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“Hello everyone, before we get started with shift assignments, I’d like to introduce our new team member, Elizabeth. She joins us from the Irvine Medical Center way across the country in California and I’m sure everyone will do all they can to help adjust to her new environment.” Kathy, the senior ER nurse, told the nursing staff getting ready to start night shift. Jen glanced over at the new nurse and was instantly taken aback. This girl was a stunner! Jen tried not to stare but barely caught what her assignment was going to be for the evening she was so distracted by the new girl. She was tall, 4 or 5 inches taller than the 5’6″ Jen, with long light brown hair and those young perky breasts. This girl is at least a 38 c or d and yet they are up high and proud. Jen is wondering if the new girl might have had a boob job when suddenly everyone is getting up and walking out of the meeting room. Jen jumps up to get to work.

About half way through the shift, Jen is filling out some discharge papers at the nurse’s station when Sandra, an older, very jaded nurse Jen had worked with for years, walks up with Elizabeth and stops at the counter, Sandra explaining some unique chart coding to Elizabeth. Sandra introduces Jen to Elizabeth and Elizabeth smiles and extends her hand to Jen.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” Jen notices with her first close look at Elizabeth the freckles that dot her face. Wow, this girl is down to earth cute and drop dead beautiful at the same time.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Jen. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.” Jen says and then self-consciously clutches her clipboard to her chest. This new girl is stirring up some seriously hidden feelings in Jen and Jen can feel her nipples start to harden. Jen’s nipples have always been crazy sensitive and reactive and poking out at the worst times. (High school was a nightmare!) The other nurses have often pointed them out and remarked that Jen is like the female cast of “Friends”, always nipping out.

Jen hugs her clipboard and hurries away awkwardly and Elizabeth shoots a quizzical look at her, then shrugs and goes back to her training with Sandra.

Jen heads back out to the ER with the paperwork for the patient in 12C and she is wondering what the hell is going on with her. Jen has held in her curiosity and desires for other women for a long time now. The stirrings she had as a teen she squashed as fast as she could, her upbringing showering her with guilt whenever those feelings would creep up. As a young woman, getting married and having kids at 20 herself, she had to grow up relatively fast and didn’t really have the chance to explore those feelings, but they would still sneak in. At work, at the beach, at the mall, Jen would find herself sneaking looks at other women, wishing she could know the touch of their hands on Jen’s back, thigh and …other places.

Jen’s husband unknowingly helped her secret fantasy along. Jen had discovered his online browsing habits and discovered he had a taste for lesbian porn. At first infuriated that he was looking at porn online, it wasn’t long until Jen had to admit she was very infatuated with the same things her husband was looking at. She decided not to “bust” him on this, knowing she could just pop online when he was gone and indulge her fantasies by clicking on his history.

But now, with this young woman overwhelming Jen’s thoughts and making it very difficult to focus, Jen doubted she’d need her husband’s browser history to give her something to touch herself to.


Over the coming days, Jen and Elizabeth shared the same shift but Jen did not spend much time training her. That duty fell to the other nurses and Jen had mixed feelings about it. Jen knew part of the reason she wasn’t drawing the training duties was because she was not one of Kathy’s favorites, and most of the time Jen was fine with that, she didn’t enjoy the politics and dramatic confrontations with a bunch of competing women. She did however take pride in her abilities and worried some about what the others might be saying about her, or that Elizabeth might figure Jen wasn’t a good nurse simply because Jen didn’t train her on anything.

Jen also had other mixed feelings about not training Elizabeth. At some level, she yearned to be closer to this woman. Something about the way Elizabeth carried herself, as well as her simply gorgeous face and body drove Jen wild. The feelings that made Jen want to spend more time with Elizabeth were also the reason Jen was a little relieved not to be training her. Jen wasn’t sure what foolishness might escape her lips or Jen’s over-reactive nipples would show through Jen’s scrub top or that Elizabeth might catch Jen staring at her and make everything awkward.

About the 4th shift Jen and Elizabeth worked together, they ended up being together for a bed transfer. Not an easy thing to do, a sometimes very risky event (imagine dropping a patient on the floor!) and sometimes bursa otele gelen escort just very awkward, mostly for the patient and then the patient can get very abusive. Because of these things, Jen was very focused on the task and took charge of the situation. She directed the orderlies onto position, comforted the patient and facilitated the exchange nice and smooth. Elizabeth showed up to help and took the opposite corner of the patient than Jen and was very impressed with how Jen ran the entire process. As the orderly was wheeling the patient to their new room, Elizabeth walked up next to Jen and placed a hand on her shoulder and told her she “really handled that well.”

Jen went from confident professional to awkward, gawking girl in a flash and just stood there, looking into Elizabeth’s blue eyes, unable to respond. Elizabeth reacted as you might expect, by raising an eyebrow and slowly turning and walking away while saying “Oooookay then.”

Jen felt flushed, stupid and frustrated. Goddamn it what was the matter with her?


Over the next few weeks, more and more awkwardness ensued. Jen seemed unable to carry on a conversation with Elizabeth. Pure technical exchanges, solely about patients’ needs or situations, were fine. Any discussions about simple things, school, family, the damn weather (for hell’s sake!) and Jen couldn’t seem to string more than a couple sentences together without becoming a babbling goof.

Combine this with the fact that Jen and Elizabeth seemed to be in the locker room at the same time, no matter the fact that Jen tried to go into the keyed locker room area later or earlier every time she had encountered Elizabeth there, and Jen felt like she was in some kind of movie and the plot revolved around Jen feeling foolish.

Jen tried not to stare, she tried to force herself to look straight down or into her own locker and not catch a peek at Elizabeth as she changed. But Jen found herself unable to resist. Elizabeth’s pale skin (not much of a tan for a California girl), her amazing breasts, the firm, muscled butt and volleyball player legs. Jen did all she could not to stare and seem like some kind of locker room pervert, but this girl, this young woman, Jen had never experienced anything like this before.

What Jen knew about Elizabeth she had gotten from overhearing nurse’s station and breakroom conversations between Elizabeth and the other nurses. Elizabeth was 26 years old (10 years younger than Jen), had played volleyball in college, is an avid hiker and practices martial arts. She left California for a change of scenery she said, Jen guessing that meant most likely a relationship gone bad had helped inspire the move.

Elizabeth shared just enough to put her new coworkers at ease, but Jen could tell she still held plenty close to the vest. This new girl was mysterious and Jen found herself thinking about her and bringing up the images of her changing when touching herself at home before drifting to sleep after a long night shift. Jen would let her fingers drift down to her smooth labia and gently probe herself, imagining Elizabeth’s fingers exploring her and not her own. Jen would finger her clit and squeeze her own 36c breasts with Elizabeth’s piercing blue eyes, freckled face or athletic ass in her mind and Jen would come, a muffled, restrained orgasm and then drift off to sleep, imagining Elizabeth nuzzling behind her as she did.

Jen would awake to her husband coming home and making a racket. Jen’s husband seemed to think that Jen being asleep when he got home was an insult since he’d been working all day. Never mind the fact that he slept all night (when he wasn’t jacking off to lesbian porn on the internet) while Jen worked at the ER.

They’d have dinner together and Jen would help the girls with their homework before going off to spend another night cleaning wounds, writing down how many bowel movements someone had and telling someone they’d have to wait for the doctor to finish stitching up a head wound even though their “elbow felt funny”.

Jen found herself wanting her day’s sleep and evening of dinners and homework to fly by so she could once again be near, lay her eyes upon Elizabeth. It was an unrequited infatuation and Jen felt it was not really healthy but yearned for it nonetheless. It was a respite from this existence that Jen found herself spinning around in and Jen would take what she could get.


The shift everything changed started out like every other. Room assignments, memos from management and new policies were covered quickly and off everyone would go. Jen hoped for a floor assignment with Elizabeth every night and would do a silent mental fist pump every time she received one.

Jen was assigned to work the main admitting and triage area with Elizabeth this fateful Thursday night. It was on average by far the hardest and most hectic escort bayan assignment to draw but Jen didn’t mind tonight. It was her “Friday”, having tomorrow night off and she had the assignment with the object of her fascination and desire, Elizabeth.

The shift had been a pretty mellow one, by all accounts. The night was about 3 quarters over when one of the nurses, Cheryl, jinxed everyone by saying so. Within a half an hour there were a dozen people or better filling the rooms and waiting rooms. Two car wrecks, a bar fight, a night shift worker from a manufacturing plant with a finger in a bag of ice and a domestic violence suspect drug into the ER by police bleeding from his head (the wife had gotten in a good shot before calling the police, it would seem.) and the ER was a hot mess.

Jen was tending to the wife beating husband (wearing a tank top, no less. Sometimes the irony is just too much!) and getting a barrage of insults from the drunk, bleeding man handcuffed to the bed. The patient was pulling out all the stops, cussing Jen along with his wife/Girlfriend/Baby Momma/Whatever with every breath. Cunt, whore, bitchbag, cum guzzler, crack whore, dog fucking bitch, the accused abuser was on a roll and he just would not stop. The police officer watching told him to shut up numerous times before just giving up. Jen was cleaning up the head wound despite the abuse and was getting ready to stitch him up when the patient asked the officer to escort him to go “take a piss, for fuck’s sake. Unless this cunt is thirsty!”

Jen told the officer she could wait while he escorted his prisoner and he started to uncuff the douchebag. Jen let her attention on the patient lapse and was reading the chart when she received a kick to head. She looked up from the floor and saw that the wife beater had elbowed the officer in the face and slipped out of his grasp, one cuff dangling from his wrist. The officer tried to pull his stun gun but the wife beater took it away and shot the officer in the face with it, essentially disabling him.

The wife beater stood over Jen with menace in his eyes as she tried to get to the emergency call button. Jen felt the wife beater grab her leg and pull her back along the floor towards him. She spun around onto her butt and raised her free leg back and kicked him in chest. That dazed the wife beater for a moment and then he moved back in towards Jen. Jen then saw the blur of Elizabeth coming through the door and her foot come swinging around, catching the wife beater in the face and dropping him to his knees. She quickly followed up with a punch to his ear, an elbow to the back of his head and finishing up with a knee to his face. The wife beater crumpled to the floor as hospital security and the other police officer came running in.

Jen and Elizabeth spent the next 3 + hours filling out statements for the police and the hospital. Jen and Elizabeth were instantly separated and filled out their statements in different areas of the hospital. Jen answering her questions while holding an ice pack to her face. She was going to have quite the shiner.

Jen was dreading the next few weeks, knowing she would have to go through some very intense scrutiny after such an incident. Jen knew she had followed protocol, but that would not stop management from combing through every aspect of the entire evening and picking apart everything she had done that shift.

It was well into the next shift when Jen was done with her paperwork and interrogations. She slid her badge across the reader and walked in while talking to her husband on her cell.

“So, I have to get the girls to school, is that what you’re telling me?” Her husband asked, annoyed at having his routine upset.

“Danny, I was fucking attacked, ok! I have a shiner and have spent the last 3 hours being questioned and writing down statements. So, yeah, fucking take the girls to school! Thanks for your concern, asshole!” Jen replied and hung up, tossing her phone into her locker. “God what a fuckhead I married!” Jen thought to herself.

“No offense, sounds like a fuckhead to me.”

Jen jumped out of her skin and saw Elizabeth standing at her locker, dressed in her street clothes.

Jen stumbled and blushed. “He’s…he’s not so bad most of the time, just being a real asshole today.”

“Hmm, yeah.” Elizabeth replied raising an eyebrow and not looking really convinced that Jen’s husband wasn’t a fuckhead all the time. Jen could tell Elizabeth still had some adrenaline pumping and was tense, to say the least. She was standing, facing her locker, staring into it but did not seem to be focused on anything. Elizabeth raised her hands and placed them on either side of her locker, gripping the sides firmly and looked down. Jen moved towards Elizabeth, tentatively, and placed a hand on Elizabeth’s shoulder.

“I never got the chance to thank you. You really saved my butt. I kicked him and he barely stepped back, but you put him mudanya escort down.” Jen said.

Elizabeth raised her head, and looked right into Jen’s eyes, her fierce blue eyes burning a hole into Jen.

“Why can’t you speak to me? I mean, other than thanking me for kicking some white trash dickhead’s ass, you can’t say anything to me not involving a patient. Did I do something to offend you? Do you have an issue with me or something? If you do, just fucking say it to my face!” Elizabeth said, clearly upset. The night’s events had surely made Elizabeth’s nerves raw already and she was going to go ahead and address something else that had been bothering her.

Jen’s eyes widened. “No, I don’t have any, I mean, nothing, you’re a great nurse, I don’t, I…I just, I uh,…” Jen trailed off, flabbergasted and unable to gather any kind of thoughts. Elizabeth’s demeanor and confidence clearly shook Jen. She was caught in Elizabeth’s gaze and was lost. Elizabeth stared at her and Jen could not come up with a thing to say. Jen felt her skin becoming flushed and her temperature rise. Elizabeth’s angry stare began to turn quizzical. She tilted her head and looked at Jen’s face, then looked her up and down, her eyes stopping on Jen’s nipples poking out through her scrubs.

“Are you, are you turned on? You can’t speak to me, because I excite you?” She asked Jen.

Jen had never felt so mortified in all of her life. Jen’s expression to Elizabeth’s query was clear to see and there was no doubting that Elizabeth had hit the nail on the head. Between the events in the ER and now this, this may be the single shittiest day of her life in which someone did not die. Elizabeth’s tone and incredulousness made Jen want to disappear.

Suddenly, everything changed. Jen was looking down in shame and beginning to move away when Elizabeth grabbed her by the shoulders. She had Jen up against a locker and her face was right next to Jen’s.

“Do I excite you Jen?” Elizabeth whispered, less than an inch from Jen’s face. Elizabeth pressed her body against Jen’s and Jen felt Elizabeth’s hand at the waistband of her scrubs. Elizabeth’s hand was down her scrub bottoms and cupping Jen’s pubic mound before Jen could even think about answering. Elizabeth’s other hand gripped Jen’s shoulder tightly and Elizabeth’s body pressed Jen hard to the lockers.

“You can’t look me in the eyes because you’ve wanted me to do this?” Elizabeth asked as she curled her fingers and began to part Jen’s lips and feel her excitement. Elizabeth began to finger Jen urgently, finding Jen’s clit upon withdrawing and then sliding back in with an almost violent urgency. She released Jen’s shoulder and moved her hand to her breast, cupping and squeezing and then pinching Jen’s nipple through the fabric of her scrubs.

Jen would have slumped to the floor if not for the pressure of Elizabeth’s body against hers, pressing her into the lockers and keeping her upright. Jen moaned, too loudly, and Elizabeth moved her hand from her breast to her mouth, covering it and muffling Jen’s groans of pleasure.

Elizabeth then began to rub Jen’s clit with a furious speed. Jen cried out into Elizabeth’s hand and came harder than she could remember coming, soaking Elizabeth’s hand. Jen’s groans, turned to panting breaths and then to sobs. Elizabeth removed her hand from Jen’s throbbing pussy and held her close, tightly to her body. As Jen’s sobs began to wane, Elizabeth stepped back from Jen and again looked deep into Jen’s eyes.

“Get changed and meet me in the parking lot. I’ll be in my car, waiting. The blue Honda. Don’t take too long.” Elizabeth said. It was not a request, it was a directive and Jen nodded and said she’d hurry.


Jen changed into her clothes from her scrubs and her head was spinning. Had that really just happened? Was she dreaming? It happened so suddenly, Jen had to wonder if the stress of the last shift hadn’t just pushed her over the edge!

She hurried outside and saw Elizabeth sitting her car, just like she said she would be. Elizabeth pulled up next to Jen standing on the curve outside the hospital and extended her hand out of the driver side window. She held out a piece of paper and told Jen to meet her at the address written on it, and to not take too long.

Jen read it and watched Elizabeth speed away. Jen’s senses were overloading her brain. Her clit and pussy throbbed, her nipples were so hard they ached. Her pulse raced and her head was swimming with a multitude of feelings. Excitement, fear and damn near sheer panic took turns dancing in Jen’s brain as she walked to her own car. Jen got in buckled the seat belt and looked at the address again. Her husband was at work, the girls at school and there was nothing keeping her from following Elizabeth’s instructions. Even if her husband had been waiting for her at home, Jen knew there was no way she could refuse Elizabeth.

She programmed the address into her phone and followed the voice prompts to a nice apartment complex only about 10 minutes for the hospital. She parked in a spot marked ‘visitor’ and walked to the apartment number written on her note. She stood in front of the door for a good 30 seconds before she worked up the courage to knock.

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