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Debbie was up and in the kitchen quietly making breakfast, brewing coffee and packing herself a lunch when Ashley’s bedroom door opened, its hinges squeaking as it swung fully open. Whispers and a giggle announced the girls’ arrival before they came around the corner.

Ashley was in a long sleep shirt, one that had once belonged to her father. Her hair was a mess, extra unruly from sleeping on the fancy up-do from the night before. She blushed when she saw Debbie, but left JJ’s side to give her mom a hug. “Morning mom.”

Debbie squeezed her daughter, “Morning sweetie. I didn’t wake you, did I? I was trying to be quiet and let you two sleep in.”

That comment had Ashley’s cheeks turning a darker shade of pink and glancing furtively at JJ.

“No, we were already awake. Someone forgot to take bobby pins out of her hair and they ended up all over the pillows. Not the most comfortable thing to sleep on.” JJ spoke up, wearing a grey wife beater and plaid pair of boxers. She came and gave Debbie a morning hug when the older woman waved her in.

“Well in that case, help yourselves to some coffee. You’ll have to fend for yourselves for breakfast. I need to keep moving or I’ll be late for work.” Debbie continued to pack her lunch while Ashley and JJ decided between cereal or eggs and toast.

It was more fun than she’d ever admit, listening to the younger women. Debbie wanted to smile when JJ won Ashley over by suggesting she make the eggs so Ashley could enjoy her coffee while on toast duty. Not only were they willing to compromise with each other, they already had a rhythm to how they moved together in the kitchen. And she knew for a fact that they had a good rhythm elsewhere. Debbie would never share this with either girl, but she’d heard more of their activity last night than they would have wanted. Going to bed early had been her plan, since she did have to be in to work earlier than usual. However, that didn’t mean she’d been able to fall asleep. Debbie had read a book for almost two hours before she finally fell asleep and in that time, got up to refill her bedside water. Passing Ashley’s bedroom she’d heard enough to know what had, finally, occurred.

Part of her was elated that Ashley had found someone who loved her and whom she loved in return. That her daughter’s partner was devoted to her entire well-being, and took care to ensure that at all times. Another part of her wanted to weep. Her daughter, her only baby was beginning to grow away from her in a permanent way. The way she looked at JJ made that very clear. Debbie sighed quietly and zipped her lunch bag. There was another, smaller part of her that ached with longing. She wanted what Ashley was discovering. Well, she really just wanted John back, with all the love of their marriage full and alive. Seeing the girls happy and in love brought the ache to the fore, made it more obvious what was missing in her own life.

“Alright ladies, I’m off to another day full of flowers, helping people brighten their garden at a time. JJ, would you mind walking me out?” Debbie kissed Ashley on the head, her purse and lunch bag already on her shoulder.

“Sure. Let me just…” JJ bit her lip and tipped the hot skillet to slide a fully cooked egg onto a piece of buttered toast. “Perfect. Go ahead and eat while it’s hot, Ashie.” JJ slid the plate back to the blonde and followed Debbie out the front door barefoot.

Debra unlocked her small red truck and set her bags on the front seat before turning to JJ. She stared at the younger girl, mentally organizing her words. It took her long enough that JJ was getting nervous, her shoulders tightening the way they always did when she was a girl.

“Fifteen years ago I stopped a group of boys from bullying someone weaker than them. I was simply trying to be a good parent, be a good adult and stop a fight that should never have happened. I expected I’d bandage you up and send you on your way, never to see you again. Imagine my surprise when you not only came back to play with Ashley, but bonded with her and became friends. Best friends, even.” Debra sighed and leaned against the open car door. “I know things have not been easy for you JJ. I should have stepped in again and done something more than worry about the rumors. It broke my heart to find out why you ran away, and I am so sorry.”

JJ swallowed and shuffled her feet, looking down. “Ashley wanted me to tell you and Mr. Turner that night. I was too afraid to stay. And, honestly, you did everything you could have.” JJ looked back up, stepping closer to Debbie and taking her hand for a second. “You and Mr. Turner gave me four years of amazing memories. You cared for me like I was your own daughter and that outweighs anything you might have tried to do. Not to mention, Ashley has pretty much always had my heart. I left it here, with her, all those years ago and only recently stopped pretending otherwise. If anything, I should say thank you for loving me when I needed it and for raising çankaya escort your daughter to be as accepting and loving as you.”

Debbie patted JJ’s hand and smiled. “You’ve grown into an amazing young woman, JJ. I can’t take credit for that, but I’m so glad that fight broke out in my front yard and not someone else’s. That day was the start of something important and I am beyond happy to see you and Ashley together. I could search the world over and never find another person who I’d trust with my daughter. I don’t even feel the need to warn you to take care of her. I already know you will.”

JJ let Debbie pull her into a tight hug, then watched the older woman climb into her truck, waving when she backed out and drove off.

JJ walked back into the house, shutting and locking the front door behind herself.

“What was that about?” Ashley asked, peeking out the front window, coffee in hand. JJ scratched her head, ruffling her hair. “I think I just got the parental seal of approval. Or re-got. Since apparently I’ve had it for years and had no idea.”

Ashley giggled and gave JJ a side hug, warm mug held at a safe distance. “I was worried she’d give you that whole, ‘respect my daughter or say hello to my shotgun’ speech.”

“Your mother owns a shotgun?” JJ sounded genuinely worried.

“Not to my knowledge. She didn’t before my last semester of college, but I’ve been away for months, so who knows. Come eat. You’re going to need all the energy you can get.” Ashley beamed up at her girlfriend, her hand finding its way to JJ’s bottom and squeezing.

“Mmm. Yes ma’am.” JJ grinned back and stole a kiss before striding back to the stove.

The next two weeks flew by. Ashley started her part time summer job at the craft store. Her mornings were filled with shelf organization and customer support. Her afternoons were full of JJ. Every afternoon she went home, changed and either met JJ somewhere, drove to her house, or JJ was waiting to pick her up, that big black truck rumbling at the curb.

Hands down Ashley’s favorite was when JJ picked her up. There was something exciting about climbing into that big beast and kissing JJ, who always had a grin and a kiss for her. Sometimes JJ had plans, bowling or a movie, but they always ended up in bed. They didn’t always use the strap on, but Ashley was quickly starting to see what the appeal was.

It had really clicked when JJ had handed Ashley a dildo, one a little longer than they’d used before, and scooted herself away to the end of her bed. “Play with it. I’m just going to watch.”

After working past a surprise bout of shyness Ashley had begun to play with herself, slowly working her body down that familiar path to orgasm. Using the fake cock had felt weird and a bit unnatural, but Ashley loved being filled, loved the weight of a cock inside her, the way its movement in and out rubbed at nerves and sensitive tissue she’d never be able to reach otherwise.

Her fourth orgasm seemed to be JJ’s limit, the older girl no longer content to watch. JJ managed to wring a fifth orgasm out of Ashley that night, but only just. Ashley was still thinking of a way to get even with JJ for making her pass out completely after that last one.


All too soon June arrived. Ashley parked her car in her driveway and sprinted up the porch steps, already untucking her green work polo. It was the 3rd, the day Rebecca and Amy would be arriving for their two weeks of vacation in Sierra Falls. Plans for a group dinner had been made throughout the week and JJ was going to pick Ashley up for some time together beforehand. Unfortunately work ran late, a customer needing multiple questions answered and quite a few products from upper shelves. Now Ashley was running behind.

She tossed her shirt into her hamper as she entered her room, kicking off the required all black sneakers and shedding the tan chinos that made up her uniform.

A quick swipe of deodorant under her arms and Ashley spun to the closet. What to wear? JJ hadn’t said they were going out, but they were going to the dinner together. So something casual, but nice enough for Chili’s. Ashley picked out a black skirt with a ruffled hem and a white tank top, a pale lavender button down over the tank. She left a few buttons undone to show off the tank top. A pair of clean low top converse finished off the outfit.

Ashley was stuffing a purse with her keys, wallet, phone, and a half a pack of gum when a familiar rumble reached her ears. Her heart skipped and she couldn’t quite keep the smile off her face. JJ.

JJ watched the front door of the Turner house, her left leg bouncing in a nervous tick. She was excited to see everyone again, but decidedly anxious too. She was already feeling like her time with Ashley was getting crunched, even though they had a solid four hour window before dinner. Because of that harried feeling JJ was already wearing her strap on.

Quickies keçiören escort were something that they hadn’t tried yet. They always took their time, teasing out the pleasure and easing into orgasms. JJ wasn’t sure they’d had sex anywhere but a bed yet. If Ashley was up for it that would change the minute she had the blonde over the threshold. JJ double checked her hair in the rear view mirror, her fade freshly touched up.

Ashley finally came out, locking the door behind her as always. “Oh that’s fucking perfect.” JJ muttered, when she saw Ashley was in a skirt. She shifted the truck into park and slid to the middle of the bench seat to greet her girlfriend.

Ashley opened the passenger door and bounded up into the truck, beaming. “Hey!”

“Hey.” JJ waited until Ashley had shut the door to pull the blonde to her. She tugged Ashley all the way into her lap and kissed her hungrily. Ashley responded eagerly, wiggling herself closer, her arms around JJ’s shoulders. JJ leaned back into the seat and, hands on Ashley’s hips, pulled the blonde against the bulge of her cock.

Ashley pulled back, her eyes wide. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Depends. What do you think it is?” JJ asked, grinding into Ashley, grinning.

Ashley moaned, glancing down at their laps, the back at JJ. She smiled, “I think it’s your cock, all big and hard for me.”

JJ groaned and squeezed Ashley’s ass, burying her face in the blonde’s shoulder. Ashley continued to surprise her with how eager she was, with how bold she was becoming.

“You are planning to fuck me with that, not just tease me?” Ashley whispered to the top of JJ’s head.

“When have I ever teased you with my cock?” JJ asked indignantly, her hands busy pulling up the back of Ashley’s skirt.

“Uh, the first time I ever saw it! You wouldn’t fuck me with this,” Ashley rocked herself against the ridge in JJ’s pants, “So I had to improvise. Remember that? Gave you a fantastic blowjob.” Ashley gasped when JJ tugged at her panties, pulling the waistband over her ass.

“You bet I remember. It makes me want to tease you some more and see if you always respond with a bj.” JJ dipped a finger into the wet folds of Ashley’s pussy.

Ashley whimpered and pressed into JJ’s finger. She held JJ’s head to her chest and begged, “Please don’t tease me with your big cock. Let me have it. Suck it and fuck it with my wet pussy. Please, JJ. I want to fuck your cock, then suck my juices off, clean you off before we fuck some more.

That got her a low growl and JJ pushing her off her lap and into the passenger seat.

“Fucking hell babe. We gotta go unless you wanna fuck right here.” JJ yanked her seatbelt on and glanced over to make sure Ashley had done the same before whipping the truck into gear.

JJ drove them out of the neighborhood and onto the main streets, forcing herself to focus on the road and not on the girl next to her.

Hands suddenly working at her belt and the snap of her jeans got JJ’s attention. “Baby that is not a good idea.”

Ashley didn’t stop working JJ’s zipper down, pulling her jeans open. “Why not?”

JJ exhaled roughly, braking for a red light just as Ashley pulled her cock free. “Because you are seriously testing my control.” JJ looked down when Ashley shifted, her head completely in JJ’s lap, bobbing up and down.

“Jesus.” JJ whispered, sweat forming on her forehead when Ashley’s actions put delicious pressure on her highly aroused sex. She accelerated when the light turned green, clenching the steering wheel.

They were halfway there when Ashley started adding noise. JJ did her best to ignore the slurping and soft sucking pops. The moaning was impossible to tone out though.

Brakes squealed when JJ parked in the driveway. She shut the truck off and, getting a fistful of blonde curls, pulled Ashley off her dripping cock. “Inside.” JJ panted, Ashley’s eyes half glazed over.

After a bit of wardrobe correction they made the walk from truck to front door in seconds. JJ managed to unlock the door without fumbling, Ashley pressed to her side and whining quietly.

The door was barely shut when JJ pushed Ashley into the wall immediately to the right of the door and pinned her there, belly to the wall. JJ ground her hips against the firm roundness of Ashley’s ass, the blonde’s hands held above their heads with JJ’s right hand. With her left, JJ released her cock again, still wet, and flipped up Ashley’s skirt. The panties stuck to Ashley for a second, who was arching her bottom back for JJ and making all kinds of noise, whimpering and whining.

JJ held her still with one hand, the tip of her cock catching at the slick opening of Ashley’s body for one breathless second before gliding inside. JJ didn’t stop until the dildo was fully buried, the longer length not causing any problems.

They both paused for a few heartbeats to savor the penetration. JJ pulled back and began etimesgut escort thrusting into Ashley, her ignited passion and excitement eating away at her usual control and finesse. Ashley didn’t seem to mind, tipping her hips and pushing her ass back into the older girl. She was cooing and panting, trying to talk around the increasingly rough fucking.

“God, JJ…yes…ooh, yes…fuck my wet little pussy. Fuck it hard…Ah! Yes, like that, just like that…Oh! Ung. JJ! This feels amazing…fuck…so deep…hng…uh…you’re gonna make me cum, JJ. Ooh, don’t you dare stop. Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Ashley stamped a foot and threw her head back onto JJ’s shoulder as her entire body vibrated under the continued fucking and orgasm.

“Mmmm, that’s it, cum for me. Cum all over my cock, baby.” JJ never slowed, but took Ashley’s surrender as a sign. She blew wayward curls out of her way and kissed the pale skin of Ashley’s neck. Her kisses ventured down to the exposed lines of Ashley’s collarbone, her tongue flicking at a sensitive spot. JJ raked her teeth over the skin, her fast pace starting to catch up with her. Sweat was trickling down her back and a ball of tension was building in her lower back.

Unable to free her hands, Ashley was forced to push back into JJ’s thrusts, her body still tingling and racing towards more pleasure. She leaned her head against the wall, JJ’s kisses now traveling over her shoulder. “I wanna cum on your big cock again. I’m so close too. Please, JJ.” she looked over at JJ as the other girl set teeth into Ashley’s shoulder, dark eyes meeting hers. JJ bit down hard enough to make Ashley gasp, leaving marks but not breaking skin.

JJ watched Ashley’s pupils expand and pulled back. Glancing down she could see the toy flashing wetly into view between them. She needed to cum too. “Cum with me, Ashie. I’m right there too.”

“Oh, please, don’t stop. Just a little bit more.” Ashley whimpered.

JJ didn’t have a little bit. She raised her left hand and let it drop sharply on the naked perfection of Ashley’s ass.

With a yelp turned moan, Ashley came with JJ, both of them trying to push more of the dildo inside Ashley, their bodies tense and trembling.

“Goddamn, JJ.” Ashley breathed, her racing heart echoing in her ears.

JJ chuckled breathlessly and brought Ashley’s hands down, her own guiding them to wrap around Ashley’s waist. “Goddamn yourself. You excite me too much sometimes.” JJ peeked between their bodies at the bright pink imprint of her hand on Ashley’s buttock.

“Geez, you don’t have to make it sound like a bad thing.” Ashley pouted and batted her eyes at JJ.

“I never said it was bad, just that-” JJ was interrupted by a muffled ringing from her back pocket. She pulled the device from her pocket and looked at the display. From the way Ashley stiffened, JJ knew she’d seen it too. Veronica’s name. JJ silenced the ringing and slipped the phone back in her pocket. “She can leave a message.”

Ashley shifted in JJ’s arms, her good mood dissipating. “Yeah.” She didn’t want to think about Veronica the ex-girlfriend and what she might be calling for. Ashley was distracted from her worries when JJ nudged the dildo just a smidge deeper.

“Think you’re up for round two?” JJ asked, her hands inside Ashley’s now unbuttoned blouse and cupping her breasts through the tank.

Ashley pushed JJ back and turned to face her, eyeing the wet cock bobbing from her unzipped jeans. “I sure am. The question is, are you?” Dropping to her knees Ashley did as she’d said in the truck and began licking her own juices off the robust cock.

Round two ended with Ashley on her back in the armchair, her legs dangling over JJ’s arms while JJ did her best to bury her cock deep and hard. Both girls were worn out after that and after a quick clean-up and smoke, snuggled on the couch to watch a movie.

Ashley had begun to doze through the movie, already having seen Harrison Ford avenge his murdered wife. Her phone ringing woke her, jerking her upright. JJ sat up too and watched Ashley dig through her purse and answer the phone.

“Hello? Brenda, yes, we will be there at six…under your name? Okay. Do you want us to snag the table or wait for the group if we arrive first? Gotcha. Okay, yes, see you in an hour. Bye!” Ashley ended the call and dropped the phone back into her bag. “Dinner’s at six at Chili’s. If we arrive first then we need to wait for most of the group, then take the reservation which is in Brenda’s name.”

“Okay. The movie should be over about the time we need to leave. Cuddle?” JJ laid back down, her arms open for Ashley.

Ashley crawled back into her warm spot and hummed happily. “Cuddle.” She pulled JJ’s arm around her and interlocked their fingers.

They pulled into the Chili’s parking lot ten minutes early. JJ parked but let the truck idle. “Anyone else here?”

Ashley peered at the other cars. “Rebecca and Amy will have a rental, but I recognize Sarah’s car and of course Brenda’s. Chloe might have caught a ride with any of them.” Ashley unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door, pausing when JJ didn’t follow suit. “You’re coming, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Just a little nervous. Mind if I grab a smoke real quick first?” JJ pulled a single cigarette and a lighter out, shutting off the car and unbuckling.

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