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Jill marched purposefully up the side walk leading to Tony’s office. It had been two weeks since their “one time only” encounter and she’d only seen him once. He’d come by the office to drop off an invoice, the usual routine. Jillian had expected the sexual tension between them to have faded.

It had only seemed to worsen instead. The moment she’d heard his booming voice in the hall her pussy had contracted and her nipples had hardened. She had no reason to think he’d want more. He hadn’t called her or texted her since their sex-filled Saturday. Still, her heart pounded in her ears as she heard him drawing closer.

He’d stepped into her office in the same way he’d always had and gave her the same crooked smile he always did and Jillian had given serious consideration to stripping bare and demanding he fuck her on the spot. She hadn’t of course, but she had noticed the way his eyes had lingered on her breasts and the way his eyes darkened as he asked her about her week.

It had been hard to maintain any sense of professionalism. Something deep inside her had been awakened by Tony and she craved him more than ever. She’d masturbated to thoughts of him almost nightly. She needed him again.

So that morning, when her boss had called her into his office and asked her to drop off a check at Tony’s office, she’d jumped at the chance. All she needed was sixty seconds alone with him and she knew he’d agree to see her again.

He glanced up at her as she walked in. “Jillian,” he rumbled by way of greeting. His voice was so warm it sent a flush up her cheeks. “Lee told me he was sending you over with a check.”

She laid the envelope on his desk. “Our postage machine was down,” she explained. C’mon Jillian, do what you really came here to do! she told herself.

“Well, thank you kindly for your personal service.” His brown eyes lit with amusement at his pun. She smiled at him. He wore a hunter green polo and dark wash jeans. No one had ever looked so good.

She turned to leave.

Abruptly she found her courage. Jillian turned back to him. “You know, I’ve been thinking,” she started, meeting his eyes firmly with her own.

Tony looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “About what?”

Jill bit her lip. “I know the other day was supposed to be a one time deal, but I can’t help but think about all you did to me with your tongue and how I never really got the chance to return the favor.”

Tony’s look of shock only lasted a moment. His eyes darkened a shade as he stood and came around the edge of his desk. “Is that so?”

Jill nodded and took a step closer. She could already see a growing bulge in the crotch of his jeans. “I want to taste you,” she whispered. She reached out and brushed her fingers over the top of his pants.

Tony grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him, crushing his mouth to hers. Jill took that as her answer. She kissed him back passionately as her hands fumbled with the buttons and zipper of his jeans.

In seconds she had his jeans and boxers shoved down allowing his cock to spring free. It wasn’t fully erect yet, even still it was impressive. Jill broke their kiss and slid slowly to her knees. Tony leaned back against his desk. His cock was at eye level and it twitched a little as it continued to grow.

Jill met Tony’s eyes from beneath her long lashes. She slowly leaned closer, breathing hotly on the head of his cock. Without breaking eye contact she first kissed the purple head and then gently licked her tongue over it. Tony’s breath caught.

The sight of Jillian kneeling before him was almost enough to make him come undone. Tony had imagined this a hundred times. He’d imagined the way her soft pink lips would trail kisses over his thick head. He’d imagined what her tongue would feel like against his veined shaft. But his imagination hadn’t prepared him for the real thing. The real thing was so much outdoor sex porno sweeter.

Jillian was a drug.

She looked up at him through her thick red lashes with more lust and passion than he’d ever seen. He watched as her tongue started at the base of his shaft and licked all the way to his head where she sucked up the pre-cum that oozed from his slit. Then she slowly closed her whole mouth over the tip and sucked him deep.

He groaned in response.

Jillian swirled her tongue around his cock as she slowly brought her head back up. Already she loved the way he tasted. The saltiness of his pre-cum mixed with the velvet feel of his shaft and the soft, musky scent of him to create something uniquely Tony. She lowered her head down his cock again until she felt the tip bump the back of her throat.

She started bobbing up and down in a slow, steady rhythm. Each time she let the head of his cock press harder on the back of her throat until finally she took a deep breath through her nose and willed her throat to relax, gulping him deep into her. She choked around him a little and her eyes began to water, but she immediately knew it was worth it. Tony let out a strangled growl and gripped the edge of his desk with one hand, the other tangling into her hair.

“Fuck Jillian,” he gasped as she bobbed up again.

She smiled at him a little as her tongue swirled around his head. Jillian gripped his strong thighs and pulled him into her mouth again. Again, she deep throated his large cock until her nose was buried in his trimmed pubic hair. His hand tightened in her hair.

Jillian set a faster pace this time as she started bobbing up and down along his cock. She couldn’t help the small moans escaping her as she sucked him. She couldn’t remember ever wanting to worship a cock more. Tony’s dick was a perfect specimen in her opinion.

Tony’s hips were thrusting to meet her mouth now. His head was tipped back and his eyes closed. Jillian was aware of how wet she’d become and her pussy tingled when she felt Tony swelling in her mouth.

He was close, she knew. The thought excited her and she sucked him harder, her tongue working furiously as she pumped up and down his shaft. She knew she could wrap her hand around the base of him and pump while she sucked the tip, but she’d started with her mouth and that’s how she wanted to finish.

Tony opened his eyes only a moment to stare down at the beautiful red head. Her face was flushed, her eyes closed as she concentrated. Her pink lips moved up and down his shaft in the most erotic way. He could feel his balls tightening and knew he couldn’t hold out any longer.

So he didn’t. Tony closed his eyes again and thrust hard into her soft mouth, holding her head firmly in place as he did. She gagged a little at the sudden force as he shot his come into her mouth, groaning as he did.

Tony’s thick come flooded her mouth, making her gag and cough as the tip of his cock brushed the back of her throat. She swallowed eagerly, loving the salty but delicious taste of him. When his hand finally relaxed on the back of her head she slowly withdrew, sucking the last drops of come from him as she did. He shuddered a little at the sensation.

Tony gripped her elbows and pulled her back to her feet. Immediately his mouth closed over hers, one arm wrapping around her waist while the other came up to grip her breast. Jillian whimpered as he palmed her nipple through her shirt.

“Tony,” she managed to gasp. “I have to get back to work.”

Tony ignored her as he slid a hand under the edge of her dress and brought it quickly up to her mound. He easily brushed the thin satin of her underwear aside and found her slit. Jillian almost collapsed as his finger brushed against her clit.

“Please…” she whimpered, although if she was begging him to stop or begging him to continue, public agent porno she wasn’t quite sure.

Tony bit her collar bone. “I’m not looking for a relationship,” he snarled, roughly shoving his middle finger into wet pussy.

Jillian moaned, tilting her hips into his hand. “Me either,” she replied.

“But I am damn sure looking to fuck you again.” He seized her mouth before she could reply, burning her with his kiss. His finger was swirling around in her juices, the heel of his hand pressed against her clit. She ground against him.

“Yes,” she breathed. “I’m looking for that too.”

Jillian whimpered as he pulled his hand away. Tony smoothed her skirt down. “My house tonight then.” He wasn’t asking.

“As soon as I get off work,” Jill agreed.

Tony gave her a crooked smile. “I’ll be waiting.” He kissed her gently one more time before sending her on her way.

The afternoon was torture for Jillian. All she could think about was Tony. Her pussy quivered and pulsed with every move she made. Twice she went to the restroom with the intention of making herself orgasm and twice she stopped. She wanted Tony to give her release.

Her nipples were like diamonds against the soft fabric of her bra. Her satin panties were soaked and sticking to her cunt. She’d never been so painfully turned on in her life. Jill could just imagine the way Tony’s large hands would grip her, claiming her as his. His lips would scorch her skin as they roamed over her body. He would reduce her to nothing more than a quivering pile of jello.

Years seemed to pass before the clock hit 5. She quickly shutdown her computer, locked up her office, and bolted to her car. The very notion that Tony was already waiting for her sent shivers down her spine and more tingles into her pussy.

Jill couldn’t help but sliding a hand between her legs as she drove. She absently rubbed her smooth slit, her labia, and her clit. She let out soft moans as she did. Her cunt was so sensitive, she knew she could come at that moment if she weren’t driving.

A few minutes later she pulled into Tony’s driveway. Before she could even ring the doorbell he’d opened the door and hauled her inside.

In the foyer Tony kissed her hard, his lips demanding that she submit. He quickly gathered her wrists and pulled them over her head, pinning them to the wall with one hand. His other hand darted under her dress and yanked at her panties until the ripped and dropped to the floor.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he rumbled against her throat while shoving a finger into her soaked folds.

She cried out at his rough intrusion. The force sent her up onto the tip of her toes. He withdrew his finger only to add a second, thrusting into her hard, the palm of his hand brushing against her clit.

“Oh god,” she gasped. She was so stimulated, so frustrated that she knew it wouldn’t take much more.

His fingers wiggled inside her. “That’s it Jillian. Come for me. You’re already so wet,” Tony coaxed, kissing her neck. His fingers continued their dance inside her and he pressed his palm harder against her clit.

Jill wanted to put her arms around him, she wanted to hold on to him as she came, but his grip on her wrists was like iron. Her body trembled and writhed against the wall. He leaned into her, his bulk forcing her to be still.

“Come for me Jillian,” he repeated rubbing her clit forcefully. That was all it took.

Jill shattered around him, her pussy clenching tightly around his fingers. She cried out her pleasure as she trembled against him.

Tony didn’t wait for her the last remnants of her orgasm to subside. He was already releasing her wrsits, yanking her dress over her head and hoisting her up like a rag doll.

Jill could barely react through the post orgasm haze, but her legs wrapped around his waist instinctively reality kings porno as he lowered her onto his rock hard cock. She gasped when he filled her, her eyes flying open. He held her there, pressed against the wall, wrapped around him for what felt like an eternity.

Jillian pressed her forehead against his. Her blue eyes searching his brown ones. The house was quiet save for their ragged breathing. She touched his cheek, gently caressing him as she took in all his rugged features and then she slowly started to rock her hips.

Tony was so hard inside her. He stretched her and filled her like no man had before. He held her easily, as if she weighed nothing. She moaned as he started thrusting his hips, withdrawing his cock only to press it home again.

Jillian bounced eagerly up and down his thick dick, grinding her clit into his pubic bone every time she came down. He grunted and growled his pleasure as he kissed and sucked on her neck and shoulders.

Then he was moving. He pulled her away from the wall and walked her to the living room, keeping his cock lodged deep in her cunt. She gave a disappointed whimper when he pulled out of her to set her down. Tony roughly turned her around and shoved her forward so that she was bent over the arm of the sofa.

His hand trailed gently down her back before giving her a resounding SMACK! on the ass. Jillian yelped at the sting. She tried to stand back up be held her firmly with one hand pressed on the back of her neck.

His other hand slid up her inner thighs until her found her hot, wet pussy. “Do you know how crazy you make me Jillian?” he asked as he pinched her clit between his fingers. “How much I’ve craved this sweet, tight pussy since the day I had you?”

She moaned her response. Jillian wiggled her ass at him, arching her back to expose her aching, needy cunt. “Tony please,” she whimpered.

Tony slid one finger into her. “Please what beautiful? What do you need?”

“You!” she cried. “Please I need you! I need you to fuck me!”

Jillian’s body went into overdrive as he slammed into her. He fucked her hard but steady, not setting a brutal pace but fast enough to make his balls slap against her. His rough fingers bit into her hips as he held her steady.

Jillian felt her orgasm building again. She began thrusting back to meet him. Her moans started getting louder and more urgent. She needed this. She needed him. He released one hip and grabbed at her breast. He rolled the hard point of her nipple between his fingers as he continued to pound her.

Her orgasm hit her hard and fast and she cried out his name. Brilliant white flashes appeared before her eyes as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Finally, she collapsed over the arm of the sofa as Tony kept fucking her.

Weakly she raised one hand to her pussy. Forming a V with her index and middle fingers, she pressed her hand against her opening, tightening the V as Tony’s cock slipped in again. He groaned at the new sensation.

Tony was losing himself fast in her tight little body. She’d have bruises on her creamy hips already from his fingers but he no longer cared. Her cunt was hot and tight. Her velvet walls gripped him as he plunged deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her fingers around his shaft brought him that much closer.

“Come inside me Tony, please,” Jillian whispered, her voice weak and ragged.

It was his undoing. He roared as he flooded her with his seed. Spurt after spurt splashed out against her walls. He sank his teeth into her shoulder, causing her to moan beneath him. After a moment of recovery, he pulled his still semi-erect cock out of her, leaving a wet trail of their combined juices along her thighs as he did.

He fell heavily onto the sofa. “Come here Jillian,” he commanded as he opened his arms to her.

She immediately dropped down next to him, exhausted. Tony kissed her forehead softly. “You are amazing,” he whispered into her hair.

Jillian found herself snuggling in closer. “You’re not to bad yourself,” she replied, laying her head on his chest.

And then neither of them said anything for a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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