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Stacey was the first to get up and the movement of the bed as she departed woke both Jeff and Jill. Jeff watched her ass sway and tits jiggle has she made her way out the bedroom door, to the bathroom he guessed. Looking over at the bedside table he saw that it was now 10:36 am. They had managed a very solid nap he thought.

Jill turned toward him and smashed her sexy body against his and he kissed her.

“I love you!” she said.

“I love you too!” he replied as he hugged her tight.

A few moments later Stacey returned. Jeff and Jill marveled at her voluptuous naked body as she tip-toed across the room. The morning light shining in through the window caused both the red curls on her head and between her legs to glow brightly and her enormous creamy white breasts shook heavily as she moved. As Stacey slid into bed Jill turned toward her and pulled her close.

Reaching over Jill, Jeff caressed Stacey’s back and said, “good morning”, before letting his hand slide down to Stacey’s ass where he gently squeezed her.

“Good morning. I did not know you were awake.”

“We just woke up” Jill replied leaning in and kissing Stacey’s cheek softly.

Just then Jen came bounding into the room wearing only a tank top and jumped into bed with them.

As she snuggled up next to Jeff she happily started chatting, “Good morning! We’ve been talking about going on a little kayak trip this afternoon. How does that sound to you guys?”

“Sounds great!” Jeff and Jill replied in unison.

“That sounds fun!” Stacey replied just after.

“Jack spied a kayak rental place on the river about five miles out of town that we thought we would try. We can have a picnic for lunch.”

“Perfect!” Jeff responded.

“I’ll go get dressed and start toasting some bagels for breakfast. We can stop at that deli we saw to pick up some sandwiches to bring with us.” Jen said before hopping up and exiting the room.

Jeff watched her sexy ass jutting out sexily from beneath her tank top as she left and then turned toward Jill and Stacey and said, “I guess we should probably go get ready.”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, I want to suck some of the milk from Stacey’s breasts. She must be uncomfortably full” Jill said seductively as she leaned in and drew Stacey’s hard nipple into her mouth causing Stacey to throw her head back on the pillow.

Jeff leaned in for a better look and started caressing his wife’s sexy ass while he watched her suck deeply at Stacey’s right breast. After several seconds Jeff reached over and gave Stacey’s left breast a squeeze and several white drops of luscious milk oozed from her large pink nipple. Jeff’s cock was rock hard again and he was sliding it against the softness of Jill’s bottom. He could hardly believe he was capable of yet another erection, but the sexy sight of his wife sucking milk from Stacey’s voluptuous tit had him aroused again. He was sure he would have difficulty cumming again for some time, but he was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding across Jill’s sexy ass. After a few minutes Jill released Stacey’s right tit and leaned in and took her left nipple into her mouth.

Now leaning over Stacey, Jill had exposed more of her bottom to Jeff and he continued to press his cock against it while fondling Jill’s breasts. Seeing Jill’s cunt from behind he considered fucking her, but decided he should wait to give them both more time to recover. After a few minutes Jill released Stacey’s nipple and turned toward Jeff and kissed him deeply. Jeff enjoyed the sweet taste of Stacey’s milk as he kissed Jill passionately.

Breaking off the kiss Jill said, “we should get moving”, before turning and kissing Stacey softly on the lips.

“Yes, you are probably right. I’ll go try and round up some kayaking clothes.”

Jeff reluctantly slid out of bed and made his way to his and Jill’s bedroom. As he walked his hard cock bounced in front of him. When he passed through the kitchen he saw that Jack and Jen were there toasting bagels. Jen noticed Jeff’s erection as he made his way to his bedroom door and blew her a kiss just as he entered. She smiled widely as she watched his naked body disappear from view and wondered what Jill and Stacey had done to get him aroused yet again.

Once in his bedroom Jeff began searching through his and Jill’s bag for kayaking appropriate clothing and eventually he settled on swim trunks and t-shirt for him and a bikini top and shorts for Jill. Jill arrived a few seconds later just as he finished dressing and was looking for their water shoes.

“Hi cutie.”

“Hi babe. Have you seen our water shoes?”

“I am pretty sure I saw them in the back of the car.”

“Oh, sweet. I will go get them. How are you?”

“Great! How are you doing?”

Jeff replied, “Very well” as he wrapped his arms around his naked wife and kissed her.

“You are so fucking sexy!” he said as he broke off the kiss and began to make his way to the door.

As Jeff passed through the kitchen Jen handed him ataköy escort a bagel smothered with cream cheese, which he hungrily took a large bite from as he made his way to the car outside to retrieve their water shoes. When he returned Jill and John had joined Jack and Jen in the kitchen and were also munching on bagels. And a minute later Stacey joined them. The six of them broke into easy conversation. John marveled at how relaxed they all were with each other considering the sexual debauchery they had all very recently been engaged in. Any nervousness or self-consciousness that may have been felt early in the weekend was long gone now he observed.

Once everyone had had their fill of bagels, juice and coffee Jen suggested they get moving. Forty minutes later they were pulling up in front of the kayak shop in Jen and Jack’s minivan armed with sandwiches from the local deli.

Jack admired Jill’s breasts as they jiggled slightly in her bikini top as she hopped out of the back seat of the minivan and he watched her ass move in her shorts as she made her way toward the kayak shop. Jen stopped next to him and knowingly squeezed his hand as they both paused for a second to watch Jill walk. Jack had long lusted for Jill she knew, but it was not until a several years ago when they began incorporating fantasizing about Jill and Jeff into their love making that Jen even began thinking of them in that way. However since they had consummated their fantasy Jen knew that she had become utterly enraptured by Jill. The fact of the matter was that these days she could not think of Jill without her pussy immediately becoming sodden. For years she had fully understood and appreciated her husband’s infatuation with Jill, but now they shared it and that made it all the more intense and wonderful. She squeezed Jack’s hand again and they followed Jill across the parking lot.

Everyone piled into the kayak shop and a young lady behind the counter introduced herself as Becky and showed them a map of the river and explained that there were a number of options for the length of the excursion. Given it was nearly noon she recommended an intermediate length paddle of about seven miles, which she said typically took three or four hours depending on how many stops. All six readily agreed that that sounded like an excellent option. Becky went on to explain that they would be met at a designated time and a van would return them and the kayaks back to the kayak shop. After a brief discussion it was decided that 4 pm was a good time to be picked up and Becky carefully showed them on the map where the pull out location was and pointed out a variety of riffles and landmarks.

A few minutes later they were all arrayed along the river edge and Becky was handing out life vests and paddles. Jeff’s eyes were immediately drawn to Becky’s breasts, which were clad in a red, white and blue bikini top. She was on the short side with a wide and round ass. Jeff guessed she was probably in her early twenties, likely a college student working at the kayak shop for the summer he thought. Becky had short brown hair and a cute smile, but his eyes kept being drawn to the soft curves of her breasts jiggling within the confines of her bikini top as she positioned the kayaks on the river’s edge.

Just then Jill arrived at Jeff’s side and casually put her hand on his ass and leaning in toward him whispered, “nice tits!”

Jeff was initially surprised by the lascivious banter from Jill, but the idea that his wife also found the soft curves of Becky’s breasts attractive was very arousing to him and he answered in a whisper, “yes, they are amazing.”

Jill then slid her hand inside the back of Jeff’s bathing suit leg and lightly fondled his balls that hung loosely in the netting of his suit. The gentle touch of Jill’s fingers across his scrotum sent tingles through his body and caused his cock to swell with arousal.

Jill leaned in close again and asked, “would you like to slide your cock between them?”

“Yes… Would you like to feel them pressing against your cunt?” was Jeff’s reply.

“Oh yes!” Jill groaned.

At that point Becky had all the boats set up and Jen, Stacey and Jack began pulling the kayaks out to slightly deeper water so they could mount them and John was maneuvering to get the farthest kayak. Jill withdrew her hand from Jeff’s bathing suit and made her way to the kayak adjacent to the one John had selected and asked Jeff to hand her the small backpack that contained their lunch, sunscreen and extra water. Once she had stowed the backpack behind her seat Jeff grabbed hold of the one remaining kayak. A minute later they were all afloat and Becky bid them farewell and they headed on down the river.

The slow meandering current pulled them downstream as they paddled and within a few minutes the group was out of sight of the kayak shop. The scenery was exceedingly pleasant rolling green hills rising up from the mostly rocky edges of the river with larger mountains visible in the distance. They paddled avcılar escort on in quiet solitude for nearly a half hour when they arrived at the first set of riffles. It made for a pleasant ride as their caravan of kayaks sped up through the riffles and occasional splashes of cool water cooled them in the afternoon heat. When they exited the riffle Jen was in the front Kayak and pointed to a broad sandy bar on the right side of the river that was anchored on the far end by a series of very large boulders and suggested that they stop there for lunch.

Everyone followed her over to the bar and hauled their kayaks out of the water. Taking off their life jackets they all gathered near the boulders as Jen and Jill distributed sandwiches. Sitting on their life jackets the three couples ate, chatted and watched the river flow by.

John was sitting next to Jill and was enjoying the view he had of the side of her soft round breast exposed at the edge of her bikini top. Meanwhile Jeff, having finished his sandwich, leaned back against a boulder and closed his eyes and just relaxed while he listened to the river and his friends chatting. Jill pulled her life vest close to him and lay down with her head on his lap. For about twenty minutes the six of them lounged and chatted. Finally Jack suggested that they probably needed to get going if they were going to stay on schedule and make their rendezvous with the kayak shop’s van.

Soon all six kayaks were back in the water and they enjoyed a relaxing afternoon taking in the scenery. Eventually they arrived at another wide bar along a relatively deep pool in the river and decided to stop and stretch their legs. They were making good time and had about an hour to kill before they reached the pick-up location, which they figured was only another 20 minutes down river. On the sandy bar the mid afternoon sun seemed hotter than it was on the water and Jen announced she was going to go for a swim.

Jen waded in up to her waist wearing her shorts and tank top and then dove in. Jill and John quickly followed and Jack, Stacey and Jeff plopped down on the bar and watched them swim. Several minutes later Jen emerged from the water and her hard pink nipples stuck out dramatically from the wet tank top, much to everyone on the bars delight. Soon Jill and Jack also emerged from the cold water and everyone could now see Jill’s very hard nipples poking through the fabric of her bikini top.

Jen decided to wring out some of the water from her top and pulled the clingy wet fabric over her head. As she wrung the water from the top all five of her companions stared at her erect nipples jutting out from her sexy little tits. Jeff thought how wonderfully uninhibited Jen was and so very sexy too. After Jen was satisfied with the amount of water she had wrung from the top she slid it back on.

“I guess we should get going” Jen suggested. “We don’t want to be late for our pick up.”

A few minutes later all six were back on the river slowly paddling and about fifteen minutes later they spied the pull out location where the van and Becky were already waiting for them. After helping Becky load the kayaks, paddles and life vests in the trailer everyone jumped in the van and headed back to the kayak shop. Twenty minutes later all six had said goodbye to Becky and were piled back into Jen and Jack’s minivan.

“Becky is a cutey!” Jen offered as they pulled out onto the state highway from the kayak shop parking lot.

“Oh yes! Very sexy!!” Stacey returned.

Jen continued “I considered inviting her to our condo tonight for some fun, but I had trouble figuring out what to say exactly. I just could not muster the nerve to say ‘Want to come to our place tonight and let us fuck your brains out?’ Plus this weekend has been so wonderful I would hate to mess it up with a seventh wheel. What if she ended up not being into it?”

Jack quipped “Good call honey. We certainly would not have wanted a super-hot college girl letting us explore every inch of her sexy naked body all night long”.

“She was very cute!” Jill offered as she let her hand slide up Jeff’s shorts.

“We can go back and you hornballs can see if she is interested?” Jen jibed.

“Sounds fun, but what if she has a jealous boyfriend?” Stacey offered.

“Or girlfriend?” John added.

Jill added “Your instincts were likely right Jen. This weekend has truly been amazing and we all get on so well, why chance changing that dynamic?”

John agreed “Yeah, that is probably a good call. Besides, who needs a lame college girl when we have three absolutely sexy college graduates to devour.”

“That’s right! You three are more than we can handle already” Jeff agreed.

“Aaaw you know just what to say to make a girl feel special” Jen retorted.

Changing the subject, Jack announced “I’m pretty hungry! What should we do for dinner?”

“Do you want to go out to dinner tonight or should we get pizza or something and eat in?” Jen asked.

With a little discussion bahçelievler escort it was decided that pizza back at the condo was the way to go.

Jack offered “That pizza place we saw on the other side of town had a sign that said they delivered. How about we do that? But we should probably stop and get some more wine on the way home.”

A few minutes after picking up several bottles of wine they arrived back at the condo. The clock on the kitchen microwave read 5:06 as they all piled into the kitchen and Jen queried everyone on which toppings and salads they preferred and Jack made the call to the pizza place. Jill and Jeff pulled some cheese from the refrigerator and laid it out on the table with a large pile of crackers for everyone to snack on. And Stacey and John poured everyone a glass of merlot.

Sliding his smart phone back in his pocket Jack said, “The food should be here in about 40 minutes.”

After a few crackers and sips of wine Jill said, “I’m going to go take a shower. Would anyone like to join me?”

All five of her companions raised their hands enthusiastically and everyone laughed out loud.

“I am not sure we have a big enough shower”, Jack offered.

“Well, since I can’t take all of you, I will take none of you!” And Jill headed toward her and Jeff’s bedroom and bath.

One by one each of the party split off and showered alone as bathrooms became available and they waited for the food to be delivered. Jen made her way to the bathroom attached to her bedroom and stripped off her clothes. She adjusted the water to the right temperature — warm enough to be comfortable, but still cool enough to be refreshing. She entered the shower and let the water cascade over her body for several minutes before she grabbed the soap bar and began slowly washing. She began to wonder what might transpire tonight. She did not have any specific plans for their last evening. The weekend had already been more than she had dreamed it would. She was looking forward to a relaxed and sensual night.

Jen rubbed her soapy fingers between her legs and she began to feel that familiar tingle of arousal, but she noticed that her pubic hair had begun to grown back in as she felt a bit of fine stubble. Deciding that she wanted her pussy to be smooth for whatever took place this evening she resolved to shave. She had shaved just ahead of the weekend on a whim and she was glad she had. It seemed to her that having her pussy bare had heightened her sensitivity to the many ministrations she had enjoyed thus far. Jen also thought that having her pussy fully exposed was exciting and perhaps a little bit naughty. She liked that.

Jen reached out of the shower to her toiletry bag beside the sink and retrieved her razor and a tube of shaving cream. While she let the water tumble down her back she propped her right leg up on the tub edge and applied a large dollop of shaving cream to her pussy. She took her time slowly spreading the slippery cream all over her cunt and her clit began to tingle. Jen then very meticulously shaved the area around her pussy. After several minutes she placed the razor on the edge of the tub and picked up the bar of soap and again washed her vagina. She let her fingers linger on her clit for several seconds and her arousal grew and she began to recall some of the amazing sex she had enjoyed thus far this weekend. Jen’s fingers traveled down her smooth pussy lips to her asshole and she caressed it lightly before inserting her middle finger up to the first knuckle. She moaned softly and shuddered.

Twenty minutes later all six were gathered in the living room, refreshed from cool showers that had rinsed the sweat and sunscreen from their bodies.

While they waited for the food to get delivered they chatted and continued to sip at their wine. All were dressed very casually in shorts, t-shirts and bare feet.

“What would you all like to do tonight?” Jen asked.

Jill responded “It’s your birthday! What would you like to do?”

“Spend a lovely evening with you all. Mostly naked!” Jen answered enthusiastically.

“Why mostly naked?” John asked.

“Well I brought some sexy outfits I have not had a chance to wear yet. And I’ve discovered I really like dressing up in my friend’s clothes! I felt really sexy in Jill’s dress and heels yesterday when I woke Jeff up!”

“Sooo sexy!” Jeff offered.

“You have not had a chance to use your birthday present either” Jack offered with a tantalizing bit of mystery.

“What was your birthday present?” Jill queried.

Jen responded, “Jack got me a replica tagaigata.”

Intrigued Stacey asked, “what is a tagaigata?”

“It’s an ancient Japanese double-ended dildo” Jen responded matter-of-factly.

“Wow! Nice gift!!” Jeff exclaimed.

“It’s just what every girl who has everything needs!” Jen quipped.

“Have you used it?” Stacey asked.

“Not yet. He just gave it to me the other day.”

“What does it look like?” Stacey continued very interested.

“It’s about this long and slightly curved” Jen said as she held out her hands about 16 inches apart. “They use to make them out of tortoise shell, but this one is silicone. It has two bulbous heads and parallel diagonal ridges around the shaft. In the center where the two shafts meet there is another raised ridge.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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