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Jennifer loved sucking cock. It wasn’t just that she liked it, or that she willingly tolerated it as did some of her friends. She truly loved everything about it, from the first entry of the hot spongy cock-head into her eager mouth, to the musky smell of the hairy balls, to the final explosion of salty cum across her tongue and down her throat.

She first began to suspect that her pleasure might be abnormal when she discussed it with her college roommate Cathy. As they lay in their dorm room beds one Friday night after they had both returned from dates Cathy brought up the subject hesitantly.

“Did you and Mark, uh, DO IT tonight?” she whispered.

Jennifer sighed. She had been about to drift off, hoping to dream about the pleasure she had just enjoyed when Mark had jetted his copious load into her mouth in the parking lot. Plus, she was pretty sure that Cathy was playing with herself under the blankets, trying to get some relief after another unsatisfactory episode with her own boyfriend.

“I didn’t let him fuck me, if that’s what you mean,” Jennifer whispered back. “But I did suck him off in his car so he didn’t suffer all night.”

“Yuckie,” Cathy said. “I’d rather let them fuck me if I have to do something for them. But it leaves me so frustrated I can barely stand it. Jason can’t hardly last long enough to get it all the way in before he cums, and it doesn’t occur to him that I may have to go to bed horny.”

“So why don’t you get him to eat your pussy, if that’s what you need,” Jennifer suggested.

“Well, if I asked him to do that he would want me to suck him too,” Cathy said. “And the first time I did that he came all over my face and I barely made it to the bathroom before I threw up. Then I had a big cum stain on my best silk blouse, and wads of cum in my hair which I had to wash twice before I could go to bed. It was awful. I decided right then that I would never do THAT again.”

Jennifer considered this silently for a moment. The conversation was beginning to make her uncomfortable. If she revealed to Cathy her own guilty pleasure in the act that Cathy clearly abhorred, would she be labeling herself as some kind of pervert? Or was it Cathy who was abnormal?

“Maybe if you sucked him off before he fucked you he would last longer,” Jennifer remarked. “And the obvious solution to the mess is to just swallow his load before it gets all over you.”

Cathy gagged audibly, although the squishy sounds of her busy finger in her pussy barely abated. “It might be a mood-breaker when I puked all over him,” she said dryly. “Do you REALLY let him cum in your mouth? How can you stand it?”

Jennifer not only allowed it. She insisted on it. Some boys, apparently wanting to be considerate, tried to pull out of her mouth before cumming, and she had learned to hold their balls firmly as they approached their climax to prevent them from wasting the hot load she craved. If they tried to pull away, a gentle squeeze and insistent moan invariably changed their minds about pulling away at the last minute.

“It’s not so bad when you get used to it,” Jennifer lied. It not only wasn’t “so bad” in her opinion, it was her most very favorite thing. The first watery spurt never failed to make her pussy clench deep inside her. And the second thick surge across her tonsils and down her throat invariably triggered her own delicious orgasm which ravaged her whole slender body with pleasure and left her panties sopping wet.

“I’ll NEVER get used to that,” Cathy declared peevishly. All this talk about disgusting cock-sucking was making it difficult for her to satisfy herself. “I need a big fat cock in my pussy for a long time before I can even think about cumming myself. And none of them last long enough to satisfy me. I always end up having to finish myself off later. And, really, I could do that without wasting time with all their fumbling around.”

Jennifer considered this silently for a few moments as the squishy noises from Cathy’s bed continued. Thinking about all of this was making her horny as well, and her fingers strayed to her own pussy which was still soaking wet from her last orgasm.

“I really think you are denying yourself a harmless pleasure,” Jennifer said finally. “You need to adjust your attitude or you are in for a lifetime of frustration.”

“Oh really,” Cathy said sarcastically. “You think everything would be better for me if I became a cum junkie.”

“I do think so,” Jennifer said. “It’s never hard to persuade a guy to let you suck him off. Once his cock is in your mouth you have absolute control over him. If you want your pussy licked, all you have to do is change positions and push it right into his face as you continue to suck him. You can control when he cums easily enough to make sure you get off too before he runs out of juice. If you are squeamish about him cumming in your mouth, just stop Beylikdüzü escort in time for him to switch around and shoot his load into your pussy.”

“Sounds awfully complicated to me,” Cathy gasped. She was no longer trying to conceal her activities, and the discussion was becoming more erotic in her mind. Jennifer glanced over at her across the dim room, and saw that Cathy had kicked the blanket and sheet away from her nude body and was openly massaging her wet pussy with both hands, her hips straining upwards as she approached her release.

Jennifer squirmed uncomfortably. Her pleasure in her last orgasm was becoming a distant memory, and she knew she would have to cum again if she wanted to get a decent night’s sleep. She thought of Cathy’s pussy, undoubtedly now leaking a mixture of her sweet girly nectar and the salty load that had been injected into her earlier, and licked her lips. She wished she dared suggest a vigorous round of sixty-nine to satisfy them both, but suspected that Cathy would be as disgusted by this as she apparently was by the thought of sucking cock.

“Probably I could show you some things,” Jennifer said thoughtfully. “It might help you…”

“Sure,” Cathy snorted. “You could just get Mark up here and convince him to let me watch while you suck him off.”

“We don’t need Mark,” Jennifer said. “I could get a willing victim in here within 5 minutes if you want.”

Cathy giggled breathlessly. “Sure you could,” she teased. “Want to bet on that? I’ll take some of that action.”

Jennifer’s mind worked furiously. “What kind of bet did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Lets say that if you can do that, I’ll eat your pussy on the quad at noon,” Cathy laughed. “And give you half an hour to draw a crowd.

Jennifer’s heart leaped in her chest and she nearly came right there. She hastily pulled her questing fingers away from her clit and sat up in bed.

“I’d settle for turn-about,” Jennifer said. “I’ll get the guy and you can watch me suck him off. Then I get to watch you fuck him.”

Cathy paused her self-abuse in surprise. “You mean it?” she whispered huskily. “Sure! I always wanted to see how someone else did it.”

“Don’t move,” Jennifer declared. “I’ll be right back. And quit playing with yourself. You’re about to get fucked.”

Cathy giggled nervously and pulled her sheet back across her naked body.

“Leave the sheet off,” Jennifer told her firmly. “I want him to see you lying there hot and horny when he comes in.”

Jennifer hopped out of bed and went into the bathroom where she donned a short night gown and quickly combed her long blond hair. She then slipped out of the dimly lit room into the hall, which was deserted at that time of night. Damn. This might not be so easy after all. She went to the stairway which led to the boy’s dorm floor above and eased open the door, careful not to alert the floor monitor.

As she peeked around the edge of the door she found herself face-to-face with a startled boy carrying an arm-load of books, which he promptly dropped. She knelt to help him gather his scattered books, and noted his red-faced embarrassment as he tried to avoid staring down the gap in her gown at her firm breasts.

“Sorry to scare you that way,” she whispered.

“No problem,” he muttered, blushing even more deeply. “I was just getting back from the library, and I wasn’t expecting….”

Jennifer smiled. She had been hoping that he was not just returning from a date during which he had drained his load into a willing partner. Perfect.

“The problem is all mine, I’m afraid,” she told him. “My roommate and I have a project going and we really desperately need some help. I hate to ask, but do you think you could, maybe, come in for just a few minutes?”

He squinted at her suspiciously. Was this some practical joke designed to embarrass him?

“You know guys are not allowed on this floor after ten,” he told her sternly. “We could both get into a lot of trouble.”

Jennifer stood and stretched to give him a good look at her petite body, and judging by the instant bulge in his jeans he liked what he saw.

“I know, but just for a few minutes? Nobody will know, I promise. Please…..?”

He shook his head in resignation and tip-toed after her to her room. She closed and locked the door behind them. As his eyes adjusted to the dimness within he saw Cathy lying naked on her bed, demurely covering her furry pussy with one hand and trying to conceal her generous breasts with the other. “Oh God I’m so sorry,” he gasped. “I’ll just be going, don’t worry I won’t say anything, I shouldn’t be here anyway.”

“Calm down,” Jennifer ordered him. “You’re not going anywhere until you help me with this.” She allowed her voice to rise until it appeared that she might well start screaming if he disobeyed her.

“Okay, okay!” he whispered Beylikdüzü escort feverishly. “Just keep it quiet and I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Jennifer responded by pulling off her nightgown with a flourish and pulling him to her rumpled bed where she pushed him down and began stripping off his jeans. “Since we’re both naked, you are going to be naked too,” she told him. He groaned in embarrassment but began helping her remove his clothing. Cathy clicked on her bedside lamp and leaned on one elbow while she watched.

“Now,” Jennifer began in a firm voice, “I am going to suck your cock, and then you are going to fuck my roommate. Got it?”

The boy moaned in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening. When would he wake up from this dream?

Jennifer grasped his thick cock at the base and stroked it gently. A glistening drop of cum immediately appeared at its tip. Good. He must be carrying a full load of what she so desperately craved.

“Get over here and get a good view,” Jennifer ordered Cathy. “I don’t want you to miss anything.”

Cathy scrambled out of her bed as Jennifer opened her mouth wide and let his cock all the way in, being careful to only tantalize him by the slightest caress of her tongue before he bottomed out at the back of her throat. He moaned and pushed toward her face with his hips, wanting more. She backed off playfully and closed her lips around the throbbing head of his cock, teasing herself as well with the taste of him.

“Get down on you knees and watch closely,” Jennifer told Cathy. “And don’t forget you’re about to get fucked like you have never been fucked before, if you are bored by this.”

Jennifer quit talking because her mouth was suddenly full of hard cock again. The boy had bucked his cock back into her open mouth while she was distracted. She would have to punish him for that…later. Right now her pussy was screaming for relief and she would only get it when his hot load surged down her hungry throat. Knowing that Cathy was watching her every move excited her more than she had expected, and she began stroking his cock lustily with her lips and tongue while she grasped his hairy balls with one hand. His cock was bigger than she had expected, and her jaws were already beginning to ache, although pleasantly.

She slurped noisily at his cock, loving it with her hot mouth and letting him know it. She glanced at Cathy kneeling beside her. Her mouth had dropped open and she was breathing heavily, almost as if she was wishing that this fabulous male meat was in her own mouth.

Jennifer smiled around the throbbing cock and took it deeper, letting its leaking tip enter her throat slightly. This was going to be soooo good….The boy, she noticed, had his eyes squeezed shut tight and was gasping for breath, trying to hold back his eruption. She stopped sucking long enough to snap at him. “Open your eyes and watch me. Now.”

He hastily opened his eyes and met her gaze as she took him in to the root again. “I, I, uh, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.”

Jennifer responded by swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. So delicious. Her pussy was cramping with desire. He groaned in desperation. “I mean it! I’ll come right in your mouth if you don’t stop!”

Jennifer reluctantly got off his straining cock, although she replaced her mouth with her hand long enough to say, “Do you promise?” And aside, to Jennifer, she said, “Put your hand on my pussy and you will see what happens when he shoots in my mouth.”

Cathy, startled by this request, squeaked, “Oh no I can’t do that!” But she did it anyway.

Jennifer held the boy’s startled gaze with her deep blue eyes as she deliberately got back onto his cock with her mouth. She felt his orgasm begin to build like a rumbling avalanche and squeezed his balls gently in case he was thinking about pulling away. He stifled a scream as he began to jet his salty load, and Jennifer nearly screamed as well because she was not only tasting his cum but her pussy was also wracked with spasms even more intense than she had expected. What she had not expected was that Cathy was not only cupping her plump pussy lips with one cool hand, but had also, perhaps accidentally, slipped one finger right into her sopping pussy.

Jennifer’s pussy contracted around Cathy’s questing finger and she positively gushed hot pussy juice all over her friend’s hand. She greedily gulped down as much of the boy’s massive load as she could and then drew back to allow Cathy to watch the diminishing spurts land on her tongue and lips.

Jennifer gazed directly into Cathy’s eyes as she gathered the last of his cum on her tongue and swallowed it noisily. “So good,” she purred, licking her glossy lips. “Now you suck out the last of it so you can taste it while he fucks you.” Cathy seemed a bit reluctant, so Jennifer grasped her by the back of the head and Escort Beylikdüzü pulled her down on the boy’s still twitching cock. Cathy backed off with a grimace as the last of his load oozed onto her tongue, but she didn’t gag.

“Now Cathy’s turn,” Jennifer said. She rose to her feet, although her knees were so weak they would barely support her. She grabbed the boy’s hand and hauled him to his feet, then pushed Cathy down on the bed and parted her legs. His cock had not wilted in the slightest, and he moved to stick it right into her gaping cunt.

“Eat her pussy first,” Jennifer scolded. “It’s all sticky and I want you to clean it up before you fuck her.”

The boy did not need to be told twice as he dropped to his knees and stabbed his tongue right into Cathy’s cum-soaked snatch. Little did he know that he was lapping up Jason’s premature offering as well as Cathy’s own fragrant emissions. When he had thoroughly licked off Cathy’s bush and even her puckered asshole she was moaning and squirming and more than ready to be fucked.

“Now you can fuck her,” Jennifer told him. “I want you to do her hard and deep, and if you cum before I say you can you will be really sorry.”

The boy obediently grasped his cock in one hand and began to guide it into Cathy’s wet pussy. Cathy sobbed with frustration and grabbed his hips to pull him all the way into her in spite of his efforts to be gentle with her. Jennifer knelt to watch his hard shaft disappear into her friend. So hot. She rested her hand on his ass as he pumped vigorously at Cathy’s pussy. They were both gasping and moaning, but Jennifer was determined to see that Cathy got off before the boy did. She had to slow him down. She popped a finger into her mouth to lubricate it and then gently rubbed it around his clenched asshole. Startled, he looked over at her questioningly just as she slipped her finger into his ass. “Fuck her,” Jennifer whispered. “Fuck her until you fill her up with your cum.”

He moaned and pumped away, each thrust causing Jennifer’s finger to slide in and out of his asshole. He growled in frustration as his cum began to boil and Jennifer’s probing finger held him on the brink. At last Cathy trembled violently and her entire body went rigid. At that moment Jennifer let her finger slip out of the boy’s asshole. “Cum now! Jennifer said. “Give it all to her!” and he emptied himself deep into Cathy’s clenching pussy. It took several strokes and the last of his strength to pump it all into her. Cathy’s pussy gave a last tremendous spasm and made a loud farting noise as her contractions expelled part of his juicy load. He collapsed onto Cathy’s limp body.

Jennifer let him rest for a moment before grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling him off her friend. Cathy appeared to be nearly unconscious. “Thanks a lot you can go now,” Jennifer blurted. She gathered up his scattered clothes hastily and thrust them into his arms. “Goodnight, sleep tight and maybe we’ll see you again sometime.” She unlocked the door and unceremoniously pushed him out into the hall, still naked and trembling.

Jennifer returned to her bed where Cathy still sprawled lewdly. Cum was running out of her just-fucked pussy, across her pink asshole, and puddling on the sheets.

“So, did you come?” Jennifer asked Cathy.

“I came,” Cathy sobbed. “I came so hard I thought I would die.”

“Poor baby,” Jennifer sympathized. “That’s how I feel every time I suck a cock. Can you still taste his cum in your mouth? Because in case you forgot, let me remind you that he came in your mouth too.”

Cathy shook her head weakly. “I forgot all about that,” she whispered. “His cock was so big…he hit all the right places. That’s all.”

“Maybe this will help you remember then,” Jennifer said as she scooped some cum out of Cathy’s pussy with two fingers and transferred it to Cathy’s mouth. Cathy accepted it without complaint.

“It’s not so bad,” Cathy murmured.

“Now you can just hop out of my bed and back into yours,” Jennifer told her.

Cathy stirred and moaned. “I can’t move,” she whispered. “I’m too weak. Maybe you could hold me just for a few minutes?”

Jennifer gently pushed Cathy further into the narrow bed and crawled in next to her. There was a big wet spot where cum had dripped out of Cathy onto the sheets. “Now you’re drizzling cum all over the sheets,” Jennifer scolded. “If you had taken that in your mouth we wouldn’t have this problem now, would we?”

“Maybe you could clean me up just this once,” Cathy murmured drowsily. “You know I’d do the same for you.”

Jennifer tingled at this unexpected bit of excitement. Did Cathy really mean…or did she just want Jennifer to get a warm washcloth from the bathroom to wipe up the mess? One way to find out…Jennifer slithered down her friend’s limp body, artfully letting her hard little nipples brush against Cathy’s feverish skin until her face was positioned above Cathy’s cum-soaked bush. Jennifer tentatively flicked Cathy’s clitty with her pointy little tongue.

“Like this?” Jennifer asked slyly.

“Just like that,” Cathy murmured. “Just exactly like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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