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It was four in the morning when Jeanie climbed out of the back seat of Chad’s car. He had stopped around the corner from Jeanie’s house, not wanting to be confronted by Jeanie’s dad should he be awake and waiting. Jeanie looked into the passenger side window at Chad. When he offered no response, she looked into the back seat where Darin and Cliff were fast asleep. The car slowly pulled away and Jeanie was left standing there alone with her tennis shoes on her right hand, her panties in her left and her jeans still unzipped. She turned toward her house when a voice from behind her said. “It’s a little late to be getting home isn’t it?”

Jeanie twisted toward the sound to see Mr. Cooper standing on the walk holding the leash that held his dog Buster who was actively sniffing at a McDonald’s wrapper. Mr. Cooper, Mike to all of the neighborhood kids, was the local repairman for broken bike chains, flat tires and squeaking brakes. He was in his mid thirties and enjoying a very early retirement thanks to grandparents who had left him a substantial trust fund.

Jeanie put her finger to her lips indicating for Mr. Cooper to be quiet. Mike what are you doing out so late? Jeanie asked.

“Let me try the same question on you.” He replied.

Jeanie said. “I was at my friend’s house, spending the night. But she got sick and her dad brought me home.”

“Her dad?” Mike said. “That looked like Chad Stone’s car. Did her dad have to borrow Chad’s car?”

Jeanie knew she was trapped. She could never put anything over on Mike. He could always see right through any story she tried to tell. “You can’t tell.” She said.

“Tell what?” Mike asked. “What time you came home?”

“Yes.” She said.

“Or who you came home with?” He added.

“Oh yes. That for sure.” She said.

“Or that you had your panties in your hand when you got out of the car?” He asked.

Jeanie looked down at her left hand only then realizing what she held. “Fuck.” She said.

“That would explain the panties.” Mike said.

“I have to get home.” She said.

Mike thought about this. “I have a better idea.” He said. Why don’t you come back to my place until daylight? Your mom and dad will be off to work and you can get into the house without worrying about getting caught.”

Jeanie stood there. She was a short girl, maybe five foot three and very petite. She couldn’t weigh more that a hundred pounds. She had short curly brown hair and she was becoming a real beauty. She was eighteen and a senior in high school. She hadn’t been around Mike’s house for a number of years since she gave up bikes for other things.

“Suit yourself.” Mike said. “I’ll have a work with your dad tomorrow after work.” Mike turned toward his place a couple of houses away. “Come along Buster.” He said and Buster followed.

Jeanie was almost to her house when she saw a light on in the kitchen. She stopped. She stood there for a few minutes then she turned and walked toward Mike’s place. She went up to the back door. The kids always went to his back door because it was next to the garage and they only came to Mikes when they need their bikes fixed and his tools were in the garage.

She knocked on the door and wait. When she heard footsteps she stepped back and Mike opened the door. He smiled. “Come in.” He said. Jeanie climbed the three steps and walked across the screen porch and into the kitchen following Mike. He went through the kitchen and into the family room where he sat down on the sofa.

Jeanie stood there looking at him. Mike patted the seat beside him. When Jeanie didn’t respond he said, “Here. Sit here.” Jeanie walked over and sat next to Mike. He just looked at her for some time not speaking.

“What are you going to tell my dad?” she asked.

“That depends.” Mike said. He reached over and took the panties still wadded in her hand. He held them up and shook them to remove some of the wrinkles. “These are really tiny.” He said. “Hardly worth putting them on, no more that they would cover.”

Jeanie was getting quite nervous. “So, what will you tell him?” She asked again.

Mike looked at her. “You are going to tell me every thing that went on tonight. And I mean everything. Then I will decide what, if anything I tell your parents.”

“I can’t do that.” Jeanie said. “I just can’t.”

“Yes, you can.” He replied. “And you will.” He added. “You leave out one single detail and I give everything I know to daddy. Do you understand me?”

Jeanie had tears in her eyes. She was staring into her lap and sobbing. Mike stood up and pulled her up in front of him. He took hold of her jeans Sinop Escort at the front snap and pulled them wider apart revealing the very top of her well groomed pubic hair. “Slip these off.” He said.

“Please Mike.” She begged.

“Slip these off.” He repeated.

Jeanie took hold of the waistband of her jeans and pushed then down to her hips. She had to wiggle to get the tight pants over her still developing figure. When they were around her thighs she sat down and pulled them off one leg at a time. She laid them aside.

She was pressing her hands into her crotch to cover herself when Mike lifted her back to a standing position. He admired the beautiful youthful body standing before him. He slipped his hands under her tee shirt and raised it. Her arms involuntarily lifted and allowed her to pull the tee over her head. She was not wearing a bra nor did she need one. She had small immature tits but her nipples were hard and pointed with small areoles.

“You can put these on.” He said and handed her the panties. She looked at him thinking she may have misread his intentions. She took her panties and lifted one foot slipping them on and then the other. She pulled them up but they only came towel below her naval and the triangle in front left little to the imagination.

But then Mike unbuckled his belt and his kakis dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. He then pulled his polo shirt over his head. The two of them stood in front of each other wearing nothing but underwear. Mike took her hand and led her to a recliner. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap. He wrapped his arm around her and pressed her head to his chest. “So, what time did Chad pick you up and where?”

Jeanie waited. Mike gave her a hug and finally she spoke. “I was at the mall last night at the movies. Chad was there too. When the movie was over Claire and I was standing outside. Chad came up and offered us a ride home but Claire said her dad was on the was so Chad said I should go with him by myself so I did.” She set there and said nothing else.

“Jeanie, don’t make me drag every detail out of you.” Mike explained. I want the entire story and don’t leave out anything. Now start again and don’t stop until you get to where I see you getting out of Chad’s car.”

Jeanie sniffed a few times then she started. “Chad drove me out to the lake. He said he wanted to get some fresh air. He parked down a dirt road when you can drive all the way to the water. When we were stopped Chad got out and said we should take a walk. We walked along the rocks for a while until he said it was time to go back. When we reached the car Chad opened the back door and said for ne to get in. I didn’t understand but I did it anyway. “

“As soon as I was in, Chad put his hands on my butt and I tried to stop him. I twisted around so I was on my stomach. But Chad had his hands on my pants and unzipped them. He pulled them down and then he pulled down my panties. He was on me before I could do anything. He pushed his cock in me and it hurt something awful. He was lying on my back and fucking me from behind and he was really big and it hurt. Then it was over. Chad was finished and he pulled out of me. I’m sure he came inside if me. I’m so afraid I’m going to get pregnant.”

Jeanie set for a while thinking. “Then what?” Mike asked.

“I heard Mike on his cell phone but I couldn’t tell who he was talking to, I was sure he was bragging about fucking me. He came back to the car and opened the other door. He reached in and pulled me through the car until my head wad hanging out the other side. He turned me onto my back and the next thing I know he was pushing his cock into my mouth. He was hard again and he was forcing it down my throat. When he had it completely in he started to fuck my mouth. I was gagging and choking but he kept right on fucking me. At some point he pulled his cock out so just the head was in my mouth and I tried to turn away. He grabbed me by my hair with both hand and said that if I didn’t swallow his cum He would pull my hair out. HE started to cum and I took it in my mouth and it tasted really sour when it went down and I almost puked right there.”

“And then?” Mike said.

“He left me alone for a while. I got out of the car and I was going to run when he came up behind me and grabbed my hair again. He told me to take off all my clothes. I said no and he hit me on the side of my face really hard. He told me again and I screamed and he hit me again even harder. So I took my clothes of, all of them. I was standing there totally naked when the headlights from another car shined Sinop Escort Bayan on me. When it stopped and the doors opened it was Darren and Cliff. I only know their first names. They are two of Chad’s black teammates on the football team.”

“When they walked up Chad said, what did I tell you. You guys enjoy yourselves. And just like that Daren took me by the arm and led me over to some tall grass and pushed me to the ground. He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down and knelt between my legs. God his cock was huge, even bigger that Chad’s, much bigger. He pushed it in me and started fucking me and the next thing I know I am wrapping my arms around his neck and I have my legs around his waist and I was having the first orgasm of my life. I never knew it could be that good. When Daren got close to cuming he pulled out and pulled my head down so I could get my mouth on him. I started to suck on him and I used my tongue and when he cam I swallowed every drop and this time it tasted wonderful.”

“When he was finished, Cliff came over and undid his pants and took Daren’s place. His cock wasn’t as big and Daren’s but it was still a lot bigger than Chad’s. He pushed it into me and after Daren I took it real easy like. He was fucking me and I was starting to get that feeing pretty quick so I wrapped my legs around him too. When I came this time Cliff did too, God he didn’t even pull it out. He came inside of me, a black guy. What the fuck am I going to do if I get pregnant?”

“I lay there for quite a while. I was terrified at what had happened. When Chad walked over he told me to get up and I did. He took me to the car and he climbed in the back and pointed his cock at me. He said to suck it. When I didn’t move Daren took me by the hair and said for me to suck Chad’s cock while he fucked me again. I lay down on the rear seat with my feet on the ground and took Chad’s dick in my mouth. Daren stood behind me and pushed his bid dick into me. From that angle he could push it into me even deeper that he could the first time. I couldn’t believe how fantastic he felt in me. I couldn’t concentrate on Chad’s dick while Daren fucked me. I was being overwhelmed. I started cuming long before Daren was even close and it was an amazingly long climax. I could feel my cunt seeping fluids. It was dripping onto the ground. I was babbling incoherently and all the while Daren was pumping his cock into me. When he was ready he grabble my ass and pulled me to him and shoved into me as had as he could and I felt a gush of his cum shoot deep into me. HE must have shot seven or eight times.”

When he pulled out Chad grabbed my hair and made me finished him off again but when he shot there was hardly nothing left for me to taste.

Chad climbed out of the other door and Cliff came up behind me and pushed his dick in. I was so sloppy he slid right in. When he was fucking me though he still made me feel real good and I came for the umpteenth. Cliff final stopped and pulled me out of the car and pushed me to my knees. He pointed his cock at me and I closed my mouth around it. I sucked him as best as I could even though my pussy ached and my mouth was sore and I was feeling a little sick from swallowing all the cum. Hw finally cam but not a lot and I could swallow it without any trouble. I licked his dick for a long time until Chad said we had to go.”

“When Daren got into his car it wouldn’t start. He had left the radio on and his battery was dead. Chad said to leave it there and ride with him. They would come back with cables in the morning and get it. Daren gathered up my clothes. He pulled my Tee on me and then did his best to get my jeans on even thought he couldn’t get then snapped and I was no help at all. He handed me my sneakers and then he found my panties on the ground. He told me he looked forward to helping me take my panties off again.”

“I don’t remember anything else until Chad shook me awake by me house and you walked up.” Jeanie just looked at Mike and shrugged her shoulders and smiled like she had no regrets.

Mike stood up and took her hand pulling her to her feet. He led her down the hall and into his bedroom. “On the bed.” He said.

“Oh God no, please Mike.” She said but she climbed up onto the big bed.

Mike slid his hand between her legs and hooked his hand under it. He raised and flipped her onto her stomach. He reached for her panties and pulled them down to her ankles and off. He spread her legs wide and dropped his underwear on the floor. He crawled onto the bed between her legs. When he leaned forward he took her by the hair and raised her head up. He Escort Sinop brought his mouth to her ear and said. “I don’t want anything those boys have been using all night.” He slapped her face and she cried out and he stuffed her panties into her mouth. “I’m going to show you how to make a hard cock feel really big.”

Mike reached for a tube of lube form the nightstand and squeezed a good amount along the shaft of his dick and then another dab on the head. He pushed the tube into hr anus and she grunted through her wadded panties. He squeezed and the tube deflated and her asshole was filled with the creamy slick oil.

He aimed his dick at her anus and leaned and the girl squirmed across the bed. He grabbed her hair and held her still and pushed again. When the head popped into her ass she cried into her gag and tears ran down her face. Mike leaned in and kissed and licked the tears on her cheek. He pushed again and about three inches of cock entered her and she shook her head sideways and emitted quiet cries. Mike reached down and pushed her right leg as wide as he could and then repeated it moving her left leg. She was splayed out and he had plenty of room to invade her ass further. He shoved and five inches was inside her bowels and she was begging in silent agony.

Mike began the draw his cock out of her ass al the way to the head and then he pushed it back into her all the way to his balls. He had her pegged on seven inches of dick but if you asked her tight this second she would swear it was a foot long. He began to pull out and push into her and her little ring was slowly beginning to yield its strength. The more he pumped into her the easier it became and the young girl the nit only enduring his dick she was accepting it. Her cries became moans and the tears dried on her cheeks. The muffled pleading turned to grunting passion.

Mike fucked the girl just like he had dreamed of many times. He was feeling that longing and need to climax and he fucked the girl with increased urgency. Jeanie was now shoving her ass off of the bed meeting his every thrust. When he was sure the time was there he slammed into her smashing her onto the mattress and froze while his balls filled her rectum with wasted seed.

When his dick was once again flaccid he rose off of her and stood up and put his pants on. Finally she stirred and rolled over and looked at Mike. “Get dressed.” He said and walked out of the room. When Jeanie came into the living room she was wearing her panties. She picked up her tee and put it on then her jeans. She sat down on the floor and pulled on her tennis shoes.

Jeanie walked over to Mike and laid her head on his chest. “You going to fuck those black boys again?” He asked her.

Jeanie just nodded her head into his chest. “Can’t say I blame you.” He said and Jeanie giggled.

“Daren for sure.” She said. “But only if he asked me, will I do Cliff but I expect he will.”

“What about Chad?” Mike asked.

“No.” Jeanie said.

“Why not?” Mike replied.

“I don’t like the way his cum tastes.” Jeanie answered.

“Do all white men’s cum taste sour?” She asked.

“How would I know?” he asked.

Jennie giggled again. “Sure.” She said. “I need to know.” She said.

Mike was glad he had stopped in the bathroom and washed off after fucking her. He unzipped his pants and dropped the to the floor.

“Here I go again.” Jeanie said and knelt down. She took his cock in her hand and let the head slide in her mouth. She worked her tongue over the head and down the length of it. She raised it and licked his balls. When she put it back into her mouth she forced it entirely down her throat and held it there until she thought she would gag. Then she pulled her head back, breathed deeply and did it again. She sucked him for fifteen minutes and Mike was amazed when he felt the stirring in his balls once again. Jeanie continued to deep throat him and he and holding her head now and trying to fuck her mouth. When he was sure he was cuming he grunted and seed sprayed into her mouth. She lapped it up just in time to receive another and another. Six in all and quite a volume for having just fuck so soon before.

Jeanie sat back on her heals holding Mike’s cock and smiling up at him. “Not all white men taste the same.” She said. “I’m glad because I want to be able to fuck you again sometime.”

“I’ll look forward to it.” Mike said.

“Just so you know.” She said. “Daren is always going to come first.”

Mike didn’t hear how her night out turned out at home for about a week but one night he was walking his dog when Jeanie came waking down the street carrying her shoes again. Mike smiled when she got close. “Don’t ask.” She said. “It’s a very long story.”

“I got all night.” He offered.

“Okay.” She said. “But if you thought last time was interesting you’re in for quite a time.” Jeanie took his hand and followed him home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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