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Jill was excited and more than a little bit scared. She was wearing her classic little black dress. She could feel the breeze blowing cool against her bare pussy reminding her that she was wearing nothing under her dress. As if she could possibly forget that! Everything she is wearing (and not wearing) was selected for her by her dom. This outing was his idea and he was very much in control. She has been his sub in the privacy of his home for several weeks, but they have never taken those roles outside of his bedroom before. The thought of what he might make her do is both terrifying and exciting. He exited the taxi behind her, taking her hand in one of his and placing his other hand in the small of her back, guiding her up the curb and toward the restaurant door. His powerful control of her, the feel of her nipples sliding against the fabric of her dress and that persistent wind that kept finding its way between her thighs all the way to her increasingly moist cunt all combined to ratchet her arousal higher with each step.

They enter the restaurant, a dark place with exposed beams and a bar against one wall. As the hostess is leading them to their table, Jill’s eyes catch His in the mirror behind the bar. He hasn’t shaved in a few days and the rough stubble shows on His cheeks. His eyes lock onto hers. Oh, those eyes, deep, blue, and intense. She has seen him before, but never spoken with him. She doesn’t know His name, but in her fantasies (and there have been many) she calls Him, Blue Eyes. She knows her dom has seen her taking note of Him. She tears her eyes away from the mirror fearful of the price her dom will extract for her indiscretion.

As she takes her seat, she notes that she recognizes many of the faces in the room. They are friends of her dom. She begins to wonder if this is a private party arranged by him. Over his left shoulder she sees a full-length mirror on the far wall. She moves to the side a bit so that Blue Eyes is visible in the mirror. This time, though, she is careful not to stare.

The waiter brings them the drinks that her dom had ordered. After she leaves, he speaks to Jill for the first time since they left the house. “Did you dress exactly as I commanded?” he asks. She looks down and nods, indicating that she did. “Show me.” he commands. Jill glances around, nervous about who might see. “Now!” he shouts. At his raised voice, heads swivel in their direction around the restaurant. Thankfully, the high backed seats block everyone’s view below her waist. She lifts the bottom of her short skirt, exposing her sex to him. His gaze lingers, forcing her to keep herself exposed. “How wet are you?” he asks. She starts to reply, but he stops her. “Don’t tell me. Show me.” he says. Jill reaches down and touches her labia with the tip of one finger. She closes her eyes as her finger slides inside her slippery cleft. She slowly removes her finger, the light glistening off the juices that coat it. Her eyes still closed, Beylikdüzü escort she lifts her finger to her mouth and tastes the proof of her arousal.

As she opens her eyes, still sucking her finger, she realizes that she was wrong, thinking that the view of what was happening below her waist had been blocked for most of the restaurant. But she had forgotten about the mirror. She looks up to see Blue Eyes watching her. That full-length mirror had given him a perfect view of everything she has done. He smiles as her face flushes at the realization that he has been watching her.

Her attention is pulled back to her dom. “Now that we know your pussy is dripping wet, masturbate for me.” he commands. “Fuck yourself with those fingers right here where anyone might see.”

Jill wants to please her dom. But she is even more excited and frightened that He will see her in the mirror. Before she loses her nerve, she lowers her hand to her waiting pussy while looking up and meeting His eyes. Watching Him watching her, her fingers begin to explore and probe her pussy, sliding into its depths and then up to her swollen clit. Her dom momentarily forgotten, she imagines the Blue Eyes is caressing her with his hands, instead of just with his eyes. Her eyes close as she drifts away in her fantasy, imagining his thick, rough hands touching her, every where.

As she feels her orgasm building within her, she opens her eyes and is astonished to find the mirror empty. Where is He? Did He lose interest and leave? Suddenly, He is standing before her. No mirror between them, the charge in his gaze is palatable. She glances at her dom and sees him nod his permission to her. Blue Eyes reaches down and takes her arm. Pulling her hand from her dripping cunt, he lifts her fingers to his mouth and tastes them. She loses herself in the sensation of his tongue swirling around her fingers and the suction of his lips.

Then he is standing very close to her as she sits. He is blocking all view of her dom now, his crotch just inches from her face. He drops her hand and unzips his fly. A quick shift of his fly releases his penned cock. It pops out, swollen and purple with His arousal, a large drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip. Jill’s eager tongue darts out and tastes his salty head. She opens her mouth wide to accept his offering to her. She slowly takes inch after inch of his rock hard cock deep into her throat until she has swallowed his entire length. Then she slides it back out of her mouth with a pop. She begins licking the shaft and nibbling the frenulum underneath. He lets her worship is cock like this for a long while.

Then he pulls his cock back from her. As he does, she sees that they are drawing a crowd. Several of the people in the restaurant have moved closer for a better view of her eating his cock. She is surprised to learn that she feels more thrilled than embarrassed by their attention. Blue Eyes bends over her, his hands reaching Beylikdüzü escort down under her thighs and lifting her off the chair. He turns and sets her on the edge of the table and pulls her chair up in front of her. With her pussy now at eye level as he sits in the chair, his attention fastens on her neglected pussy. She leans back to give him better access and feels his rough cheeks rasp against her inner thighs. Then his tongue and mouth are on her. His tongue probes just inside her labia, then plunges into her depths, and then darts up to flick her swollen clit. As she gasps from his masterful attentions, her dom reaches up and slides the top of her dress down, exposing her tits to the room. He leans forward and sucks one of her nipples into his mouth just as Blue Eyes sucks her clit deep into his own mouth. Jill cries out as her first orgasm of the evening racks her body. She feels as if she has shattered into pieces and the shards have only slowly reformed into herself.

Her pussy still pulsing with the remnants of her climax, Blue Eyes pulls her to her feet. He turns her to face the table and pushes her dress up to her waist exposing her luscious ass. He roughly shoves her face down onto the table, her dress now bunched around her waist. She feels his cock probing between her cheeks and finding her swollen cunt. She is embarrassed to hear herself whimper as he teases her opening with the head of his cock. Her whole world contracts into her need for his cock to be inside her, invading her, fucking her. When it seems that she has been wanting, no needing, his cock forever, he finally rams his length into her hot, wet pussy. She moans as his invasion stretches her deliciously. He begins to pound into her from behind. Each thrust pushing her forward, the edge of the table digging into her legs, her tits sliding along the table top, and firing off every pleasurable nerve ending in her pussy.

She can hardly believe is so exposed, bent over this table, nearly naked, with a man she has fantasized about often fucking her very thoroughly. She closes her eyes lost in the sensations and imagining that every woman in the restaurant wants to be her and every man there wants to fuck her. Her dom walks in front of her. Jill becomes aware of him as she hears his zipper coming down. He has been watching her and his cock is swollen and ready for her. She opens her mouth to his waiting cock as he wraps his fingers in her hair. She eagerly sucks as he fucks her mouth, thrusting deep with each stroke. Each of Blue Eyes’ powerful thrusts pushes her dom’s cock deeper in her mouth.

As she is reveling in the sensations of being fucked so expertly from both ends, she notices the waiter over her dom’s left shoulder. He had brought them drinks earlier and evidently returned to see if he could be of further service. He looks a little younger than her, maybe just out of college. The bulge in his pants tells her that he is definitely enjoying Escort Beylikdüzü the show.

Blue eyes slowly pulls his cock out of Jill’s hot cunt. She would sigh with the loss, but her mouth is filled with her dom’s thrusting cock. She feels Blue Eyes’ cock probing between the checks of her ass. Jill pushes back against him wanting his magnificent cock to invade her ass. The wet tip of his cock pushes inside her, ever so slowly. She clamps down on her dom’s cock as she enjoys every inch of Blue Eyes’ insistent cock. The eager waiter sees how he can be of service. Jill’s pussy has been abandoned, but not for long. The young waiter climbs under the table seeking a way to get at her. Jill feels his hands probing and pushes back from the table, giving him room. While she continues to be pounded from both ends, the addition of the waiter’s tongue as he explores her wet folds drives her nearly crazy.

She senses her dom is near coming and she bites down gently with her teeth. She knows he loves the feel of her bare teeth on his cock. Suddenly, he explodes, filling her mouth with his hot seed. Enjoying the power of causing her Dom to lose control, she decides to try the same with Blue Eyes. While she is milking the last drop of come from the cock in her mouth, she clamps her sphincter down on the cock in her ass. She feels him lose control at her squeeze, but this pushes her over the edge as well and she comes, violently as the waiter sucks her clit into his mouth.

As Jill lies face down on the table she realizes she wants more. She stands and pulls the waiter to his feet. She kneels in front of him and looks to her Dom for permission. With his nod, she unzips the waiter’s pants freeing that waiting cock. She sucks and licks and caresses every inch of his cock. Somehow he manages to keep control and last through her assault. Suddenly she wants that cock inside her pussy. She stands and sits in the table, leaning back, inviting him to fuck her. On her back she can see the crowd has surrounded the table. She revels in the attention as the waiter’s hard cock finds her wet cunt and impales her with one hard thrust. She moans as her pussy stretches around his cock. With each thrust her breasts jiggle and bounce to the delight of the crowd.

She sees that Blue Eyes is watching her being fucked. But a hot young thing is kneeling in front of him eagerly sucking him off as he watches. She sees her dom has another girl bent over a chair, fucking her as he watches Jill. She sees the crowd is now fucking and sucking in wild abandon as she is being fucked by the waiter…

Jill wakes disoriented on the couch, her husband’s hand on her shoulder gently waking her. She is disoriented from her dream. The little black dress that had been no more than a scarf around her waist is now in place covering her as it should. She remembers dozing on the coach waiting for her husband to return and take her out on a date. He is looking at her now with those piercing blue eyes asking if she is ready to go to the restaurant. She is so horny and wet from her dream. In answer to him, she kneels before him and begins unzipping his pants. “Maybe later.” she answers, looking up into His eyes. “I’ve got other plans right now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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