watching me suck the Dark Angel vibrator which was nothing near the feel and sensation of his cock in my mouth, but again, that is what he wanted, for me to suck it directly after he had probed me with it. The things I do just to keep Jaunty happy.

“I will take more heed doing what you have always liked me doing during foreplay, will that help you accept everything else.”

“Such as?” I queried..

“If I tell you to lie and lift your knees and legs high and wide open that would be delicious. You know how we both enjoy that position.

He pulled escort bursa up a frame designed to hold my legs into position in fastening my ankles to each side, so he had absolutely full access to my crotch.

I did like and enjoy that, just to be mastered by him in such a way that he could do exactly what he liked to me underneath, and there I was, propped up and ready for his pleasure.

Being in that position we could both enjoy simultaneously the sensual things he did.

He slapped me first, not to hard but enough to make me feel it, just enough to make it a littlie red he said, because that was a real turn on for what he wanted to do next. And if that was like he used to do I wanted that. The feel of his fingers lubricated with olive oil beginning to probe, rim and stretch me, gradually working deeper into me and all the time stretching my hole as he wanted.

Then the way he went down on me. My ass popped up for his pleasure as he slowly licked and sucked me everywhere. I was in my element. It was divine and truly the Jaunty I remember. Now if he had done this first before he introduced the plastic inside me it would have been different altogether, and when he’d finished licking and sucking me, after he’d probed his asshole soiled tongue into my mouth so that we could both enjoy tasting the residue – I told him so.

My hole was well oiled and stretched now and ready for almost anything he would like to ply into me. Immediately he took me at my work and for the next hour I was stimulated in a series of organic fucking with three of the vibrators. All this until I cried out for the feel of cock in the flesh. I was numb, stretched and oiled and then he removed his jeans my heart thumped like an overworked motor and then he gave me a good old fashioned stiff fucking into my well worked asshole, plunging into me like a piston engine and when he came, he spurted like a volcano in full eruption and I was drenched ass to balls in his spunk, feeling it delicately dribble into my crevice and down to my balls was perfect..

He unfastened me from the frame and we both collapsed onto the floor, and we were both well and truly done. But only until next time when it would be an action replay for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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