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This is a fictional story of the humiliation and sexual exploitation of a middle aged lady by a man. Her deepest desire is to become a sex slave but she gets more than she bargains for when they meet.

The story contains scenes of violence, cruelty and humiliation. Please be warned.

I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected].

Dedicated to my beautful sexy Joanne, my cyber lover and Muse. This is for you baby.

Joanne’s Story – The Beginning

I sometimes wonder how I got myself into the situation that I am in today and especially right at this moment. I can feel the straps tightly bound around my wrists and ankles and my vision has been completely taken away with the blindfold around my eyes. I am lying on my back on what feels like a table with the last few remnants of my underwear still in place.

I know I shouldn’t be here but the excitement that is soaring through my body is amazing and I cannot pull myself away from wanting more and more from this person that has entrapped me. My emotions are mixed between a real longing for excitement but also fear of what might happen to me. I do not have a ‘safe word’ nor do I think I would use one anyway.

Then, suddenly, just at that moment that I am caught deep in my own thoughts I feel hot breath on one of my large engorged nipples. I bite down on my red painted lip as I raise my body up. Then I…………………… feel……………………………………..Oh Fuck…………………………..!

2 Months earlier

I had always had a fascination with sexual fantasy but like most people with partners had kept most of it secret. And much of my fascination was fuelled by stories on sex sites. But I never dreamt that I would be brave enough to actually act any of them out for real. But it was through my reading of such stories that I got in contact with an authors and we started to correspond by email.

I had become single for reasons I won’t go into here but the internet can become compulsive when you find something that you like and it can help you while away the hours when alone in the house as I am often these days.

The correspondence I started seemed innocent enough at first and there were pleasantries exchanged by me and my email companion. But this quickly led onto more lurid mails and photo exchanges but more importantly discussions around fantasies. He knew what I was into through my telling him which stories he had written that I liked, but suddenly and before I knew it, I found myself talking about my deepest darkest wants and needs to what was really a perfect stranger. The man whom I later knew as Peter. Soon we had moved from emails to chatting on instant messaging and I still had no idea who this person actually was although I had admitted that the thought of domination and submission was something that did get me very horny. And some of the Instant Messaging led to some quote graphic role playing and self satisfaction certainly by me! And this continued almost on a daily basis for weeks and I used to feel my pussy dripping just to see an email from him, wondering what he might be asking or telling me to do next.

Finally (and I should have realised that it might come to this) he said he was on business in my area and asked me for a meeting. For some reason, probably my fascination with the way that our electronic relationship had gone up until now, and my intrigue into who this person really was, I finally agreed to meet him one Saturday night. We agreed to meet in a small pub in the east end of the city. This wasn’t my favourite part of the town, due to its bad reputation but he convinced me that it would be okay and that his hotel was nearby so it made sense for him to go there.

Next came the instructions on how he wanted to me dress. Not only that but the day after I received a package through the post and quickly opened it to see a black leather mini skirt, a black collar, a red silky blouse, and of course, every man’s favourite, lace topped black hold-up stockings.


I received an email from Peter again, telling me exactly where and when and to be wearing exactly what he had sent through with nothing more other than heels. I replied with a question over the underwear he wanted and his reply was curt to say the least. ‘You will wear no underwear Joanne!’ It simply said and I knew within my heart that there was no point in arguing.

I could feel a real tingle of excitement running through me all day and around 5 I dressed in what he had sent and looked at myself in the mirror, I could feel the tingle of excitement growing in my body and sending all the right messages down below. I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether he would even like me but I had not been in a relationship for some time and was looking for fun. I therefore dressed as he had demanded but with one exception, I wore black lace panties. I suppose I was thinking that if he got far enough to see them, he wouldn’t care that I had worn them. Well I got that one well and truly wrong!

I waited in the cold outside the pub when he pulled up in a hired car.
“You must be Joanne!” He called out of the window and I leaned down to take a look at the man, slightly Sex hikayeleri older than me but kind looking with a mop of brown hair. “Hi!” I smiled.
“I’ll drive around the corner!” He said checking his mirrors. “You just walk after me and I’ll meet you there!”
He pulled the car away and turned around the corner and I followed, my heels clicking on the ground as I walked. I turned the corner to see the back of a porn shop facing the pub and a small car park. I walked up to the car which was parked in the corner and watched as the door opened. He sat still in the car as I approached in the darkness and looked in at him.
“You wanna go for a drink then?” I asked innocently.
“Of course I fucking don’t!” He smiled up at me eyeing my deep cleavage in the blouse and I watched as his hand went down to his trousers and he undid his flies. I also watched as a semi hard cock popped out into view.
“You know what I want, slut!” He suddenly said firmly and I started to panic.
“I um……………..!” I hesitated looking back towards the exit of the Carpark but he took over the conversation.
“We talked about this online and you are going to do it! I didn’t waste my time coming all this way just to be fucked about so you can suck me off and then I might let you buy me a drink!”
I was totally shocked by his boldness and hesitated looking around for someone to help me. Then I felt his other hand slide onto my stocking clad thigh and felt the familiar tingle of excitement shoot up my leg and into my pussy. He simply needed to look at me and my will was almost instantly broken.
“Get on the ground and suck me off! Now!” He glared.

Almost obediently I knelt on the ground and took his cock into my hand and began licking the shaft and cock head. I was lost in the moment when I felt his grip my hair tightly hurting me and pulling my face up to look at his. “Listen to me you fat slut, I want you to suck it, not tease it. You get it right or I’ll go into the pub and you can practice on every man in there!” I quickly got the message and took him completely into my warm mouth and began sucking expertly.
I couldn’t believe I had got myself into this situation and could feel his hand on the back of my head pushing me down as his bucked his hips. He was going faster and his cock was going deeper into my mouth and throat. “That’s it!” Peter groaned and he suddenly started to moan loudly as I felt his cock pulse in my mouth. I knew he was going to cum so I started swallowing in anticipation thinking he wouldn’t let me escape anyway. But instead, he pulled me by the hair off his cock and held my face inches from his cock. I looked down to see the swollen mushroom head suddenly start to explode as it shot pulse after pulse of thick white sperm in long strings all over my face. One shot went into my eye another into my mouth and some into my hair. The rest hit my chin and nose. I could only imagine what a sight I must have been and this was a totally new experience for me.

He released my face and I stood up and started to reach into my handbag for some tissues to clean my face when he said. “Hey, cum-slut! Get back down here and lick my cock clean!” For no apparent reason other than being ordered to, I obediently bent down and licked his cock and hand clean before I began the search for my tissues again.
“You’re a silly cunt aren’t you!” He said from his seated position. “Don’t use tissues for that. Use your fingers and lick them clean.”

I finally cleaned myself as best I could with my fingers and Peter got out of the car.

This was the first time I have seen him in real life and he was taller than I expected (with a much bigger cock too!). He had dark hair, tanned skin, and appeared to exercise regularly. He may have been older in years but certainly didn’t look it. He just looked like a rugged hunk and I liked what I saw and just hoped he felt the same about me! I followed him into the back door of the pub and through to the bar.
“Now get me a drink!” He barked at me.
I looked around the rough place not liking what I saw very much with lots of men all ogling me in the slutty outfit that my ‘date’ had ordered me to wear.
“I don’t like it in here!” I said in a hushed voice. “Can’t we go somewhere else, please?”

Peter simply smirked at me and replied. “It’s your choice. Here or I’ll take you into the porn shop next door. I’m sure you’ll meet some interesting people there!” I remembered seeing the shop and felt almost sick.

As I walked into the bar, I tried to take in the atmosphere. It was dark and filled with grey smoke from the cigarettes around the room. There was a long wooden bar in the centre that might have looked nice in a Cowboy film but not in the east end of Glasgow. It just looked chipped and tarnished. In the back was the familiar pool table.

The bar seemed to be filled with bikers, burly workmen and slutty girls who looked like they were pretending to be women. A female waitress who looked around 18 but was probably older gathered drinks behind the bar. The barman in the meantime was an old fat guy with a course beard.

I continued looking around at the strange collection of freaks in the bar. Perhaps the Porn Shop would have been Sikiş hikayeleri a better option, I thought to myself. I was suddenly aware of my ‘date’s’ presence behind me as he reached his arm around me and squeezed my right breast through the blouse. I knew then that I was in for a long and interesting night.

Peter and I sat in the dirty bar, him with his beer and me with, well, also a beer. The barman had never heard of a Cosmopolitan or any cocktail so it was beer or Vodka. Across the bar, several large bikers were eyeing me up and down. When Peter noticed me becoming uncomfortable about this he leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Looks like you have attracted some admirers. Hike up your skirt and give them a peak.”

I was about to protest and went to speak but he cut me off. “Do as I say!” I felt his hand close over my breast again and squeeze hard. Whilst painful this also sent pulses around my nipple and I looked into his eyes and my will seemed to melt again. I lowered my head and took my skirt in my hands. I lifted my bum a little so I could pull my tight skirt up to reveal my lace topped stockings and black lace panties.

Peter smiled at first when he saw me lift my skirt exposing the stockings. He leaned down to take a peak himself and then quickly glared up at me. “I thought I made myself perfectly clear about the dress code for tonight. Are you trying to make me look like a cunt?” His eyes were dark and brooding now and I panicked as I looked down at him.
“I……………I’m sorry!” I blurted out. “I just………………………..!” He cut me off again.
“Hey!” His face suddenly turned into a smile and I relaxed. “I’ll fix this!” He said equally reassuringly then grinned and stood up. “Excuse me!” He called out and the bar quietened down. “This little piece of cunt here………..!” He indicated to me and I felt mortified. He continued. “She didn’t obey me today and when I told her not to wear panties!” He glanced down at me and my face was bright red and my knees shaking. “So, now, to make up for her error she’ll stand on the table and take them off now. Then she’ll buy everyone in here a drink!”

I felt like the whole floor was opening up below me and I was going to fall to my death, and perhaps wished I was. I trembled as he pulled me forcibly over to a table and lifted me up onto it and the ‘freaks’ in the bar crowded around watching my legs that had now turned to jelly. They started a slow hand clap and I tried to slide my hand under my skirt to grab my panties.
“Not like that slut!” Came Peter’s voice over the hand clapping. Lift your skirt and pull them down!”
Tears of humiliation welled in my eyes as I lifted the skirt and pulled the panties down over my plump bum and exposed my trimmed pussy for all to see. I stepped down off the table as quickly as I could and watched the men crowding the bar for their free drink. I suddenly panicked and pulled on Peter’s arm. “I only have £30 with me!” I said pleadingly clearly much to his annoyance.
“Well, then I guess you’ll have to find a way to raise some money, won’t you slut?” He grinned and continued to think as he talked. “Hey, I have an idea!” Suddenly he was dragging me towards the Gent’s Toilets and burst through the door with me in tow. A very drunk man was using the urinal but was peeing more on the floor than in the bowl the way he was swaying.

“My bitch here wants to suck your cock but it’ll cost you a fiver!” Peter said firmly to the drunk.
The man grinned inanely at me as I felt Peter push me to the floor until I was kneeling in all the pee on the wet floor. “Sure!” He slurred and turned to me having not quite finished his peeing as the remnants splashed down onto my face and blouse. But all I could think of was that the final bar bill was £63!

In the process of him peeing on my blouse my 38DD breasts came into view as the wetness of the blouse stuck to them. This was ridiculous now and I was about to jump to my feet and walk out when I felt Peter’s strong hand holding me in place. I looked up into his eyes and just seemed to melt again and he noticed my nipples starting to harden.

The drunk’s piss stream tapered off and he fished in his pocket for a fiver handing it to Peter. He then stepped towards me, his flaccid cock still dripping piss. I wanted to at least wipe it off, but for some reason I now didn’t want to disappoint my ‘date’ Peter. I leaned forward and licked the tip. I looked up at Peter, who smiled for a brief moment. The smile vanished as quickly as it had appeared, but I knew he was pleased with me so smiling inside I took hold of the man’s tool and began to suck hard on it. And it got hard quickly and thick in my mouth and hands. Moments later he started moaning, jerked his hips and I felt his cock start to empty itself into my now hungry mouth. The drunk man stumbled out the door with his cock still hanging out.

“Stay where you are slut!” Peter commanded me. “You’re still £28 short of the bill!” While I assumed he was going from table to table, telling the scary men and pointing to the bathroom door I decided to clean myself off a bit.
There were no paper towels and the toilet paper dispensers were all empty as well.

I was starting to get frustrated and was ready Erotik hikaye to grab my handbag from the wet floor and leave when a large man with a baseball cap entered the bathroom. He looked down at me.
“I hear you’re hungry for some cock, slut!” It was more a statement than a question and I simply looked up at him seductively and pursed my lips. He held up a five pound note in one hand and unzipped his overstuffed jeans with the other.

I grabbed the fiver quickly and pushed it into my handbag knowing that Peter would probably be back any second. I wasted no time as I took the man’s long cock in my hand and licked the underside as I looked up at him. Then I took him completely into my mouth and sucked him. As I worked on him I felt his rough fingers in my hair. He grabbed a handful of my silky brown hair and began fucking my mouth. He continued as Peter returned with 5 more men. They all stood around me and watched as the fat man literally raped my face. Finally, after about 10 minutes he pulled his cock from my lips and began firing several blasts of sticky slimy cum onto my face and hair. Then when he finished, he wiped his cock on the left side of my head, using my hair as a cleaning cloth.

The fat man left and I worked on the other five men in turn. Sure enough, they each tossed their money into the wet floor. When I finished, I had to scoop my hand into the urine covered floor to retrieve my meager wage.

As I washed my hands as well as my face in a nearby sink Peter walked up behind me. “You make a good whore. Maybe I’ll let you be my dirty little whore.” I didn’t know whether that thought excited or repulsed me, probably a mixture of both. Just then, another man walked in. He nodded to Peter and unzipped his trousers. I got back down on my knees but the man stopped.
“No, I want to fuck the bitch.” He declared.
“You got a condom? I don’t want this cunt getting pregnant. Is she too fucking old for that?”
The man said. “No!” Replied the man.
Peter looked and me and then back at the man. “Just fuck her in the arse then!” He almost suggested.
I jumped to my feet. “Hey……………no! Wait a minute! I’ve never even done that before! Please Peter?” I begged
“Good, then you’ll be nice and tight!” He simply said with disdain before turning back to my next ‘customer’!
For £50 you can be the first guy to fuck her ass!” The man agreed and quickly pulled out a fifty pound note from his wallet. Peter looked at me. “Bend over and hold the urinal!” I could only assume he didn’t have me grab the sink because the urinal was lower and because it was much more degrading and it was stinking, the smell permeating up my nose. I assumed the position and the man spat on his cock. Then he lined it up at my virgin anus and grabbed my hips. I held on tight as the man began forcing his cock into my arse. I winced and moaned with the pain and felt tears well in my eyes before rolling down my face.
I knew Peter was watching and for some strange reason, I was eager to please him. I felt the cock head pop inside then felt the cock go deeper feeling like it was filling me up. The stranger started to fuck my arse with speed and force. I heard the door open again. From my vantage point, I couldn’t see who it was till he stepped up next to my face.

It was the fat man again. “Don’t mind me, whore. I’m just here to take a piss!” He laughed. In my position I was too busy holding onto the urinal for dear life to move out of his way. As he unzipped and fished his cock from his jeans, the man behind me started pounding harder, forcing me even closer to the urinal.
My face was just 6 inches from the dirty porcelain when the furry fat man started pissing. He was standing next to me and pissing from an angle. His stream was a half inch from my cheek and I could feel the back splash on my face. Then he spoke. “Hey bitch. Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

I knew Peter might admonish me for my poor manners, so I turned my head and almost immediately got hit in my open mouth with a blast of acrid piss. I spat and gasped but it kept coming. I turned my head away but he continued spraying my cheek, neck and hair. As his stream died out, he chuckled, zipped up and left the bathroom.

The man behind me laughed at my situation as he grabbed my hips and pulled me tight to him. I could feel him pulsating as he filled me with his cum. He pulled and I felt my painful rectum burning.

I stood up and ran to the sink to wash my hair and face. You have enough to cover the drinks now Peter said, almost kindly.

After I had settled the bill Peter and I walked towards the door. He led me to his car and offered me a lift home, via his hotel. I was ashamed and tired and agreed knowing no taxi would take me in the state I was in.

We didn’t get to my home.

We got no further than Peter’s hotel.

And I felt his hands and tongue and lips on my body as we made love, slowly and passionately, releasing all the tensions of the evening that had gone before.

The Present

But now I am strapped to a table and I don’t know what is going to happen next……………………………….but I can’t wait to find out.

Then, suddenly, just at that moment that I am caught deep in my own thoughts I feel hot breath on one of my large engorged nipples. I bite down on my red painted lip as I raise my body up. Then I…………………… feel……………………………………..Oh Fuck…………………………..!

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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