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Author’s note: Everyone in this story is over 18 years old.

“I’ve never had an affair with him; actually, I’ve never really met him,” Jodie explained to her girlfriends in the room. “I’ve only seen him at the counter where I take my dry cleaning”.

Jodie is a beautiful blonde woman, 44 years old, who is married to a successful marketing executive. They live together in a big, comfortable house in a well-to-do neighborhood in the Hamptons. Jodie has several friends she meets with every week, and they enjoy sharing their sexual fantasies and experiences with each other. They’ve been getting together for so long now that they’re very comfortable detailing their wildest dreams.

“He’s a boy,” Jodie continued. “Sometimes I think about him. I think that he’s delivering my husband’s white business shirts, and that I’m home alone. I’ve scheduled the delivery and I’ve prepared for him. I’m wearing black stockings and a garter belt, a see through blouse, black, and a short skirt. I don’t have any panties bursa evi olan escort on.”

“When the doorbell rings, I get all wet. My nipples are hard, and I know he can see them through my blouse as I answer the door. He looks at me surprised, and is a little awkward to see me dressed this way. “Your dry clean delivery, maam” he stammers. I find an excuse to get him inside, like I can’t find my purse or something, and I know he’s staring at my tits. This really turns me on, to see him looking at my nipples, and they get harder. I am staring at the bulge he’s getting in his pants.”

“I ask him to come in and sit down while I find my wallet. A little reluctantly, but agreeably, he acquiesces. I pick up the purse, and then sit down directly opposite of him. He’s on the love seat, and I’m on the couch. When I sit, I let my thighs show so he can see the nylons. I play with the purse, pretending to look for money to pay for the dry cleaning. While I’m doing this, he is looking altıparmak escort at my black nylon stockings and thighs. He can see the beginning of my garter. I set the wallet down, and I uncross my legs, so that he can see all the way up my skirt. I’m shaking because I know what’s going to happen next …”

“As I begin speaking to him, I start fingering my pussy. “I bet you’re a nasty little boy, and play with yourself all the time.” He nods his head yes shyly as he begins to run his hand over his cock that is getting bigger and bigger under his jeans. I let him stare at me all he wants as I continue to rub my pussy.”

“I want you to unzip your fly and play with yourself” Jodie says. He slowly unzips his pants and pulls out a beautiful 7 inch cock that has been bursting to get out of his jeans. He has a look of astonishment on his face; he can’t believe this is happening.

“Just the idea that he’s getting so excited looking at me wants me to show him more. You can keep gemlik escort watching as long as you do what I tell you.” He nods his consent to follow the rules.

“Show it to me … show me your cock.” The excitement of all this is making me crazy. “Oh yes, stroke it!” Jodie purrs. “Not too fast. Nice and slow.” He watches me as I continue to finger my pussy, and I insert a finger in my hole.

“Oh yeah,” Jodie says. My breathing gets harder and harder while I watch him stroke his cock.

“Squeeze the head … a little harder … now faster!”

“He looks at me in amazement as I too pick up the pace and begin to rub my pussy faster. I watch him as he cums, the white liquid spurting in the air, then oozing slowly from the head of his cock. I want to suck it so bad. That sends me over the edge, and I begin to cum. My pussy throbs, and he can see my clit pulsating as my orgasm envelopes me.”

Everyone in the room has been watching Jodie intently during her narration. Her face is flushed, and she’s sweating just a little. “That’s as far as I ever get with that fantasy,” Jodie admits. “I always cum at that moment!”

The girls shift in their seats a little, having got a little hot and bothered over the story. One of them is sufficiently aroused and emboldened to begin the next story …


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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