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“Jill, is Jay at the morning staff meeting?” I called his secretary from home.

“Yes, Monday morning staff meeting as usual Jill. Should I have him call you back?”

“No, no, no, I’m going to come down. I need to see Jay about something important, but don’t tell him I’m coming.”

“No problem Victoria. I never know what’s going on with you but I’m happy to oblige.”

“Thanks Jill.” I hung up the phone giggling. Jill had become a co-conspirator in some of my misadventures in wooing my husband before he was my husband. She remained my confidant now that I still looked for opportunities to be with my sexy husband as much as possible.

The plan came together in my mind as I quickly figured how much time I had, how long it would take to get there, and what to wear. The choice was easy, I grabbed the negligee out of the drawer, and tossed it in my bag. The weave was loose and see through, forming spider web like patterns exposing more skin then not. A tight pair of shorts and short top that tied in the front. Jay had seen it before, and I remembered the look in his eyes as I paraded for him that first time.

By the time I arrived at the office I had it planned and was getting wet just anticipating being with my husband again. We never tired of each other, and even though I had felt his cock inside me just last night, I needed him again now, this morning.

He was my addiction. I didn’t need a coffee in the morning, I rarely even craved chocolate but a day without my husband threw me into withdrawal. Usually calling him and hearing his voice calmed my cravings but today, not even a phone call would work.

I hurried up to his office, filling Jill in on my plan. She shook her head at me, but was not surprised. Her smile gave away that fact that she enjoyed playing along.

Jay hadn’t returned to his office yet, which fit with my plan. I loved Jay’s huge office and was so proud of him. He had become very successful. I had stood in front of the office windows before admiring the view but not today. Needing Jay, his body, his tongue, his smile, his words, his skin was all I could focus on. Jay had his own private bathroom, and I walked into it smiling widely and shut the door. Quickly slipping into my negligee knowing what was coming next I started touching myself in between fixing my make up, hair, and applying red lipstick.

I czech couples porno heard the door shut and knew that Jay had returned. He was often grumpy after staff meetings and I hoped to cheer him up. I listened to make sure no one was with him. I wanted him now, but it would be a much better surprise if I waited a while longer. I wanted to open the door a peek to see him but resisted, waiting, but not very patiently.

It took another 10 minutes before I got what I wanted. The phone rang. Perfect. I opened the door silently, peeked out and listened to him talk about his business dealings. Hearing his voice, and seeing him made me throw caution to the wind.

With my head held high, my black heels clicking, I walked straight out. His head jerked up to attention surprised at the movement in his room. I stood before him, giving him time to soak in what he was seeing. The look in his eye was like the high from bungee jumping. This man’s desire for me was written all over him, and I reveled in it.

I almost forgot about the phone as I got lost in his eyes, until I heard him say, “Yes, Fred I’m still here…. I was just thinking about your ideas, wanting to give them full consideration.”

I loved watching him loose control around me. I loved that I was the part of his world he couldn’t control. I moved closer to him, sliding around the desk, starting to touch myself in front of him.

“Please tell me more about that.” Jay said. Was he talking to me or into the phone?

I moved around the desk sitting on the corner of his desk. I crossed my legs and took the clip out of my hair as I leaned back accentuating my breasts. He watched as my dark curls fell cascading over my shoulders.

Jay’s eyes never left me, but traveled up and down my body, then he reached for my thigh. I caught my breath just from his touch.

His hand stroked my skin and he said, “Yes, I like that”. Was he talking to me or to the person on the phone?

I slid closer to him, pushed his papers out of the way. I knew Jill was guarding the door, so I felt no fear that someone would interfere. His hand explored my smooth legs, up to my thighs. I moved so I’m sitting right in front of him now. He watched as I part my legs for him.

He reached in to where I was longing for him to touch. The veneer of the thin shorts were easy to maneuver. czech estrogenolit porno He reached into my very wet and very open sex. I started to moan softly, but heard him say, “Yes, yes, yes.” Is he talking to me or into the phone? I moaned louder, leaned my head back, slid my hands behind me lean back on them.

Gasping, I moved in front of him. My hands slid the shorts off, and they fell down landing on Jay’s lap. His long fingers dipped inside of me. He felt my wetness and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the sensations. I love being loud when I make love to Jay, and his touches took me to the place where I can’t be quiet. I gasped and wiggled under his moving fingers. The loving torture that brings me close to my orgasm. I need him now. I need Jay’s cock, his body. Leaning forward I whisper into his ear, “Fuck me lover!”

His breathing increased immediately, he said, “Anything you want.” Again I’m confused, is he talking to me or into the phone? He slams down the phone, so anxious to get into me. I now know he has no clue what was going on on the phone. The phone call forgotten, his full focus is on me and his fingers trembled as his pants drop.

“Anything you want,” he said again. That time it was for me, and only me. He closed in and I grabbed him. Needing him, I grabbed his already erect cock, and directed it towards me. He leaned down to kiss me. I wrapped my legs around him, which pushed his eager cock into the place where it belongs. I felt each part of me squeeze down on him as he filled me, completed me.

“OOOOOhh, Jay” It had to be now on his office table.

“Victoriaaaaa,” the last letter a grasp for breath.

I laid back on his table, and without sliding out of me he crawled up with me. Paper slid off. Pens and pencils fell making hardly a sound on the carpet surrounding his desk. The grinding started, and our moans grew louder. He pulled the thin veneer away from my breasts so he could kiss and suck them, drawing me closer. The wetness was dripping out of me at that point, so inviting and hot for him.

“Ooooooooh, so close baby,” was all the words I could get out in my current state. I wonder for a brief moment if the table will hold under our passion, the thought quickly gets lost, and I wonder instead how I got to be so lucky to be with Jay.

“Yessssss, Victoria. You are czech first video porno mine!” The words came out like a growl from deep inside. I was happy for I wanted to be his completely.

Our hips rocked together, our hands groped each other. I was filled with the fast, furious intense kind of love that brought us together in the first place, the place where we caught each other’s attention. The place we returned to when the slow lovemaking brought us closer but wasn’t enough to quench the overwhelming lust for each others bodies.

I closed my eyes as I cried out in joy knowing the fulfillment was close. I heard him growl as his voice and body responded to mine. It came surprisingly slow for the intensity with which I wanted this man, but then it grew and my groans didn’t stop.

“Jaaaaaaaaay,” the word was long and desperate in that moment. My orgasm washed over me and I clung to Jay, driving my finger nails into him while rocking my hips. I opened my eyes and saw him staring into my eyes, and saw that he was close as well. My fire fueled his fire and with a few more tight strokes he couldn’t control himself any longer and released inside of me.

I had become his and he had become mine. “I want you to think of this every time you sit down at this table,” it was a command coming from my lips, for I loved when I distracted him from his work, and when he wanted me at work.

“Anything you want.” He slowly slid his body off me. I sat up on the desk, and he leaned down to kiss me. Normally the kissing started things off, this time it was the ending.

“Victoria,” Jay called for me when he returned home from work later that day. I approached him but didn’t see the smile I hoped would be on his face. “You got me in trouble today.” I couldn’t tell if he was angry or not.

“I’m sorry Jay. Jill promised she wouldn’t tell anyone. What happened?” I was growing worried for he usually enjoyed my adventures to his office especially when it meant an adventure getting out of clothes.

“I bought a company today, and at a very high price and it’s all because of you.”

“Jay, I don’t know anything about your business dealings.”

“It appears you distracted me at an important juncture in my negotiations. When I said ‘yes’ to you I was also saying ‘yes’ to him, and bought his company. Then to top it off I don’t remember it but we were apparently negotiating the price and I said….”

“Anything you want.” I finished the sentence for him remembering the words that I had enjoyed. I felt terrible though that my own friskiness had caused him this trouble.

“Don’t be sorry Victoria, It was the best $2 million dollars I ever spent.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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