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Everyone’s introduction story starts as if they sound like they are in their first meeting on an addiction class or something. It’s like we’re supposed to come out and admit to our fault for enjoying sex and all sit there and wonder why we can’t be like a normal person. What if we are the normal people and the rest are just in denial?

I grew up like I imagine ninety percent of the rest of the world did. We were told sex was for adults and married couples. Adults would tell us that sex was a sin in the eyes of God. My parents didn’t even tell me I might become pregnant if I had sex, they just said I would, end of story. By the time I entered high school I was pretty sure if a guy rubbed against me the wrong way it was done.

Also like everyone around this time, hormones start flying, curiosity grabs the controls and in some form or another we test though waters. This is the part where I did feel like I had sinned and I should be going to some type of group meeting.

As time passed I learned God was not going to strike me down at some point when I was least expecting it. I also learned that going on the occasional date or even touching a guy did not mean I was on the road to becoming a mother afterwards. Upon leaving high school I had calmed down a little but there was still a small battle underneath the surface.

Lucky for me I was not fighting the battle alone and neither was I fighting the most intense battle. My cousin had a father who was a preacher and she had very similar feelings to mine. We confided in each other and helped each other with being strong. About two months after graduating high school her father caught her kissing a guy and she became grounded forever.

The following February shortly after my nineteenth birthday my cousin called me up with the proposal that we move in together. Getting ready to go to college my money was running pretty thin as restaurant cooks where we lived rarely made a mint cooking simple Mexican food. There was a program designed for college students though that allowed us to have a low-income place as long as we kept a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher and paid our fifty dollars per person a month. I told her I would move in with her.

This would be one of our first steps towards being more adult like and independence. My cousin had a hard sell to get her parents to sign off on the move but at nineteen what could they do to stop her? My parents liked me taking the forward step and told me I could always come home if things didn’t work out. They gave me the rundown on additional costs like food, toiletries, laundry supplies and such which I knew about but they wanted me to be prepared.

It was also a small rumor through our family that this was my cousin’s way of being able to rebel and party and that I would do little to reel in her moral compass. To be honest they weren’t entirely wrong. I looked forward to having parties and getting a little wild and I think my cousin had earned her chance to do the same.

I was actually shocked the first night we were officially in our place though when my cousin showed up with a guy I did not know and they went back to her bedroom. As I unpacked stuff into our kitchen I got to listen to the sounds of them having sex. Whoever the guy was he seemed to enjoy spanking my cousin and the sound she made were not of complaining.

My mind didn’t actually click till I was trying to go to sleep to them going at it again that she had gotten it right. In high school you fear being too young, being caught by your parents, being made fun of at school if people find out, your siblings catch you, having to hide contraceptives, and a host of other things. These things keep you from going to crazy and keep you grounded to being immoral. Those were no longer issues here. I could have a candy dish of condoms on my desk and no one would care. My cousin didn’t care if I screamed aloud while having sex, or if she did we would need to have words given the current situation. I was now going to be in college and it was far more expansive that high school so I doubt the same stupid rules applied and maybe the people didn’t even care.

The next few days my mind thought about the possibilities of what I could try or learn. I tried to seem what would be the first steps and what would be going too far. I don’t think a sex swing in the living room would fly. My cousin wasted no time as within the first week two different men were granted access to her bed and I got to listen to their usual soundtrack. I had come up with my plan. The very first party we held I would find a guy I liked and have a one-night stand. Easy and simple with no strings attached. I figured with some of the people my cousin worked with and Antalya Escort her new found love for life we would be hosting something soon. I even went out and bought a box of condoms, but I skipped the candy jar on the desk and put them in my underwear drawer instead.

The next few weeks and weekends proved to be pretty busy getting ready for college to begin and hosting family. Everyone wanted to come over and see the place and get the grand tour. Good thing I decided against the sex swing. I am pretty sure our parents wanted to make sure we didn’t have alcohol bottles everywhere and bongs on the coffee table.

When we did have our first party it was fairly tame. My brother came into town and asked to stay on the couch in our living room. We said yes and in exchange he brought some alcohol and some friends came over. My brother brought his friend Dustin and a girl named Jessica he was trying to rail. Jessica and Dustin used to date but weren’t any longer. My brother had a knack for going after his friend’s exes for some reason. My cousin brought her latest bed invite and we grabbed some drinking games and went for it. Now all we had were bottled alcoholic drinks like hard ice teas and lemonades so it wasn’t too crazy.

My cousin and her boyfriend, for lack of a better term, left early as his brother was flying and they were going to pick him up and give him a ride and visit. Jessica was the next to go as she had a low tolerance level and drank like it was going out of style. I think she drank six bottle by the time most of started our third. My brother in hopes of something offered her a ride home. Dustin decided to stay at our place as he did since he had a good idea what my brother was hoping for.

Now I didn’t think much of Dustin and I being alone as we sat on the couch next to each other and turned on the TV. We laughed as funny things happened and continued to sip on our drinks. I had been around my brother’s friends before so I thought little out of the ordinary. He started talking to me more than usual and asking questions but again my brain chalked it up to us being the only two there and having a slight buzz.

It wasn’t until he asked me a question and after I answered he kept staring at me. I stared back wondering why and that was when he moved in and kissed me. What the Hell I thought and I went to push him back when it clicked. This could be my chance. No one else was here and he obviously liked me or at least wanted to kiss. I took it and eased up and kissed him back. Soon I felt his tongue pressing against my lips and I opened my mouth to let him in. I flicked my tongue against his as they danced and tasted each other. One of his hands found my hip and held me. He was really good at kissing. I was a little surprised and disappointed when he pulled away.

“How much time do you think we have?” he asked.

“Enough.” I wasn’t sure what he had planned or how much time we needed but by this point I wouldn’t have cared if my brother came back and started filming.

Dustin took his hand off of my hip and began running it up my thigh. When he got to the top he moved it so his fingers went between them and he began rubbing my vagina on the outside of my jeans. I spread my legs open further to give him more room. Even being on the outside of clothing the feelings were intense and amazing. How long had it been? I think the last time had been over six months ago. Dustin leaned in and we resumed our kissing as he continued to rub his hand against me. I had no track of time but was again disappointed as he broke our kiss.

“Unbutton your pants.”

I reached down and undid the top button and the next few following that. I then lifted my hips and pulled down my jeans exposing my underwear. Dustin smiled as he brought his hand up and began rubbing on the outside of my underwear taking special consideration to apply pressure between my lips. It felt good but I was definitely ready for his hand to go other places by now.

Something in his brain must have heard me because his hand pulled back to the top of my underwear and slid underneath. His finger ran across my clit as it pushed between my lips. The movement sent shudders through my body. He ran his back and forth a few times and then he put pressure against me and I gave way to a single finger. It felt amazing as he slid more and more in. He reached all the way and began pulling out to his finger tip before pushing forward again. I closed my eyes and focused on controlling my breathing and the noise. Then it hit me that I didn’t have to. I stopped and let out small moans as he fingered me faster now.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes,” I answered. Not the sexiest answer but dirty Antalya Escort Bayan talk had never been something I had gotten into really.

“Tell me how much.”

Apparently dirty talk was something he was into. “A lot.” That was a sexy answer.

“Do you want two fingers in you?”

Hell yeah! “Yes.” God, I needed to work on this.

I felt Dustin pull back his finger and move his hand around slightly. I spread my legs further as I felt the pressure spread me open. God it felt good. My head leaned back and a larger moan escaped my lips.

“I think that was a note of approval. Tell me you like being finger fucked.”

I would have told him the password to my bank account right now. “I like being finger fucked.”

He continued to work away on me as I realized I was the only one enjoying the show. I reached down and pulled down the zipper to his pants. He moved his hips slightly to make it a little easier. Just with touching his boxers I could feel how hard he was. I found the front opening of them and reached in wrapping my hand around the shaft of his dick and pulled it out. It sprang out hard and I started stroking him as he continued.

“You couldn’t wait anymore to get that dick out could you?”

“Looks like he was ready to come out.” Alright, that was a little better of an answer I felt.

The talk stopped as we sat there playing with each other for a little bit. I think we were both wrapped up in the enjoyment of it. I started to feel my orgasm building and I wasn’t ready to have it just yet. Now was the point of no return. “Do you want to go in the bedroom and have sex?”

He smiled back at me, “if you’re ready for that.”

I let go of him and his hand stopped and pulled out of my underwear. I stood up and pulled up my pants but did not button them. As I started walking to my room I felt how wet I had become and how wet my underwear had become. Dustin followed me in, his dick still hanging out. I closed the door behind him and locked it. I didn’t know when people would be getting back but that was a road to cross when I came to it.

I turned around as Dustin took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. I took off my shirt as well and my pants all the way. Dustin dropped his pants and kicked them to the side. I walked up to him and we kissed. I reached down and grabbed his dick again giving it slow small strokes.

“Any chance you’d give me a blowjob?” he asked.

I had only given a blowjob one other time in my life. “If you want me to but I’m not very good at it.”

He smiled and applied pressure to my shoulders which I took as a yes. I got down on my knees and was face to face was his dick. I grabbed it and continued stroking it as I was preparing myself. I mean the process was simple right? How much can a person mess up a blowjob? I looked up and it was if I could see the excitement in his eyes. I don’t think a lot of women he had been with had told him yes. I took a big swallow and took his head into my mouth. I took a little more in and then pulled him out to where I was kissing the tips of his dick. Then I let him push my lips open again and go into my mouth. I was surprised that he actually had a really good taste to him. My first time had a salty kite of edge to it I hadn’t cared much for but him it was different. I could relate it to anything other than this. I closed my eyes and began focusing on keeping my lips tight. I kept my hand at the base of his shaft and worked him in and out of my mouth.

I must have been doing a good job because he began moving his hips to my movement. He was fucking my face. To be honest I didn’t mind though. He took over the movement and I focused on sucking and getting all of his taste. I was surprised how hot the act made me feel. I was getting extremely turned on knowing what was happening to the point I felt tingly is the best way to describe it. I could hear some noises coming from him but don’t think he was saying anything. If he was I couldn’t tell you what.

Dustin stopped his movement and pulled his dick out of my mouth and away from me. I looked up with him with curiosity as to why.

“Sorry but I’m about to cum and I don’t want to do that quite yet.”

I hadn’t even been thinking about that to tell you the truth. Good thing he was. I smiled at him and stood up. My underwear felt absolutely drenched and when I looked down to where I had been kneeling there was a large wet spot on the carpet. I was so embarrassed I am sure I was glowing red. “Oh my God.”

“Looks like I wasn’t the only one enjoying that.”

“I am so sorry.”

Dustin grabbed me and turned me to facing him. “Don’t worry about it. It’s a good thing.”

For Escort Antalya some reason I believed him. He turned us around and leaned me down on the bed. He then pushed me back so I was lying down with my legs hanging off. He grabbed the sides of my underwear and slid them off of me. I felt pressure again before giving way to his fingers once more. My soft moaning resumed and I was surprised how close I already was getting to an orgasm.

“Just right.”

What was just right? I looked down as I felt his fingers pull out of me. I saw his face just in time to watch his tongue come in contact with me. Electricity shot through my body as my head went back. His tongue pushed between my lips and licked at my clit. Then he would run it down me to my opening and tease it with enough pressure to just barely push into it and then pull away. It was the world’s greatest tease as I wanted his tongue to be inside of me so bad. His tongue danced and worked away as my orgasm got nearer and nearer. I was going to have an orgasm to his tongue and that had never happened before.

The tease finally became too much. “Fuck me.”

He brought his head up. “What was that?”

“I want you to fuck me.” I stood up and walked over to my dresser and open my underwear drawer. I ripped open the top of the box and grabbed one of the little packages out. I turned around and handed it to Dustin. He smiled and opened the package as I climbed on the bed and laid on my back with my legs open. We had been having sex for who knows how long and now I was getting nervous. I looked over as he rolled the condom down his dick and discarded the wrapper to the top of my dresser.

Dustin climbed on the bed and grabbed my ankles spreading my legs open and pushing them up in the air. He got close and reached down and grabbed his dick. I felt his pushing the head along my lips before it found the right spot and pushed through into me. His hips drove it all the way in and I let loose the biggest moan yet. He pulled my legs around him and grabbed the top of my headboard. He started thrusting deep and hard into me. With each thrust I let out a big moan as it hit me. He was using the headboard as leverage.

“You like being fucked don’t you?”

How the Hell was I supposed to talk during this? “Yes.”

Dustin drove deep with my answer. “You love a hard cock?”


He drove deep again. “Talk dirty with me.”


“Tell me you’re a slut that loves dick.”

“I’m a slut…” I was cut off by a hard thrust. “I love dick.”

“Beg me to fuck you harder.”

“Harder.” I was trying to get the words out between thrust and that time was getting shorter. Not to mention my orgasm was peaking. My body began to tighten.

“Beg me.”

“Fuck me harder.” I said as my body began to have warmth flood it. I tighten my legs around him. My hands grabbed the bedding.

Dustin increased his thrust to where they were one right after the other one. My breathing was heavy and deep between sighs and moans that escaped. My orgasm continued and my muscles refused to relax and it was if I was folding in on myself. He kept going and then pushed in and held it as hard as he could against me.

I don’t know how long we were like that before we started to relax. He stayed inside me as we came down. My muscles were sore and I could feel sweat on my forehead as I tried to catch my breath. I could feel pulsing in my vagina and it took me a second to realize he was still coming and I was feeling him pulsing. Dustin was breathing hard and he had a white knuckle grip on my headboard he slowly released.

Dustin slowly pulled out of me and I lifted my leg as he went under it and laid next to me. I looked down to see the condom full of white semen but it was still on him and not leaking out so that was good. My body ached but in a good way like every part of me had just been stretched as far as it could go. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling before I heard a car door close outside somewhere. I wasn’t sure if it was my cousin or my brother or no one at all but better not take chances. I opened my eyes to see Dustin getting up as well so I am sure he had the same idea. I stood up and grabbed my jeans putting them on. I grabbed my underwear and threw them to my dirty close bin. They were soaked. I looked over and Dustin had his pants on and threw me my shirt. I quickly put it on and went over and unlocked my door slowly opening it. No one was here yet. Dustin came up behind me and we went out to the couch and sat down. I reached for my drink as the front door opened and my brother came walking in.

“Any luck?” Dustin asked.

“None unless you count puking all over me. I had to go to mom and dad’s and grab another pair of jeans because I didn’t have any with me. Sorry it took so long,” he replied.

“No worries, we managed.”

I simply sat and sipped on my drink enjoying the way I felt because I knew it was going to be far from the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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