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Big Tits

I got up this morning and as usual checked my email. I had the usual penis enlargement and investment junk I got every day, but today there was something else. The name only said Jennifer. I was intrigued, thinking this was probably spam for some crappy porn site, and boy was I wrong. It was from an old friend from high school. She was a freshman when I was a senior and while we flirted quite a bit, we only kissed once at a Halloween party. She told me that she was going to a nearby university to start her college career and wanted to see me sometime to catch up.

We started to chat online and picked up flirting pretty much where we had left off three years earlier when I graduated. Eventually the subject of our relationship in the past came up. As it turned out, she had really been interested in me back then but never came out and said it. When she finally had decided she would, I had gotten a girlfriend and that was the end of it. It has been a little while since I had a girlfriend so I was a bit intrigued at this prospect falling into my lap.

I woke up first thing in the morning on Wednesday to get ready for my summer school classes that day. As I was getting dressed I got a call on my cell phone. Usually people don’t call me first thing in the morning so I picked it up thinking it was urgent.

“Hi Ken, its Jennifer.”

“Hi Jennifer, what’s up with you?” I start to brush my teeth.

“Well, do you remember how I said I wanted to visit you one day during the summer?”

With the toothbrush still in my mouth “Yeah, did you pick a date when you didn’t have to work?”

“Yeah, that’s why I was calling you. I am about an hour away from you right now. I hope you don’t mind, I just couldn’t wait any longer. Then this morning I got a call from my boss saying they didn’t need me today and I was already on the road, so I just kept on going on my way to see you. Is it ok, or should I turn around at the next exit?”

I dropped the toothbrush into the sink as this comment sunk into my head. Jennifer was driving down here right this minute to be with me. This is unreal. “Well if you are already on your way I think it would be a huge mistake to turn around. But when you get down here I will still be at one of my summer classes.”

“Oh, well I guess I could stop somewhere and get something to eat, or maybe go to the mall for a bit.”

“You could do that, but I will be gone for a few hours because today is my midterm and I absolutely can’t miss that. But what I can do is leave a spare key to my apartment hidden somewhere where you can get it and you could just let yourself in and make yourself comfortable.”

“That sounds great. I think I might stop off at the mall anyways, but I will be there waiting when you get back from your test.”

“Great, and the fridge is full so help yourself to anything in there. I will see you when I get out of class.” With that I hung up the phone and looked into the mirror. I took the time to shave and clean myself up, which I usually don’t do for exams. As I am walking out the door I realize that I am hard just thinking about what will happen today.

I am not happy that my exam took a little longer than I expected it to and I almost jogged to my car to get back to my place as quick as possible. I walk in the door and the apt is quiet. I think, maybe she is still out shopping and hasn’t even gotten here yet. I feel quite a bit cooler in here than I am used to, and looking at the thermostat I see that Sivas Escort the air is on. I don’t remember turning that on. I kicked off my shoes and walked back into my bedroom and there lying in my bed is Jennifer. She is sleeping softly, underneath my sheet curled up around my pillow. I had to pause for a minute and take in her beauty. She was an amazing physical specimen.

I pull the covers aside and lay down next to her. She doesn’t even stir as I move in close and start to spoon her. I brush her light brown hair off of her next and slowly start to kiss her going up her neck to just behind her ear.

“Mmmmm, I was wondering when you were going to get back.” Jennifer rolled over and faced me. “Now there is something that I have wanted since we started talking a few days ago.” After saying that she moved in and gave me a deep kiss. After a few seconds she broke off the kiss. “I think that we should talk a bit, is that ok with you?”

“That’s fine by me. I want to know more about you. Have you had a lot of experience with your boyfriends?”

“Actually no. I’ve only had sex twice and it was 4 years ago. Since then, all I have done is make out and a little bit of rubbing.”

“Really? That was a long time ago. Have you been giving blowjobs since then?”

“No, I’ve never done that to any guy. I haven’t had much action in the last few years. It has all been up to me to take care of my desires.”

“So really, you are pretty close to being a virgin then.”

“I guess you could think of me that way. Honestly I think of myself of a born again virgin since it’s been so long. What about you Ken, how much have you done?”

“I don’t want it to scare you, but I have done a lot of things. It would probably be easier for me to figure out the things I haven’t tried.”

“Well since you seem to be very knowledgeable about sex, maybe you could be my teacher.”

“Well since you are going to be my student I think you should get into the proper uniform.”

I lean forward and give her a quick kiss on the lips before I pull the sheets off of her. She takes the cue and goes over to my computer.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I went through your music on here and came up with a playlist that I thought would set the mood. Now sit here at the foot of the bed.”

“That’s no problem at all. I can’t wait to see what you have in mind.” I moved down the bed so I was sitting where she told me to. I was so excited to see what I figured would be a good show.

The music that came on had a good beat and Jennifer immediately started to move with the music. For someone who hasn’t had much action, she sure knew how to put on a good show. She moved hers body in slow seductive motions, bringing her body closer to me. She turned around and pulled her shirt off. All I could see was the straps of her lacy bra. She turned around and gave me the first good look at her 36C breasts. She moved close to me and put them in my face. I inhaled deeply and caught the scent of her perfume. It smelled amazing.

Jennifer backed away from me and put her hands on either side of her shorts and slowly started to slide them down. When they had gotten past her butt, she started to wiggle her hips until they fell to the floor. Jennifer stepped out of her shorts and walked up to me in just her matching lace thong and bra. She sat down onto my lap and kissed me deeply, slowly letting her tongue work its way into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her Sivas Escort Bayan body, feeling how soft her skin was. I could definitely tell she was a gymnast; her body was so tight and toned. I reached down and started to feel her butt. Her skin was so smooth. After a few minutes of caressing I could feel her start to move her groin against me. She started to grind her pussy against my now very hard cock.

She stood up and backed away again. There was a huge wet spot on my shorts and I could see that it was part from my pre-cum, but mostly from her wetness that seeped through her panties. She reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, letting it fall to the floor with the rest of her clothes. She rubbed her hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples gently till they are hard. She walks up to me and pulls my face into her cleavage. I open my mouth and take in one of her nipples into my mouth and gently suck on it. Then I move my head and take the other nipple into my mouth giving it the same treatment. As she starts to back away, I gently nibble on it and get a slight moan out of Jennifer.

This time she only took a step in front of me and turned around, with her ass right in my face. She bent over at the waist and her thong dropped to the floor with her. There I sat, staring at her perfectly formed ass with her lips glistening below it. I reach my hand out and slide my fingers along the crack of her ass down to her pussy. Jennifer is still bent over, and now she spread apart her butt cheeks so that I had complete access. Her skin is so smooth and she is completely bare except for a small patch of hair neatly trimmed above her pussy, almost like a runway. I brought my face close to her to get a whiff of her scent. I started to place small kisses all over her ass, as my finger started to explore her lips.

I slid my finger up her lips and slowly began to part them. Her juices are flowing quite heavily so I can tell she is quite turned on. I find her clit quickly and start to rub against it. I lick around the outside of her lips slowly. Finally I zero in on her clit and start to flick against it with my tongue. I can hear her breathing getting heavier and I know that I can get her to cum soon if I tried. I keep working on her clit and when I feel her body tensing up I slip my middle finger into her pussy. This pushed her over the edge. As soon as my finger is in I feel her already tight pussy clamp down on me as her body shakes with orgasm.

I stand up and bring you to the bed with me. Laying you down on your back I spread your legs as I get between them. I begin to nibble gently on your earlobe. You get quite excited at this and begin to squirm, moving your body around to find my waiting cock. I slide my body down so it is out of your reach and begin to kiss your neck, softly at first. When a small area has gotten wet from my kisses I gently blow across it making you tingle. I hear a small moan escape your lips as you arch your head back. I kiss along your jaw until I reach your mouth, where I give you a deep, sensual kiss. Before I move further down I gently bite on your lower lip.

I kiss down the side of your neck to your chest. I cover every inch of your breasts with small kisses, working my way up from your cleavage. I wait on your nipples until the very end, to prolong the tease. Finally, I take them each into my mouth and gently suck on them. This gets them nice and hard, and I work over every inch of them with my Escort Sivas tongue. Again I blow gently across your chest, making your body tingle with every breath.

I continue on in my kiss trail down your tight stomach. You have kept your body in such good shape for gymnastics, and now it is an incredible turn-on for any guy to look at you. I kiss down below your waist finding your little runway of hair. When I kiss around your neatly trimmed hair I inhale deeply, taking in your scent.

I have finally reached my target and I know that when I am done you will be passed out on the bed next to me from the pleasure. I move slowly and kiss the inside of your thighs on both sides of your pussy. I lick along the outside of your lips from top to bottom on both sides, avoiding your clit as much as possible. I take my time moving around the clit to get you as turned on as I can.

When I feel you starting to grind against my face I zero in on your clit. I wrap my lips around it and suck on it hard. I feel you shake as your body is racked with a tremendous orgasm. While my mouth is focused on your pussy, my hands are roaming over your entire body. With each hand I pinch your nipples gently keeping you as close to another orgasm as possible. I move my right hand down to your pussy and begin to slide in one finger. You are so incredibly tight, it blows my mind. When I feel like you are used to one finger, I slip in a second to stretch you out enough for my cock. I am a bit longer than average, but I make up for it in girth. I know that if you aren’t prepared this will hurt.

My fingers find your gspot and begin to stroke it, bringing you to yet another screaming orgasm. When you come down from your high you moan to me, “I need you now. Please, I need your hard cock in me.”

Not being one to disappoint I move up her body to give her a sensual kiss. My hard cock is now lined up with your pussy. I slide my shaft between your lips getting it nice and moist. I take it in my hand and rub it against your clit, as you begin to move under me. I keep teasing until I know you are getting close to another orgasm. I want you to cum on my cock so bad. I put it at the entrance to your pussy; I feel so much heat coming from it that I have to resist sinking myself in to the hilt in one quick movement. Instead I slowly press myself into your moist tunnel. Your pussy is tighter than some asses I have had before. By the time I am halfway in another orgasm begins. In your thrashing you push back up against me and force me all the way in. I can’t get over how tight you are around me. I settle into a steady rhythm of thrusts bottoming out each time. I love the sight of your boobs bouncing around with each thrust.

I spread your legs wider to get as deep as I possibly can. I have a great rhythm going when you say you want to try something a little different. I then learned of a great talent of yours as you put your legs behind your head. Seeing this I turn into an animal as I thrust into you harder and harder. We both hear my balls as they slap against your ass in a steady beat.

“I getting close.” That is about all I can say as I focus solely on this beauty underneath me.

“I am too. I want you to be the first guy to cum in me.” That’s all I need to hear as I piston in and out faster. I know that I am about to cum and I push as deeply into you as I possibly can. You tighten your pussy around my cock and I blow my load deep inside you. I feel like I’ve shot a gallon into you. When you feel my cum hit the back of your womb you climax one more time.

Before you pass out in sheer bliss you manage to say “I am going to have to thank my boss for the day off.” I think I may have to thank him as well, as I fall asleep with this beauty in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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